not really happy with it but he's pretty so

There’s a lesson to be learnt here today:

If you threaten to kill yourself because I won’t unban you from a chatroom…

…it won’t work.

On a very related note, you really really don’t want to go anywhere near a user named Blazsword. I’m not one for “calling people out” and starting witchhunts, but he’s been spamming me and my girlfriend for hours now with such gems like: 

Which is pretty much why he was banned from the chatroom in the first place.

Blaz, buddy, if you’re reading this, this isn’t how you make friends. I was happy just removing you from my chatroom. Now I’m having to tell people to actively avoid you so you don’t do the same to them. Notice how you’ve made a bad situation much much worse?

No, probably not.

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That's actually really frivken aforable that Bart knits omfg

Lol I guess
Some of the characters act differently On set than they do off it. I mean Boris and Bendy are pretty much the same, Only without the swearing. Which Bendy does usually when He’s mad or REALLY excited or happy or scared stuff like that, Boris Is a fucking Potty mouth when He mad. So off the set Barts, not a bad Dude. He’s Prolly a Cinnamon roll tbh Prolly made ever one a sweater. Just Like Beth isn’t as Bad off Set. she still Hates Bendy But doesn't wanna kill him. 

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Shane, Are you quiet or loud? The best dream/ worst nightmare you’ve ever had? (waters lol)

Quiet or loud? What like.. in bed? ;) In bed, I’m not too loud but I like to make my boys be *cough* In life, I guess I come across as pretty quiet unless I need to be loud. My job can require a bit of intimidation so staying quiet can be seen as weakness.

Best dream… hmmm… waking up next to him, smiling & happy. And him madly in love as he watches us both sleep. My worst nightmare… seeing someone I really care about in trouble, not being to save him before… It was so real, that fear in his eyes. Then I heard the gun fire & I watched him fall to the ground. God… that one shook me worse than any other nightmare I’ve ever had.

Kohits Mujits, Bojack’s nephew from a half-sister whose mother had also fled from the Kutai Estate. The woman and her spouse were super-humble farmers, but after she died, Kohits father struggled to support him. So, Mr. Mujits approached Bojack and begged him to adopt Kohits. Only after a DNA test verified their relation did Bojack honor the request.

Now, Bojack didn’t hate the kid. He was pretty fond of him because he was so eager to make his uncle happy. It’s just - well, Bojack is about as good an uncle as Uncle Scar, and eventually, there was an accident that really wasn’t an accident, and Kohits died traumatically. And because he had unfinished business in his previous life, Kohits was reincarnated as a certain someone…

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19, 16, 4, and 1, please:)

🌩 16. Is there a character of yours who’s a real struggle to write/draw? Why do you think that is?

Ooh yeah, like I was saying, GLaDOS is tough for me to wrap my brain around.

But I’ve also been struggling with a solid design for Rainbow Core. I rarely have this problem. Most of my Portal designs I have a pretty clear idea of what I want them to look like and can get it down after one or two tries, but I’ve re-drawn Rainbow Core so many times and I just…why won’t you cooperate??? I have like one drawing of him on here and I’m not happy with it. >:<

🦋 4. Any minor characters that have either taken over or branched off into their own stories?

Mmmmmm I guess Glitchy kind of counts? Again, he’s not mine, but I really felt for the guy in Meet the Cores and I wanted him to show up in Testing Maintenance when I got around to writing it. He actually showed up in that much, much more than I ever planned him to. He was originally only supposed to be a quick cameo.

🕸 1. Who’s the oldest character of yours that you still use?

Oh goodness! That would be Pikacha (Cha for short). She’s not a Portal character, she’s a Pokemon character. She is the oldest OC I can remember making. I came up with her when I was 6 or 7-years-old because Pokemon was my favorite thing on the face of the planet and I still draw and RP with her sometimes.

Of my OCs she is the sweetest cinnamon roll. Too pure. I now have a headcanon that she will eventually evolve into an Alolan Raichu. <3


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

Mike: We’ll be home soon. My mom, she’ll get you your own bed, you can eat as many eggos as you want, and we can go to the snowball.

Eleven (not even like 5 minutes later): Goodbye, Mike

okay but can we just talk about how great it is that seokjin is going on all of these variety shows and how hes so silly and effortlessly funny and honestly really good at it??? and like this boy whos been relentlessly told that hes useless to the group, talent-less, unfunny, just a pretty face, etc. continues to be praised and complimented by show producers and by people who have been in the entertainment industry for years??? like im so proud of him and im so happy that he’s been given the opportunities to shine through doing these shows. he deserves it. so much. 


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak


I love how these two moments contrast nicely to each other, even though they do seem similar.

In both cases, the recipients of the messed-up bento are smiling gratefully at Sanji, telling him that his food is great. Although Sora was clearly lying to protect her son’s feelings, little Sanji is oblivious to his mother’s kind intent, ever so happy that he made her smile with his cooking. 

In Luffy’s case however, I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth; he really enjoyed Sanji’s bento because he was that much hungry and missed his cook’s food sorely. But Sanji tells him that he’s lying - maybe because he can’t bear the thought that Luffy even enjoys something like a ruined bento as long as it’s from him. 

I think it’s also possible that Sanji might’ve been irresistibly reminded of his mother, and told Luffy the words he should’ve told her had he not been so young and naive. 

More than anything, the title of this chapter “you liar” clearly refers to Sanji, but it’s ironic how he’s the one telling it to Luffy, who is anything but lies.


Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 


bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

(lovely texture by @sandflakedraws!)

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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Things I like about this picture:

1. Korra’s biceps are still looking really nice I mean come on that’s quality shit right there look at that

2. Asami is pretty prominently featured (which was unusual for official art for the series) and she’s next to her gf where she belongs I’m so emotional

3. My sweet baby boy Bolin looks so happy and he’s in a police uniform so that’s an interesting new development

4. Oh yeah, and Mako I guess

(jk I love Mako)


Rude behavior at tatinof

I just got back from the first TATINOF show in Stockholm and it was amazing. I laughed so much that my bronchitis came back. That sums it up pretty good. Dan also asked Phil if he wanted him to choke him, warned him not to say thicc and they dabbed in synch, Phil did the sexy endscreen dance and left the stage in embarresment while Dan almost fell over laughing. Yes, those things happened and it was glorious.

To the subject I want to talk about - really rude fans in the audience. I personally don’t care who is dating or not dating who - as long as they’re happy. I do however think that some phan jokes can be really funny - in the right settings. TATINOF IS NOT THE PLACE OR TIME TO DO THAT.

I sat next to several girls who constantly screamed that they wanted Dan and Phil to fuck, to kiss, to makeout, and that is not okay. Dan and Phil obviously don’t want to talk about their private life when it comes to those things and that should be respected. So here were our two favourite guys on stage, giving their all to make us happy and some of the audience is thanking them by being… rude. I was actually offended - I was there to have the best night and they disturbed that by making me angry. Not to mention that they spent time on their phones (texting) and by constantly talking to eachother about other things. Tatinof should be fun, full of laughter and joy. Don’t take that away.

Please - be respectful of Dan and Phil. Everything they do are them trying to make us happy. They wanted us to have a great night, with a great show. Yes - they make phan jokes but there’s a line. Please do not tell them to fuck eachother, to makeout, to be sexual. It’s not okay.

I know yuri on ice seems to occur in a nice alternate universe where homophobia doesn’t seem to be a thing, but I still can’t help but reflect.  And maybe I really want Yuuri taking care of Victor. (Yoi has really been keeping me sane over the past few weeks, and for that I really appreciate it.)  


“Yuuri?” comes Yuuko’s urgent voice, the moment Yuuri picks up the phone.

“Hmm…?” Yuuri asks, mind still slightly dazed with sleep.  He rubs at his eyes, fumbling around for his glasses.  “It’s pretty early.  Tell the triplets I’ll teach them that trick in a few hours…”

“Yuuri, it’s Victor,” Yuuko says.  “He’s… um…”

This catches Yuuri’s attention.

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I am so fucking happy for Sebastian Stan. He’s worked his way up and he’s now able to take on roles that he can really sink his teeth into. This looks like it’s going to be an incredible opportunity to show off his talent.

Sorry kids, but he won’t always be Bucky Barnes. Don’t hate on the tasche. The guy is worth more than your judgements on how pretty he looks.

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Heyo, just found you and upon seeing all of the Fi and the Cape Flap Arms, I just imagined Fi getting frustrated, pouting, and just flapping her arms up and down. Ghirahim knows that she's frustrated... but it's just so cute.

Ghirahim thinks Fi looks cute when she’s frustrated, but then again, he always thinks Fi is a cutie pie.

Fi also flaps her cape wings when she’s really happy! Which isn’t often since she’s pretty subdued with her emotions

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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when te fiti has her heart, it’s assumed she can gift life to anything, right? well imagine this:

te fiti is really greatful after maui apologizes. she knows from past personal experience how stubborn he can be, so she does a little bit more for him than just fixing his fish hook for him

after he leaves moana to sail herself home he’s flying around when a small island he doesn’t recognize from the sky catches his attention. 

curious, he lands on it and looks around at this beautiful lush green island just blooming with plant life. it confuses him that he’s never seen this island before because he knows for sure he would’ve remembered pulling up something so beautiful until he stumbles upon this large boulder with famaliar looking carvings on it and it just hits him all at once

this was his island. 

Te Fiti took what used to be a pile of boulders and wiltering plants and restored it to the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

she didn’t just fix what he valued most

she took this place he was trapped on for a thousand years, this place he thought he hated, and she used it to give him a home.

Something he’s never really had before.