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“How are you feeling today?” Absolutely nothing to be honest. Most of the time it is absolutely nothing. If anything, like none of this is real. These people, aren’t real, I am not real, the sky out there isn’t real, our society isn’t real, this body I am in isn’t real. Nothing is real nothing is substantial nothing nothing nothing. I’m not ever sure I am awake, for all I know I am in a constant nightmare and I cannot wake up. Or am I even sleeping? I don’t really sleep anymore and I don’t see the difference between the nightmares and this life. They’re all the same, everything is bland and white noise. I feel nothing.
—  therapy session
I’m gonna ask this again

Can Gency shippers stop putting hate in the Pharmercy tag?

In the same way Pharmercy shippers shouldn’t do that to you (and it’s wrong) I really wish you would respect our safe spaces and do that for us.

We have enough garbage to deal with being the largest f/f ship in the fandom that’s mainly supported by gay women (and all of the baggage that comes with it ), and I wish we could just be left alone to see the content that supports our ship in the tags

I have done my utmost to respect your safe spaces and I really wish you woud do the same for ours.


mmatsuokaz requested: hunter x hunter edits?

“If you stay with him, you’ll end up killing him o n e  d a y.”

free_69min thingy on twitter, prompt was new haircut/hairstyle and yeah rocker/punk rinrei oops. oh dear poor guys i’m sorry i put you through this (▰˘◡˘▰) on another note, i think rin would be reluctant about cutting his precious hair, so he just braids it for a shaved effect hah rei would go all out maybe?

captainofthekryptonspacemarines replied to your post: “Don’t tease me” “You know you like it”…

LOVED IT! If you upload this to AO3, I’m under the same name there. Tag me, please. Also: reading the tags: OH, COME ON!! You should’ve gone for the 5k of smut! The fandom would’ve praised you for it

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oh man I am like. Slowly moving things onto AO3. I’m trying to edit my drabble collection before I put that all up and I’ve got like three WIP’s in the works but DON’T WORRY IF I DO PUT THIS AU UP THERE I WILL TAG YOU I PROMISE

also two of those WIP’s might be smut what