not really an edit but whatever i made it on photoshop

I never had a problem with cosplay pictures (at least mine) behing used in a graphic, even if uncredited, but what I saw today really made me draw the line.

It’s NOT OKAY to take a cosplayer’s picture and replace their face with someone else’s for your fancast/aesthetic/whatever.

We put month’s worth of work in our costumes so erasing the person behind that work is a really shitty thing to do (regardless if you credit or not and if you ask for permission or not. And damn, you gotta have some guts to go up to someone and ask them if you can photoshop some actor’s face on their own because you don’t think they look enough like the character or whatever).

I see 100000 posts about not reposting and editing art out of respect to the artist but I never see such posts when it comes to cosplay photography. When a cosplayer posts a cosplay picture, they’re not just posting a picture of themselves to show their pretty face, it is by all means a fanart. It’s not a fucking selfie, it’s the result of hard work both on their and the photographer’s part.

So, if you are not okay with people editing or reposting art (often without credits), you should be against it when it comes to cosplay too. Because, let me tell you, it happens A LOT, a lot more than it happens with art too, and nobody beats an eye.