not really but y'know

i sure do love lesbian moms. i love lesbians who want to have their own children; I love the ones who can’t and/or don’t want to, but would rather adopt older or younger children. I love lesbians who foster or have aspirations to foster. I love lesbians who want to be housewives and mothers; I love lesbian power moms who balance work and raising their children. I love lesbian moms who are super active in their children’s lives, the ones who go to PTA meetings and make treats for bake sales. I love lesbian moms who are exhausted and wonder how they’re going to make it through the day. I love lesbian moms who fuck up and use those mistakes to become better moms. I love lesbians who are brave enough to parent, despite how society looks at and treats them.

most of all I love lesbians who dream about all this, but are afraid that it’ll never happen to them. i’m scared too. but I love you and it’ll happen. And you’re going to be fucking amazing.

“and you’re telling me?”

a doodle that got a little out of hand. just wanted to draw fidds rescuing him haha. i’m not sure if they’d recognize each other at first

Some Natsharon headcanons for your consideration:

  • Natasha usually wakes up before Sharon. After making coffee, she comes back to bed and plays with Sharon’s hair until she wakes up.
  • After moving into a cute apartment together, they adopt a cat.
  • Natasha + Sharon teaching each other their own styles of fighting
  • And it always ends up with kissing - the victor pushing the other against the nearest wall and just k i s s i n g them, all protective and loving and fierce
  • Sharon is the better cook. She’s especially good at deserts. She tries to teach Nat, though it doesn’t end well.
  • Pet names! Pet names in battle!! Natasha casually choking some bad guy with her thighs and just calling out to Sharon like “doing okay, honey-bun?”
  • They love to prank the other Avengers. Particularly Tony and Steve. Natasha is egged on by Sharon. Their best one yet is convincing Tony that Steve had got JARVIS to donate all his money to charity.
  • The two of them curling up on the sofa and cuddling each other, just talking and giggling and kissing, after a long day.
  • Just!! Natasha and Sharon being in love tbh

they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

can Lena Luthor’s storyline be Asami Sato-inspired? not this bs of will-she-won’t-she-turn-evil-because-she’s-a-luthor. 

We already have Lex Luthor as Superman’s archenemy. why not try something new and have Lena Luthor be one of Supergirl’s greatest allies and one of Kara Danvers’ trusted friends

because honestly, a Super and a Luthor working together for the greater good has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things that could happen in the show


     What will we find when we strip away your finery? 
A young man came to us, not long ago; broken in body and spirit. He had so much to strip away, so much weighing him down. But piece by piece he unburdened himself. Let go of vanity, pride, sin. Now his soul is so light, he will float through the seven heavens like a bird. 


Stranger Things appreciation week // day four » favorite brotp

Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will (and Eleven) 

You lend them your cool stuff, 
like comic books and trading cards
and they never break a promise