not really but i'm playing it safe

[Weiss] So, uh, I have 106 hours played right now. This is why I get flustered when someone else picks Mercy on an attack map - I literally don’t knoW WHAT ELSE TO PICK

Okay so it’s safe to assume that Caleb is beefier than Adam. I mean, cmon the boy plays fuckin football; idk if it’s ever been mentioned what position he plays (I’m thinking fs, I really can’t see him not playing defense. Except for maybe wr but still it’s a hard maybe), but like no matter what the boy is probably mostly muscle. And like naturally larger muscles means larger hoodies……I think y'all see where I’m going. I’m not saying that Adam wears Caleb’s hoodies, and that they’re big enough that he can do the whole “sweater paws” thing, and that Caleb may or may not find it fucking adorable, but that’s literally exactly what I’m saying IM TRASH BYE
(also id just like to say that I don’t know everything that’s been confirmed outside of the podcast, I know some stuff but there’s just so much, so if this is actually canon idk. If it is thank u Lauren for blessing me and also I’m gonna lose my gd mind)


S01, E32: Monkees on Tour

I always find Peter to be incredibly endearing, both in his show persona and as a real life human person. He was one of my first preteen crushes - a major one - and I don’t think the continuing importance of who we loved as children can be overstated. Consequently, his face is still a kind of safe harbor for me. No matter what’s going on in my life, I can look at him and feel OK. Usually he’s just Peter, cuddling puppies, getting kidnapped for the hundredth time, playing the bass or the banjo, walking through the snow in shades and beads and an anorak. The former drunk who used to throw legendary parties, the talented Connecticut folkie who made (really, unexpectedly) good. Sometimes, though, I travel through time to the bright beaches and forests of my childhood, and he becomes a different person altogether. A citizen of my Neverland, if you will, the person he was to me when I was 12: my sunny blond boyfriend, the guy I love.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog and all your metas! I don't think you've talked about this (and sorry if you have) but do you think that nogitsune!Stiles plays a role in Scott's readiness to believe Theo about why/how Stiles killed Donovan? Like he's remembering the terrible things possessed Stiles did, maybe even subconsciously blaming him for Allison's death?

Aww thanks, glad you enjoy the ramblings:) 

Personally I do think that yes, Scott is harboring some animosity towards Stiles and  that is at least subconsciously makes him dismiss and distrust him. 

Remember, Stiles was the one who suggested they go into the preserve to look for the dead body. That trip lead to Scott being bitten. Of course we know that Scott agreed to go. There is little to suggest he wasn’t a willing participant - Stiles even says “You’re the one who’s always complaining that nothing ever happens in this town” so Scott is itching for an adventure to begin with. But Stiles is the one with the knowledge of the body, who shows up in the middle of the night and suggests it. Without this Scott would still be a normal boy. 

On some level I think it’s likely that this colors how Scott sees and deals with Stiles after. We have indications that Stiles used to be the driving force of the duo, but that changes after Scott is bitten. Now Scott is the one with abilities and problems, and Stiles follows Scott into the world of the supernatural entirely willingly.  I do think Stiles feels guilty about it. He does throw himself headfirst into things without consideration for his own safety, probably partly in an effort to make things better. We know that Stiles is a person who feels guilt quite heavily. He even feels guilty for his mom’s death, so why wouldn’t he also put this on his shoulders.

So to sum it up I think it was already there before the whole nogi/void thing. At first I don’t think Scott was even aware of this. After 3b with the possession arc and Allison’s death, I feel that Scott’s distrust of Stiles has only gotten more pronounced. So yes, i think it’s quite possible that was influential and made Scott more ready to believe Theo’s story. 

I’m very interesting to see how they will play out the changes to their relationship. I will be hopping mad if they’re back to being buddies within a few episodes. Just saying

Note(s) to self:
  • Do not think about Thopmson suddenly throwing his dog tags to Sousa and trying to play it cool like “no it’s nothing” but they both know it’s huge.
  • Do not think about Peggy waking up shaking and crying because she had a nightmare about being the cause of Angie’s death (again).
  • Do not think about Sousa curling up around Thompson’s dog tags and using them as an anchor when things get really bad.
  • Do not think about Angie hugging Peggy just a little tighter to assure her that I’m here, we’re safe.
  • Definitely don’t think about stolen kisses at the office.
  • And by all things holy do not think about Peggy and Angie sharing breakfast together in that huge mansion or curling up together on a rainy evening with hot te-
  • And you’re thinking about it. Well have fun on your roller coaster of lie-destroying feels.

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reverie, a little forest town in the french countryside, is one year old today! come explore and see all that it has to offer after a year of development. camping in a thunderstorm isn’t the wisest of decisions, but i promise you that it’s safe. and when you’re done putting up with the earth’s atmosphere, head over to mayor lynne’s house spaceship for some space exploration. this town has been a labor of love for me and i’ve enjoyed every [non-plot resetting] minute in it, so i hope you do too. please tag any pictures with girlsguidetopowertools :)

Literally the Only Reason I'm Not Playing Pokémon Go RN
  • Me: *stays inside all day, never likes going out, a literal recluse*
  • Parents: you need to make some friends!! Go outside!! Enjoy yourself!! :)
  • Me: *is damn willing to go outside for the entire day with Pokémon Go and INTERACT with people
  • Parents: noooo! Too... DANGEROUS. GPS attract criminals!! No no no, no using the app!! Must keep safe!! >:(