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Klance fics I've read and enjoyed recently
One Month (2,619 words); sick fic with really cute lion interactions and lactose intolerant!keith
never saw you coming (47,873 words); keith revalues his opinion of and feelings for lance
a truth in the blood (7,489 words); missing scene from s2 where keith and lance talk about the whole part-galra thing
Breathing (6,151 words); 3 times lance helps keith with a panic attack + 1 time keith returns the favor
Starved (3,763 words); they get close while shiro is missing and when he finally gets back shiro thinks they’re a couple

Hey, friendly reminder that I’m just one person and that this is not my job, so I don’t have to do it. I started this blog because I wanted to, but the moment I stop wanting to use it, I will. You don’t have the right to tell me things like “you take too long answering questions don’t be rude”, “you don’t post that much these days it’s boring”, “if you don’t post more stuff I’ll unfollow you”. Fine, unfollow me, I don’t really care to be honest. You can tell me what to do, but that doesn’t mean I’ll obey you. I’m glad a good amount of people like this content, but I’ll post whenever I want to. A few days ago I said I wasn’t in the feeling good at all, that’s why I’m not that active right now. I also have a life, believe it or not, this blog is not my whole life, it’s a hobby. Besides, there’s not much to talk about T0G and AC0TAR right now, I’m tired of repeating the same things over and over again. AC0WAR will be published soon and I’m 100% sure I’ll have a lot of things to say once it comes out. Just be patient, I’m not your servant.

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing/have been okay. *hugs*
So I’m making this post just to apologize to my babies who requested me some edits! I’m sorry for not having them done yet… ‘cause I have been with a depression and with no motivation to do edits… And even when I do them I take too much time now (I wonder where are my inspirations and ideas went orz). I’m not how I used to be when I edited on the past few years (you can noticed on how my edits have been looking now, so simple and plain lol…) just have been feeling really down everyday and with no patience for anything. I’m getting worried by my depression and I’m afraid it gets any worse… So just wanted to let you know that I will still make the requests and bday gift edits for my cute friends :) *hugs* They just will be so damn late and I’m so sorry for that! Wish you all the best (specially luck for your exams at school) and thank you for being with me and for being such a sweethearts!! ily all!
PS: please dear anons, don’t come to my ask box and send me shitty messages ok? I feel really bad and sad already and don’t make me feel more stressed with stupid and mean asks… I won’t answer them! Respect it please!

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My brother came to visit from metropolis and he was generally being a dick to me when Red Hood popped in, apparently he paying me back for the cookies I had given him two months ago, he got really angry and long story short I don't think my brother is going to be visiting for a while after the talking he got from him. #onlyingotham #thanksforthatredhoood



Okay but really…no Bellamy for three weeks? All that’s left to do is write metas about him, I guess!! So here’s two rushed snapchat selfies,,,let’s brace ourselves for an entire month with no Bellamy or Bellarke 😔

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Hi! I'm sorry, this may be really awkward to answer, and you don't have to answer publicly, but, did you have any side effects while taking Accutane? I've been to the dermatologist because my acne is pretty bad and she told me to drink that, but I got terrified because of SO MANY possible side effects (and I heard some horrible stuff about it from other people). Again, im so sorry, but I have no one else to turn to right now and I really don't know what to do

I’m 3 months in and I haven’t at a single side effect :) I say don’t worry too much about it. My dermatologist said the only ones who have real side effects are females who are pregnant :) it’s been working great so far and I’m so happy I decided to do it!

I’m not going to really disappear for a few months, but I might be “weird” until May. Just a heads up. It’s just a bad month for me in April. But I’ll be okay! I’ll try to work around things and do a lot of cutesy shit if I can :D

If not cutesy, yall can always rely on me for the gorey stuff heh.

morgan’s top 6 high school memories:

1. guy who had sex with his couch and then bragged to everyone about it like it was the most ingenious thing anyone had ever come up with

2. my art teacher punching a hole in my clay pot because the walls were too thin and i refused to remake it

3. all of us getting really into twilight for about two months and then suddenly vehemently jumping onto the hate bandwagon as if we were enlightened all along

4. my super nerdy friend bringing his stupid pda to school all the time and using it to literally hack into the cafeteria televisions and turn the channel to pokemon during lunch specifically to impress me

5. neko and katy and i covering our agendas with a printed sheet of several 100x100 icons that represented our current interests. mine were a bunch of icons from the office.

6. falling backwards out of my chair onstage during the school play and giving my bishop, who was in the front row, a clear panty shot and then having to play it off like it was part of the script all along

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Life of a bookworm : I have 49 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf. 25+ are not yet released books (Some have fall release dates). I put 11 on hold at my library . My reading goal for 2017 was 100 books and I've already read 55 books so far this year. Goodreads won't give me recommendations lately (I don't know why) ,so I'm trying unsuccessfully to beef up my TBR list. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, have you heard of "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Ann Claycomb?

dont look at me, my tbr on GR is in the thousands. fortunately im so broke that my actual i-own-this TBR is like 8 books rn i think.

Wow, you’re pretty fast! I’ve been too sick in the past couple months to get anything done really, I think I haven’t even hit 30.

It doesn’t really make sense to give recommendations to somebody when you don’t know their taste imo. Taste is really subjective. 

No, I have not!

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

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Lol with all the news about solo harry, I almost forget about dunkirk, that's less than 4 months away now! Really when you step back and think about everything Harry's got going on, it's so amazing. This is going to be a life changing year 🙌

Ahh, I can’t wait to find out what they’ll show at the CinemaCon tonight!! I’ve been thinking about it all day… what if we get new footage of Harry 👀 

H017 is a blessing, Harry will be everywhere showcasing his many talents and the world will fall in love with him…. while I (all of us!) watch it happen like a proud mama :’)

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Recently my dysphoria has gotten really bad. I'm about 3 months on T and its nice but my dad hates that im getting more masculine, and my partner is a little bit dismissive of things im excited about or want validated (a deeper voice, more body hair, stuff like that) and while i know i shouldnt depend on other people for validation, it makes me feel like people liked me better when i was pre t, like nobody is happy with the changes except for me, i just i want to be excited bc ive waited so long

You don’t need validation from others. This is your transition, your body. The pre t you wasn’t really you, who you wanted to be t you is. And if they don’t like that they need to get used to it.

~mod dad

ugh i think i might be getting sick again and like y'all know i literally just spent a month with a cold. i was just really shaky and woozy and kinda feverish this morning but i just fell asleep and slept all day so i didn’t really think too much of it. but now it’s like 2:30 am and i haven’t eaten since dinner yesterday (the day before, technically) and im just really sweaty and tired….i just….lov my immune system… helpful, so good.

Okay so apparently there’s been a lot of talk about Ben Mendelsohn playing a teacher/professor and all I have to say is


Basically like, he’s playing this retired FBI-Agent-turned-criminal-psychology-professor (think David Rossi on Criminal Minds) who, yes, wears sweaters and glasses and is extremely intelligent. He’s essentially a legend in the crime-solving community because he’s solved so many murder cases and is a renowned expert on serial killers. The main character is an aspiring detective studying Criminology in grad school or something, and she’s basically worshiped him since late childhood because *PLOT TWIST NUMBER ONE* her mother was the victim of a notorious serial killer at-large and she’s been personally trying to solve the case on her own since she was like, ten years old. It’s essentially the reason why she decided to study Criminology in the first place. This guy is her number one inspiration, so she’s ecstatic when she ends up in his class. He’s tough but engaging and very charismatic, and there isn’t a soul in class or on the entire campus who doesn’t love him. She in particular develops a sort of friendship with him because *PLOT TWIST NUMBER TWO* he actually worked on her mom’s case at one point and was always trying to push the bureau to keep it open because it was one of a particular string of serial murders and he was practically obsessed with solving all of them. When he figures out who she is, he basically apologizes and expresses how awful he feels for never finding the killer and how he’s been haunted by the case for over a decade. She tells him he has nothing to be sorry for, that his work was what inspired her to go into the same field and hopefully help others like he tried to help her and her family.

They bond over this shared experience, and at first it’s appropriate and professional, just meeting for office hours and sometimes coffee or lunch, but as time goes on they get so close that the teacher/student lines start to get blurred and neither of them knows if they’ve gone too far. They keep meeting even after the semester ends and she’s no longer in his class, and the friendship continues to develop until a lot of sexual/romantic tension starts creeping into the relationship. Neither of them actually does anything about this, but the main character’s friend, a law student who was also in the same class, notices what’s going on and expresses his concern. She, of course, brushes it off, but afterwards begins to think about the matter a lot more. Eventually it gets to the point where she’s almost definitely sure she’s attracted to this guy even though she’s not sure of what his feelings are, but then as she continues to get to know him more *PLOT TWIST NUMBER THREE* she starts discovering clues about his personal life that point toward a very disturbing possibility - that he is in fact the elusive killer who murdered her mother and over a dozen other women over the last two decades, and that this is the reason he’s so obsessed with the case.

She doesn’t have concrete proof, of course, but she keeps snooping, and eventually there’s so many twists and turns in this professor’s backstory and in the backstories of the murder cases that she’s not sure what the truth even is. Her law student friend gets increasingly concerned with what he perceives to be an unhealthy obsession brought on by internalized trauma over her mother’s murder, but again, she brushes him off and keeps investigating, choosing to get closer to the professor so she can learn as much as possible. However, that’s easier said than done considering she still harbors an attraction towards him - an attraction that, judging by his recent behavior, is now almost certainly mutual. She doesn’t know whether she’s paranoid or onto something or whether his feelings are genuine or a tactic to manipulate her into trusting him. All she knows is that she’s drawn to him, drawn to this case, and no matter what she does, she can’t seem to untangle herself from the web she’s now caught in.


So I’ve been trying to take care of my skin more lately and today I had a sheet mask on. I took it off because it had already been 15 minutes and my dad said “You look paler after you do that,” and I just kinda shrugged and threw out the mask. Then he goes to say, “do those masks have bleach in them? You should get the one’s with bleach.” I promptly told him I didn’t want to bleach my skin and told him to leave me alone. I’m honestly really annoyed that he’s even say that when months before he’d told me to be proud of my skin color. It’s so hypocritical to tell me to be proud of something and then in the next second tell me to change. What I’m really upset about is the fact that this kind of behavior is widely accepted in Asian culture. My family is Chinese and I guess this is to be expected but I’m so fucking tired of hating my ethnicity and hating my skin and hating everything about being who I am. I’m here for all my Asian girls who feel insecure about their skin. We are beautiful with or without dark skin.