not really but it was intended

  • Queen Elizabeth I: oh, I've never seen that man before. Do you know him, England?
  • England: who- oh... um... that's Scotland.
  • Queen Elizabeth I: Oh, so that's Scotland! He's our neighbour and this is the first time I've seen him. He looks... quite similar to you...
  • England: h-he's my brother... the oldest one.
  • Queen Elizabeth I: England... you look uncomfortable...
  • England: w-well we haven't talked to each other in a... long time. He doesn't seem to like me... I'm sure. Your grandfather, Henry, tried to strengthen our relationship, but it didn't quite work as well as intended.
  • Queen Elizabeth I: England...
  • England: it's okay, your majesty. It really is nothing to bother-
  • Queen Elizabeth I: England, I've never had a loving older sibling to look up to, nor a full family to be with. And that's why as long as I'm Queen, I will make sure you and your family will be together once more~
  • England: t-thank you... Elizabeth

Can we not be shitty towards the person who leaked the trollcall? 

Its not harming wp. Yes it might be a earlier release than intended but the leak created more hype. 

Stop. Its really annoying to see all of these hate comments. 

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Let’s see.. steamy shower scene? (Best time for a murder...)

Finally did it! Sorry this took so long. Drawing dicks are really hard (Pun intended) Anyway, Have fun you filthy sinners.

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Would you end up corrupting your game if you were to modify your save file while on a Genocide Run to reach areas you are not supposed to be able to access? (Hotland level 2, true lab, etc.)

(undertale spoilers)

Modifying the save file does not necessarily corrupt the game, but it may cause unintended consequences in your playthrough. Save files are used to determine how the game will proceed, so removing the save files to start “fresh” will allow the game to be played as intended with no lasting impacts from the modified save files.

In regards to Hotland, access to certain areas is restricted by barriers, which are created if your murderlv is greater than 12. 

Note: 1183 is the identifier for the barrier object script. 

You can actually override the murderlv by modifying flag 26 in your save files. (This is line 57 in file0 and file9.) The following is the script that determines murderlv. To clarify, murderlv is not the same as LOVE; it is used to keep track of the player’s progression in the genocide route.

At the start of the script, murderlv is set to 1 if the value of flag 202 is 20 or greater. This flag tracks the number of kills in the Ruins. As the player progresses through the genocide route, killing bosses/unique monsters and eradicating the areas will increase the murderlv. However, the murderlv value must satisfy the previous conditions in the list. This is why you cannot begin the genocide route without killing 20 monsters in the Ruins first.

At the very end of the script, there is a special check. If the value of flag 26 is any positive number, the value of murderlv will be set to that value. By setting the flag 26 to a number less than 12, you can avoid the barriers in Hotland. However, this will also affect other instances that require you to have a greater murderlv than 12, so the genocide route will not progress correctly. For example, none of the genocide route exclusive text in New Home will be displayed nor will The Locket and Real Knife appear because those require a murderlv of 16. Sans will also not fight you because the murderlv is not 16.

Overriding murderlv will basically force you to abort the genocide route, as the murderlv’s calculation will always be ignored in favor of the value you entered into the save file.

im sorry

in light of my lack of art posts,

im really sorry;; i know i said i was going to make and do so many things but every time im about to do them


im sorry if i havent fullfilled my self-proclaimed projects— i will eventually do them, i just need a little time. working for a studio where i have to stare at a screen for 8-5 then going home to stare more into a computer screen for god knows how long is straineous to my eyes (to say the least) so i hope you understand that i dont intend to not draw or not post anything unless yall are fine with half-baked doodles then i’d be happy to share them

this goes the same for the people who chat me up, i dont, and would never, intend to suddenly drop a conversation, it almost always means im needed (either at work or some stupid errand) else where, when that happens i usually get shy to message again because its awkward— i would like to apologise for that, please dont think im ignoring you i like talking to people about whatever

anyway… yeah, thanks for reading this! i hope you have a good day/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world! ❤️

I think something that people are missing on this whole hiatus thing, especially in light of Liam’s new interview, is that while it’s only common sense that human beings can not go non-stop and will need a break at some point, the issue surrounding the disappointment with Harry is not only that he “suggested” the hiatus back in 2014, but it’s that he never intended for it to be a hiatus at all. Given what we’ve heard from the other guys now, it seems to be that the tension surrounding the hiatus discussions stems from the fact that they knew it wasn’t really a hiatus. It was the end. There is a huge difference between needing to rest and recoup and completely ending something altogether. “Hiatus” was just the buzz word they were to told to say, but it wasn’t what was really going on. Harry had planned an entire solo career right under their noses and he was ditching them to go hog the spotlight for himself. Liam stated in his interview that they needed “time away from each other”, no doubt do to the building frustration of knowing they were soon to be unemployed while Harry was off to conquer the world by himself (supposedly). I have no doubt that all of the guys would have welcomed a break, had that actually been what was going on, but that wasn’t the case here. They were watching something incredible they had built be selfishly snatched away from them by a ego-maniac who foolishly thought he didn’t need them. I am glad they are happy and healthy now and that they have successful solo careers. They deserve it. However, the end result does not absolve the the initial action. Harry screwed them over. Big time. Just because it eventually turned out alright doesn’t make what he did ok. That’s important. If someone shoots you in the face and you don’t die, they still shot you in the face. That part didn’t go away and the malice behind that action is still very real. My point is, Harry did something incredibly selfish and act in and of itself was wrong. While I’m glad all the boys are doing well, I have not forgotten the reason for how they got there. The only justice in all of this is that despite all of his best laid plans, it’s Harry’s career that is struggling. His world domination never manifested and instead he is a laughing stock whose only usefulness is as tabloid fodder. I for one am happy to watch all of the guys’ stars rise, while Harry’s can only flicker and fade until it eventually burns out.


This, exactly.

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I have a Regis fic in the works right now (see: almost finished) and I was wondering if I could tag you in it? I'm not Tumblr famous or know anyone really but am excited to get my stuff out there. Wanna let people know there is some daddy Regis coming (no pun intended. Heh Heh..) and you were the first person I thought of. 😊

DADDEH REGIS!!! Sign me up love 💜 As for being Tumblr famous to post work- eh, tbh follower count and notes don’t matter at all- as long as you are having fun and writing the content you wanna write then that is what matters 💜 I’m so glad you are excited to post your work!!! Definitely tag me, and maybe send me a link too so it doesn’t get eaten up in my notifications while I’m at work? 😇

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People say that BPD manipulation isn't really manipulation because manipulation had to be planned and filled with intent, whilst BPD manipulation is done on sheer impulse. I don't really think this is true because if you're threatening to hurt yourself if your partner leaves, you're still havthe intent

Intent doesn’t even fucking matter, I’ll be real with you.

A parent hitting their child “out of impulsive anger” or “out of a calculated attempt to control them” is still hitting their child. It has horrible psychological effects either way.

Intent DOES matter in the case of misunderstandings.

But you can’t misunderstand a broken bone. You can’t misunderstand someone using suicide threats as a tool of control. You can’t misunderstand attempted murder.

a bird can intend to fly away, but it remains on a wire if it doesn’t actually fly.

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hi!! i'm 14 years old an i'm a really big fan of your art. it's so cute and your anatomy is so detailed and good!!!! my mom always says mean stuff when i'm looking at it because of pyro and medic being mlm but i try to ignore her even if she's kinda vicious. i just wanna say that if there's more people out there like my mom making fun of your art just cause it's gay please ignore them!!!!!!!!! never stop making art!!!!!!!!!

Let me just quickly say that some of my stuff is quite mature so you might want to watch out with that especially due to your age. But on the topic, I’m happy you like it. I’ve never really had my work made fun of online because of the homosexual themes. People have irl but I simply laugh it off. I never intend on stopping. I love drawing too much X) 

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in honor of Thanksgiving come up I've been rewatching some of my favorite w&g thanksgiving episodes of (cuz theyre some of the best episodes, like Homo for the Holidays, Moveable Feast, CLASSICS!) and I wanted to ask about Queens for a Day...random q but at some point during dinner does Karen say something like "this scene is so long?" I had to go back and check but it sounds like she's saying that lol

First of all, you’re right, the Thanksiving episodes are amazing and I’m sad we’re not getting one this year.

And to answer your question, yes, it’s technically Megan Mullally commenting (complaining?) that the scene itself is incredibly long. For whatever reason, that particular part just didn’t get cut, which I’ve always thought was really funny. The best part is, is that she says it in Karen’s voice which leads me to believe that she totally intended for it to end up in the final cut - because we all know she’s a total clown and would totally do something like that.

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I never stated that your art would cause someone to become a pedophile. I also never said that you were a pedophile. I merely suggested that your art or a specific ship that shows a relationship between a child and an adult in a healthy manner may have negative consequences whether you intend it to or not. I really enjoy your art and I think you’re a wonderful artist. I just thought you might appreciate a healthy dialogue about it opposed to someone telling you to “get fucked”

I never said a thing about my own art either  x). And i never  said anything about being a pedophile myself because i’m. 17.
Anyway, in my opinion authors are not in charge of the influense their art might cause on other people, that what i’m saing. (only if they were intended to make it)
It’s not even all about pedo/ship things, just “negative consequences” of art in general. If people who thinks that they was influenced by art are grown ups, it’s theirs problems. If they are children, then it’s their parents who has to  deal with it. 

But yeah, thanks, that’s way better than just offensive messages.

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jsyk about your shitpost thanksgiving event, you might want to change the users you're sourcing from because twitter user dril is a neo nazi?

Hello! I would just like to preface this by saying that this blog and I personally do not support or endorse white supremacy or neo nazism and if there are any quotes I have originating from white supremacists or neo nazis, I will gladly take them down. I was unaware of the controversy regarding twitter user dril and had looked into it and I believe what you’re referring to is their tweet about Keebler Elves? Well, from what I’ve read into, this really does seem to be a joke made in poor taste in the style of their absurdist humor. I know that even if it was intended as a joke that it is not funny in any way and it still does not excuse the fact that it appeals to neo nazis, but I don’t think it’d be fair to call them a neo nazi themselves and as seen in the following post, they don’t really agree with the neo nazi ideology. 

That being said, with the information I have so far and from what I can understand, I think it would still be fine if I have quotes originating from twitter user dril. But if there is still something that I am not seeing from my limited perspective or if there is other information I should see that points toward them being neo nazis or anything else horrible, please shed some light and I will be more than willing to delete the quotes I have from anybody of the like. Again, this blog does not support neo nazis or white supremacists and we all just wanna have a good time with our shared love of fma. 

Suuuper Late Black Paladin Week Day 2

I’m both lazy and busy, but I’m currently at the dealership getting an oil change and am using the waiting area time to write. Sorry, @blackpaladinweek!

Title: All in Your Head
Theme: Divergent
Rating: PG
Pairing: Intended Gen, but feel free to interpret subtext as you so choose.
Warnings/Spoilers: There’s some mild violence. I also intend no offense regarding mental health issues. Spoils through the end of Season 4.
A/N: I have found I really enjoy having Lotor annoy Allura and by extension, pretty much everyone else… This one’s a little late because I waited too long to start writing and got sleepy. (Bad me!)

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It's interesting to me that people assume that Niall meant like only recently he experienced anxiety. I think when he said the whole "I didn't understand it until it happened to me" could have been any time in his life. He's the legit only one that never said anything negative or against Zayn.... he didn't really ever address zayn at all for a loooooong time.

omg ok, 2 things: 1) i don’t think niall’s the kind of person to air his dirty laundry (haha, no pun intended) in public anyhow; based on his track record of extremely private relationships and even friendships with the people he’s dated, and especially the way he dealt with his heartbreak and flicker, i don’t think he likes to make all that public, u know? much better to wrestle the feelings into shape out of sight, where nobody can pry. but 2) he May not have recognized his stress as anxiety?? like, he talks about elevators and planes freaking him out, but maybe he’s only recently started to notice that just because the walls start closing in on these tiny ass spaces where he spent sooo much of the past six years doesn’t mean the spaces are necessarily always to blame. u know? like..idk, i just like the idea of niall figuring himself out the way we all do and readjusting his perspective to suit.

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Regarding the story that you requested thoughts on I feel like it should go towards Elijah because that’s how you intended it also so Niklaus can be a friend. Someone he’s close to but it not going any further and the love as a friend. But that’s just my thoughts.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your thoughts on this! While I adore Klaus/Reader fics, sometimes I feel like he could really do with just a damn good friend.

Also I have no idea what type of gif to have, so here, have an adorable wild animal I don’t know what it is…

Originally posted by wolfeverything

a very lovely dragon, nice and detailed like most apple emojis without being too much. 9/10

the color seems a bit off but other than that, very nice, minimalistic. 8/10

the thick outline seems a bit much, but other than that, a very nice dragon. i really dig the geometric design, 7/10

oh. my gosh. im fuckin. dude im almost crying tears of joy just looking at this. this is one of the best dragons ive ever had the absolute privilege of setting eyes on. his cute eyes! his cute nose! his cute little horns!! the way he holds that little pearl!!! unratable/10, i dont even know any numbers high enough to do him justice. i would buy a samsung phone just for this emoji.

the shading seems a bit off, but other than that, this is one solid dragon. 8/10

listen i hate to say it but. really dude. htc did you even try on this one? come on it has no personality! minimalism is good but only to a point! it really pains me to say this, but 4/10. he has potential, but hes just not there yet.

the coloring is a nice step away from the bright green we usually see, and even looking past that shes just a gorgeous dragon in general. even without gradients, shes a very dynamic and interesting dragon. 11/10

this one looks a bit mischievous, very nicely done. he looks like hes about to pull a fun (but harmless) prank on you, hes just waiting for a good opportunity. 9/10, definitely a dragon with a personality.

a bit on the grumpy side, but that wont hold him back from being an interesting dragon. nice and minimalist while still keeping the dragon aesthetic going (looking at you thc) 8/10

wow that is a pretty color! and the tongue! id give it a 10, but the eyes seem a bit blank, could use more personality. 9/10 (at least she has eyes, thc)

somehow seems to stand apart from the other designs, but im not sure how. i really dig the beard though. 10/10, good design all around.

now that’s a dragon! its a very dynamic pose, while still keeping a nice simplistic design. he looks really soft too, id love to hug him. 12/10