not really but i do colour

Ilia is so clearly not a villain. We can only guess why she is doing what she is doing, but she is not even trying to hide that she still cares a lot about Blake. Her expression is full of pain and the colour of her eyes also says a lot about how she is really feeling in that moment, trying to warn Blake before it’s too late. 

“You’re going to have to make me.” 

“I know.”

Ilia is planning something. I’m sure she is. I don’t know where she really stands, if this is just about Blake or if she also disagrees with what Adam is doing. But Ghira and Blake going public will have consequences that will probably lead to Blake leaving for Mistral. 

Ilia knows she has to make her leave and she will. 

Also this. Blake’s expression shifting from anger to sadness. She cares. She doesn’t hate her. 

Everything we know about Blake’s story in the upcoming episodes is that she is going to find out about Adam wanting the fall of Haven and deciding she needs to stop him. 

I can’t wait to find out what happens next. 


Halfway through Inktober, and I think so far this piece is the one I’m most proud of. I wanted to do some gradients and stuff with marker too but unfortunately that would bleed through the page and there’s something on the back already. I had also wanted to use the gold pen I had gotten recently but gold didn’t feel like it’d fit in this, so I’ll save it for later.

This is one of those Packrat pieces that feels special and significant to me. I may colour it digitally later, since I really enjoy it.

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to the nipple anon: there's no such thing as "normal" nipples! Your nips are totally normal, and if anyone asks you if they are "even real" just give them a really strange look like they've just asked the weirdest thing ever, bc honestly they have. I have seen many cis guys nips while doing swimming and trust me they come in variety of shapes, sizes, colours, some are tiny dots others are dinner plates! All are lovely and normal no matter how unique they may seem.

Thank you for your input!

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I’m kinda of new to the Gamegrumps and I know Jon used to be on the show but now it’s Danny. And I’m in no way complaining about Danny, I honestly love him, but do you think you could explain the hate to Jon? I’ve seen some people call him racist others just say he was a jerk but I’ve never really watched him or their old videos so I’m not super sure why he’s so bad

So while Jon and Arin had a bit of a “colourful” past on the show, the main issue stemmed from a bunch of tweets he released several months ago. Basically he went off on a anti immigrant, racist rant for about two hours and subsequently a lot of people no longer want to be associate with him. He also has not apologized for any of it. I can’t provide links since I’m on mobile, but if any of my followers could, I’d appreciate it

But yeah I used to like him a lot myself before he revealed his views. It was really shocking for a lot of us, though I know some people thought this of him before because of his behavior in earlier episodes. All I can say is that it completely surprised me.

I know it’s not Selca Sunday or Munday

But I really wanted to share this photo with you guys~

This is the first photo in ages that Ive taken without wearing a coloured wig, my coloured contacts and a heap of makeup! (I do have left over glitter and false lashes on, but I usually wear a HEAP of makeup!)

I wanted to thank my rp friends @trulyxsinyovng and @graybook for both supporting me ooc as well as for sharing your beautiful characters with me and going along with a lot of my crazy plots. If it wasn’t for you guys I don’t think I would have come so far this year so thank you! You gave me the strength to not only share this photo, but to love it and be proud of it too~

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Evie, How would you change the Aks style? Ally, Audrey, the like?

Evie: Ohhhhhh, can I do whatever I want? I think Audrey would be super cute if she curled her hair and grew it out more. Her mother and grandmother have great hair.  And maybe switch the baby pink and baby blue out for bolder shades - she’s one of the few people who can really rock vibrant colours and she is WASTING it. And I know it’s not one of her family’s colours but throw a little green in there! It’d look great on her and show Fauna some love. Or rock a little violet if you MUST stick with pastels. 

Ally and Jane could both stand to dress a little older. Jane I can understand - her mom doesn’t really GET fashion. And she looks super cute with her hair long. Some of her clothes though are still on the frumpy side, but that’s okay because I’m here now to guide her. Ally could stand to restyle her her hair and do something really dramatic - bolder streaks maybe? Or maybe some stylishly messy hair? And stop dressing like a Wonderland third grader. Nobody finds that charming.

Ally: Well!

Evie: Now, for Jordan…

Jordan: Hey, watch yourself!

Evie: Jordan’s pretty great - she knows her own style. We’ve been talking about collabing for a fashion vlog. I’d add some more bling but that’s me. 

Jordan: Oh, whatever, you love me.

Evie: I do, but that’s not the point. I love Mal too but she NEEDS to fix her split ends and avoid wearing QUITE so many pastels and dark colours. She should stick to BOLD and WARM colours, because everything else either washes her out or makes her look even paler and sicklier than she does.


Evie: *makes a heart with her hands*

Okay, so, for Lonnie, what she SHOULD do is something I’ve told her a million times - cut your hair off and layer it. Add some bling, keep the mint and sugar pink but in more bold cuts and for the love of all that’s magic, STOP WEARING SWEAT PANTS OUTSIDE THE DORM.

Chad could stand to tone a few things down and maybe switch to neutrals or bold clothes because again….so washed out. And cut your hair back! This is just the worst of all worlds.

Ben’s adorable and preppy. He could use a teeny bit of edge but I understand he’s the king so maybe something more commanding? I understand military jackets are becoming quite trendy. Some of those maybe? 

Doug asks for my advice before he buys things. XD So he always looks cute. What kind of fashionista would I be if I didn’t give my best advice to my boyfriend?

Doug: Awww. 


Churi Twitter 17/10/13

Hey, I found this picture while sorting my data. When do you think this picture was taken?

Churi Twitter 17/10/13

The right answer is yesterday.

It’s a cosplay I was forced to do that will be on sale soon somewhere😇

Thanks to everyone who said I looked young, I love you. Some people got it right too. Just what I’d expect from you. My hair colour and style probably gave it away.

Oh and I’ll probably block everyone who said I looked older than 25😇

Churi Twitter 17/10/13


#My sailor uniform history at a glance

Ryoha Twitter 17/10/13

That’s really cute.

😊😊💗 *blush*

Churi Twitter 17/10/13

Thanks for always saying that, Ryoha.

I love you 😭❤️

Churi Twitter 17/10/13

I also wore a sailor outfit last year. I wear those clothes at relatively fixed intervals huh…

(´-`).。oO I miss the ReLIFE play

Takenaka P Twitter 17/10/13

Am I the only one who sees little change in her appearance…

Churi Twitter 17/10/13

Some change should have occurred on the inside ( ’;゚;ё;゚;)


“You had Aunt Lysa send a letter to our parents telling them it was the Lannisters who murdered Jon Arryn when, really, it was you. The conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters, it was you who started it. Do you deny it?



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Wait, who's whitewashed in New Mutants?

*Cracks knuckles*

Roberto “Bobby” da Costa AKA Sunspot is a biracial, white/Black Brazilian man. (The fact that he is Black is actually a crucial part of his origin story too, considering he discovered his powers because racist assholes physically and verbally assaulted him in the middle of a soccer game.)

This is Bobby in the comics, vs his actor, Henry Zaga:

They got the Brazilian thing right, but gee… something seems to be missing. I wonder what it is.

Cecilia Reyes is a Black Puerto Rican woman. She was originally going to be played by Rosario Dawson, (while not perfect, definitely better than who they ended up with) who backed out of the role for reasons unknown. (She probably saw what shit it is.)

This is Cecilia in the comics, vs her actress, Alice Braga:

Well, isn’t that weird. But what an innocent mistake, am I right?

Danielle “Dani” Moonstar AKA Mirage is a Cheyenne woman. A Cheyenne woman with dark skin, and who you could never call whitepassing. 
(Dani has also been one of Marvel’s punching bags for a while now, and I am still eagerly waiting for them to give her her powers back and let her rejoin the X-Men where she belongs instead of fucking around in Asgard.)

This is Dani in the comics, vs her actress, Blu Hunt:

Huh, interesting. I’m sure casting a whitepassing native girl is totally coincidentally matched with the other whitewashing, yeah?

“But Blu Hunt is a First Nations woman, shouldn’t you, a First Nations woman, be happy they didn’t cast a white woman to play Dani?” Well, yes and no. Yes, I’m not as angry as I would be if they casted a white actress, as Hollywood ever so frequently does. But we are not required to be happy for Hollywood doing the absolute bare minimum when they should be aiming for accuracy. You know what the optimal casting would be? A dark skinned Cheyenne woman. Like Dani. But I would have been pleased with at least a dark skinned native girl period. And when you pair this casting with the casting of the two other characters of colour, it’s really fucking interesting how supposedly out of their international search for actresses, they could only find a whitepassing girl as suitable to play this very much not whitepassing character.
Like, if someone came up to me and said “Hey, do you want to play Dani, we know she’s one of your favourite characters!” I would say no. Because while I am half Mi’kmaw, I am whitepassing, and Dani is not.

And finally…

Xi’an “Shan” Coy Manh AKA Karma is a Vietnamese lesbian, who eventually is also an amputee. Shan was the first leader of the New Mutants…

And yet she is not even in this movie. They just. Cut her out. She is the leader of the very team they are making the movie about and they erased her entirely from it.

“An Asian lesbian you say? Oh no. We can’t have that in our movie.” 

Now, all of these characters have faced whitewashing in the comics from time to time, as well. Comicbook whitewashing is a thing. But that doesn’t mean the movies should follow suit. I’ve seen people post pictures of whitewashed art of these characters and say “look, it’s great casting!” You are comparing whitewashing to whitewashing and need to shut the fuck up.

So, this is my biggest problem with the New Mutants movie, if you can even call it that.

…My second biggest problem is that it’s fairly fucking obvious what the plot of the movie is, based on the trailer and comic knowledge, and I’m gonna go ahead and skip a story about the kidnapping and torture of an Indigenous child with the ability to create illusions out of people’s fears and thus turns the place into a haunted house and by extension is the villain of the movie by what will surely be a Shocking™ plot twist.


I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…


congratulations on the announcement of P5DSN! (´▽`*)