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Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 

In terms of fetishes, tickle fetishes are the worst. I imagine that more so than anything, they’d just be inconvenient. Can you imagine being out with friends and one of them tickles you while joking around, and you bust a full nut right then and there. A Full Fat Ass Nut, just because ya friend tickled you. Also, what if you pee from laughing too hard while being tickled? Then you’d also have to have a urine kink, and at that point, you’re in too deep with different kinks. And finally, in comparison, I just imagine a tickle kink is a lot more emotionally bothersome than other kinks. If you’re into vore, at least you KNOW you couldn’t actually dislocate your jaw and eat your lover. Tickle kinks though, they take the fantasy out of it. You know your loved ones can just brush their fingers all up and over your tummy and give you a boner. You can tickle yourself even! So, the entire fantasy is taken out of it. My final rating of tickle kinks is -10/10, would not tickle.

Suicide Squad Club Scene

Only those not paying attention / taking it at face value / or looking for something to complain about… actually believe The Joker was pimping out or “giving” Harley to Monster T.

The Joker barely registered Monster T when he sat at the table. He didn’t look at him, shake his hand or say a word (though in the extended version he responds sarcastically). The second Monster T called Harley a ‘bad bitch’, the performance started and he became his best friend. Those who are around Joker a lot, like Frost, will have seen this before, and knew he was dead.

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Why do you think when Joker calls Harley over, and tells her “you belong to him now” she doesn’t even blink twice and just happily sits on his knee? It’s not because she’s used to being given away, it’s because she’s playing along.

Monster T soon understands his mistake and quickly tries to backtrack while keeping calm. But he’s already been backed into a corner. When Joker mimics Monster T with “you don’t want no beef?!” he’s really saying - ‘it’s too late’.

Notice the watches on Harley’s arm. These are obviously murder tokens from the men they have done this to before.

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What you are watching here, is two cats playing with a mouse before they eat it. A mouse that swaggered in thinking it was a dog.

DCEU Joker and Harley seem to operate as a sort of tag team. No whispers, no winks, no signals. They just know. There is no way this Joker who searched for Harley for so long would ‘give her away’. And there is no way the Harley that chased down her Mr J on a motorcycle would leave so easily.

They are King and Queen of Gotham, and they don’t share.

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How to Write a Resume LIKE A BOSS

So you’re ready to assume some responsibility and apply for your first job (or your fifth job or your fiftieth job) and you want some tips on writing a good resume, huh? Well, are you are in luck because 1) I’ve edited and proofed so many resumes I could probably write one for each of my friends without their input and 2) I’ve actually taken some classes on this shit. So, basing this primarily on comments I’ve made while correcting someone else’s resume (and while looking at my own for reference), here are my tips on writing a resume.

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Quit my job at a bank and got my branch manager to resign.

So until August 16th of this year I was a teller at a local bank in my town. Our branch was small and rarely busy and I had 4 coworkers. There was my branch manager, my assistant branch manager, a personal banker / sometimes teller, another teller, and then me. Occasionally Brenda from marketing worked there. So we had very few customers coming in and we all just kinda sat around all day. All of us are females and so basically this place was Total Drama Fucking Island. But my branch manager, she was actually very cold and kind of an unpleasant and mean person.

Working in a bank is all about being super friendly to everyone all the time, and she was not. A lot of our customers straight up hated her, some would even close their accounts and go elsewhere because of the bank branch manager!! And she was not very pleasant to her employees. Before I arrived, she was so mean to two tellers that worked there that they both quit in the same week. She almost got fired and so by the time I started she had developed this weird fake nice / sweet personality but it just made you uncomfortable. She also put most of her work onto our assistant branch manager’s desk and didn’t know half of the information she should. So my ABM was basically running the entire branch, helping us out, doing twice the work (mortgages, HELOCS, other accts, etc.) and keeping the customers happy while the BM didn’t do jack shit. So everyone in the branch really had beef with the branch manager. And then she really went over the line and I fucked her day up.

Let me first say that my assistant branch manager has a very tough & stressful life. Her son is a heroin addict and all of her money goes to supporting him. She is a very sweet and caring person to other people but just gets shit on in life. She also did NOT make enough money at all for the work she was doing 40 hrs a week.

I had put my two weeks in so that I’d be done August 18th. Right after I did this we got news that my ABM was being demoted not only down to personal banker, but to HEAD TELLER. This is dropping back down to the bottom of the ladder basically. The reasoning was she did not submit her loan documents on time. What the upper level people made the decision, they couldn’t see how at the branch level the ABM was so overwhelmed by doing the BM’s responsibilities that she didn’t always have time to meet her own deadlines. The BM apologized profusely to the ABM and said it wasn’t her call, it was the higher ups, and that she tried to stop it from happening.

A few days after we found this out, the ABM personally spoke to the higher ups about it and they said that they didn’t write the write up, the BM did. That means after pushing all of her work onto the ABM and relying on her to keep the branch running, she tried to get her demoted that far down the ladder. We have no idea why, but all of us are aware of the ABM’s unfortunate life situation, and it was just such a cruel act.

So on August 16th, about a week after this happened, my branch manager was being unnecessarily bitchy to me and I basically said fuck this this is my last day I’m out. But at the end of the day, as we were closing, I quickly sent an e-mail to one of the higher ups in charge of this stuff. In the e-mail was a 3 page letter, basically an essay, thoroughly explaining all of the fucked up details about what was occurring at the branch level and how fucked up it was that the ABM was getting demoted. It did not make my branch manager look good, and I’m the fourth employee in the last year (basically all of them) to complain about her to HR. Where I work talking to HR is uncommon and serious. I sent it last minute so I didn’t have to stick around for anything that happened. My goal was to keep my assistant branch manager from being demoted.

I found out the next day that my branch manager immediately fucking RESIGNED. I quit on a Wednesday, Thursday morning she was cleaning out her office. She technically retired, she had the ability to but wanted to wait a couple more years so she could say she was the branch’s manager for 10 yrs. But HR read that letter and got rid of her THAT quickly. If she refused to resign she would have been fired. She has a high position, our bank only has like 9 branches and all the branch managers are considered assistant vice presidents. My letter dissing her literally immediately cost her her job.

It was kinda heavy at first to hear that because I wasn’t expecting to make THAT big of an impact and wasn’t sure how I felt about costing her her job. But she truly was a negative and cruel person that wasn’t deserving of her job for various reasons and I improved the lives of my coworkers whom I do care about sooo much.

I went into the bank that Friday and they were literally all thanking me and were so happy one even hugged me. I felt like a hero for a sec it was awesome. The bank even wanted me to come back and keep working but I dipped outta there. Still way to much girl drama for me.

Soooo yeah. I got my branch manager fired like that because of my sick essay writing skills and I got a real ego boost from it.

EDIT / UPDATE ON ABM: As of 8/30 she is “on probation.” Basically she is still working as the assistant branch manager but needs to be extra careful because she’s proving she is capable of doing her job to the higher ups. I guess things are looking positively though and no one is really worried. If they demoted her the branch would essentially have no one in charge so I think things will work out for her. :)

Lazy afternoon. Shiro lies on the bed, his kitten splayed on his chest, purring with content. One of Lance’s ears perks suddenly, as if something tickled him there.

Shiro starts to play with these soft, silky ears , causing Lance’s head to move away with quiet giggle.

“Kashiii~” he mutters, smile on his sleepy face, when Shiro reaches for his ears again to try and tug at them gently, but as soon as he has them in his fingers, Lance shakes his head in such adorable way, Shiro has to try grab his ears once more. And again. Lance keeps on giggling and tries to move his head away.

After few minutes of this silly, but such cute little game Shiro grabs Lance’s head, moving it closer and pulling his ears aside with his thumbs to place a long, loving kiss on his soft wavy hair.

“You are so impossibly adorable…” he murmurs, inhaling sweet scent of Lance’s pretty curls.

“And you are such a dork~” his kitten mewls mockingly, but he can hear that loving tone in his voice.

They both chuckle quietly, before Shiro leans to steal a kiss from his lovers lips.

when u love ur wife and also ur husband and u love taking them places so everyone can see how wonderful they are

Witchtip: Magical Inspiration

You ever have a magical dry spell? Where you maybe wanna write some spells, you’ve got the itch to witch, but no real inspiration?

I do. Frequently. So here are some magical brainstorming ideas.

  • Read non-magical or fiction books. These can be tremendous sources of inspiration for spells or enchantments.
  • Use bibliomancy. Grab a spellbook with tons of spells. Something like The Ultimate Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells or The Ultimate Spell Book. Flip to a random page and re-write the first spell you see to make it your own.
  • Use fictional spells to inspire real ones. Either their intent, mechanics, or affect can usually be in some way worked into a real working. Things like:
  • Read d&d rule books. Yes, really. Some of the spell listings are quite detailed and many can be applied to real magical theory with the right mindset. Things like trap spells that go off when a certain condition is met can be handy (magic bombs) or cloak type spells can be actualized with servitors
  • Video Games. Some have very interesting spells that can be used as a starting point to inspire real workings.
  • Read Mythology. Modern or ancient.
  • Ritualize your brain storming sessions. Light an incense associated with relaxation or inspiration. Burn a yellow candle for creativity. Set an intention for the session to be relaxing and fun rather than focusing on spellwriters block.
  • Use techniques like free writing. Start with a sentance like “I wish I had the power to…….” And keep going. You’re damn sure to bump up against something that can be turned into a real magical working.
  • Trying to think up your own correspondences? Use free association. Pick an item you’d like to use as a spell component and write down everything you associate with it. This can produce interesting results and really beef up your stash of useable components. For Instance: Sandpaper. Sanding. Smoothing. Clearing. Cleaning. Adjusting. Polishing. Shining. Then free associate with those words. Shining. Beauty. Glamor. Smoothing. Skin. Wrinkles. W00t. Sandpaper is now an ingredient for that youth spell you thought about writing six months ago.
  • Read over your notes. Chances are, depending on your background, you’ve got correspondences written down somewhere for intentions you’ve never used.
  • Leverage opposition with the above. Every thing always suggests its own opposite. Got tons of glamours? Write a curse that makes the target appear as ugly on the outside as their actions. Or an invisibility spell that focuses on making you seem instantly forgettable.
  • Adopt the attitude of an experimenter. Let go of worrying about doing something “the wrong way” and see every spell as an experiment. Accept that it may fail and then simply observe. If it didn’t work, go over your notes. What could you have added to make it more effective? What could be left out to make it more efficient?
  • Read the ingredient lists on food cans. What are the correspondences? Then string together a spell with intent that binds those together. For instance, corn: abundance, prosperity. Salt: cleansing, blessing. Add those intents together: a cleansing spell to banish obstacles, like a road opener working. Or a blessing to ensure prosperity for a friend down on their luck. Correspondences are often relayed as keywords that can easily be plugged together and built out if you think creatively.
  • Speaking of keywords, write every magickal keyword you can think of on slips of paper. Put them in a jar or a coffee can. Add to them as you think up new ones. Next time you wanna write something pull out a few at random and string them together into a spell.

I like how in season one toffee was just slender and slightly tall lawyer guy who just locks up a teen in a box rather than fighting him but in season 3 he gets beefed up and suddenly looks bigger and just decks a child into a boulder for messing up his goopy suit

dying right now . went through some voltron screencaps in early season 1 and every time keith

opens his mouth, lance just,

and this one too

they really had some beef back at the garisson and its either keith has bad memory or he really didnt notice because lance’s rivalry with keith was all in his head , and that “neck and neck” thing was just an idea he concocted by himself . and it got me thinking – why does he idolize shiro but is in rivalry with keith? i thought it was an age thing or maybe the fact that it’s because keith is in his class and lance is just very competitive , but i cant help but feel that lance tried to befriend keith at one point in the garisson (cause you know , he’s a very friendly guy towards new people!!) but then keith being unintentionally standoffish cause he probably had the communication skills of stale bread back then (i mean he still does kinda), brushes him away . and thats what started all the assumptions toward keith ! 

I know this is a stupid nagging thing but I get really tired of that one Gency fic trope where Genji pretty much springs off of the operating table all like “You turned me into a weapon! How dare you! I hate you!” to Angela. Like, for one, Genji was still a skilled and deadly ninja before his cybernetic enhancements, also in Genji’s bio it says his time in Overwatch was spent with him pretty much single-mindedly focused on taking down his family’s criminal empire. Like yeah, his repulsion with his own cyborg body increased over time, but I don’t think that would necessarily translate into resentment towards Angela. 

I feel like the trope is used to address Genji’s agency in the face of receiving the cybernetic enhancements from Angela and Overwatch. Like the bio says Overwatch offered to rebuild his body, that is, bring it back to its original hyper-athletic Ninja specifications. I don’t think the choice was necessarily “help Overwatch or die,” so much as Angela stabilizing him and Jack or Gabe or whoever being like, “help Overwatch and you can be a ninja again oh also you can take revenge on your family–y’know, the people who literally murdered you.” I don’t think Genji came off that operating table hating his body and hating Angela for giving him his body so much as being pretty much completely consumed by his own sense of vengeance and not giving a crap what it took to get it (which he would later very much regret.).

Mercy: Okay it’s going to take several weeks of physical therapy to get you back to your original speed and I’m still working out some kinks with your sternobrachial—

Genji: I don’t have time for that. I need to kick Hanzo’s ass. Put the shuriken in my arm.