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12 Days of ODM: Day 1

Dedicated to: @bianww (Also special thank you for the art at the end! I freaking love it :D Everyone check it out!)

Prompt: Jellal is Levy’s overprotective big brother and she just brought her boyfriend home.


This had to be Hell.

Jellal was certain that was where he had managed to find himself. He must have died of an aneurysm and been sent straight to its lowest level. That was the only answer as to why Gajeel Redfox was sitting beside his little sister at their dining room table.

Holding. Her. Hand.

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You said you want Halloween prompts? Beca as a (real) ghost really trying to scare Chloe but it's just not working because "she's so small and cute!"

{This is only like 3 months late… Happy hallowthanksmas????}

“So, the real estate agent said it was ‘haunted’?”

“Yeah, apparently a girl was murdered in the basement 15 years ago. She was stabbed to death.”

“And we’re still moving in?!”

“Well, yeah. It’s sad, but, I mean… People live in houses that other people have died in all the time.”

“Yeah! Died, as in natural causes or like– a heart attack, I don’t know, but not murdered! Jesus, red.”

”Are you saying you believe in ghosts, Stacie?”

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quick sketch for the night, not happy with line work but whomp whomp


So my queue ran out today and I have several pictures left to edit and post. But I have my last final today in a couple hours and I gotta focus on studying for that so I probably won’t get the pics in my queue until tonight.

Aaaand I’m flying home on Saturday! Yay! I haven’t been home in 4.5 months so I’m happy. But… since I’ll be staying with my sister for the first couple days, I won’t be able to make new posts until I get back to my house. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get enough posts done in order to keep my queue going for at least 5 days.

Since I’m leaving in two days, sims really isn’t a priority atm tbh because I want to spend all my time cuddled up with my boyfriend before I’m gone fore two weeks 😭 and I want to play other games lol

>>IF<< I don’t have posts for my queue, I’ll release my poses I’ve used in my story. So keep an eye out for that :’)

That’s it for now! Love you guys!!! Xoxo


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Steve x Reader ft. Bucky

Request: I never have brilliant ideas, but I want to try lol. I was thinking about a Steve x reader where the reader is talking with Bucky bc she want to understand if Steve is in love with somebody. (Un)Fortunately, Steve arrives and hears the reader saying things like “i really like you” (she was trying with Bucky how to declare to Steve). Steve get jealous and finally, they declare themselves. Pretty bad English yes haha

A/N: This is a great idea and I am so happy to write it!

Warnings: No?

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I’m going with my friends to see a meteor shower type thing and I’m really excited. It’s the first time in a while I’ve actually been excited about something, so I’m really happy that I’m going and I’m not going to let anything ruin it for me. There’s a lot of family stuff and stress going on, but tonight it’s just going to be me and the stars.

I know that’s corny as fuck but y’all I really like stars like a lot and I’ve been going through hell so don’t judge me lol

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I went to go come out to my friend and it was actually really funny. Before I could say anything she said “oh is it the trans thing?”. We ended up laughing about how she already knew because she saw my tumblr. It was funny and she’s totally accepting!! I’m actually really happy that I didn’t have to say anything lol.

That’s so great!! -Matt

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I just saw a tweet where someone confirms a shirtless scene for Adam and I was like, "Good thing I know now because it would be really super awkward for me to scream with my family watching beside me". Oh, and when I logged onto tumblr, I saw some Reylo fanart on the login screen. Made me really happy and proud!

Helluuu dear!=)

Lol, yeah, I’m glad I knew about that too before going in and witnessing it.xD

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im thinkin of taking a year off from college bc im just.. like really not happy lol. sorry if this is tmi i just kind of wanted to tell you bc i thought that you'd understand

dont worry i 10000% get that,i dropped out of my first apprenticeship after 6 months bc i noticed that i actually didnt like it and didnt even start the second one bc after finishing the internship for it i knew i didnt like it either lol so like….youre good. theres nothing bad abt taking a bit longer to figure out what u wanna do

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I didnt see you on my dash for a little while and it honestly felt a little dull. i didnt realize how much i enjoy your blog until it was gone for a little bit

You don’t realize nice things until they’re gone lol. But seriously thank you so much. I’m really happy to be back.

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I had a dream you updated, but instead of a happy ending you fucking killed Alex, but he was killed because a plane fell out of the sky. I woke up so confused that I had to make sure the story wasn’t finished and it didn’t happen. Finals week is really getting to me.

Now I know how the last chapter is gonna go 😂 lol. I wish you luck on all the rest of your finals!!!


“When I’m worn out, I hold tightly on to eight hands.
Having forgotten how to fly, I lean on those beside me,
because even with broken wings, together we can fly higher.
We have to know to forgive and love.”


Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops