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“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.”  - (x)

Hands down the best thing of Sense8 are the relationship. I mean, how beautiful and pure and heartwarming is to see so many relationship based on trust, respect and love? You see Nomi & Amanita, or Lito & Hernando & Dani, or Wolfie & Felix, Capheus with his family and Jela… You also see two major love story bloom with Riley & Will and Kala & Wolfie, with their own time, their own peace, their own problems and in all of this it’s all a big family when everyone loves and respects each other and it’s just sO BEAUTIFUL.. GIVE ME MORE

  • some shitlord: this is why (insert any FE) is bad and you shouldn't play it
  • me: blocked
  • another shitlord: this is why (insert any FE) is good...
  • me: I'm listening
  • same shitlord: ...and is therefore superior to (insert any FE) and you should only play this
  • me: blocked. blocked. you're all blocked.

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Could you do "I remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.” with Peter Parker? I really feel like it's something he would do and I love your writing! I'm kinda scrolling through your blog right now (incase you didn't notice me liking most of tryout fics) like a weirdo...

It was a perfect day.

Rain drummed against the window and the distant sounds of thunder reached your ears, but you lay safe and warm with Peter in your arms on the sofa. An old movie played quietly in the background, but you’d both given up watching it in favour of lying looking into each other’s eyes.

You stroked Peter’s cheek lightly with your fingertips, loving the way it made him smile and revealed his adorable dimples. His fingers traced patterns on your waist as he cuddled into your side, his head resting on your collarbone.

As you nuzzled your face into his soft, chestnut hair and left a kiss on the top of his head, you heard him chuckle to himself.

“What’s funny?” you asked, furrowing your brow in confusion.

Peter chuckled again, before lifting his head so he could look at you.

“It’s nothing, it’s just…I remember practising how to ask you out in the mirror. I never thought we’d end up like this,” he explained, nodding at the way you were holding him.

You smiled lovingly, your heart warmed by hearing how nervous he’d been to ask you out. You cupped his cheek and pressed your lips to his in a tender kiss.

“Well I’m glad you put so much rehearsal into it, because I’ve never been happier,” you told him honestly, nuzzling your nose against his. He grinned at you, making your heart flutter.

“I love you so much,” he declared. “And I’m gonna tell you that every day for the rest of my life.”

A soft smile tugged at your lips, and you kissed him gently.

“I look forward to hearing that.”

[Weiss] So, uh, I have 106 hours played right now. This is why I get flustered when someone else picks Mercy on an attack map - I literally don’t knoW WHAT ELSE TO PICK

Fun game to play if your family is close minded:

-If one of your family members goes on the tangent about “gay used to mean happy” then proceed to yell “I’m gAY” at anything that even makes you feel slightly joyous

-If one of your family members tells you that anyone who is Trans, Nonbinary, Genderfluid, etc., needs to “suck it up” when people misgender them or don’t make an attempt to use the right pronouns because it “doesn’t really matter” then proceed to use their opposite pronoun until they get upset, and when they do so remind them calmly and kindly that it “doesn’t really matter” and they should “suck it up”

-If one of your family members tries to tell you that you’re too sensitive when it comes to terminology and names, remind them as much as possible how offended they got when people used Happy Holidays, Winter break, and Spring break; instead of Merry Christmas, Christmas break, and Easter break. It really isn’t such a big deal, and they shouldn’t be so “sensitive about names” either.

Have fun, play safe friends!

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(So I completely adore you and your blog) I was wondering what's the badge shot? And why use it special? You light up my life by the way

if you’re referring to “THAT SHIT WITH THE BADGE” mentioned in this post then buckle up friend, because the only thing I love more than the badge shot is talking about the badge shot!

The Badge Shot happens around half way through the Dean/Aaron pub scene (in 8.13 “Everybody Hates Hitler” just in case you’re not completely obsessed with this scene like I am) and it looks like this: 

that’s the entirety of the badge shot. the whole thing. but this scene is unbelievable and this shot is the crowning fucking glory.

how many times do you think Dean Winchester has flashed an FBI badge? hundreds of times? THOUSANDS??? and it’s never a Thing. sometimes we see it close up when he shoves it all up in someone’s face, but usually it’s just bish bash bosh badge, put it away, move on. but then there’s THIS, a shot which turns up in the middle of a scene in which Dean is hit on by a dude and DOES NOT SHOOT HIM DOWN.

so Aaron is being cute as shit and telling Dean he thought they had a little eye magic, shared a moment – and Dean realises what’s happening, sloooowly reaches out, pulls the badge towards himself, and closes it. and this stuck out to me from the minute I saw this episode at arse o’clock in the morning on a shitty jumpy livestream. I was WAITING for a gif of him closing his badge to show up. because it’s not just Dean closing a fake FBI badge. that fake FBI badge is Dean’s hunting persona. that fake FBI badge is hunting, full stop. it’s monsters and death and fucking Nazi necromancers but, most importantly, it’s LYING. it’s symbolic of Dean lying, putting on a front, being someone he’s not.

Dean closing that badge in the slowest, most deliberate way anyone has ever closed a badge is Dean consciously choosing to approach this as DEAN, not Agent Bolan (and don’t even get me started on that name choice). this is Dean realising he’s being hit on by a guy and choosing to be HONEST, choosing to be HIMSELF, and to not put on the hypermasculine alpha male hunter front that he usually falls back on.

if he’d just put the badge away — no muss, no fuss, no drawing attention to it — then it wouldn’t mean anything. without this shot, FBI Dean could have said “yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation”, shot Aaron down, left the pub and it would have been 100% believable. but we got this shot. we got Dean Winchester stuttering and blushing and fidgeting with his badge all the way through ”yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation” and the subsequent flirting, fluster, minor panicking, “oh my god what am I doing???”, foot-in-mouthing and bumping into tables is ALL DEAN.

and there’s nothing special about Dean being himself (he’s himself 90% of the time) except for the fact he could have been DONE with this conversation in 1/3 of the time if he’d just stuck to the script, but he CHOOSES NOT TO. it’s ALL ABOUT THE CHOOSING. it’s about Dean DECIDING TO STICK AROUND AND LET A DUDE FLIRT WITH HIM JUST TO SEE WHERE IT GOES. (and, arguably, if closing the badge so deliberately symbolises Dean being honest, but he keeps up the FBI cover then… I wonder… what he could be being honest about…)

if Aaron hadn’t back-pedalled after Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” then you can fucking BET they would have ended up getting cute awkward drinks later and probably having a cute awkward makeout sesh in the car. I mean, if Aaron wasn’t actually tailing Dean and didn’t have a huge golem, but whatever.

(HONESTLY THOUGH, Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” is surprise and poorly concealed interest, so of course Aaron is thinking “oh shit this wasn’t supposed to WORK” and aborts mission pronto and, seriously, Dean’s facial expressions are INCREDIBLE. you can literally SEE him thinking “oh god, what am I DOING, I actually almost WENT FOR THAT, get outta here, Winchester” and it’s superb. he even does one of those calming hand movement things. I can’t believe this scene is real.) 

and, I mean, everything is open to interpretation, but how you can read this as anything other than “Dean gets hit on by a cute guy and is really flattered and flustered and into it and decides to test the water re: burgeoning sexuality in a safe controlled environment and then gets cold feet” and still have it make sense is beyond me.

But like, why they gotta follow an episode that ends with such a huge CS moment with a Zelena centric??  Like, does anyone really care??  I don’t really care about seeing Zelena vs. the Black Fairy.  It feels like a shitty attempt to suddenly make her seem important when she’s been practically nonexistent all season.  I mean, Zelena’s a fine character and all, but she’s not that important. Certainly not important enough to suddenly warrant her own centric out of nowhere.

I’m just saying, we’d better get some good CS shit amongst all the Zelena crap.  My vote is for them waking up in bed together after a nice long night of celebrating their official engagement before all the bullshit starts.  I’d also be down for them trying to plan some wedding details.  Ooooh!  How about they go to town hall and actually try to get married without anyone really knowing, and her parents find out and bust down the door like “OH FUCK NO, YOU AIN’T GETTING MARRIED LIKE THIS!!”  Just give me some quality shit like that and I’ll be satisfied, despite them cramming in a random-ass Zelena centric two episodes before the CS wedding.

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tfw Zylbrad says "There's actually some skill to Mercy. I'm really confused right now" and like, what? Of course there is. Holding down M1 isn't the important part to play a good Mercy, unlike most DPS, where aiming/killing is the main goal. Mercy is about the timing, appropriate safe v. risky positioning, and juggling a bunch of lives. Sure, getting the healing beam to lock on isn't difficult, but effectively managing the other stuff takes a lot of big picture game sense + awareness.

@kfrances was throwing some alice-referencing quotes at me to type up in sammy’s wall-scribbly font and she provided a really good one. took it a step further and edited it on a wall in the game.

whats with the splatter at the end? oh y’know, just… thinkin’ about alice and susie and getting so frustrated he punched the wall. nothin’ special :P

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The amount of players saying mercy needs nerfed because she's too op is way too high. But that's also cuz they're the ones that ignore mercy and hit tanks. Games where I play mercy and get fucked every moment of my existence are games we lose. Why? Because I'm dead and easy to kill. Mercy is the equivalent of tracer for healers and people need to learn how to play the game and just kill her if they wanna live.

All the healing supports get cycled as to ‘must pics’ for comp and for the pros. First it was Zen, the Lucio, then Ana, now it’s Mercy. There’s nothing particularly OP about her, the rez is useful but party members still have to die in a safe place, and Mercy still needs to be safe to rez them. 

I don’t understand people’s complaints, really. She just changes your strategy a little - be flexible. Be aware of the other team’s Mercy and either kill her first or kill people where she can’t get to them. 

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My dog has this favourite toy which is like this red rubber squishy thing that he absolutely loves but it's getting super old and he's chewed it so much rubber pieces are coming off and I'm scared he's going to swallow them and choke but he literally won't play with anything else at all like I've tried everything but he just ignores them or plays w it for like 2 minutes then ignores it forever I've tried taking the old toy away from him but he gets sad and sulky until we give it back help?

Taking it away now that it’s starting to fall apart is the correct option. It’s really rough that it’s his favorite toy, but better safe than sorry. I’d buy him other toys and leave them out for a while after you take this one away - maybe rotate them so each one is only out for a day - and hopefully at some point he’ll try playing with them.

You could also post a photo on social media and see if you can find that same toy for sale, or if anyone has one. 

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Hi! Could you help me to understand the whole GoT petyr/sansa situation? Because after reading Aidan's new interview I feel I should give up. It says: As for Petyr's affection for Sansa Stark, Gillen cleared the air."I’m not really playing a romantic interest there. I know that’s how it appears, but it’s something slightly different," Being romantic with Sansa in unintentional. I'm a huge fan of Jane Austin books and so on, therefore I was sure he feels for her. But aidan keeps denying it. Thx

I think dude’s getting tired of trying to explain the twisted little intricacies of this extreme mess of a relationship, anon. And it’s not like the show itself cares anymore, so why should he do the heavy lifting off-screen? Now he’s sticking to “mentoring” - it’s easy, digestible, simple, safe. If you look at older interviews, he goes into more detail, talks about genuine feelings and shades of twisted romance, survival, and past traumas influencing this current dynamic. I, for one, have 0 issue w/ him resisting any clearcut romance label. It would be v irresponsible and misguided to reduce PXS to that. It’s a tale but of the cautionary and not of the fairy variety.

I’m also a firm believer in the other thing he keeps repeating:

“There’s a certain lack of clarity in what he’s after, and I think that’s the way it should be. I don’t think I should have to say anything about it.”

Amen. (btw GRRM takes a similar stance about his writing in general - the cracks among canon facts are yours to interpret)

That “lack of clarity” is where the highest fun-potential tends to reside, anon, and we are encouraged to make what we want of it. I do not believe you should give anything up just because it is not pure, 100% vetted & verified canon. I know this is the big trend these days - obsessively seeking off-screen/off-page validation/confirmation before we give ourselves (and worse, others) permission to enjoy sth - but it’s also the biggest collective fandom bullshit ever produced.

PXS lends itself to several possible interpretations, all of which you’re allowed to toy with, and there’s room in it for dark romance, the idea of which you are allowed to enjoy whether its seeds bloom into canon or not. At the end of the day stuff in the show or the books is not any more real.

I believe fans should be interpreters of fiction, not slaves of it, so bottom line here is: you can keep enjoying it bc despite the worst reductive efforts of the show, there is plenty to enjoy and explore. imo, ofc

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Can we talk about nacho? He stepped when we needed him most (with all of the injuries to our defense) and he did so well and I'm so proud of him and it just shows how ready he is to be the starting CB (and captain eventually ofc)

After tonight’s game, I am convinced that Nacho will be Sergio’s successor. He’s quick, confident, and really freaking intelligent. He always shows up when we need him most and commands the field like he’s been playing for a decade. He makes it looks easy and effortless and for that I thank him. I feel safe when he’s playing, and that is rare with our defense. I haven’t felt this safe since Canna played for us. And he’s very calm and understands his teammates very well, the perfect qualifications for a captain. I love Nacho!!

Fic Preview

Louisa rests her chin on his bare chest and looks up at him.

“While we were, you know, you said something, Drake. I probably misheard…”

His heart stops. She’s giving him a chance to take it back and pretend tonight was just a one time thing. He almost does it, almost tells her it was nothing and that she did mishear him, but even as he opens his mouth to respond, Drake realizes he doesn’t want that. He wants her and he’s tired of playing it safe and acting like he doesn’t feel anything.

“I said I love you.”

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Not a question so much as a vent. I've been working really hard on my new dog's fear based aggression but for every good outing we have, we have a bad experience with a loose dog or totally irresponsible owner. Last night my husband was walking her and she got attacked by a loose dog! Fortunately she wasn't injured but I'm just so pissed. I just want my dog to feel safe around other dogs (who she desperately wants to play with but is still figuring out how)!

I’m so sorry anon, I definitely feel your pain.

Personally, I walk my dog either in undesirable areas (overgrown fields, etc) or at undesirable hours (either during work hours if possible or early/late in the day). It helps, but it’s not perfect.

If your dog still doesn’t know how to play or communicate with other dogs, all these bad encounters are very likely shaping her dog-to-dog skills negatively. I wold suggest finding responsible dog owner friends and arrange play dates. There are Facebook groups for these sort of things, but the group will vary based on your location. Beware of the Facebook group drama too though.

Good luck! -C


Guys I’m crying this is the most hysterical thing that’s happened



At first I was pissed because one of the moderators is a very good friend of mine and she was harassed the most. They sent gorey pictures of dead children, like it was some kind of 4chan raid?? Lmao

But then I tried talking to these people. And by talking I mean having the time of my life because they are so fucking delusional it’s like they have no idea everything they stand for is so pathetic. Its like they can’t come to terms with the fact that they did all this shit over a video game. And the really stupid thing is that the moderators they attacked actually do prefer the older games, but I digress.

Their pals sent me gorey pictures as well, and I really couldn’t care less. But the reason I’m putting this out here is to just let everyone know how toxicity in a fandom can really ruin people. The same person also attacked the Pokemon community because they believe that people over 18 who play Pokemon are pathetic. It’s utterly ridiculous.

If you have a Google Plus and use it, these are the people to stay away from. Some of them may look pretty chill from the outside, for instance I know one of them likes Xenoblade Chronicles, and someone else likes the Legend of Zelda. It’s really a shame that people who seem to like such good games go completely against what those games stand for and take them way too seriously. There are also more I can identify.

Stay safe out there, you guys. This really is a shame.

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I just wanted to say that it really depends on the person, I'm going deaf in one ear so I'm technically hearing impaired (which is a correct medical term to use) a bit rude of the Anon to say that everyone hoh as well as deaf doesn't like being referred to as hearing impaired, either way I love your blog and the fact that you give the characters so many interesting traits! ❤️

I’m… going to stay neutral on this since I am neither deaf nor hoh. Different people have different definitions of what is and isn’t acceptable and I’d rather just play it safe. Thank you thought!

I mean I don’t hate my art. I’m proud of where I’ve gotten with it!

I just look at it and I’m like… I could be doing better than this. I need to do more with backgrounds. I need to change up the poses and get more expressive. I need to have more control over my drawing process. I need to do color and value studies. I need to actually think about what I’m trying to make.

A few years ago I was really pushing myself to learn digital painting, trying new techniques, checking for consistency, drawing more landscapes and settings… I guess I quit doing that because I have less time to draw now. Now I play it safe with routine doodles that I know will come out okay in an hour or so.

I just look at the kinds of things my idols do, and what’s most frustrating is knowing that if I worked harder I could be doing those things too.