not really fealing it

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Sana is supposed to be ooc right now! She's racing towards the bottom, and we saw this with all the other mains who also lost touch with themselves and the values they really have because they feal everything is going to hell and they have no control. She's elfin up big time just like they did, because she is just a normal human teen like them.


random hello from me! while i’m being too lazy and busy to edit few pics of the Grimms, have this. i don’t know what am i even doing and i don’t really feal like playing the sims. i am so sorry for unexpected hiatus-y thing! but what i can say to you, isss… i finally finished the camp for safe haven challenge! now the only thing i need to do with shc is start playing :P
thank you for staying with me!
hope you all are having fun ♥

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You mentioned (on one of your bajillion tags) about how Danny helping Mindy write the letter - and quite sincerely so - might have meant more to you than the kiss. And I completely agree. I'd love to read your thoughts on that, though it may probably take my brain a while to be functioning again...

(Mindy voice) Oh, hell yes. 

I am waiting for the episode to come out on iTunes (I watched it on Putlocker but, you know, I’d like to just have the thing myself), so I’m going to be up until like 4, so if anyone has questions that allow me to talk about my most favorite show then by all means send them during this Mindy Project-kiss-grace period I have granted myself for excessively posting and reblogging!!!!  :) 

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