not really but i do colour

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Draw Callie & Marie skateboarding. Love your art, btw! =3

I’m not sure I want to line and colour these two, so here’s the sort of clean sketches I just finished. I’m kind of all over the place with my drawings lately and I’m not really happy with how they’re turning out.

Really good suggestion though, I wish I were motivated to do more fun poses.

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How do u come up with your inspiration? Love your art btw it's really really beautiful in both colouring and style

thankyou so much!!!! you mean the inspiration for my style?? i guess.. mm i haven’t mentioned this here before but my father and grandfather were actually very talented in chinese calligraphy and painting!! i guess the impression was very lasting since childhood, so i tend to drift towards more “liquidy” colouring styles and splashy techniques!

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Which pens and markers etc. do you leave at home and which do you bring to school?

Hi! For school I would just take my Staedtler 432 pens (all the colours) and the Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters. My pencil case wasn’t massive and I didn’t feel the need to take a million different pens since I didn’t want to lend them to people, lose them or really need them! My Zebra mildliners, Staedtler Triplus fineliners and Muji gel pens I’d leave at home x

Gemini Sun || ENFJ || Sagittarius Moon || Aries Rising || Aesthetic Board~ I hope this aesthetic is okay. You didn’t give me a colour scheme so I kind of just improvised. I like how it turned out though and I really want to do more aesthetics with this kind of colour scheme! 🌸🎀💖
Requested by: @bluedreamerx3

TDB Rewatch: Acafellas (1x03) - Meta Monday

My thoughts on Acafellas were so beautifully summed up by @47mel47, @ckerouac, @nadiacreek, @spaceorphan18, and @quirkyquantumqueen. While it’s not my favourite episode by any stretch, it does do one thing very well - it lays the ground work for Kurt’s story. The Pilot outlined Kurt, and with Acafellas the writers really begins to colour him in. And as Chris Colfer becomes more confident as an actor (pun intended), his character really comes to life. It’s an astonishing transformation, one I have enjoyed re-watching.

Some of the best Behind the Glee interviews are from this time. Here’s the one for Acafellas.

Thanks again @todaydreambelievers


My beautiful Sombra commission’s from MCM, done by @glitchedphoenix @tallyb-art @francescadare and @yeemorgan (who appears to not be on tumblr, but this is her twitter handle). Thank you guys so much!

They’re all gorgeous and I love them, lookit my girls!

The effort and love they all put in was phenomenal, after @glitchedphoenix finished the line art she went and got a pair of highlighters to do Los Muertos’ pink and body paint and it looks so utterly incredible for it, if I hadn’t of run out of money at the end of the con, I probably would’ve insisted she take all that was left, it was really above and beyond.

Talburt let my poor self pay for the line art first then come back to pay for colour when i was sure I could afford it and had me draw a terrible sketch on some of her paper so she could know the pose i wanted just right.

Fran as always was just an utterly amazing person who makes amazing art and let me stand and talk her ear off as she did, and I will always be grateful for both the art and the talking :D

and as for @Yeemorgan, well just look at it! she drew Sombra’s ridiculous coat amazingly and coloured it amazingly too, not to mention she let me change my mind about her pose like three times when i first made the commission (thankfully i didn’t change my mind again after she started sketching OTL)

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Who was he one to propose?

Ok so I looked this up, and apparently (sorry if this is inaccurate) there is this traditional Japanese proposal ceremony, where the families of the couple meet and exchange gifts wrapped in rice paper.

I think that Alfred probably heard about this and get super excited, and got the whole FACE family to come to his proposal so he could do it “the traditional Japanese way” for Kiku. Nobody is quite sure how he persuaded China, Hongkong and Taiwan to attend but, to Japan’s embarrassment, they did. England even swears he saw China shed a tear.

Who decorated the house?

Kiku was a little cautious about letting Alfred do the decorating, but he was really keen to!

He got halfway through his first psychedelically colourful paint-splattered wall before getting bored. Kiku made it work, somehow.

Who does the cooking?

Do… do I really need to answer this??

What’s their favourite activity?

Binge-watching tv shows and anime through the night in a pillow fort with cuddles and hot chocolate.

Who kills the spiders?

Well, Alfred is the hero!

…unless they’re over 2cm big because dude that’s just asking too much.

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1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 12 🖤💜

1.) do you have a favourite sweater?

I do!! It’s the pink one I wear for Sirius! I got it on clearance at H&M!

here’s a gif for those of you who don’t don’t know which sweater I’m talking about (because I have like 20):

2.) what’s your middle name?

My middle name is Leigh (pronounced Lee). 

3.) do you still talk to the first person you kissed

tfw you can’t answer this question… lames

8.) who was the last text you sent to?

CC ( @quidditchismykink )

9.) what does the last text you sent say?

“okay!!!! HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT I LOVE YOU!!!♥️♥️♥️”

10.) if you could have any hair colour what would it be?

Right now, I’m really digging sapphire AND french blue. Not together though… I just really like blue.

12.) what is your aesthetic?

Cups of iced coffee and hot chocolate all around the room; string lights on curtains; journals and sketchbooks stacked on a shelf; a clear, night sky; late night conversations; trying to cover up loneliness with fictional characters; old photographs; traveling 

Someone I know dared (well, suggested but dared is more exciting!) me to try doing a pic with at least five characters in it. So did nuclear girls!
Leaving this as a sketch as I’ve no confidence in colouring and some of this is really imperfect. Still, I think I kept up some proportion and stuff and this is an idea I may revisit sometime, presumably when I can colour worth a squat!

Sure, another raffle

I love these too much

123 follows!! :’0

so here’s another art raffle!

this is way less glammed up compared to the last, forgive me

Ye guys have until the 10th of June to reblog and/or like this.

Maximum is two entries, by liking and reblogging (once)

most of the examples are the previous drawings i did for raffles.

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I'd like to know what you did to edit your "livingroom" picture because damn, it's really nice! :O

// sweats // thank u so much sweet anon!! well i did two pictures (before and after) and i did them both in completely different ways, so i’ll try and do a quick lil overview okay!!

before;; a product of cupidjuice’s sweetpea action and an edited version glitchysims’ psd, which is why it’s so saturated!! i used thesweetpea action with the perfect setting (foreground colour ‘f4cbbe’) and went backwards to the last gradient; i then adjusted the hue-saturation settings a lil and then i duplicated the psd onto the screenshot and set it at 20% opacity, i think. there was so much more i did, probably, but i can’t quite remember. that’s the gist of it!!

after;; i used an edited version of snapdragon’s psd for this one (i hid some of the selective colour layers, a vibrance layer and a brightness layer) and curves. after duplicating the psd onto the screenshot at 89% opacity, i added two ‘lighter’ curved layers to it. then i fiddled a lot with selective colour to get rid of the overwhelming orange and reds, and darkened it just a little. it’s not a completely accurate way of what i did, probably, but it’s relatively the same!!

and now that i’ve just wrote all that and actually thought about it, you probably didn’t ask for a tutorial and were maybe just asking in general. this wasn’t much help anyway. sorry. hehe ♡

1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.

3. Write 11 questions on your own.

4. Tag 11 people.

I got tagged by @fan-girl-queen 

1. Favourite eye colour? 
Amber, light brown or very dark brown.

2. Can you sing? 

3. Favourite subject? 
I love language subjects, also chemistry, biology and history. (the last three depend on the subject broached ^^;)

4. Most hated song?
Not exactly a song as much as it’s an ad on the radio. every time it comes on I want to bang my head on the table

5. Dress or T-shirt?
either or. no preference. depends on the circumstances, really.

6. Favourite fruit? 
apples and peaches ^^

7. If you had one day where you could do everything you want without consequences what would you do?
does making mosquitoes go extinct count  don’t really know. anything I want to do doesn’t really have that much of a consequence.

8. Favourite movie, book… etc. Quote? 
I have a lot of favorite books, so here is one of may favorite book series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
and a quote? I have two that I really love:
“You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush?”
“With great power comes great need to take a nap”

9. What do you love on Tumblr
ehhhhh I don’t know all those great fandom posts?

10. What do you hate on Tumblr
I don’t know TAT 

11. Do you like glasses?
I don’t hate them? but I don’t particularly love them a lot either? they’re important though

My questions: (brace yourselves ^^;)

1. Do you like using handwash/soap a lot?
2. What is your favorite body exercise (even if it isn’t something that is perceived as ‘real’ exercise)? 
3. What is your opinion on rice with milk? (if you ever had it)
4. Now what is your opinion on vermicelli with milk? (if you ever had it)
5. Favorite ice-cream flavor?
6. Favorite video game?
7. Favorite quote?
8. Do you like eggs?
9. Favorite genre of books/movies/games/tv shows/etc…?
10. Do you prefer to write with pens or pencils?
11.  Do you watch shows on tv or the internet?

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Do you ever get bothered by how a certain song/part of a song looks? Like it's all really ugly and distorted or maybe it looks really pretty but then suddenly a colour you hate is smeared across your mind? Idk if that made sense haha

Omg sometimes, yes, haha. I don’t like any of Iggy Azalea’s stuff because it’s ugly (and I don’t care for her stuff sound-wise). I think it was Modest Mouse that I was cool with the sound, but the looks on everything I heard were bad.

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So, I saw you tutorial on how to colour manga panels and thanks it was really useful but I wanted to ask you how to remove the background of the manga caps in Photoshop, because I've been searching how to do it and I can't find it anywhere... I'm kinda new too you know. I hope you can help me, have a nice day/night~

I made a tutorial? I don’t remember that at all. It must be really old and outdated. 

Do you mean the white in the background? 

Here’s a link how you can remove it in photoshop 

But to be honest it would just be better if you get Sai on PC and remove it there.

Link to download Sai

Then you go to Luminance to Transparency

If you have a Mac then all you can really do is put the lines on multiply and color underneath it.

If you mean the actual background 

like what my sister did with this panel

compared to this panel

well then that’s just a lot of erasing

If you have any more questions just ask. I’m running a super secret project so i have to regularly check my ask box anyways.  




I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…