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Bee’s Modest Art Arsenal

I made a comprehensive list of all the stuff I typically use to make art as of right now. It’s not meant to be an end-all-be-all for art supplies by any means, just… stuff I like! And it’s largely affordable whenever possible, yay!!! Some of my favorite art products I find completely on accident or in unlikely places so never be afraid to give it a shot if it calls to you! My list is under the cut, and ofc, all photos are not mine and used purely for educational purposes.

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It’s you who cares about that (or, of pride and insecurity)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of this sort (or anything, really!) but there’s a thought that came to me a few days back that kept growing in my head, so. I’m not sure if it’s much more than personal rambling at this point, but I might as well write it down – because even as the years pass, I find myself more and more able to relate to certain aspects of this stupid dynamic called Harurin, and it makes me appreciate it that much more.

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Hey guys, I know I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve not really been having a lot of fun with this tumblr lately, so after about 6 years I think it’s time to break away from this account. I’ve made myself a new tumblr which is gonna be mostly YOI stuff because that’s what’s making me happy right now. If you guys wanna follow my new blog it’s

I’ve got a Twitter that’s mostly the same thing, which is also frozencalamari.

I’m not deleting this account just for archiving purposes, and it does mean something to me. But I want to start fresh and do my best to micromanage what I see and put up with.

So thanks for everything, guys! I’m not going away, just changing it up, and I’d be more than happy to keep being friends with y'all. The squid is migrating to new waters~ 🦑🦑🦑

earlier today I posted a bunch of my old metas to AO3 under a new pseud.  I was just doing it for archiving purposes, and wasn’t planning to promote them in any way.  much to my surprise, I came back to my computer later to find more than a dozen comments!

really weird, especially considering how hard I flog my fanfic before I get any comments, lol.  I guess there must be folks following the “meta” tag feed on AO3. 

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really like tumblr because communicating with other users is a chore compared to twitter and instagram, which is more real-time. However, I figure I may as well dump my art *somewhere* for archival purposes, and apparently people have found me here, so it’s why I don’t just straight up delete my tumblr.

Anyway. Someone on Instagram used flattery to get me to draw some Vampire Noctis, so I drafted this up and threw in a bit of Copic to give the picture a little something. The BV00 came out a bit splotchy, tho. :<


Hey guys, come into my parlour

I am deleting Blueprint for Beauty off of the archive. I’m giving everyone a notice just in case anyone really, really liked what I had and wanted to download it….

Fret not! However. The reason I’m deleting it is because I want to rework the idea. I want to write a better story. When I first started writing Blueprint for Beauty, it had no purpose, not real end goal for the characters. Having the time to work it over in my brain, I’ve decided that what I have now isn’t going to end in anything worth your attention.

Thank you.
The Mothers of Preventers - Moreena - Gundam Wing [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Raberba Winner, Chang Wufei, Lady Une, Sally Po
Additional Tags: Fluff and Crack, Meddling Kids, Meddling, Implied Relationships, Lunch, Gift Giving, Mystery, Happy, Attempt at Humor, Minor Injuries

Une and Sally have gotten close since they started up the agency. They have weekly Thursday lunch dates, just to catch up with one another. No one is supposed to bother them; except for five weeks running, they can’t seem to catch a break. They really have to wonder if the boys are doing it on purpose, and if they are, why.

height differences

{daiya no ace} → furuya!centric ; furuya/haruichi | wc; 1162

in which haruichi is underestimated and furuya really doesn’t understand why

note: old drabbles - purely for archiving purposes

Furuya has met a lot of batters in his time.

Just 15 years old from a no name junior high school and already he has several reporters trailing after him and masses of fangirls with their shrill coos of ‘Furuya kun’s and Furuya thinks that he might hate it.

A name is sloppily being forced over his head, stitched messily onto the back of his jersey; printed just underneath the number he’s worked so hard to get. The monster rookie. And it’s no wonder that scouts are searching for him, seeking him out; scribbling down statistics and analysing his pitches.

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shreyosis  asked:

Because reptiles are somewhat tame from being bred in captivity for so long, do you think that we'd be able to to the extra step and domesticate them in a human lifetime by selectively breeding for inherently human friendly animals right out of the egg, for example Bearded Dragons?

This hearkens back to a discussion of domestication we had here almost exactly a year ago (you can go search it in the archives - it was right at the end of August). Domestication in the academic sense is more than just breeding for inherent friendliness: it’s a complicated combination of finding animals whose social structures and needs are things we can manipulate and breeding them to serve a specific purpose (of which companionship is not considered to count, according to most academic definitions). Most domesticated animals are mammals, because the process requires things like a flexible diet, high rate of reproduction, and a social structure that humans can manipulate. Reptiles don’t really hit a lot of those markers, so the best I think we could really do would be breeding for tame behavior. 

vasaviishakti  asked:

Just wanted to say that he's not Komaeda, he's Edmond Dantes from Fate/Grand Order.

Yes, I am aware! I’m quite the type-moon fan myself. Sorry if my tag confused anyone. It was there more for archival purposes in the text located in the post.

But you gotta admit, Komatsuzaki-san’s art really does translate between whatever he happens to be drawing. It’s very distinct. I mean look at it:

the colors

the super smooth lines

the detAIL

this accidentally turned into a komatsuzaki appreciation post I’m sorry

anonymous asked:

what are your brush settings/brush preset for your sketches that give it that pencil-y look? I'm dying to find one myself.

kecky’s magical brushes are my absolute favorite sketchy brushes in the universe, and I say this as someone who’s gone through a LOT of sketchy brushes. I normally use a mix of #1 and #2 for the sketchy-crayon look!

(and while I’m sharing brushes, I ink 99% of the time with Dave’s Camelhair Brush. :D)

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[I really hate the Chakotay and seven relationship in the last episode of voyager. For like the entire show the EMH was in love with her but then SURPRISE now she’s with Chakotay..? Their relationship was so sudden and forced and not real and I wish it just wasn’t included at all. It seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever]

anonymous asked:

Look we re all sick to death of all your caryl fantasies. I am not saying you are bad at writing but you should really file your little stories under fan fiction cause that's where they belong. It's not nice to see someone waste their talent so since I believe you write some good stuff if you insist on not calling it what it is FICTION can you at least write something real, something about what Daryl and Beth have going on? Their relationship happened and caryl didn't?

Dear Anon,

I feel rather strangely conflicted about your message because while YOU are giving ME a compliment YOU are also insulting MY own sense of reality and essentially suggesting that MY opinions and MY perceptions are in fact delusional or as you say - fictional!
That implies that you either think I am crazy, that I can’t think for myself or that I can’t be trusted to distinguish between something real and something imagined.
Of course you might also be concerned that I am not familiar with Tumblr tags and that i might be mistakenly “filing” my posts in the wrong place? Another reason could be that you wanted to perhaps send me a prompt or a topic suggestion for a future blog post?

Regardless of your intent I guess you are expecting me thank you for the message, explain myself and my posts to you and basically assure you that I will now rectify the situation with your help?
I think we both know that the chances of that happening are pretty slim…right?
But you were somewhat complimentary and somewhat polite so I will try to give you the same courtesy back and dignify your message with a proper response….

First of all the posts you are referring to just like all the other “analysis”, speculation, discussion or opinion blogs on tumblr (regardless of fandom) are indeed fictional and based purely on the authors personal opinion on the subject or the authors own interpretation of the topic at hand. Nobody claims that their writing is entirely factual because nobody could ever be 100% accurate, 100% of the time - we are all commenting on someone else’s work so we can never be sure of the original purpose or intent that the creator had in mind in the first place.

My CARYL metas are written on what I perceive, feel or think TWD is trying to say about the relationship between two fictional characters - Carol and Daryl!
I share my own view about what these two people have together, I suggest the direction I personally feel their connection is headed, I contemplate their future relationships and interactions with others AND I express how I feel about who and what they are.

I might be completely WRONG BUT I think the issue here is that you are concerned at just how RIGHT I might be!
I think my hopefulness about CARYL in the future is making you uncomfortable, I think reading my posts is threatening your own perception of Daryl and Carol’s connection and I think you want me to stop reminding you that there is a very likely alternative relationship direction TWD writers just might finally follow through on!

I get it! It’s upsetting for sure!
Nobody likes to be shown something they don’t like and nobody certainly wants to doubt or be told that something they feel “happened” actually didn’t at all!
Carylers have had to hear that CARYL is “delusional”, “forced”, “old news”, “ridiculous”, “imagined”, “wishful thinking”, “pathetic”, “dead”…
I’ve seen it all before, it’s made me mad, it’s made me laugh, it’s made me bitter and it’s even made me sad! It was hurtful and mind numbing but unlike you I didn’t actively go searching for it, I didn’t go into other ship tags and wasted time reading that ships interpretations, I didn’t message other shippers and insult them, I didn’t comment to tell them they were wrong and I certainly didn’t send passive aggressive messages like this one and ask them to write something about “Daryl and Beth”!

If I saw a post that was hateful, mean or even irrelevant to CARYL I simply blocked the blogger, black-listed words I knew could ruin my mood and made sure to follow people on my dash that talked about things they LOVED and not things I HATED.
It was a simple strategy and it’s definitively not perfect but it usually works pretty great!
I am telling you - it will make you feel so much calmer and so much better if you give it a try!

I am sorry if my posts hurt your feelings or upset you in any way - it wasn’t my intention of course and if you go back in my archive I can guarantee you that I have never tagged anything written by me with another ship. I don’t need negativity in my life and doing so would only invite trouble and pointless bickering. I write about things I love so why would I purposely go searching for or inviting others who I know are just waiting to ruin it for me?
Block me and forget me I exist - it’s really that simple!

However for the record I don’t deny neither Carol and Daryl OR Daryl and Beth - both relationships happened BUT for me they happened differently than they did for you.

Carol and Daryl have been building a very strong, close emotional connection that has inspired a change within them both to a point that they became stronger, happier and “whole” together. For four seasons they have continued to get closer, more comfortable and more essential to one another AND they did it by choice, because they gravitated towards one another as a man and a woman.

Daryl and Beth have been in close proximity since season two and yet made no attempts to have any kind of a personal relationship with each other until they were “forced” to be in close proximity and alone together. Both didn’t know or understand one another until they basically had no other choice but to be in the same place. The extreme circumstances and shared grief bonded them together and I see them as having a very close familial relationship now BUT nothing I saw on screen gave me any indication that there might be a reciprocated romantic bond between them.

Beth and Daryl happened BUT Carol and Daryl did too - I see CARYL as being much more significant, more powerful and ultimately the only one that’s been developed in a way that promises a lasting romantic LOVE potential between two damaged and yet beautiful people.

This is my opinion, the way I interpret the things I personally see and I have the right to say so - just as you are free to disagree with me and see the whole debacle differently!
Now that you know how I see Daryl and Beth if you want me to write a meta on them I can certainly do that BUT somehow I doubt that’s the reason you reached out to me.

Just remember you have the power to make me go away with a click of a button - it’s not complicated and I can see that it might bring you some peace of mind.
Only you have the power to make my “CARYL Fantasies” disappear from your dash or wherever you ended up finding me…

I’ll Be Caryling On But You Don’t Have To



whatsupbuttercup submitted:
JET I saw that you lost your brownie recipe. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Fortunately, I saved it to my Xkit archive, because of course I did. Here you go!

Brownie recipe for nomtimes

Lots of enthusiastic YAY BROWNIE RECIPE over on the main blog, so sticking here. I just had one and mmmmmyes. It’s really kind of ridiculously easy (I mean even I don’t screw it up) and approximately 100000x better than a mix.


    * 1 cup butter
    * 2 cup white sugar
    * 4 eggs
    * 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    * 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    * 1 cup all-purpose flour
    * ½ teaspoon salt
    * ½ teaspoon baking powder


   1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour square pan.

   2. In a large saucepan, melt 1 cup butter. Remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs, and 2 teaspoon vanilla. Beat in 2/3 cup cocoa, 1 cup flour, salt, and baking powder. Spread batter into prepared pan.

   3. Bake in preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Do not overcook.

Then there’s the frosting. The brownies are great without if you just don’t feel like it, but the frosting adds that extra little bit to push them over the edge for me.

The thing with the frosting recipe is that I kind of wind up eyeballing it. If you follow the directions exactly I find it a bit on the oversweet side (but you may want to start there before tweaking, since even really sweet, it combines well with the relatively mild brownie).

Ingredients (frosting)

    * 3 tablespoons butter, softened
    * 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    * 1 tablespoon honey
    * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    * 1 cup confectioners’ sugar

Then just combine all the ingredients. If it’s too thick, I add a splash of cream to get it the consistency I want. If I’m eyeballing the whole thing, I hold off on the sugar and honey, then start adding them in slowly, tasting as I go. If it gets too sweet, add more cocoa powder.





letzgetnekkidd-deactivated20151  asked:

Hey you do great work! I love your nature and landscape shots. I'm just starting my photography adventure. Do you have any advice from someone who loves to take macro and landscape shots? Is there anyone special you go to for prints?

As banal as that may sound, the most important advice I can give you is: get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot! :) Get to know your camera, train your eyes. No theoretical knowledge can ever beat practice and experience.

Then, when you come back and go through your results, analyse why you like certain shots and why you don’t like others. Also try and do that for photos you haven’t taken yourself. Don’t just look at them but find out what exactly you like/dislike about them. And tumblr is a great place for that :)

As for prints… that really depends on what purpose the prints are for (archiving, posters, gallery prints, …) and also on where you live and what you have available there. So I can’t really help you very much on that one unfortunately. I’d just test different options with a few photos and then chose the results I liked most for further prints.

Hope that more or less answered your questions :)

//Guys, please please please don’t repost art that isn’t yours without the artist’s permission. Or at the very least source where it came from.

Speaking as an artist who’s gotten RP-intended things reposted by another Eridan RPer, it just feels really shitty if someone plucks all that hard work from your archives and uses it for their own purposes on the internet without so much as a word.

Please reblog, don’t repost.