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Les Amis + the Solar System

Enjolras is Sol, the Sun, trapping the planets in his gravity; the body that provides them both daylight and warmth. But it’s dangerous–a star determines the fates of its planets, and a light that burns so fiercely can’t burn forever.

Grantaire is Mercury, the smallest planet and nearest to the Sun, named for the god of messengers. When facing Sol, the planet warms, reaching over 400 degrees Celsius. When turned away, the already-barren surface becomes cold and dark; dropping below -170. Though it is so close to us on Earth, much about it remains a mystery.

Jehan is Venus, the hottest planet, named for the goddess of love and beauty. It is unique in its movements, rotating in the opposite direction of the other planets. The brightest object in our sky apart from the Sun, poets and songwriters alike, for centuries, have been calling Venus the ‘morning star’ and ‘evening star’.  

Feuilly is Earth, the ideal planet, and our home. Earth is favoured by Sol, being the only planet in the narrow range of distances from the star that allows life to exist. It’s not the biggest planet, nor the warmest, nor the one with the largest moon, but its averageness itself made it perfect.

Bahorel is Mars, named for the god of war for of its reddish glow. Though on first glance Mars seems unforgiving and cold, with a closer look, it was found to be the most conductive to life. The names of the rovers landed on it seem to reflect the essence of the planet itself–’Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’.

Courfeyrac is Jupiter, the largest planet, nearly a star in its own right for the number of moons it has trapped in its orbit due to its immense gravity. It was named for the god of thunder, fittingly so–the storm in the massive red spot on its surface has been raging for centuries. 

Combeferre is Saturn, often considered the solar system’s ‘jewel’ for the rings that made it a source of scientific fascination since its discovery. The strength of its gravitational influence is bested only by that of Jupiter and the Sun. It was (most aptly) named for the god of agriculture and liberation. 

Bossuet is Uranus, named for the god of the sky, and the planet that expanded the celestial horizons of humankind–the first to have been discovered with a telescope, while the previous five were known since antiquity (though first mistaken for a comet). The planet orbits perpendicular to the rest, most likely due to a collision with a planet that knocked it on its side. 

Joly is Neptune, named for the god of the sea for its vivid blue colour. It is often mentioned in the same vein as Uranus due to their shared characteristics (similarities in size, colour, composition) and is like the former in that it was discovered. Its discovery was special–a collaborative effort in which the planet was mathematically predicted before it was seen.

Marius is Pluto, a dwarf planet named for the god of the underworld, whose true planetary status is still debated by many. In any case, it orbits Sol like all the rest, though on a different plane. Pluto has a moon, Charon, who we may see as Cosette–the two objects are tidally locked, the same face permanently turned toward each other.


Narnia + Instagram

Since the ask box is closed here’s a little try out of my new mid tone sketchbook I did last week
(Even tho I’m on hiatus I’ll post some drawings here and there, it’s just that answers take up a lot of time)

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RFA + V & Saeran with as childhood friends with MC who grow up together then puberty hits and it gets messy as they slowly realize their feelings (highschool!AU; I enjoy going thru your blog btw!)

i am so glad you like my blog! it’s still a little messy, but it’s getting there! ヽ(・∀・)ノ this is such an awesome request! i wrote this based off of the characters’ canon childhoods rather than what the characters would be like if the RFA was a high school organization, if that makes sense. i just felt like the canon childhoods would flow better with a childhood friend sort of thing. these headcanons turned out a lot longer than i had originally planned, so i hope that’s no problem…  ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ enjoy!


  • yoosung is the posterboy for the “childhood friend” trope
  • you lived in the same neighborhood as him so you were always going to his house and vice versa throughout the years
  • yoosung had always been popular with The Ladies but high school really emphasized that
  • you were still the only girl he bothered to hang out
  • this proved to be a challenge for you, as you often became the victim of bullying and rumors
  • you both shared similar aspirations, such as going to sky university and an interest in animal health services
  • but as the time went on, you weren’t just giving him valentines as friendship tokens anymore
  • and the nights you spent at his house weren’t just sleepovers full of jokes and dreams
  • but you had no clue how express to someone you’d known your whole life that you wanted to be more than just childhood friends ヽ( `д´*)ノ
  • wELL that is until one night when you and yoosung were studying at his house after school for a big test the next day
  • you were really struggling with one biology problem so you just “heyyy yoosung did you get number 14 because i have no clue what they’re—”
  • “i heard some girls talking about you.”
  • “… yeah so number 14—”
  • “they were saying the most horrible things about you. all because i hang out with you and not them. all because i only accept your valentines and not theirs. that’s not fair.”
  • “it’s okay, yoosung. they can’t help it. a-after all, you’re really nice and handsome and—”
  • “i… i want to be able to protect you, MC.”
  • and he did ♡(。- ω -)


  • zen had a pretty nasty home life and was constantly spending his days at your house
  • sometimes he would legitimately run down the street to your house in tears because of his mother’s harsh words or because of a stranger’s VERY creepy comment
  • you would assure ur sobbing pal that he was cute but so much more than that!! (o´∀`o)
  • you two would re-enact movie scenes and musical numbers together all the time
  • zen and you were very close when you first started high school but he drifted from you when he ran away from home, got his own place, and worked several jobs
  • eventually he wasn’t showing up to school much at all anymore, despite all your worried texts
  • one day, you walked by a group of guys in the hall after school talking about a party they had attended over the weekend and how “that one guy hyun was out of control”
  • that could mean anything
  • you were aware of zen’s, uh, passion for alcohol and even some drugs you were pretty sure (the devil’s lettuce will always getcha)
  • zen never left for a party without a text from you that said “stay safe” so what could have possibly happened??
  • you immediately headed for zen’s place with a knot in your stomach and didn’t even knock before you barged in
  • you were hit with the stench of cigarettes and the sight of a tattered zen on a couch
  • “hyun! what on earth happened to you? where were you?”
  • he jumped up, rushed over to you, and practically collapsed into your arms
  • “j-just… heh, some finance issues. and a nasty hangover. nothing to worry about.”
  • “‘nothing to worry about’? zen, you’re HURT.”
  • you then proceeded to roast him and his dangerous lifestyle
  • “and smoking cigarettes? really? i don’t want to kiss someone whose breath is all smokey.”
  • “… you want to kiss me?”
  • “i-if that will knock some sense into that thick skull of yours!”
  • “you don’t have to tell me twice.”
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


  • jaehee did not have the easiest childhood in the world per se ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭
  • but you two were inseparable and did everything together
  • you guys definitely got the soul sisters nomination in your middle school yearbook
  • … gal pals amirite (¬‿¬ )
  • you were the shining light jaehee had always needed and when high school rolled around that became extremely apparent
  • when her mother died, jaehee was destroyed and the move to her uncle’s residence took a huge toll on her
  • but it amazed you how she was able to maintain excellent grades and such a happy disposition when everything around her seemed to be going wrong
  • you guys hung out even more if that were even possible
  • one of your guys’ favorite things to do was find tiny hole-in-the-wall cafes and order a different item from the menu each time you went
  • nothing could beat the look on jaehee’s face when she smelled the blend of coffee and tea and pastries as she entered a cafe
  • the night before graduation, you and jaehee had a sleepover but couldn’t fall asleep since you were both so excited
  • it was around 2 am when jaehee spoke up out of nowhere
  • “MC, my life has changed so much. both of my parents are gone now. i’m about to go to an amazing university. but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, one thing that’s stayed beside me for so, so long.”
  • “yourself?”
  • she laughed that breathy laugh that you loved oH GOD you loved her laugh how long have you loved her laugh
  • “no, MC. you. and… i think i want you to be with me for the rest of my life.”


  • you and jumin were church kids ╰(▔∀▔)╯
  • both your parents and jumin’s parents were always joking about you two growing up and getting married one day, probably because you two were always playing house together (with a cat as the baby ofc)
  • but jumin stopped wanting to play house once his father divorced his mother and remarried
  • you watched as jumin would turn down any girls who asked him out in middle school out of his suspicion of them
  • you found it to be unfair but it’s not like it mattered who jumin did and didn’t like
  • … right?
  • jumin wasn’t the only kid in town being crushed on
  • you found your fair share of not-so-secret admirers in high school and it was anything but pleasant
  • a kind “i’m sorry, but i’m not interested” was never taken well by these people
  • you were constantly getting catcalled, harassed, and bullied by the ones who were supposed to be in love with you!!! (╬ Ò﹏Ó)
  • one day you complained to jumin about it and expressed how sometimes you were legitimately afraid of some of the people you had turned down
  • right as you finished talking about someone in particular, they passed by and whistled
  • you almost cried on the spot and jumin noticed
  • “th-that’s who i was talking about.”
  • “i could tell. you know, you can always hold my hand when he’s around. then he’ll think i’m your boyfriend.”
  • “but you’re not my boyfriend.”
  • “… well, i could be.”


  • i guess mystic messenger just has a thing for crappy childhoods
  • you and seven didn’t see each other often growing up
  • but you were the only one who could make him smile and give him some sort of hope
  • you two had a lot of classes together in high school but your shared astronomy class really stood out to the both of you
  • you slowly found yourself falling in love with the redhead in glasses who was always showing you things like distorted pictures of dogs with the caption “BORK”
  • seven was always “busy” whenever you wanted to come to his house and only came to your house for small periods of time before hurrying home
  • when you guys did hang out, it was mostly visiting a local car dealership and though it bored you more than any class you took it was low-key adorable to see seven’s face light up when he saw a sports car he really liked
  • you spent all of your breaks and lunches with him at school in the computer lab
  • it was kind of weird how all he did was practice coding and the occasional hack into the school website (this made for fantastic april fools’ day pranks)
  • seven had his moody days and his downright cheerful days but you were there with a smile no matter what kind of funk he was in
  • sometimes he would let something pretty ominous slip like “don’t get close to me” but you pushed his 3edgy5me comments aside
  • there was no confession moment between you and seven
  • one day you just started holding hands and then the next week you were kissing his cheek and he was lending you his sweaters and walking you home and then you were married JK JK JK
  • but you proved to seven that nothing about him could ever drive you away, no matter how dark and twisted he thought he was


  • you, jumin, and V were a squad to behold
  • but jumin found himself three-wheeling you and V as the years went on
  • V was always taking pictures and drawing, doing whatever he could to express his artistic influence, and you often joined him
  • V was not the most sociable guy so you were one of the few friends that bothered to interact with him and you never had to worry about someone trying to get with him
  • you found yourself quite lucky to be able to witness a side of V that no one else but you were able to see
  • high school opened up new possibilities for V, including photography clubs and art composition classes
  • you often served as the model for various projects and pieces (≧◡≦)
  • it felt cool being best friends with the school’s most iconic Art Hoe
  • you guys could be found at the local underground cafe that had an open mic night and hosted slam poetry events on the second tuesday of every month at any given time
  • anyone could see that you and V had feelings for each other
  • but anyone could also see that you and V were completely oblivious to the fact (and completely oblivious to your own feelings for each other tbh)
  • V was photographing you one day when he mumbled out of nowhere and probably by accident, “you’re stunning.”
  • your jaw dropped open and right as that happened, he snapped a picture
  • “j-jihyun! you don’t really mean it.”
  • “i do, though. i’d tell you to look into modeling, but what would my photography be without you?”


  • you met saeran through his brother, and although you never directly interacted with him until your high school years
  • you would sneak your lunch leftovers through his house’s window on your way home from school almost every day
  • when his mother wasn’t there, you and saeran would quietly talk to each other and he would tell you about all of the horrors he experienced
  • yet he warned you not to tell anyone and especially to NEVER call the police (╯︵╰,)
  • it was late into your high school days when saeran was finally able to attend school thanks to “some blonde religious lady and her fiancé”
  • he was constantly upset at his brother for abandoning him and his mother for abusing him but you were able to soothe him most days
  • saeran was sick a lot due to his past and his weak immune system but you were always bringing him soup and a tub of ice cream to his new home
  • you helped saeran learn how to socialize and tutored him when he didn’t quite grasp a subject
  • “now, saeran. if you want to be friends with someone, what’s a good way to tell them—”
  • “i love you.”
  • “no, no, no! we talked about ‘i love you’ last week. you use it when you want to—”
  • “no, i mean i actually love you.”
  • “i… look, we need to focus on this—”
  • “do you want to go out for ice cream?”
  • you blushed harder than you ever had before but you were so hAPPY????
  • “v-very good. and… yes. i’d love that.”
Sheith HC'S

These are a few of my expansive list of Sheith headcanons because they destroyed my life and I have no self control. Enjoy.

- Shiro fell in love with Keith when they sparred for about the 10th time, and Keith finally won by slamming Shiro into the ground, grabbing his wrist and straddling his hips to hold him down. He was simultaneously scared and turned on.

- Keith doesn’t know when he fell in love with Shiro, because he has loved him for too long.

- Shiro is the sappiest shit when he can and want to be. He’ll call Keith cute nicknames like baby, red, cherrybomb, handsome, darling…

- Shiro has really warm hands and Keith has cold hands. Both are startled everytime they hold hands because of the temperature shock.

- Keith loves every single one of Shiro’s scars. And he loves his arm and his white hair. Sure, these might be painful to Shiro, but to him, it showed that he was stronger than whatever hurt him. It meant that he was back where he belonged (with him), alive and well.

- Keith 👏🏼 loves 👏🏼 Shiro’s 👏🏼 tiddies 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. He loves groping dem pecs.

- Shiro loves when Keith ties up his hair, because then he can kiss his nape more easily.

- Keith is the epitome of gross. The man burps out loud, forgets to flush sometimes, and clips his nails on his bed. Shiro loves him all the same, even though Lance is intrigued on how.

- That being said, Shiro is also gross, but lowkey. He does stuff like peeing loudly even if Keith hasn’t finished brushing his teeth, scratching his butt when he’s getting cereal (or space goop), and drooling when he sleeps.

- SHIRO SNORES LIKE A TRUCK. Keith wakes him up by sliding his cold hands on his back whenever he starts his rumble. Shiro jolts awake, hissing and leaning away from his touch.

- They both really like astronomy. Sometimes Allura lets them use the planetarium room in the castle to search up constellations, and they love looking at the shining hologram stars together.

- They calm each other down. Shiro soothes Keith’s temper, and Keith helps Shiro with his panic attacks. They each know each other’s triggers, and what to do in case they’re not feeling well.

- Keith’s fingerless gloves were previously Shiro’s.

- They’re not too much of a PDA couple, but when they’re alone of if they reunite after a dangerous mission, it gets to the point where they’re nauseatingly cute.

Idk if this is too long! I mean, if y'all want some more, I’ll gladly post them ❤I just love sheith so much!

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I want one shot or multichaps without ot12 or just a few characters. i hate focusing on many characters. Chrissy I want bottom soo and smutty fics, nowadays it's too many topsoo. (I don't hate bottom kai but I prefer him to be manly, gentle, and funny) it's difficult to find the good fics of cutie soo.

OK, so I am just going to throw a ton at you and hope for the best. the amount of smut varies from a lot to a little. It was actually hard to not just do a list of pwp lol. 

Aside from his just a note that I am going to Disney for my 10 year wedding anniversary (as promised on year one) (super excited) so I will not be posting for a while. I’ll pick up in about 2 weeks. so here is a lot in the meantime. Enjoy

Love In Control: Ongoing. This is so my favorite thing right now. Kyungsoo’s boyfriends do go far enough so he takes to the internet to find someone who can do the things he wants

If You Allow Me: Complete 4 chapters-(vampire Jongin) Kyungsoo is living with his friend Chanyeol and a new roommate that has some peculiar habits

Kyungsoo’s Vitamin D: One shot. Kyungsoo is obsessed with Jongin’s dick and Jongin decides to try to keep it away for a little while

Pose For Me: One shot- a jealous Jongin fic I missed. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo decides to become one too in order to spend more time with Jongin

Rookie Boy: Complete 4 chapters. Kyungsoo wants a little more from his boyfriend in the bedroom so he convinces him to try new things

Measure Up: One shot. Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend is bigger than him and asks him to talk about it during sex

Velvet Dreams: one shot nonau Kyungsoo has a crush on Jongin but is worried Jongin wants girls because he is bisexual

INK: Ongoing. Kind of dark. Jongin is an incubus who is obsessed with Kyungsoo and now has started at his highschool

A Simple Life: one shot- Jongin and Kyungsoo have very different positions in life, but both share heartbreak over the same person and bond over that, but their jobs kind of make them unable to really be together

Need You Now: One shot Kyungsoo loses his virginity to Jongin (and gets embarrassed when they go buy condoms)

Provocative: one shot. Kyungsoo is graduating high school and loses his virginity to Jongin on a dare

Starboy: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo is kind of a dork in school and is really into astronomy and he meets Jongin at a party

Drawing You: One shot. Jongin is an art student who is obsessed with drawing Kyungsoo

Spur of the Moment: One shot. On vacation Kyungsoo sees Jongin gets dumped and then they spend the rest of their time together

Come as you are: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is the vampire Jongin is the wolf, they are in a secret relationship because some shit went down and their families hate each other, but they make it work

Hands On You: One shot. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo is his stylist

Locked in Love: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo works at a prison where people get locked up because love if forbidden and then he meets Jongin and joins the rebellion

Aurora: one shot (one of my favorite wolf stories) Kyungsoo is an omega who can’t stay with his pack since he heats started so he starts living with Jongin

Spellbound: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo meets Jongin when he goes to a strip club with Baekhyun, and likes him. He keeps seeing Jongin in real life, who is kind of weary of him

Let Me Love You: one shot. Jongin helps Kyungsoo through his heat

Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) : One shot Kyungsoo is a model and Jongin is his makeup artist (smut happens)

I’ll heal You When You’re Sick (Put A Sock In It!): One shot nonau fluff smut Kyungsoo tries to help Jongin when he is sick

I O U: Ten Reasons Why John Watson is Actually Moriarty

(1)   They already told us:

They’ve been telling us since Season 1:

See also:

(2)  Are We Sure That Little Girl is Pointing At Sherlock.  Are we sure.  Are we positive.

(3)  The Storyteller. 

Who’s the storyteller of the Sherlock Holmes canon again?

(4)  Sherlock’s first introduction to John (and his subsequent deductions) is paralleled to his first introduction to Moriarty:

Of course Sherlock’s deductions about Moriarty are totally wrong, manipulated by fake characteristics that were planted to fool Sherlock into dismissing him.

But let’s face it - faking an entirely psychosomatic limp that you can forget about half the time, offering a phone that’s been engraved with “clues,” and loudly declaring “different from back in my day” when you enter the room aren’t much more difficult than irritating one’s own eyes to suggest that you go clubbing and picking up a visible underwear brand.

More beneath the cut…

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While Bota and Aqua Magna were fused back with Bara Magna to reform Spherus Magna, there was probably a lot of space debris left in the process. It might take a few years, but the larger gravitational force of a reformed planet probably pulled all that junk into some pretty rings and possibly a couple of smaller moons. The Red Star was probably pulled into orbit as well, but it could be an asteroid sized problem if that orbit wasn’t stable.

It probably also blocked a lot of the night sky from the view of the Ko Matoran and drove them all crazy. 

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Hi I was wondering if you can expand on the Hogwarts au! Like what are the exo's boys boggarts and favorite and least favorite subjects in Hogwarts along with favorite teacher. Love your belong can't wait for more au's!

Of course! Thank you for asking. ^_^ Like with my Percy Jackson AU, BTS is a part of this AU, but I haven’t interwoven them in this post, because I am still developing their backgrounds and stories. 

  • Minseok
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Minseok is kind of a jack of all trades. He likes all of his classes, but his particular favorites are Herbology and Quidditch. He likes how calming Herbology is and just like many of the other boys, he loves playing sports. Both subjects are good at helping him cope with his anxiety. 
    • Least fave subject: Despite being good at most subjects, Minseok isn’t the biggest fan of Divination. He thinks it’s a bunch of superstitious hogwash.  
    • Fave teacher: Minseok really admires his Herbology teacher, Professor Sprout. He loves how devoted and passionate she is about the subject and not to mention she is the Head of Hufflepuff. 
  • Luhan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Luhan’s favorite subjects are Divination and Quidditch. He never expected to be good at Divination, but after the first day of class he found that he has a real knack for it. He also loves sports, hence the love for Quidditch. 
    • Least fave subject: Luhan doesn’t like Arithemacy for the plain and simple fact that the professor for that class assigns too much homework. If the teacher assigned less homework, Luhan would have enjoyed the class more. 
    • Fave teacher: Oddly enough, Luhan really admires Hagrid. Even if Luhan isn’t totally invested in Care of Magical Creatures, he enjoys watching how passionate Hagrid gets when he teaches the class. 
  • Yifan
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood
    • Fave subjects: Yifan is fascinated by many of the courses offered at Hogwarts, but his favorites are Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yifan is especially a big fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts, because he wants to be an Auror. 
    • Least fave subject: Interestingly enough, for a Slytherin Yifan is not that great at Potions. As a result, Yifan’s least favorite class is Potions
    • Fave teacher: Although Professor Mad-Eyed Moody is known for being pretty odd, Yifan really admires him and wants to be as great as an Auror as he is. 
  • Junmyeon
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Junmyeon likes to challenge himself in his course work and that is why Studies of Ancient Runes is his favorite class. He also really like Charms because of all the useful day-to-day spells that are taught. 
    • Least fave subject: As hard as he tries, Junmyeon just can’t do well in Herbology. He wants to keep his plants alive, but unfortunately most of them end up dead. 
    • Fave teacher: Junmyeon feels a lot of loyalty for his house so his favorite teacher would be Professor Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw and professor for Charms. 
  • Yixing
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Yixing is Muggleborn, he is really curious about the things that set witches and wizards apart from muggles, besides the spell-casting. His love for nature also the reason why his favorite classes are Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures
    • Least fave subject: Due to the fact that Yixing is very interested in learning about all aspects of the wizarding world, it would come to no surprise that he doesn’t care about Muggle Studies
    • Fave teacher: Yixing absolutely adores Madame Pomfrey. He is an awe at her skill as a healer and one of the careers he is considering to pursue is Healer, just like her.
  • Baekhyun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Ravenclaw and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Although he won’t admit it, Baekhyun is smart. He tries to pretend that he’s not a nerd, but he has a hard time hiding the fact that his favorite classes are Astronomy and Arithemacy since he never skips those classes and enjoys doing the homework. 
    • Least fave subject: Baekhyun doesn’t really like Care of Magical Creatures. It’s not that he doesn’t like animals, but there are a significant amount of magical creatures that terrify him.  
    • Fave teacher: Because Baekhyun is such a hoe for Arithemacy, his favorite teacher would have to be Professor Vector, who assigns a lot of Arithemacy homework for her students. 
  • Jongdae
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Hufflepuff and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Jongdae really likes classes that are hands-on and he also enjoys classes that teach him spells that help cause a little harmless mischief. As such Jongdae’s favorite classes are Transfiguration and Apparition
    • Least fave subject: Jongdae isn’t really into Astronomy and has a real hard time with the class. One of his biggest issues with it is that it’s at nighttime and he often catches himself falling asleep during class. 
    • Fave teacher: Jongdae’s favorite teacher is Professor Binns, the only teacher at Hogwarts who is a ghost. He finds it hilarious that Professor Binns struggles to remember students’ names. 
  • Chanyeol
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Half-blood 
    • Fave subjects: Chanyeol also likes classes that are hands-on and as such his favorite subjects are Potions and Transfiguration, although his Potions teacher is not quite fond of him because of his use of “creativity” while brewing potions. 
    • Least fave subject: Because Chanyeol likes classes that are hands-on, it would make sense that he isn’t a really big fan of History of Magic since it requires him to just sit there and listen, or read. 
    • Fave teacher: Interestingly enough, Chanyeol really admires Professor McGonagall. Although she is strict, Chanyeol admires her great command of magic. 
  • Kyungsoo
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Slytherin and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Since Kyungsoo is a Muggleborn, he likes to learn as much as he can about the wizarding world. As such his favorite subject is History of Magic. Kyungsoo also really likes Defense Against the Dark Arts and has found that his pretty good at it. 
    • Least fave subject: Kyungsoo is not a really big fan of playing Quidditch, because of his petrifying fear of heights, but he doesn’t mind watching the games when Slytherin is playing. 
    • Fave teacher: Kyungsoo’s favorite teacher is Professor Slughorn. He admires Slughorn’s knowledge of Potions and he was really happy when Slughorn became the Head of Slytherin. 
  • Tao
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood
    • Fave subjects: Interestingly, Tao is fascinated and curious. Being born and raised in a very Pureblood household, he doesn’t know much about muggles. Combined with his love for sports, Tao’s favorite subjects are Muggle Studies and Quidditch
    • Least fave subject: Coming from a Pureblood family, Tao finds History of Magic to be a boring subject. He’d rather be out on the Quidditch pitch than in History of Magic. 
    • Fave teacher: Tao’s favorite teacher is Professor Burbage. He really enjoyed the way she taught the Muggle Studies class. 
  • Jongin
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Muggleborn
    • Fave subjects: Being the sports enthusiast that he is, Jongin was so relieved when he came to Hogwarts and found out that they had a sports team. Jongin absolutely loves Quidditch and he really enjoys Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • Least fave subject: Study of Ancient Runes absolutely bores Jongin. He wants nothing to do with it.
    • Fave teacher: Jongin really admires Professor Lupin and was inspired by him to want to become a professor. 
  • Sehun
    • Hogwarts house and blood status: Gryffindor and Pureblood 
    • Fave subjects: Also Sehun has this tough exterior, he has a soft spot for animals and as such his favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. He also loves Quidditch since it keeps him active and doesn’t leave him with pent up energy. 
    • Least fave subject: Sehun isn’t really a big fan of Arithemacy. He thinks that the professor assigns too much homework and would rather spend his time doing other things. 
    • Fave teacher: Sehun’s favorite teacher is Professor Hooch, the teacher for flying lessons. He admires her command of magic and her flying skills. 

I put the boggarts for each member under read more, because I touch up on some dark and potentially triggering ideas (such as death and mental illness) when it comes to their boggarts.

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lupsbluejeans  asked:

Pidge being really good at herbology but not loving it, hunk and lance being really good at care of magical creatures, lance and Keith choosing to take alchemy so hunk and pidge can take it, lance is really good at transfiguration, all of them are really good at astronomy, hunk and Keith being incredible at divination because of their instincts it comes so naturally!

Wait I have more!!!!!!!! Keith and pidge being really good at ancient runes, lance and pidge being really good at charms, hunk being crazy good at arithmancy, and also pidge being a muggle studies expert because I can see Matt and Samuel both taking sort of Arthur Weasley roles where Samuel is interested in muggle tech and Matt looking into the biology of muggles and the things they discovered

i love the arthur weasley holts omg. and?? with the alchemy??

pidge: alchemy is only available for sixth and seventh years if there’s high enough demand :(

keith: that’s rough buddy

hunk: aw man, i really wanted to take it :(

lance: mmm yeah that sucks.

pidge: [puppy-dog eyes at lance and keith]

lance: no…i’m…stronger than this…

keith: you…can’t make us…

hunk: [also starts with the puppy-dog eyes]

lance and keith: [recruiting everyone they can find for alchemy] goddammit