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Hey everyone! So I’m doing a back to school kit auction over on eBay.  It’s gonna be a bunch of basic essential items perfect for high schoolers or college students. I’m still trying to gather up everything but some items I have so far are binders, filler paper, pencils, pens, index cards, mini stapler, on the go phone charger battery stick, most items are sealed although some things may be open (but they’ll  be in good condition!)  If you decide to bid on it, it would be super awesome because a portion of the proceeds will go to the child mind institute (x) which helps kids with learning and mental health disorders. it’s something very important and close to me since I’ve been dealing with major depressive disorder, anxiety, ptsd, difficulty learning and a bunch of other issues almost all my life and i’ve finally been starting to get myself in a better place (i finally got into college yay!). A huge portion will also go to my university to help with our programs and organizations. I’d really hope to start a group for my school too one day for lgbtq students with mental health disorders or learning disabilities to get together and have a support group and resources to help them out. I think it’d be really cool to have. 

If you’d like to check out the auction the link is here : x

If you’d like to donate to my PayPal or square cash here’s the link to do that: x

If you can’t donate or buy the kit that’s totally fine but if you could share this that would be super great!! Thank you so much!!!

(also shipping for the kit if you win is free in the United States but it will cost to ship internationally depending on country)