not really hitler

“I believe in national socialism!! Survival and dominance of the fittest race, the Aryans!!! Nazi Germany was glorivs military superpower with tiger tanks!!!”

“Nazi Germany lost the war, really really fucking badly, and Hitler was wildly incompetent as both a peace and wartime leader.”




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Well if the show isn’t gonna give me any Dean/Aaron then I guess I gotta write it my goddamn self

“I killed Hitler.”

“Dude, it’s like 2 in the mor–”

“I killed Hitler, dude.”

“OK. Fine. I’m awake.” There’s some shuffling on the line, the click of a lamp. “What the fuck are you saying to me?”

“Hitler came back for, like, five seconds, and I killed him. Shot him right between the eyes.” Dean tucks the phone against his ear so he can twist the cap off a beer. He sped all the way back to the bunker just so he could have this conversation without Sam next to him rolling his eyes. 

“What happened to taking down the Thu–”

“Dude! Are you not hearing me?”

Aaron sighs into the receiver. “You really killed Hitler? The Hitler?”

“Well, he was in a different body but yeah. I fucking killed him.”

“You’re serious?”


“You actually did it.”

“I did.”

“If you’re joking, I swear to–”

“I’m not joking!” Dean drops into a kitchen chair and downs half his beer. “You can ask Sam.”

The line goes quiet for a second. “I can’t believe this. You’re actually serious. You really did it.”


Some more shuffling. “I gotta go.”

“What? Aaron, what the fu–”

The line goes dead.


It’s been three days since Dean killed Hitler, and it’s been zero days since Dean’s mentioned that he killed Hitler. Sam is so sick of hearing about it over breakfast that he almost, almost put his earphones in this morning so he could drink his coffee at the kitchen table in peace.

Dean’s late getting up, which is rare. Sam is about to go check on him when he hears some doors shutting and some poignant yawning down the hall. As footsteps approach, he slides Dean’s mug to the edge of the table without taking his eyes off his computer screen.

“Coffee’s on,” Sam greets.

“Uh, thanks.”

Sam’s attention snaps up real quick. “Um. Aaron. What.”

Aaron sheepishly grabs the mug off the table and guiltily scrunches his face up at Sam. “Yeah…” he says, holding out the “ah” sound for a solid 10 seconds.

“I thought you were in Ber–is that Dean’s robe?”

“Hmm? Oh. Um. Sure, yeah, I guess. I just grabbed it because I was…”

Dean slides into the kitchen then, his socks skidding across the linoleum before he bumps shoulder-first into Aaron. He’s wearing a red baseball shirt that’s so tight across his chest that Sam can practically hear the bias of the fabric screaming in pain. It barely covers his belly button.

“Hey, Sammy, guess what?”

“Dean, I really don’t–”

“I killed Hitler.” He bounces his eyebrows at Sam before turning toward Aaron and smacking his ass. “Who would’ve thought–” He wraps an arm around Aaron’s neck and plants a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “–that’s all it took to get this guy in bed?”


My pathetically emo music taste (combined with the most ultimate level of boredom and the fact I had nothing more clever to do) inspired me to create a couple of Nazi music memes the other night. Most of them didn’t make much sense but I decided to share some of these gems with you anyway. All the texts are lyrics from a couple of songs by bands I like. Some of these may be slightly offensive but that’s the beauty of them


The more I see these protests happening on an ever more regular basis, the more sympathetic I am to that NRx idea that left wing protests are better explained as cultural victory laps rather than an actual acts of popular resistance against an ideologically opposed establishment.

They don’t realise they only really work if there’s a fundamental truth underneath  them and the establishment already agrees with you. The case for Trump as The American Hitler really only works if you have a fairly fringe view of European history.

Anything's good put to music
  • Person A: This doesn't seem like a good idea.
  • Person B: Nonsense, anythings a good idea when it's put to a musical number.
  • Person A: Oh really? Even Hitler?
  • Person B: I'll have you know Spring Time for Hitler is a beloved classic.
  • Person A: There's something severely wrong with you.
  • Person B: I know, you love me anyway.
If Marvel has taught us anything, it's that "With great power comes great responsibility". Unfortunately, the same company did not follow its own advice.

In the recently released issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, Marvel threw a twist by having Captain America himself hail Hydra, his long time adversaries, on the last page of the issue and people are down right pissed. What’s more, Marvel has since admitted that this is not a gimmick move and that Captain really has been an agent of Hydra all along.

Why has this revelation caused such an outrage among fans of Cap? Because it is possibly the most distasteful and disrespectful thing you could do to a character who not only meant so much to his late creators, but to a nation as a whole. Captain America was created as a gateway to open discussion about the problems the Nazi party and Hitler really were to the world in a time where America would rather ignore the issue than ruffle any feathers. Cap busted down those gates shield blazing with a bold cover that showcased him giving Hilter himself a good right hook. This was a statement made by two brave Jewish men in a time where a large number of Nazi party sympathizers where trying to silence their voices. And those voices, crying out for justice in the face of adversity are the true meaning of Captain America.
Reaching filthy hands back into the origin these courageous men risked their lives and futures to create to make it so Steve Rogers had been an agent of the very organization they’d created to represent the evil America should be fighting is not only effectively silencing their voices, but every voice Cap has spoken out for since his creation ranging from Women’s rights, to the Civil Rights Movement, more recently gay and Muslim rights, and many others. Captain America has stood tall as a hero for the little man since the very birth of his character. He has stood for faith, loyalty, bravery, and honor for generations of people in direr need of some kind of hope to hold onto and besmirching his name by equating him to no better than a Neo Nazi is complete and utter defamation of an American icon.

Some would say that Hydra isn’t actually the Nazi party, in which case they are only partially correct. Hydra was made to represent the evil the Nazi party stood for while still separating itself enough to be able to be relevant to future evils. So, yes. Saying that Cap is an Agent of Hydra is saying that Cap has been a Nazi for all these years…and a Soviet bent on destroying the US with Nuclear weapons, and an Al Qeada terrorist, etc.
It means that all this time, the beacon of hope we’ve looked to in the face of war and tragedy has really, behind our backs, been the villainous Spector he was created to save us from. The savior sent to protect us from the bullies swinging bats of unfounded hatred is really just on of the bullies waiting for us to turn our backs before he swings at us.
You have equated Cap to the world’s evil, to hate, to bigotry, terrorism, genocide, fear mongering. You have made him a coward and a betrayer.
And you have singlehandedly disassembled every bit of good Steve Rogers has done for not only the nation, but the entire world.

It’s the sheer disrespect that angers us. And to those who say he’s just a fictional character, that’s just it. He isn’t. Normally, that reasoning would be completely valid, but Cap isn’t just Batman deciding to kill in some last ditch effort to save Gotham City, or Thor bowing to Loki as his King. Captain America is the symbol of everything America is supposed to be. He is the personification of freedom and the willingness to fight against all odds to keep it. He is the ideal, the icon of respect and love between all men and women regardless of color, creed, orientation, or any other factor.
Turning him into a device of an organization that stands for the exact opposite of that is not a twist, it’s a huge mistake.
This is worse than having killed Cap in a time of war, which you’d think would have been a mistake Marvel had learned from. At least in that arc Cap lived and died a hero, standing up for those who needed him. Now, he has been made out to be nothing but a villain.

Marvel, I implore that you respect the men who brought you this icon and the people whom he represents and just cancel this miserable mess before it gets any worse.
It should be evident by now that it’s really not going to help your sales.
All it’s doing is destroying the very core of a character that has always been and meant more to his fans that just a protagonist of a book.
You have a responsibility to this character and everything he stands for. Respect that. Please.

Harry Potter and the US Election 2016
  • (My friend and I are both in Slytherin on Pottermore)
  • Friend: My dad said Ted Cruz is a Slytherin. I'm honestly offended.
  • Me: Well to be fair I think all politicians are probably in Slytherin.
  • Friend: True
  • Me: Resourcefulness; Cunning; Ambition; Self-Preservation; Cleverness; Fraternity sounds like most politicians...well except Bernie Sanders, which is probably why he's currently losing
  • Friend: Yeah, he's more...Hufflepuff or...maybe Gryffindor?
  • Me: Well you know he lost family in the holocaust and got into politics because he really hated Hitler and didn't want something to like that to happen ever again. That sounds pretty Gryffindor.
anti-sjws in one sentence 2: electric boogaloo
  • angryinkeddrunk: why are all the black people on this website so racist???
  • problematicparrot: we live in a misandrist society where men are told to not be complete assholes to women
  • durkin62: cis men are deciding to become trans women for safety, and i have the statistics to back this up, you fucking tumblrina
  • satiricaljusticewarrior: anita sarkeesian... adolf hitler... not really that different if you think about it
  • tenaflyviper: i hope takashi-senpai notices my vitriol towards the evil sjws uwu
  • thesocialjusticecourier: anti-racist is code for anti-white... pride