not really but *tears*

Today’s excellent character of the day is Johnny Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!!!

Johnny is a really relatable guy!! He’s quick to tears when the going gets tough but he always manages to pull through and do what needs to be done. He loves horses and wearing clothes covered in stars!!! Keep on being excellent, Johnny!

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For the papyton thing, do crying?

#11: Crying

Kind of a long post. Less of a comic, more of a My Thoughts™

Papyrus is like the physical manifestation of optimism. That entails that he is always looking on the bright side of things. He’s sensitive to the emotions of others, but somewhat aloof with his own outside of abject enthusiasm. 

Maybe sadness to an optimist is kind of a double edged sword? (I mean I’m a huge optimist so) It’s harder to come to grips with negative emotions, but you know you need them in order to get better. There’s a place of naivety, but there’s also a place of understanding.

I think something surprising and unexpected would have to occur for him to really cry. Something tragic maybe, like losing a friend. Then the tears come before the realization.

His crying would be strangely quiet (as opposed to hid general loudness). There would be rolling tears, quivering chin, maybe a wavering breath. A self hug for reassurance. He’d be a little embarrassed but he’d be open to comfort from his friends. 

Mettaton would be a master at the Hollywood sexy tear. No facial movement, a single rolling tear, sparkling eyes. He could do it at will, whenever people need someone to look sad but beautiful. 

 That said, I’d like to think that his real, genuine crying is actually pretty messy. 

I’m talking full on leaky tears and runny nose. Smudged makeup (oh heavens the mascara!) gasps interlaced between sobs would be sniffling, perhaps a cough here or there. Maybe even hiccups if he’s really agitated. 

Mettaton would do his best to hide it. First sign of heartache, nope! He’s leaving the room. He has to go, he can’t let anyone know there’s a huge crybaby underneath that fabulous facade. Or, if he can’t leave, he bottles those pesky tears right up and expresses negativity through high intensity pettiness. 

I think time spent around Pap would help him let others in. It’d be good for him.

anyway yea it just.. it says a lot that ppl still only view taakitz as a ‘ship’. because i guess that’s just how all m/m relationships are viewed? ppl think they have some kind of right to choose whether or not they support gay relationships in media based entirely on whether they ‘ship’ it or not and like..that’s weird. that’s really weird and really homophobic. there’s a difference between fun fanshipping and literally tearing down gay representation in honour of ur own preferences

and every time i’ve tried to express this i’ve received at least one message telling me i’m overreacting to harmless shipping, like.. i’m harmed by it? i’m a gay dude and i’m harmed by this, and i’m saying i’m harmed by this, so the least ppl could do is listen and learn (and to the ppl who do listen, thank u all so so much, ur support really helps me cope with all of this! i rly couldn’t ask for nicer friends!)

also sum good replies under the cut bc i like em.

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So i went to my meeting/conference today. It wasnt bad overall it just kinda dragged on at the end, but a lot of good things happened!!

First) i realized out of the 5 schools that were there there wasnt a single guy in sight 👌 the speaker even made a joke about us being able to talk without being talked over and we all got really happy and more peppy it was cute 💕

Second) the lines were gigantic for the bathroom through the whole conference and so we used both mens and womens and so for the first time in… 4 years i walked into a mens bathroom and it was such a trip for me lol

Third) She asked if anyone had any words of praise and my favorite (and all around sweet coworker) raised her hand and told everyone how soft and respectful i am to my kids and how i try to make everything a fun game and it made me tear up, it was really sweet. She has been in childcare for 15 years and said that i have taught her so much more than her 15 years and im just so honored 😊💕

Better day then i expected 💞💕💞

Baby Blue

// a quick drabble inspired by late conversations in cheap diners with dark haired boys. i just wanted to write wonwoo ok im sorry

// warnings: heartache??? it’s just after a breakup so, a little bit of fluff, lots of roasting wonwoo

// sneak peek: “You’re testing my emotional bounds here, baby blue.” He pauses, takes a moment to drink the suspicious beverage in his white mug. After a moment, he speaks again. “I stopped caring a long, long time ago.”

// wonwoo x reader

// word count: 1,140

   The car ride is silent, the night out even more so, and you have a hard time breathing as your grip on the steering wheel tightens, vision blurry as you keep your eyes on the road.

   You’re crying.

   At first, you can’t really tell, but then you’re almost blinded by the tears, and they’re spilling down your face like a damn waterfall. A lump in your throat is choking you, and your heart and stomach wrench at the same time, a familiar sense of sadness hurting you with painful stabs.

   For the fourth time, you know your current relationship is unhealthy and you decide to end it, but this time - this fourth, final time - it’s real.

   Your current boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend?) is by far the worst you have ever had. Maintains himself like a classic alcoholic slob and treats you no better. But he’s cruel to you, says things that shouldn’t be said to any human being alive, and as you drive down the dark road, you know there’s no way you’re turning back.

   You can hear your things in the back seat toppling over each other after you swerve around a bird you didn’t catch sight of on the street, and you’re thankful you didn’t take anything breakable or fragile from the shared apartment. But the painful pulse of your heart is affecting your throat, and your mouth feels dry and eyes too puffy. You know you can’t drive any longer - if you do, you might end up killing yourself (whether it be accidental or not is a matter of your own wellbeing).

   You blink away the tears in your eyes and take a shuddering breath before catching sight of an old beat up diner on the street. You decide to pull over for a break.

   You park the car and turn on the light inside, staring at your own puffy red eyes in the rearview mirror. With a choking gasp, you bring up the sleeve of your sweater and wipe harshly at your face to rid of any more tears. Without glancing at yourself in the mirror again, you turn off the light and the car, stepping out into the cold night before entering the too-hot-and-stuffy diner. You immediately make way for an empty stool at the bar.

   A waitress comes by and you can barely hear her voice asking for your order - it’s almost like you’re listening from the bottom of the ocean. You blindly ask for a cup of black coffee before going back to staring absentmindedly at the bar, not being able to think or do anything else.

   “What’s a pretty person like yourself doing at a diner so late at night?” It takes you almost a whole minute to realize the question is being directed at you, and you look up to find a boy with dark hair and a lazy smile sitting a few stools away from you.

   You attempt a friendly smile before saying, “Avoiding people like you.” The boy grimaces with feigned hurt, and he scoots closer so he’s now sitting on the stool next to yours.

   “That hurt, baby blue. Hit close to home.” The waitress comes back and sets your coffee on the bar without a word before leaving again. You ignore the boy next to you, and take a drink of the coffee, grimacing at the bitterness. “I’m guessing you don’t do coffee too often?” He asks, chuckling. You roll your eyes.

   “I prefer mint tea.” You’re both quiet for a long time, and then the boy holds out one of the napkins from the bar, nonchalantly waiting for you to take it. “You’ve got tear stains on that pretty face.” You hesitate, then take the napkin, trying to ignore the compliment as you wipe at your face. “I don’t know what the problem is, but by the looks of it, we’re in the same boat, baby blue.” You snort.

   “I highly doubt it.” Your mind wanders back to the painful things your ex-boyfriend had said only earlier today, and you grind your teeth together as you try to bury the memories.

   “You could always be hurting more than you are now.” When you turn at the voice, you realize the boy has been staring at you all along, a gentle smile on his face. He’s got dark eyes, but they look kind nevertheless. “Besides, trust me, whatever it is, it’s not worth it.” You breath out a bitter laugh, gripping your mug tight.

   “That’s easy for you to say. I bet you’ve given up every opportunity to have a stable life.” The boy mouths, ‘wow’, and shakes his head as he stares at his hands on the bar.

   “You’re testing my emotional bounds here, baby blue.” He pauses, takes a moment to drink the suspicious beverage in his white mug. After a moment, he speaks again. “I stopped caring a long, long time ago.”

   “If you stopped caring, then why do you care about me?” The boy doesn’t say anything for a long moment, and you think the conversation is as good as over. But then he turns to stare at you, and he’s gently smiling again, the ends of his dark eyes crinkling the slightest bit.

   “Because you’re attractive.” He licks his lips. “And judging by that hideous outfit and unusual manners, I can tell there’s someone behind your icy personality right now. Someone who’s kind and got something going for them, but is too blinded by other’s stupidity and harshness to say anything else. Besides, why should somebody else have to hurt just because you’re hurting too?” He lets it sit in the air for a while, all those different words. Then, he says, “And I’m flirting with you. If you haven’t noticed already.” There’s a slight teasing tone behind his voice.

   “Well…” You begin, but, frankly, you don’t know where to end. “I’m not available.” The boy raises an eyebrow at you.

   “Why? Got a boyfriend? Girlfriend?” You shake your head, and you feel your face flush. Tears prickle harshly at your eyes once more.

   “I just ended it with a boyfriend. For good. And I’m not sure if I can take any more of it.” The boy nods.

   “Well, I’m not asking for marriage. Not yet, anyway. But I’ll wait.” He sighs. “I’ll wait for you.”

   A silence passes again, this time longer than before. It’s been forty-five minutes before the boy finishes his drink and leaves a twenty on the bar. He rises from his seat, runs a hand through his dark hair.

   “The name’s Wonwoo, by the way.” He gestures at the bill on the bar. “Your drink’s on me. I’ll see you here next Tuesday. Same time, baby blue.”

   He leaves the diner before you even have the time to tell him your proper name.

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Something indescribable clenched in Church’s sense of self. Could an AI even cry? Could he cry? When was the last time he’d cried? Had he ever cried in his entire existence? He guessed it didn’t really matter. First time for everything. The sensation of tears welled up inside him and Church wished desperately for the physicality of sobbing, to have the chance to hitch out this monstrous sorrow in shaky gasps while his face screwed up with the effort of weeping. But he had no lungs and no eyes, so he cried quietly with code instead. It wasn’t as satisfying. A lousy first. Made saying the important shit easier, though.

“Bye, Tex,” he said.

“Goodbye, Church,” she said.

With one last tight and imaginary-tear soaked embrace, Church jumped out.

Part 2 of my art for @aryashi‘s amaaazing Big Bang fic, The Plan Sucks, We’re Changing It (x)! It’s heaven-sent if you want to see some quality Alpha-centric content!

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Why don't they ask where matty lives/used to live?! If damien and tear are that worried they need to really search for matty before its too late..

matty doesnt have his phone on him so theres no way to contact him 🤧plus no one knows he went to paul’s old house anyway

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👄 first kiss story;P

It was at her place. 

I leaned in and we kissed and it was surprisingly not awkward? XD

I remember it being a really touching moment, and I fell to tears when I got back home to my mom (I was in my Freshman year of High School then). I was just so happy that I was able to share love with someone else like that. Now it’s just a nice memory to have…(our relationship didn’t last).

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I got another thing to say as well, bts vocal trainer is one of the worst vocal trainers ever like my man jimin struggles with higher notes that aren't in his range but they like no jimin sing this note that strains your voice and makes it difficult for you to get out like I could do a better job as their vocal trainer than whoever they have, not to mention the other bad habits vocal line have like they need to be fired before they ruin their voices completely

anon: Noah fence but in epilogue dvd when they singing house of card jimin sound like a dying rat. They need to teach him how to control his voice. thats still my boy tho……

unpopular opinion: bighit needs to give bts more low notes bc a lot of them slay at low notes like tae and jin. i feel like all the high notes bighit gives them is ruining their voice like jimin and jungkook’s specifically. 

im really on di verge of tears, yall r wilding. n i hate that i agree, we’re heartless

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Jb's reaction to his s/o starting to cry (really ugly tears) when he is proposing (like a big flash that he organized with his s/o's family from far away)

he’s knelling so he smiles up at you, not caring about the ugly crying, just waiting for your answer, so that he can hold you, and have the 200 people stop doing their jazz hands

~ahgase Omma

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Iceland, you should have pulled the crying stunt on Finland the other day when he wouldn't give you the candy! xD Okay, but imagine this... Finland as a teenager being like an immature big brother and teasing little Iceland with candy, then eating it in front of him while he cries. I headcanon that Finland was a really shitty teenager.

Iceland: It doesn’t work on Finland… Crocodile tears never do…

Finland: I was a pretty bad teenager, I won’t lie… I know all the tricks, so fake tears won’t work.

really need my fellow white women to stop using emotional fragility and tears to avoid taking responsibility for their privilege and white supremacy

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do any of you have advice for a fictive system member who can't seem to overcome a longing for a canonmate who they miss? its really tearing us up...


They are memories. That’s all they are.

If they were with you, here and now, you might be very tempted to remember them as they once were. You might think you can go back to what you once had.

It’s very unlikely that will work.

You are a different person now. No matter how you cling to what you used to be, and no matter how you think you can hold yourself to standards you used to. You are in a different body. A different life. A different brain. You do not have the same experiences that moulded who you were.

Neither do they.

If you find them, through luck, fate, or hard work, you will need to rediscover one another, all over again. You cannot cling to being who you used to be because you will pretend everything is fine, and then you will fail, and then you will wonder where it all went wrong.

Mourn your memories. Do not be tempted by nostalgia.

Just wanna say what really made the cast of Sherlock break out in tears when they read the S4 script was because Ben and Martin honestly thought Johnlock was gonna happen. So what did they do? Ben and Martin spent an afternoon alone together rewriting their own fix it script and they kissed for four hours straight! Bye!

Wanna hear something sad. I was eating dinner with my family and I was upset and tired . And then I was thinking how the vacations over and happiness is unsustainable. And I started crying really hard like tears were streaming down my face and whatever and I was just eating dinner with my family and not one of them said anything or commented at all. Cause I’m always crying lol

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"One..." Nico took another deep breath, convincing himself to actually do this. "Two..." And then he snapped the bone back in place before he got to three, watching Will bite down hard on the leather, flinching violently, eyes welling with tears. "I'm so sorry. Shit. I'm really sorry it hurt so much." Nico chewed the inside of his mouth, biting till he tasted metallic blood. His hesitation only lasted a second and then he was grabbing Will's hand, squeezing it tightly. "Granola bar?"

Will nodded, still not trusting himself to speak. He gingery turned his foot, noting the discomfort that shot through him. He was going to have to heal it, but it would be a lot easier now that the bone was in the right place. Nico handed him the snack bar, already unwrapped, and Will started to chew on it slowly. Nico looked genuinely upset with himself that he had to hurt Will, but it had been a necessary evil. They needed to get moving, but they couldn’t do that with Will hobbling along on one leg. When he finished the granola bar, Will cleared his throat, wiping the unshed tears from his eyes. “T-thank you,” he mumbled. “For resetting it. I can, ah, I can heal it now.” His hands were shaking and tears started to flow down his cheeks, but it wasn’t just from the pain.