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An idea I have in mind that I desperately needed to do. No shipping please. :T

Something weird happened, I mean its not weird it’s just that I keep thinking about it.

I was in the subway, and a guy sat in front of me. At first I didn’t really notice him because I was reading but then I realized that he was crying.
I didn’t really know what to do, like its the first time that I see someone crying in the subway and a guy?
People looked at him so weirdly and he was looking at his phone.
So I gave him a tissue. Then he smiled but he was still crying. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to not ask him if everything was ok.
Then I had to go so I gave him an other tissue, this time he stopped crying and he smiled and said “thank you”.
I really wonder what happened to him, anyway this was really random haha

Had a really shitty day so imma talk more about my ‘if Bo had a little bro’ headcanons cause I can okay.

Shouji gets stressed out over school a lot, puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on himself for a variety of reasons. On particularly bad days he doesn’t want to do much and usually hides in his room. Kou hates seeing the poor kid so upset so he does his best to help cheer him up, usually in the form of some kind of board game. It gets ridiculous after a while cause Kou starts making up rules when he starts losing. He usually has Shouji laughing by the end of it all. Anything to help his little brother feel better.

Aww boo hoo sad 40 year old man is upset cause I didn’t want to date him because he said something that makes him seem better than other men 😂 poor fragile masculinity
He acting as if them saying it is any better. Like his brothers are just douches if they’re jealous of that. And like this only further shows how fragile masculinity is. I could literally feel his sexism, hypermasculinity, and male superiority in the last post but god he’s just screaming it 😂😂😂 but right let’s cover it with that I’m beautiful and expect every man to change for me right right 😂😂

so i basically worked on carrot all evening and now i just need some minor adjustments on the dress, bow, and cape, more wefts for the wig, and some boots! so here’s some celebratory photos (plus about a dozen filters cause im self conscious AF )

(plus i wanted to show off the Rad Shades that i found at joanns)

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Im a transboy and it is really hard for me to find male pants that fit me, do you know of any place that sells small male pants. Im okay with still having to wear a belt but its always very loose around my thighs and looks ridiculous.

I think H&M usually have guy’s clothes in pretty small sizes. Other than that I don’t really know, sorry.

If any of my followers have any clothes stores to recommend, please feel free to add to this post.

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I don't really understand the logic of saying "anders did nothing wrong" then complaining when people think you agree with his ideology and/or actions

well then sorry for confusing you. but I don’t think I’m really complaining about anything? because first of all I do agree with he ideology and actions except that blowing up the chantry was maybe a bit too much but I can completely understand why he saw that as the only way. I just don’t like being called a “terrorism apologist man” for like…agreeing with a fictional character about trying to change something in a game? that is indeed, also fictional. also: saying “Anders was right” and “Anders did nothing wrong” is a difference but I won’t say I will never use or did use the second term because on people like to exaggerate and I do too? I mean let’s face it: every character in every fictional world did something wrong and you won’t people stop from calling them “precious cinnamon rolls who never did something wrong in their lives”. the difference is: they are fictional ;)

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do you think the Karamel scene in the promo for 2x14 happening in Kara's bedroom? Is this a new set or has it been shown on the show before? and if its a new set, can we anticipate some bedroom scenes, even chaste one? ;')

Hello, love!! It is really hard for me to be articulate right now because I’m still shaken and on a Karamel high haha I’ve seen the promo and it looks like they’re definitely in a bedroom, most likely Kara’s. My head says they only went there to speak in private because her family is gathered in her living room and Mon-El wanted to have a word with her. My heart says we will have cute romantic bedroom scenes and that our souls will collectively leave our bodies and ascend to heaven from all the Karamel goodness. 

My head is probably right but I also never expected they’d have a full on make out scene on a couch and there they were being all hot so who knows?? We’ll see!! I’m so excited!


Yo its okay to like both, story of my life.
Obv i sorta shipped bellarke first then i really liked clexa now i ship bellarke but still like clexa IM BOTH OKAY YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

I REALLY LIKE BOTH I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY I WANT MY CHARACTERS TO BE HAPPY!! And yes i do ship bellarke right now BECAUSE IT’S GONNA MAKE THE CHARACTERS HAPPY THAT’S ALL I CARE ABOUT! IF THE WORLD IS ENDING LET CLARKE BE WITH SOMEONE SHE CARES ABOUT AND LOVES PLEASE. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT TO BE BI, THIS IS BI REP GUYS, SHE LOVES BOTH, AND SO DO I, So can we stop the fighting? Yes we all know it was wrong to kill lexa off that quick and that suddenly and that cheaply it was awful and i do not support that death at all, but the one thing this show does get right is its BI rep okay? It’s real, clexa was real and so is bellarke. They are both as valid as each other and the bellarkes need stop trying to erase clexas relationship and the clexas stop trying to erase bellarkes relationship because CLARKE IS BI. Not straight, not a lesbian, BI! And neither the clexa fandom or bellarke fandom can take away that fact, thats my representation okay?.Also its the representation for millions of other people in the world so i suggest you stop.
Workout Log 2-21-17

Well, today was interesting. Boyfriend still has the flu, of course. I’m still standing. Go, immune system! I decided to stay nearby and used the apartment gym instead of the gym we subscribe to. I usually just use it for the sauna and the occasional treadmill run; figured the weight situation would be OK. It was not OK. A bunch of dumbbell sets lacked its partner and the complete sets that were available were a bit too heavy for me. What’s that I hear? Is that the struggle bus?  

Or, Failing, Flailing from Streetlight Manifesto?

So, I just did some cardio this morning. I was really looking forward to upper body, but we will rebuild! I’m doing the Free Press International Half in October anyway, so I may as well keep my cardiovascular conditioning in check. I averaged 4.7 mph, several intervals of 6.0 mph and some walking intervals. I averaged a 4.5 mph jog during my half marathon, and frankly moving your body 13.1 miles is already an accomplishment so my only real goal is to match my previous average. Well, guess I get to smash my face into a bowl of protein oatmeal.

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omggg i just read the latest chapter of masquerade and im dying!! that cliffhanger!! is killing me!!! As usual your prose was amazing - i could really feel the emotions of all the characters in each scene. Srsly tho i have no idea how Yuuri is gonna make it out of this scene emotionally intact. The only thing rivaling Victor's love for Yuuri is the insane things he'll do to protect their relationship. But Minako sounds powerful and terrifying. rip yuuri's feels. Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Yaaaay thank you but don’t die! And so good to hear from you! It’s a delicate situation for me to write, so I am not gonna lie, its actually really difficult since it’s so dialogue heavy, but yeah, it’s not gonna be easy on any one. 

Honestly rip is so accurate cos there are still quite a few more surprises coming that are going to ruin everyone :/ sorry in advance! 

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Miz you got any OCs?

I was asked this before and I didn’t really have a solid answer. In a way I still don’t as characters I have that would qualify as “OCs” I no longer use. 

I built several stories/worlds with characters I created but none of which I held very dear to me. 

But there was only one I ever had that I truly considered to be “MY OC DO NOT STEAL “

And her name was Mizu 

What started out as a nickname, turned into an alter ego, which turned into a mary sue, which by some strange universal twist turned into her own character in every adaptation of something. 

Being the Weeb that I was she was of course in some kind of element of water, usually controlling it. I had a small army of other people who did the same, creating alter egos with “fire, wind, lightning, earth, wood etc” and we had a literal faction of OCs. 

She usually was represented with beautiful long black hair with some kind of blue streak in it and piercing eyes, then wearing some kind of knee high boots, and a blue trench coat completed with a sword. (yes. A katana. I added two when I took a Kendo class) 

Keep in mind I was 14. 

She didn’t have much of a personality but she adapted to anything I put her through. Never got around to changing her name because it stuck, very much like how it is attached to me as a human being.

I don’t recall what I did with her last (i think dragons? Dragon riding? Summoning? I dont remember but the end game plan was for her to achieve goddess or deity status of the ocean) 
But I’d like to think I could access some deep corner of my brain to see her again. 

You know, when you’re 14, you think 18/19 year olds are the epitome of life. So I aged her as such. I wonder what she would think seeing me now? 

Back to school today?  Nope!  At least not first thing.  The Child whacked the top of his foot really hard on the bottom front edge of the couch* last night and his foot still hurts too much to put weight on this morning, soooo now we’re waiting for his doctor’s office to open.

*This couch is rather hated, with its over-size everything and nasty brown color and man-eating cushions and too-soft seats–it was a hand-me-down from people who were probably also very happy to get rid of it…  Upholstered furniture is something Husband won’t get from thrift stores, and decent new couches are expensive and we’d have to pay to get the nasty old couch hauled off…

i fully understand why some trans people don’t like trans fics or art but the reason i do like them and actively write those sorts of fics and read them is because it feels really nice to see something of a character you like and to be like “hey, they’re just like me” like even if it’s just a headcanon, it still makes me feel normal and i like it. i like to see the person i already am represented

but yeah some people also just don’t like to be reminded that they’re trans and don’t at all want to see it in the characters they love and relate to, and would Much prefer to see the person they want to be, you know? but both are good stances on it all in my opinion at least

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Hello, I wondered if by any chance you were reading Second chances are Stronger than Secrets ? It's not perfect and I feel like it's going a bit fast with its story, but I feel like it's still enjoyable (I really like the Shizuo of this story, although it follows the cliché of mentally unstable Izaya) and I feel like this story sort of follows some stuff you said. I can't say I'm sure because of course I may have misunderstood things, but there are things that reminded me of you in it.

Hello. I’m actually not reading any fics right now. The fics I recommended were fics I read and enjoyed and remember even now. The only fic I’m following now is a Yuri on Ice fic Fanboy, and I only occasionally check for updates (once a month or when I feel like it) 

I’ll be honest and say I’m focusing on analyzing now because I chose analyzing over writing/reading fics. Last time when I read fics I would spend hours browsing and reading (especially since I’m not drawn to what’s popular unless it also has the stuff I like and I heard A03 sorts according to what’s popular). Now I don’t have time to even write my own (god knows when the last update for my fics is). 

This time is an important time for me. I’m only one person so I can only do one thing at a time…and I chose analyzing. 

(Analyzing doesn’t just involve analyses. It also involves going back to the novels and combining different pieces of information together and quoting from that. It involves random ideas that pop up out of nowhere that you just have to write down before you forget and it takes longer than you thought. It involves reading your old analyses/theories for a connection because you forgot what exactly you wrote because you wrote so many things. There’s a lot of effort and work and time behind it. Especially if it’s mbti, because it’s two sources of information at the same time. For example I did Vorona’s mbti for 6 hours straight (including quotes and pictures, quotes took the longest time). And that’s not including requests. I’m always happy to receive requests because it’s like people are thinking and being curious about what I say and some ideas there are interesting and I want to answer…but I have my own plans as well so please be patient with me. To be honest I feel bad I have to leave requests and questions for like two weeks or a month because everything is just happening at the same time and I have to prioritize) 

I still love writing so occasionally I’ll pop out some random idea like the Durarara College AU but most of my time is spent on analyses and theories. ‘Cause not only have I not written and read for so long, it helps me retain a logical stance. The big picture kind of thinking can also be used for other stuff I have to do and my hobby is also mental exercise in that way. 

And I figure there are already a lot of fics, so I should contribute in the way I can that is likely to make a bigger impact on the fandom. While fics are enjoyable I don’t think they make much impact unless they’re popular. I feel like I can produce more content with my theories and analyses for the Shizaya fandom. 

But nope I haven’t read it. But thanks for recommending, if the Shizuo in the story is good I’ll check it out when I have enough free time. Now I don’t know when that is, but it saves me the time of browsing through haha so it does help (though I am doubtful of mentally unstable Izaya). I’m not sure why it reminds you of me though? Is the Shizuo or Izaya like me? The Shizaya like what I write? Or are you talking about story elements? I’ll assume it’s most likely the third one.