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How's that sig nightmare running? I've never been too keen on sig 1911s since the GSR & reading the article about the sig nitron on ttag.

Ive been looking for an excuse to do a Sig write up. And that’s close enough. So here we go…

This is my first soiree into the Nightmare line, but I’ve owned Nitrons and shot a lot of GSRs and in my opinion they have been some of the nicest guns I have ever shot. I am not by any means a Sig quality control expert. I can only say from my own personal findings from the Sig 1911 and GSR line that I have had hands on experience with.

 Sig Sauer seems to know what they’re doing. I can say I had some issues from the Nitron not going all the way into battery while using junk ammo, but it was only once and also dirty while using a cheap after market mag. So I really can’t in all good conscience blame the gun.

 But they were consistently VERY accurate, fun to shoot, and I really don’t have much to say in the ways of negatives.

My initial impressions of the Nightmare are nothing but gleaming. I…LOVE this gun. And that’s from the mouth of a genuine certified gun snob. The fastback grips, tritium night sights, the sleek black and stainless design, the accuracy and all play perfectly into what I want out of my handgun. It just feels good. I’m a decent shot… not the best in the world, but still, even then It’s not hard to maintain a fist sized group at 25 yards. It is an inherently accurate gun. It hits what you point it at plain and simple.

Now, the negatives. Few and far between I can say that there are somethings I wish this gun did differently. Namely the price. Is this gun worth ~$1000? Honestly …its debatable. I shelled out the cash and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I did…but at the same time… Everyone’s financial situation is different and even for me. This was a hard pill to swallow. It’s expensive and to play devil’s advocate I’ts difficult to justify a Nightmare when I can probably buy a Ruger for almost half the cost and pretty much accomplish the same thing. (A reliable accurate 1911 style handgun). With the Nightmare…you’re are paying a little (a lot) extra for the brand. No doubt about it. 

I do however believe that the Sig 1911 Nightmare is without a doubt one of the finest guns I have ever owned. Its sleek, beautiful and functional. It carries well, and even for someone who is usually pretty quick to bad mouth the 1911 as a carry weapon. I can’t help but like it. And while style counts for little in an actual gunfight. You can’t help but feel cool with one on your hip.

My overall down and dirty findings?
I couldn’t really find much genuine fault with this gun. Most of the gripes I have with it are problems inherent to the 1911 platform. (i.e. I wish I could have more than 8 rounds / it’s heavy steel frame) kinda stuff. No real issue with the performance or functionality of the firearm itself. Sig Sauer made a very nice 1911 here. And its a beautiful gun. For show or for shooting I feel like a proud elitist whenever I bust it out on the range. Its just a cool gun. However unless you have the cash to burn. I can say with a heavy heart that…No…you don’t NEED a Sig Nightmare. Its a great gun…but it’s just a high end 1911. It is not the be all end all of firearms. Its not the most practical choice out there and unless you can find one for under 700 dollars your money is probably best spent elsewhere. 

That said….its a really sexy gun.