not really happy with this :(

I don’t draw my OCs enough so I drew all my OCs

(Not actually all my OCs but a lot of them)


I did this before my exams started so I could upload it today. And about not making anything for you. I lied. Sorry. I wanted to make a surprise. I hope you like it!

You mean so much to me, and I’m sooo glad I met you. You were the first friend I ever made here, and I’m happy that we still are. You’re more than a friend to me. You’re part of my family. My lovely and adorable Big Sister!

I hope you have a lovely day sweetie!

Love you ~


so you meet a guy and the first thing he does is ask if someone sent you flowers and the first thing you do is call him an idiot and say they’re for your girlfriend.

so you meet a guy and the first thing you do is call him an idiot but everything after that is him falling into place in your life and you two clicking, it’s you understanding what he means when no one else does, it’s your arguments and insults always ending in one or both of you laughing.

so you meet a guy and call him an idiot but he very quickly becomes you and your girlfriend’s (and later, his girlfriend’s) idiot and you ask him to be in your wedding party when the girlfriend you bought flowers for becomes your wife. and he says okay, and then he says he wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

so the guy you met and immediately insulted is still the guy you insult but he’s also one of your closest friends and the girlfriend you bought flowers for isn’t your girlfriend anymore, she’s your wife and she’s been your wife for three years and your baby has only been your baby for roughly 24 hours. and you’re there, and your wife you met and scoffed at and then immediately became best friends with is there, and the guy you met and insulted and then immediately became friends with is there to be one of the first people to meet your baby, and the girl you didn’t know you needed to be friends with until you already were is too, and.

it’s all because seven years ago you bought a camera on a whim.

  • Me: wtf was the black butler anime???? lmao read the manga
  • Manga: *puts Lizzy in danger*
  • Manga: *spends months on boy band filler only to kill another character for shock value*
  • Manga: *literally murders Agni for shock value*
  • Me: ...deai ni iro wa nakute

here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

gay-lando  asked:

hey do u have any Tips for drawing cardassians and bajorans i need to draw kira punching dukat in the face for my art final and im freaking out bc i dont know how to draw either of them

first of all: that kira punching dukat is your art final is maybe the best thing anyones said to me today and im glad to know it

idk how to draw punching so i cant help with that but heres some suggestions for drawing kira and dukat:

  • kira is really buff. and thats a Fact
  • dukat is to me kind of skinny and pointy. his face is an upside down triangle
  • tail
  • bajorans feel extra mammalian to me? maybe because cardassians are lizards. anyway making them furry would be really fun
  • give em big noses
  • generally i draw cardassians extra S-shaped
  • draw dukat getting his ass soundly kicked (his ass being….. his face i guess)


i finally graduated today. 🎉

it seems to me like the difference between psy entering the western music picture and bts entering in the western music picture is that psy was made to be somewhat of a meme?? like i don’t think anyone ever took him seriously, unfortunately, everyone just thought he was a weird kind of act. obviously the mv is supposed to be funny and the point dance was definitely a trend but like……bts isn’t a meme and they are already having a lot of western artists reach out to them and i think this could actually go somewhere and i’m excited personally…i think we have to prepare for the bts excitement to fizzle like a lot of things do but it seems a lot less likely to fizzle than psy’s fame did. i’m hoping my boys can make a good impression and stay relevant over here. 

That’s Us: Chapter One

Chapter One: You Rarely Seek What You Find

Word count: 4,151

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four |Epilogue

Summary: Canon Divergence. Eighth year without the Veil. The battle between the Old Families arrives before the Humdrum has been defeated. Months after the battle has been fought, Simon comes back to Watford and faces Baz after all that has happened. They’ve always been doomed to lose everything, but maybe some things can be won.

Inspired by this Dutch song. If anyone is ever interested in a rough translation of the lyrics, please tell me and I will post it when the whole story is posted on AO3. 

Read on AO3:

Trigger warnings: It’s pretty damn angsty with scenes that are similar to the forest fire scene in the book (suicidal thoughts/attempts), but maybe a bit more elaborate and thus more triggering. I’m not triggered very easily, so I don’t really know if this might be too heavy, so please be careful and stop if it gets too much.



I don’t smell him. A few months ago, I would’ve known he was there even before I’d reached the bottom of the stairs up to our room. The prickly scent of fire would have made my stomach twist with nausea and my heart flip with excitement.

This time there’s none of that. No fire. No static in the air caused by the constant threat of Simon’s magic overflowing. There’s just nothing.

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anyway i know i should be happy about the lgbt representation in skam this season but the thing that really gets me is that julie is out here fulfilling fanfiction and ‘soft gay boy’ tropes to make the show more marketable towards straight girls like… evak isn’t actually meant to be for gay people and that really doesn’t sit right with me ://