not really but i do colour


What are you looking at?

as mentioned before, feeling crappy these last days. so I decided to do what we all like to do when we feel meh but still wanna draw smth- portraits! :’‘D

my love for 76 grows everyday which is probably in big parts because he reminds me of one of my own chars that I’d kill for. I saw smwhere a pic of 76 with a cigarette in his mouth n I really liked the idea. had to borrowed it~ I personally like the gold version more but I made the blue one for those who prefer cold colours and/or don’t recognize 76 without blue lol

check out my commission table!!

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I think something diffetent was something great!! Woow really I love it Did you make a sketch and then used photoshop???

Hello! I don’t use Photoshop, I use Clip Studio Paint u_u and I do everything on the computer! I first made a quick sketch

then roughly coloured it

Since I wasn’t sure about it, I kept the two separate layers (lineart + colour) in a folder and then merged a copy of them, so that I could just render it with the brush ~

calciite answered your question “ok, i am thinking of making su redesigns today. who should i go for…”

how abt blue diamond? :00

good suggestion, thank you! i forgot i commented on her design earlier. this isnt 100% bc i tend to draw instinctively but this is more what i would enjoy from this character (which would also need to be changed presentation-wise)

i think her grief and sadness over pink diamond’s death shouldve been saved for a later, more built up review. starting a character off immediately sympathising her when it’s already establish this is a dictator and an enemy doesnt really come off v well to me.

i muted her colours a lot, bc i enjoy the idea of BD being washed out and miserable and that translating into her design. her eyes are smaller and i tried to make her face shape a little more distinct. i also imagine her hair being really flowly, and doing the ghibli thing when she’s angry bc how sick and awesome and intimidating would that be man…

The other day I sat on the couch thinking “Since Yugi’s hair has three colours in it…do you think the carpets match he drapes?”

And then I wrote a fic about Yugi having tricoloured pubic hair. I really should post that some time.

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Name: “Bonnie” 😜 

Nickname: BonBon, Brita-Bitch (thanks, @westerhos for originating both of those) 

Gender: Female

Starsign: Scorpio 

Height: 5’2" on a tall day 

Sexual Orientation: straight 

Favorite Character: gotta go with CEBRF

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Colour: blue  

Favorite Animal: Gotta go with Otters

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 

Cat or Dog person: both but Dogs if I must 

Number of Blankets I sleep with: ONE. No flat sheets allowed. Duvet only, fully untucked so I can sleep with my feet out from under the covers. I’m the hotel housekeeper’s worst nightmare. 

Dream Trip: oh would love so many places, but I’d really love to do Iceland/Scandinavia or Australia/New Zealand 

When was your blog created: April 2016

Current number of followers: 1101 

What made you decide to join tumblr: I NEEDED A HEALTHY(ish) OUTLET FOR MY OL OBSESSION. It was that or getting arrested for dancing at Stonehenge 

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First Order Mail Officer here, we have some anonymous love to deliver to you "I wanted to thank you for so long for your colouring book. It means a lot to me because I have anxiety and it really calms me down. I also really like that it's pretty much skin tone, black and orange because I print out the pages and take them with me, without a ton of pens, when I know I am going to do something stressful. ANYWAY I wanted to say thank you. It means a lot to me to be able to print them"

I got secret mail!!! (I am way too excited by this lol)

thank you kind anon (and thank you @lovetoyourdoor for relaying it)

I’m glad that the fact that I’m a pervert who draws mostly naked people makes it good for you then ahah X) But yeah, with Kylux, beige, orange and black is pretty much all you need, dressed or naked :3

I hope you’re having fun coloring these lines and that it helps getting your stress levels down :)

I’m still thinking about turning these into a real A5 sized coloring book, but I’m very scared about the whole post office thing :/

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Name: grace

Nicknames: grace (call be anything I don’t really care)

Zodiac Sign: libra

Height: 5'2" I think 

Orientation: asexual

Ethnicity: white 

Favorite Fruit: strawberries or pomegranates

Favorite Season: autumn! 

Favorite Book: I can’t choose just one! 

Favorite Flower: orchids are good 

Favorite Scent: idk??? Maybe vanilla??

Favorite Colour: purple 

Favorite Animal: not to be basic but DOGS 

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea 

Average Sleep Hours: anywhere from 6-8 

Cat or dog person?: dogs!!!

Favorite Fictional Character: annabeth chase or hermione granger

Number of blankets you sleep with: I go to bed with 3 but by the time I wake up I’m usually left with 1 actually on me. The other two somehow got kicked off in the night 

Dream Trip: anywhere in Europe, but I really want to just travel the world

Blog Created: this one was created in May 2016 

Number of Followers: 4.4k (I’m trying to get to 5k before this blog is 1 year old!!)  

I tag @clizzyyyy @alexfierrno @ahmbrosia @solangeloismymoonlight @gaycheldare @a-goldfish-named-frank @charlesbeckendorf @lanileia @piper-mccool @sallyjacson @sayhellotothepoodlepercy @architect-of-olympus @jasico @annabookchase @percannabeths @thetitancurse @drewtannaka @softzhang @bisexualleo @fellintotartarus wow i can’t believe i actually tagged 20 people

Get to know me

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absolutely no need to do this if you don’t want to<3

Name: elli

Nickname: well technically elli is my nickname but i use it as my first name. some of my friends call me elps (don’t ask).

Gender: female

Star sign: cancer

Height: something like 168cm i think?

Sexual orientation: bi

Hogwarts house: i guess slytherin? i’ve done a bunch of those sorting tests and i almost always get slytherin but sometimes ravenclaw

Fav colour: blue

Fav animal: i don’t really have one. i like all animals.

Average hours of sleep: usually 6-7 hours but on weekends and holidays 8-10 hours

Cat or dog person: both (but i have a dog so)

Favorite fictional person: oh god i mean there are so many. but i guess i’ll have to say holden caulfield because he’s the embodiment of my teen angst and really the first fictional character i was truly able to relate to. yes, i’m one of those the catcher in the rye hipsters i’m sorry i can’t help it.

#of blankets I sleep with: one. i don’t know why you would need more than that.

Fav singer/band: green day and twenty one pilots are my ultimate favourites 

Dream trip: shit i don’t know. i wanna go everywhere. new york? i love big cities so probably new york.

Dream job: i mean i love writing so my dream job would be an author. but that’s a bit absurd… but then again that wasn’t the question so fuck that

When was your blog created: i have absolutely no idea. A LONG TIME AGO.

current # of followers: not enough

What made you create a tumblr: i was a bored and lonely child

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im sad you deleted the kingdings blog :c

Ah, mysterious anon friend, I have to admit that sometimes I regret that decision too. On the other hand, I wonder how you got here; I did not give the link to my main art blog anywhere there, and besides… it was a year ago!

In any case, I was a little too sad to continue. When you see that your fully coloured works are worth less than a few not very neat lines, you start losing faith in what you are doing.
I don’t really care now, but at that time these silly numbers broke my heart. Oh, the mistakes of youth!

But I’m kinda proud that you still remember? Thank you for this message ♥
I learnt a lot since then and I’d probably be able to provide better content and don’t give a damn about numbers. Hmm…~ ;3

timefort  asked:

17 20 39 68 77

Thank you!
17: what color do you really want to dye your hair?
Although I love my blonde hair now I’ve always wanted to dye my hair black. I’m pretty sure everyone around me would be so mad if I did that though. They like my hair colour waaaaaaay too much.

20: what’s your favorite eye color?
Well it use to be blue and probably still is but recently I’ve had a weakness for green eyes. Idk why but I love them.

39: what color do you wear the most?
Uh? I’m not really sure about this but probably white or black, maybe grey. My style is bloody boring.

68: what’s winter like where you live?
Cold af. Snow storms and rain/hail storms all the time. Although this year has been pretty mild compared to last year.

77: pink or yellow lemonade?
Yellow lemonade all the way. Putting R-berries in lemonade is just wrong…

Get to know me

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Name: Mina

Nickname: Disgrace lmao okay I don’t really have one, sometimes MJ I guess

Gender: Female (kinda androgynous tho? idk)

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′9

Sexual orientation: Girls are cute, guys are cute. Everyone is cute.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav colour: Blue and red

Fav animal: Deer

Average hours of sleep: Either 4 or 16. There’s no in-between

Cat or dog person: There is no right or wrong. Both.

Favorite fictional person: Changes every second but currently probably Will Graham

#of blankets I sleep with: Just one? 

Fav singer/band: Sticky fingers, San cisco and the wombats

Dream trip: I really want to visit New zealand and Scotland

Dream job: Okay, so I’m a really indecisive person, but what I do know is that I want to go into the field of something creative. Either I’ll strive to be a writer or an artist but then again I have this really gross sappy dream of opening a little book cafe that is basically a library with pastries and every pastry is based off of a novel. The dream gets funnier once you realize that I can’t bake :) jokes..I got ‘em..well basically I am one, just like my dreams. That got way too real but yeah, either way all of them would be pretty cool

When was your blog created: I think december 2016?

current # of followers: I think like 20? idk man I have a small family but I love ‘em all, it’s cozy! 

What made you create a tumblr: Actually only to receive updates on my favorite shows but then skam came around, chuck norrised me in the face and now that’s all I care about tbh

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do you have any tips for people starting out with making gifs/headers/etc? i've been struggling with basic things (ex: gif sizes, gradients, and changing the sizes to transparents) and im getting really stressed for no reason about it dhdhfhfjkd

well i’ve done basic gif making tutorials: x x x

as well as some header tutorials: x x

and one colouring tutorial: x (this is old as i do a different method now)

but as for gradients i don’t really use them much unless i’m doing some sort of colouring manipulation so i don’t really have much info on that

for getting transparent pictures what you do is that you remove the background of what you have and then save as a .PNG 

if you want to look at any other tutorials i’ve done you can click here!

if you need anymore help, don’t hesitate to ask and if you can be specific on what you need help on so i can help you better ~~

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hi can you do a tutorial of this? PLEASE. I saw many but don't worked for me /post/157531386826/ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ-ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ-ᴛᴏ-ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀ-ᴘʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ-2-pjm-for

Hey! I hope this helps people who are having troubles with colouring. Please don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time. It’s normal. Really. Every artist/designer faces problems with colouring ^^, practice!

This tutorial uses the following codes/abbreviations/tools:

  1. Lasso Tool is used to determine where you want to paint
  2. Layer Mask Tool and Brush Tool are used to erase away unwanted parts of the painted portions 
  3. Solid Colour Adjustment Tool is used to determine what colour you want to paint with
  4. Colour Balance Adjustment Tool is used to further adjust the shade of colour
  5. Levels Adjustment Tool is used to adjust the intensity/ brightness/ darkness of the colour
  6. Colour Saturation Adjustment Tool is used to change hue, saturation and lightness of colours
  7. Colour codes have 6 digits/alphabets. For e.g.: f7d4b1
  8. Blending Mode refers to blending mode of that layer. For e.g.: Colour, Multiply, Screen etc
  9. O refers to opacity of that layer. For e.g. 48% O = 48% Opacity
  10. F refers to fill of that layer. For e.g. 40% F = 48% Fill
  11. Should there be NO O or F, automatically assume 100% O and 100% F

(A) Colour of turtleneck: use “1. lasso tool” and draw over his turtleneck. Once selected, you should see dotted lines around his shirt. Click “3. Solid Colour” under adjustments and do the following

Colour: 0c145b; Blending Mode: Colour Dodge

(B) Colour of Face/Skin: Use the same method above, “1. lasso tool” to select his face –> “3. Solid Colour” under adjustments and do the following:

Colour: f7d4b1; Blending Mode: Colour; 48% O; 40% F
Colour: 7c4e35; Blending Mode: Overlay; 48% O; 40% F
Colour: c5a990; Blending Mode: Overlay; 54% O; 42% F
Colour: 815646; Blending Mode: Colour; 70% O; 76% F

After this, you can duplicate or hide any of the 4 layers above to adjust the skin tone, depending on your reference photo. Use the “2. Layer Mask Tool and Brush Tool” to make sure the paint covers ONLY his face and erase parts of the colour layer that cover his eyes. I added “4. Colour Balance” adjustment layer above the 4 layers to edit the colours. Leave this colour balance layer unclipped.

Midtones: Cyan Red: -25; Yellow Blue: +22

© Colour of Lips: Use the same method above, “1. lasso tool” to select his lips –> “3. Solid Colour” under adjustments and do the following:

Colour: df4364; Blending Mode: Colour; 63% O; 48% F

(D) Colour of Hair: Use the same method above, “1. lasso tool” to select his lips –> “3. Solid Colour” under adjustments and do the following. I also used the “5. Levels Adjustment Tool” to make his hair colour brighter.

Colour: b78662; Blend Mode: Colour; 100% O; 82% F

(E) Colour of Eyes + Contact Lenses: Google search “Colour Contacts png” for a pair of contacts that you like. Ignore the colour of the contacts. That, we can change later. focus on the patterns of the contacts. This is what I chose. Adjust the size of the contacts by selecting the contacts layer and press Ctrl+T (windows) /Command+T (mac). Use the “2. Layer Mask Tool and Brush Tool” to erase away parts of contacts that jut out of his eyes and erase the centre white of the contacts. Change the blending mode of the contacts:

Blending Mode: Linear Light; 100% O; 82% F

After this, go ahead and adjust the colour of the contacts to something you like. Use “6. Colour Saturation Adjustment Tool” to change the yellow contacts to blue contacts. That’s cuz I like cold blue contacts but you can choose whatever colour you want by sliding the “hue” bar.

Colour Saturation: -180 Hue, -80 Saturation, -12 Lightness

(F) Extras: Eye Shadow, Eye liner, Blush: I suggest that you do this when you’ve covered the above. These are just extra stuff that make subtle differences to the final product. They aren’t that important, lol. Use the “2. Layer Mask Tool and Brush Tool” to draw over his eyelids and cheeks like you’d do when applying makeup. 

Blush - Left cheek: Colour: 835957; Blend Mode: Overlay; 25% O; 60% F + Levels: 0, 3.26, 255
Blush - Right cheek: Colour: 46050f; Blend Mode: Overlay; 64% O; 100% F
Eyeshadow: Colour: 4f3e2c; Blend Mode: Overlay; 42% O; 91% F
Eyeliner: Colour 352719; Blend Mode: Multiply; 49% O; 85% F

(G) Final Touches: use Tools 3 - 6 to change and further edit the colouring of the photo to suit your personal taste! :) 

Hope this helped!

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Name: sonia
Nicknames: duck/duckie, soña/soño, son onion (lmao)
Gender: girl
Star sign: aries 
Height: 4′# / 14#cm (a bit taller than chibita for a reference)
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff supposedly
Fav colour: pastel colors 
Fav animal: cats and guinea pigs!
Average hrs of sleep: i try my best to get 7 :’)
Cats or dogs: hhh don’t do this to me,,, i love cats :’3
Fav fictional character: Karamatsu (it just so happens ;) to be ;) karamatsu day ;) )
no. of blankets I sleep with: two right now, probably one once it gets warmer
Fav singer/band: the ready set, marianas trench, and owl city are my top 3 faves
Dream trip: this is extremely specific but i really wanna visit seattle and listen to hello seattle by owl city as i land and then visit the very first starbucks (me and starbucks share a birthday how cool is that) and then start attending college in seattle and not leaving for a few months
Dream job: computer programmer
when was my blog created: hooooo boy. like,,, right before i turned 13
number of followers: 414 (the pokedex number of one of my fave bug types!)
what made me get a tumbr: i heard homestuck was popular on this site so i wanted to get involved in the fandom and post my art

me? tagging people? it’s more likely than you think. i tag:

@taokkaka @pokkipo @cyndaqill @serendipity-90210 @thehibiscusthief @tyrogues @ryoseirui @kaylonk @furryoppressor @4-cee (i know u tagged me in one hella recently caroline so im returning the favor c’:)

Okay my babes I love you all! Even if I haven’t followed you back (I probably didn’t see you ima bad person im sorry) you still mean so much to me! Anyway, I have reached 900 followers (hurrah!) and so ima be doing blog compliments! Rules: • you must be following me • check out my harry potter darlings; @pennigg101297 @jk-destroyed-our-best-gay-ships @saintdrarry @nonebothersgiven and maybe follow them • literally just talk to me in my asks; tell me about your day, rant to me, your favorite colour, headcanon, ship I really wanna know • as well as a song stuck in your head because my playlist is dying…..dying….dead • remember that I love you!

⚡️✨💫I will be sharing my recipes, vlogs, books I read ( like every other week lol) and other discussions topics on this channel. I love to teach, share, and I love to learn.. I don’t really see the difference between teaching and learning, but I do know that not enough people are SHARING the keys to betterment, improvement, and self love.. and I want to be a person who does that instead of someone who knows but is too good to invite people in on my journey. thank you for the love✊🏿👩🏾‍💻💐

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OK so I have a bit of a problem:

My laptop just broke and I don’t know if my Dad can fix it. I wanted to get a new one anyways but now I’m gonna have to if I wanna get any work done at all.
Problem is, I’m broke AF

I’d like to say that NO I am not asking you to just send me money.
I do commissions. I draw a lot and I want it to be a career. I will literally draw you anything.
I’ll reblog my commission prices after this post, except I won’t do coloured commissions until I can get my new laptop.
I will do sketches and line art. (Traditional only for now)
I will draw anything. OC or whatever. I’ll draw animals, too.
If you live in the UK I can even send you the drawing if you really want.

There’s also my Patreon:
Where I’ll soon be posting regular WIP updates, sticker ideas and other things like that.
And my RedBubble:
Where I post stickers and OC related things.

Maybe share this around if you can? I’d appreciate it. -Felix

w e l l

tagged by my good buddy @whovian1077 and thought hey while I’m procrastinating might as well do this

1. Where are you from?

Dooooooown under (or Australia for the rest of the world)

2. What’s your favourite hobby?

Hobbies? I'm quite the connoisseur in memes as well as being small, but I like to sing in my spare time with groups! I’m actually apart of 3 bands in which I sing in :)))

3. What’s a special talent of yours?

Well, its not really special, but as stated above I can somewhat sing~

4. Do you have a favourite colour, food, animal, or TV show?

black like my soul  I quite like pastel colours bc I try to be all aesthetic and shit; mint green is real pretty tho~

O m g I love food; but my favourite has got to be my mums macaroni and cheese

I feel like I spiritually represent a flamingo

Dance moms is pretty neat, although I’m not really into it anymore ://

5. What’s something you’re obsessed with?

asdfghjkl;’ my son, boyfriend and dad Yamaguchi Tadashi

6. If you could spend a week in the past or a week in the future, which would it be and why?

How far could I go into the past or the future? Going into the future would be pretty neat, see what the world looks like after I’m gone!

Lmao feel free to do this yourself if you see this~


I was tagged by @whovian1077 to answer some questions so thank you for that ^_^. Let’s see how this goes..

1. Where are you from?

Hell… nah, Western Australia.

2. What’s your favourite hobby?

Make jokes and puns, scroll through tumbles questioning my existence, reading, watching anime and just chilling with my friends.

3. What’s a special talent of yours?

Uh i’m not really sure if it’s talent and more of a problem but I can sacrifice make most situations unnecessarily awkward or cringy with the random shit that comes out of my mouth :D. I can also solve a rubix cube but meh.

4. Do you have a favourite colour, food, animal, or TV show?

My fav colour changes from day to day, depending on my mood. Right now as i type this it’s brown… no idea what that means psychoanalytically but if u do feel free to tell me XD. My fav animal i’d have to say is, any bird, but specifically crows. I also have a love for whales and turtles AND DINOSAURS OMGGG :DD. I’m not really one for TV shows but my favourite would have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender.

5. What’s something you’re obsessed with?

Mostly my fandoms.. especially Haikyuu if you couldn’t tell by my blog… and also any art form, like if u draw then GOD DAM I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR ART LIKE IT DESERVES TO BE. *slams hand on table**gently pats table to make sure it’s okay*

6. If you could spend a week in the past or a week in the future, which would it be and why?

It depends, is it like, an a thousand skies above you situation, where i take control of myself or am I just watching as my body moves itself? Can I change the future or the past? What happens to my irl body? Does it disappear? Does it drift robotically through the week my consciousness isn’t there? Do I age?  Am I looking too far into this? But yeah, if i went a past the week I’d go to the week i spent in Japan, because that was such a great time I had with all of my friends. And if i went a week in the future I’d see what the world is like in 100 years.

I have very few mutuals so i’m sorry to the following people but I really like you/your blogs and I’m too socially awkward to interact with u. @dreameh-413,  @honeynutobios, @thewritingloser, @nicosshadows, and @shironyanko. Also thank you to @hajimehaga , @luthemoo, @hryanh0226, @captain–steve–rogers, and @haikyuukazoo and to all my followers for the support. I don’t understand how any of u follow a weirdo like me but thanks. I also tag anyone else who feels like doing it so have fun guys ^_^. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, do not feel like you have to do this, whatever makes you guys comfortable.