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u: martha is dumb lol / also u: fuckin love me some jdonica Oh Yeahhh

lmao ya what’s your point??

I’ve said a million times I don’t think jdonic aid healthy, I enjoy the dynamic. And judging off my other favorite characters like Chandler, it’s really easy to see that I enjoy angsty plot lines and mean characters for entertainment reasons?? Martha is a 2D happy go lucky person thrown randomly into the plot for the sake of combining Betty and Martha into one character, someone with my tastes probably doesn’t dig that character too much?

I can’t tell if ur trying to be rude or…


we were like gods at the dawning of the world

judgement of all goat emojis on emojipedia you’ve seen this before you understand the mechanics

pretty accurate rendering of what a goat typically looks like. i enjoy the detail put into the shading you can tell whoever did this knows where the scapula on a goat goes. a fine emoji


i appreciate the graphic look to this goat. you look at this and you say, ‘yes, that is absolutely a goat’

i like the more cartoony look to this goat, however the terf bangs make me question the opinions this goat has so i’m just gunna move along

not.. my favorite. someone really went to town on the blur tool i’ll tell ya that much this is a goat thats been blended more than a protein smoothie

this one i have mixed feelings about. its lazy and just barely a goat but at least its simple and not like blendy mcblenderson up there 

very good!!!! a very good and solid goat!!! i love that its eye makes it look like its doing that one face, what are you hiding sweet friend!!!! i love you 

this is so……. lazy… guess we got a jerk out there who thinks learning how to design a goat is a waste of time. well screw you buddy i still love this goat regardless of your crap job 

only slightly better than twitter goat in that its actually cute and friendly and doesn’t look like a ditto pretending to be a goat pokemon. i’m so bitter what the hell twitter learn how to design a goat for petes sake 

i like that they’re smiling!!! they’re happy and thats all that matters to me

this is…. a goat.. thats for sure. its not the best but at least you can tell someone put work into it. thank you 


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)

What to read after Throne of Glass

If you, like me, are still going through complete Sarah J Maas withdrawal, and can’t really stand to wait for her next books, check out the list below to tide you over! Each book has many of the things I adored about both ToG and ACOMAF: strong and interesting female characters, magic, deeply beautiful writing, love stories to cry about, and an all around sense of adventure. If you have any more recommendations to add, definitely let me know!

Black Jewels: Anne Bishop

I just finished this series, and I am still amazed by how masterfully Anne Bishop weaves her stories. Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, a matriarchal realm ruled by strong queens and the males that support and serve them (Rowan and Aedion anyone?). There is a prophecy fortelling the rise of a Queen with more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself, which gives us a wonderful story full of scheming, war, adventure, and a badass court I would kill to be a part of. Prepare your heart!

Graceling by Kristian Cashore

Graceling is the best series for all you folks who couldn’t get enough of badass assassin Celaena. Katsa is an assassin Celaena would be proud of, due to her rare ability as a Graceling. She is Graced with a killing power, and has spent her life as the king’s tool in doling out his reign of terror. In waltzes Po, Graced with fighting, and here to shake everything Katsa knows about her world. Cashore definitely gives us a twist Sarah would most certainly support!

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

This book aligns more with the romance and court mystique that Sarah presents so wonderfully in ToG and ACOMAF. Kestrel is the daughter of a general who helped the emperor conquer territory after territory. As she is faced with a choice, marry or join the military, Kestrel finds a friend in one of the slaves from the conquered people, and so begins one of the most interesting political schemes I have read in awhile! I haven’t finished the trilogy yet, because I am out of the country and can’t get my hands on the final book, but I would highly recommend it.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Cue another really cool empire written by an author who isn’t afraid to be inventive or go beyond the normal realms of fantasy. Vin is another Celaena-esque character, as the abandoned street child who turned thief who struggles to stay alive. When a mentor takes her under his wing, she discovers that her luck on the streets might be more than she could ever explain. Magic, mystery, and of course, a few court balls thrown in make for a wonderful mix. Warning: the last book made me cry. Like really cry. But in a good, I’m-still-mad-at-you-but-I-understand-and-respect-your-story-line type of way.

Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

Raisa is everything that I have ever wanted in a princess. She is intelligent, passionate, feisty, and super compassionate. So when a war arises between the clans and the wizards, you can bet she has goals to achieve and empires to shake up. Throw Han Alister into the mix, a street wise leader, and things get tricky and fireworks explode. One of my favorite love stories in a long time, because it isn’t a story about just romantic love, but also what the love of a princess for her country can do. 

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Yelena is set for execution for murder, but is given the choice to be the next food taster of the Commander of Ixia. As if the threat of having poison in her system wasn’t enough, she is also given a dose of Butterfly’s Dust, which she needs every day to stay alive, and can of course only get from the chief of security. Fighting for her life soon becomes more than just guessing the right poison, but also a game of magic, love, and all out war. Best kind of combo out there!

Legend by Marie Lu

This is the only book in the list to be set in a dystopian universe as opposed to a kingdom, but with a prodigy like June, no one can make any complaints. After a war tore the country apart, the Western United States is under the martial rule of the Republic, and June is their perfectly groomed soldier golden child. Day, on the other hand, is a slums boy who has become the Republic’s most wanted criminal. What happens when their paths cross is enough to make any country tremble, and to keep me hanging on to every word!

And finally:

Literally anything by Tamora Pierce!

Tamora Pierce has been my favorite author since I was a little girl. Each of her series is set in the same universe, based around the story of an interesting and kickass female character, from the first female warrior to a wild-mage. I first found these stories when my mother decided my sister and I didn’t have enough strong women in our literature and Tamora really rose to the occasion. Start with the first series, Song of the Lioness, and work your way from there! I have reread her books at least once every year since I was a little girl and they get better every time. I cannot recommend these books enough!

If you read or have read any of these books, feel free to shoot me a message; I am always ready to geek out over them. 

Shoutout to a great artist

Okay, you probably know the “My life as a background Slytherin” comics by @emilyscartoons? (hint: I love them)

Have you ever seen her non-fandom art? (another hint: click every word to enjoy some of my favorites)



friggin’ beautifully




okay sorry this looks really simple and plain but i had made a really pretty picture with jungkook and i forgot to check my spelling lmfao so i quickly made this one really fast buy anyways!! i just hit another milestone ommgg!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHH!!! 

I love everyone weather you guys talk to me or not but i love ya’ll

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Protagonists I Want to See More of in YA
  • girls written by men, and boys written by women (I have a long explanation for this and I may turn it into its own post one day, but for the sake of brevity i’m going to leave that like it is rn)
  • non-bookish protagonists who are still well-developed
  • UNLIKABLE PROTAGONISTS. Actually my favorite characters are the ones who are complex/real enough that sometimes you really love them and sometimes you super duper hate them (see: every character in Breaking Bad)
  • protagonists who actually like instigate the main plot of the book (I cannot tell you how tired I am of the whole “jane ‘whitey mcnerdgirl’ smith’ had a super boring life but then some wild thing happened to her so now her life is interesting”) (wait yes I can and I did so already here)
  • socially anxious protags where their social anxiety is realistically portrayed and their resulting struggle with having friends/relationships is portrayed (less “i’m just cute and shy and that strange hot guy is really into me” and more “i am in a constant state of terror and my anxiety has kept me from having any legitimate relationships since i was 12″)
  • same with other mental health issues/disorders BUT without the book being an issue book that focuses mainly on that issue/disorder. A good old fantasy/sci fi/romance/whatever book with realistically portrayed disorders is what I want to see
  • optimistic, friendly, non-cynical protags (not everyone’s teenage years are 50/50 angst and sarcasm)
  • non-quirky protagonists
  • on the other hand, manic pixie dream girls (yes i said it. i love manic pixie dream girls. i hate them for the male gaze, as the object of a male protagonist’s obsession, but make a manic pixie dream girl the teller of her own story and i’m so here for that) (but she can’t be a mary sue)
  • protagonists who fail. hard.
  • religious protagonists. And not just like using their flimsy religion to emphasize how angsty and cynical they are. actual firm believers in fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian/whatever books. doesn’t really count if the religion is fictional. and not just Christians either.
  • this goes along with the “protagonists who instigate the main plot” point, but protagonists who are eager to face the conflict. I’m tired of it feeling like the story has to be set up perfectly to force the character into action. Protagonists who are ready to step up to the plate and do some damage.
  • protagonists who fall from grace over the course of the story.
  • protagonists who are wildly amoral but their amorality isn’t excused, it’s made to be a complex aspect of their character. protagonists who sometimes step out of line. possibly too far to ever really return.
A Tales of Sleeping Prince
  • A Tales of Sleeping Prince
  • 梅林太郎 featuring AISHA
  • A Tales of Sleeping Prince

I just want to make a post for Georgi. 

I know everyone is making fun of his costumes and appearances during the program ( well, I do that also ) but all jokes aside. I just want to share that I’m so touched and his music made me cry. It is my favorite music in the China Free Program. ( aside from Yuri on Ice ofc. )

I mean he really loves his ex-girlfriend to the point that he dedicated his whole season theme for her but then that bitch! *cough* ( excuse me for the word )

I don’t know how to words my feelings in this song but the feels… omg. my poor baby. T^T Someone give him a girlfriend! I’m still teary-eyed every time I listen to this. somebody halp! TT^TT

Here are the lyrics. It’s not the official so there may be some miss because I just wrote what I hear. Hop on the feels trains ya’ll!

A Tale of Sleeping Prince

Tell me now, it’s dark
There is no star in the sky.
Where are you?
Why are you leaving me?
(Let me hear you say)
(Let me hear you now)

Show me your heart,
I see the brightest sky.
I’ll give you my heart,
Let me be the one.

I’ll always be
Be there for you.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming.
You’re not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll save you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll kiss you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll save you now,
[Wake me up]
No matter what I’ll kiss you now.

I’ll always be
Be there for you.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming.
You’re not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

You always made me strong.
I’m not alone,
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

Oh baby, I’m coming
Through the dark.
I promise to save you,
I’ll save you now.

[Wake me up]


get to know me meme: Favorite books ➝ A Thousand Pieces Of You

“I meant it when I said I didn’t believe in love at first sight. It takes time to really, truly fall for someone. Yet I believe in a moment. A moment when you glimpse the truth within someone, and they glimpse the truth within you. In that moment, you don’t belong to yourself any longer, not completely. Part of you belongs to him; part of him belongs to you. After that, you can’t take it back, no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try.” 

Ya know what we haven’t seen Harry do in a long time that I miss? Potions. That was honestly one of my favorite things about the first books. Where he would sit down and make potions and how all of the ingredients had to have specific meanings. Granted he doesn’t have Bob anymore but he had stopped making them even before he lost Bob. Honestly the same goes for his thaumaturgy now that I’m thinking about it. He’s really grown into a different style of wizard from the first books I guess.


race to the edge week - day i - favorite dragon

This elusive creature is highly secretive, it is known to ride lightning bolts. Found only during electrical storms that can shoot bursts of white fire.


Get to Know Me Meme: [3/∞] Favorite Male Characters » Harry Potter

“A letter?” repeated Professor McGonagall faintly, sitting back down on the wall. “Really, Dumbledore, you think you can explain all this in a letter? These people will never understand him! He’ll be famous - a legend - I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter day in the future - there will be books written about Harry - every child in our world will know his name!”


Here’s Heather McNamara! Our favorite Suicidal beach blonde baby~
She’s such a cutie I swear.
I loved drawing her so much! Her little bow ponytail gave me some trouble tho cause i’d accidentally make the pony tail too big lol.

Everyone draws her like an innocent baby but ya’ll forgetting she was just as bad a bully as the other Heathers? She gets redemption yes but i don’t really like how people kind of ignore how she almost got Veronica date raped and helped the other Heathers almost prank Martha. But I feel her bullying was more like when a ditzy person does a bad thing and doesn’t completely understand the consequences of their actions. Still. mean tho.

One of my fav songs in the musical was Whine all night/Shine a Light (Reprise) cause WOW! It’s so crazy! “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!”. It’s so aggressive and really shows how anxiety and suicidal thoughts work.
I wanna make an animatic of it one day.

Anyhoo enjoy~

hi everyone! so yeah i just wanted to say that for some time i will not draw any request, just maybe 2 or 3 that i promise, i remember that i have something like… 3 Au story(!?) to continue to draw/write :’), you know: the ships war; MBD Au, and another one that i forgot -.-. so yeah sorry for made you mad :’). i hope that you will understand<3 i really hope :’), i have to draw also some gift for my friends X3…. and there is! i also want to remember you that next week is going to be dedicated for my favorite AU Dreamtale 😍; i will post many doodle and drawings abaut it X3. i hope that you will like it❤❤❤. AAnnd not forget that this sunday i will post the winners from the Art raffle OoO.

have a nice day/night!<3 i love ya~


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