not really gomen tho

a little apology for the mess i uploaded last night.. orz i want to assure everyone that he befriends the cat and find the tench coat which help keep him juuust on the edge of sanity, yay??


sorry guys! i start classes on Mondai (Aug24). so that means less time with digital art,more time with studies/school. :‘v wahwaaah. i hope you guys understand! i also just moved into my dorm on Thursdai! im hecka nervous about the whole new atmosphere(being on my own, being in a city, etcetc), so i drew these post-its to help encourage me through the tough transitioning. yesyes♡ thank goodness Lapidot exists.

chanyeolsabs  asked:

Roi-chan I really love your art!! If you can Kano #18 as an adult, please? Thank you so much!

;///v////; Awwww, thank you so much, ahaha! You’re too kind! //// Here’s an adult Kano, tho I sort of combined it with winter clothes, lol. || send a chara & number