not really happy with this but i was bored and wanted to gif something

Imagine Sherlock wasn’t a detectiv but a genius violinist since he was a child. One day you get to know him after a concert, he doesn’t seem really happy at all though the concert was a total success. When you ask him he answers: “I am music, I know I am doing what I am supposed to, but it is too long, since I am five I am giving concerts! I want to do something else! Be a policist, an actor, an author! Anything but a musician!”. You do understand what he means. Sure, if you are doing the same thing your live long it must get boring sometime! So you ask if he would like to come with you. You are a detectiv, a pretty good one to be honest and just the moment you ask your phone rings because there is a new murder in the city. “May I come with you?”, shyly the beatiful violinist asks. “Sure! Come one, we will go on an adventure!”. Laughing you go. After this evening you begin to fall in love, you move together. What results is a long happy, happy live with a lot of love, hugs and kisses!