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Do you ever wonder why there’s always this push for everyone working with the boys becoming instant best friends with them? I mean, we know they’re lovely boys (that’s why we’re here) but… you don’t have to be somebody’s closest friend just because you have to work with them. Also remember that this fandom is so quick to “adopt” anyone that says any flowery words about the boys and we know that often doesn’t end up well. Keep in mind that we’re a huge and engaged fanbase of the biggest boy band on the planet. Everybody wants to tap on that spring ($$$). And y’all make it far too easy.


now that summer has come, i am now (for the first time, so if i mess something up then lmk) open for commissions! if you’re interested, contact me via twitter DMs, tumblr IMs, or send me an email at and pay me via paypal! (please pay first, if not then i won’t do it) please provide me with proper references with what you want (a reference sheet for your OC, pictures of any characters, etc.) if you would like more examples of my art look here!

things i will draw:

  • fanart
  • OC’s
  • shipping (as long as it isn’t pedophilia/incest/etc.)
  • anthros/furries
  • simple backgrounds
  • portraits

things i won’t draw:

  • NSFW/kinks/fetishes
  • heavy gore/violence (light blood is fine)
  • complex mechs
  • complex backgrounds
  • really i have the right to deny anything that makes me uncomfortable or that i disagree with

for now i am starting with 10 slots! (this will be updated as i go on)

  1. trashasaurusrex
  2. red-velvet-panda
  3. villagerboy527
  4. judylaverenhopps
  5. jman0525
  6. agentsgrucy
  7. drstockholm

and lastly if you can’t commission me for any reason a simple reblog to boost this is just as appreciated! thank you and have a good day <3


Hi everyone! You might have noticed page 27 is a bit late today! Unfortunately I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with commissions and work and moving back to australia, and haven’t been able to keep as on top of Mimon as I’d like. I was hoping to get the page up for you all a little later today, but work commitments are interfering with that plan. As is, I’ve decided to postpone page 27 until next week, and post it alongside page 28, so there will be two pages next week, and I can get back on schedule. Sorry about that! I really didn’t want to have to postpone, but I’m realising it’ll be better for my mental health if I just put it aside for this week. If any of you are from Melbourne I’ll be at Oz Comic Con this weekend selling Mimon and a whole lot of other merch (which is partly why I’m so busy), so come along and say hi! 

// Uhm okay well. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone?? I’m not entirely sure what this is all about and I don’t like assuming. Although I can’t really think of anyone I’ve necessarily hurt. So allow me to say a general rule with me personally. If you have a problem with me or something I’ve done, posted, or said. Feel free to message me about it! I always try to handle problems in private so it doesn’t become a big ol’ pointing fest of “he did this, well she did this”. There are no good wars. None. If you have a problem, DM me. My DMs are always open. This goes for any problems, no matter how big or small. 

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Ok so im currently on a 10-week holiday from school and im super bored. Do you have any ideas on what i could do? (you always have so great ideas so i thought i could come to you haha)

Gosh, that is so long for a school holiday! Mine were always a maximum of about 6-7 weeks! I appreciate you thinking of me, that is really cool :-) I’ll link you to a few posts that might help you:

I would recommend playing Sims, either 3 or 4. I prefer 3 though! The amount of hours I have spent playing this is incredible haha! It is so addictive and entertaining :’-) Hope these help and you have a fun holiday! x

Someone : RusAme doesn’t work historically since Russia and USA has always been rivals since America’s independence.


Wait but is there such a thing as rivalry between Imperial Russia and USA? Like antagonistic cold-war style rivalry? 

Someone who’s buff/knowledgeable at Russian-USA history (no matter if you like RusAme ship or not), please do enlighten me! (I’m really really intrigued to know more about it) thanks in advance! 


GUYS I have a surprise for you!!

For my 1000 followers on instagram, I asked you what did you want as a celebration and most of people voted either for a 5H comic Week or a fancomic based on your favorite fanfiction’s scene.

Guess what? I’LL DO BOTH!!

But I need your help for this one, I need 1000 followers on my tumblr so I can collect a lot of votes to choose the fanfiction’s scene!

So if you can share those mini-projects, tag your friends/harmos blogs (especially if they’re OT5/shippers or like fanart in general) or just re-post it with credits, I would be really thankful and it could be a great success!

Have a really really good day, fam!!!

PS: Pls don’t tag any girls on this post because those project may contains assumptions about some………………….stuff.

heres a quick callout post for my good friendo @ideekai

she is currently away for a month doing something in another state, and will be inactive for the month

but can i just give a moment

to praise this person’s art?

look at it

look at it


there’s proof ^

this also brings me to my second point.

she has been sending really concerning messages lately. I won’t post them publicly because I don’t think she’d like that, but she is being super vague about her problems, and she refuses to give any more detail on what is going on. this has really been concerning me, and when I try to mention this fact to her, she avoids it like the plague. 

and she left yesterday with that message, and now I will not be able to be in contact w/ her for a month. 

so I thought it would be a good idea if she came back to really positive posts and stuff!! so please, follow her blog, praise her art, she needs it.

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i rly like the way you end each ask with live long and prosper. i feel like that's something spock would do if he ran a blog. what kind of blog do u think he would have? and if u want to expand wat kind of blog would each crew member have?

Aw, thank you babe!  Leonard Nimoy signed off his tweets with ‘llap’ so I can’t take any credit, it just seemed like a good thing to do help spread the love like he did.  I’m going to give this blog thing my best shot.

Jim- A Hot Mess ™ like he would shitpost really vague stuff and reblog anything that comes across his dash, no tagging system, approximately 27 unread messages 

Spock- Aesthetics and photography, aka that blog that never posts anything about themselves, has a killer theme, and everyone follows but doesn’t know why

Bones- One of those really sarcastic ask/advice blogs, seems really tough but takes time to message people who are having a bad day

Uhura- Too Pure ™.  Literally the sweetest blogger on this website, but absolutely drags bullies.  Extremely organized tagging system, now in 5 languages For Your Convenience.

Sulu- He made a tumblr just to use it as a public sort of journal, but people started following him because they thought all of the shit he gets into is funny

Chekov- A studyblr, he would reblog tutorials and masterposts and historical fun facts.  Posts a selfie every few months, shocking his followers who think he is an Adult

Scotty- The obscure fandom blog. The fandom isn’t popular enough to have a bunch of blogs, so anyone who is into it follows his blog because he has quality content.  Makes Life Hack videos

This was fun!


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The reason I think Zoro is abusive to Sanji is because he treats him like he isn't even a human. It's gone BEYOND bickering. I get that friends argue, but friends don't treat friends as if they mean nothing. Zoro reminds me so much of so many of my childhood bullies; the things he does, says, and just the way he hold himself. They do have normal arguments, but they usually start or end with Zoro saying something awful. FRIENDS DON'T TREAT FRIENDS LIKE THEY'RE WORTHLESS

Also, I noticed that in the tags to that post you said that you weren’t sure if you had changed my mind or just spit in my face; do you really think THAT changed my mind? Maybe you would have, if you hadn’t been so mean and aggressive about it. I’m always open to changing my opinion if there is proper information to support it, but because you decided that my question warranted aggression I probably won’t. Personally I would have answered any ask more politely but that might just be me. 

First up, I would like to acknowledge two things: I was passive aggressive.  I was very frustrated at the time because I like to talk. I like to express myself in the written form and that frustration bled into my language. I apologise if my words read hatefully towards you. I also should have been conscious that I had no idea what sort of context you were speaking from but I would like to state given the information on you I had available at the time, I wrongfully assumed you were going to be speaking from sort of puritanical, anti-problematic anything stance. If that is not the case, I doubly apologise and I hope you feel as though this is coming from the bottom of my heart because I am genuinely apologising.

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge that I am definitely projecting onto canon for where i’m going to pull my interpretations on hence, why I included that reply - not because I think the person who left said reply is the same person has asked for an explanation as to how I perceive the canon dynamics and relationships of Sanji between the two Strawhats in question.

I one hundred percent wholly believe in the True Companions and Found Family tropes the Strawhats are built on. Are made of. I realise there is a lot of bias because I have an embarassingly deep desire to have a friendship group that emulates the Strawhats due to my own experiences in real life friendships. Perhaps I’ve been socialised to accept what goes beyond the boundaries of “normal friendships” and this is completely screwed bias talking but….

I refuse to let anyone slander their canon relationships of friendships, of nakama, of familial bonds.

Sanji and Zoro are built on the comical trope of bickering. One Piece is a comedy. Their friction is played for laughs because it is shown time and time again that when the going gets tough, well they stick it out together. That is the formula their platonic relationship works on. 

However, fanon is a completely different issue. Seeing your childhood bullies in Zoro is fanon. Seeing romantic relationships between most of the characters is fanon. Seeing abusive or hateful relationships between the Strawhats is most definitely fanon since time and time again, the Strawhats have proven they would go through Hell for each other. Each and everyone one of them would. Every single combination of them would because they love each other: they’re what I could consider platonic soul mates. Including Sanji and Zoro.

Unfortunately Anon, the best advice I can give to you to this ridiculous discourse to an end is that you have to learn to cherry pick your fanon better. Blacklist characters you don’t like. Blacklist ships and buzz words you hate. Avoid the stripes of artists and writers who don’t cut it for you. That’s okay. 

Everyone brings their personal context to a piece of media first and foremost and that affects how they will react and interpret. 

My next piece of advice is that if you think you’ll dislike something, don’t bother asking those who like it why they like it. Even if you have the intention of wanting to be open minded and wanting to change your own mind, it never ends well.

You’re allowed to have the most popular ships in fandom as your NOTPs and you’re allowed to say that. I have. On this very blog. I have mentioned time and time again that I dislike LawLu/most Luffy ships in general. So, I just avoid and blacklist whilst maintaining a belief of “ship and let ship” because I accept and acknowledge people will have differing perceptions of media. I love the diversity. Sometimes, it leads to conflict but sometimes, it can lead to something beautiful.

TLDR: blacklist, unfollow, block and avoid because we all have different experiences and those experiences will affect perceptions of media and surround yourself with fanon you agree with.

And please don’t try and find my main. I don’t want this there either.

So, to conclude: have a nice day, Anon.

- Mod Strawhat

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I haven't really seen many pics about this AU. Do you have any links or recommendations? I really love this idea <3

Omg thank you so much!!  💕 Sorry for the lack of content recently, this blog is fairly new and I’ve been super busy this month, but I’ve been working on some more writing for the au and I’ll get back to producing more content very soon! For now, here are some links to things about my au that I have so far:

-Main premise can be read here and a better analysis of Michael’s actions are here

-Some things to keep in mind before sending an ask here

-Cover art for the au here

-I track the tag “squip swap” in case some awesome people draw fan art for the au! You can view those here and here!

Plot relevant asks:

(I’ve been answering everything in order that occurs before “Upgrade” but I should be advancing the plot soon!)

How Michael Got the Squip

What Happened To Michael’s Big Headphones?

Has the Squip Tried To Break Michael From Smoking?

Does Jeremy Know That the Squip Worked?

Does Michael Regret Taking the Squip?

Non-Plot Relevant Asks:

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 12 

And that’s about it for now! I have many more questions left to answer, and I’m so excited to get to them all, but please be patient as I finish up some things this month and I’ll get right back on it! I have such cool things to share with you guys like guest artists, fully colored commissions, fics I’ve been working on, and more! ✨

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i saw your post about favourite simmers, but do you have any fav stories?

OOOH BOY. Let me tell you, do I ever

I have been literally obsessively reading @madeyesimsMalignant Virtues. If you haven’t checked it out, you absolutely need to! Madi is supremely talented, and simultaneously makes me want to laugh, cry, and throw my computer through a wall. ♡

Another great if really long one is @justkeeponsimming‘s Perfect Sim Challenge. Seriously, read the whole damn thing. Rae is also responsible for one of my all time favorite sims, no biggie. ♡


Aranea is really interesting but i’ll admit in my first read I wasn’t really a fan of her (or Vriska for that matter). The thing about them is. There absolutly is a comparison to be made! Vriska has a survival instinct built around being the centre of attention whike Aranea essentially has never felt any kind of respect or recognition, and both of them eventually suffer from the toxic influence of Mindfang representing this ideal version of themselves.

But you’re absolutly right, Aranea is one of the more obviously autistic coded characters and yeah. She infodumps alot and most of her “friends” apparently dont have time for that. While I don’t believe she’s suffered abuse in the same way Vriska has, she absolutly has had to deal with bullying and its entirely understandable that she would eventually lash out.

On a related note, I remember seeing a theory (might have been terezi-disclurse but i dont remember) that Aranea has actually been culled in the Beforan sense. That is, raised by a highblood family and heavily coddled/made to feel inferior. The reason being, she doesnt seem to have the same experience as Vriska when it comes to spidermom? Its possible she just had a different lusus or things on Beforus meant caring for it was much easier, but its an interesting idea that she was unable to care for the hyperagressive spider and so ended up feeling. Lesser? Could partly explain why her personality is so much more. Docile i guess? Than Vriska’s.

BUT YEAH Aranea Deserved 8etter


          while watching star trek beyond, someone asked why translators like uhura were still needed when universal translators were a thing that existed. and it got me thinking so now i actually have an idea?

          note: this comes mostly off my knowledge as a linguistics student, if you got ideas feel free to talk 2 me about them.

          UNIVERSAL TRANSLATORS are great. they’re fantastic. They can allow for any kind of language someone comes across to be analyzed and translated in a matter of seconds. Like google translate, except for something you’ve never come across before. but how does it work?

          In order for any kind of machine translation to be successful it needs to have a sentient being’s input at least at first, so that it’s able to understand the different types of language structures that it can potentially come across. A universal translator is able to do that, as well as search for any knowledge of the unknown language (in the cloud? a database? there has to be a lexicon somewhere in the Federation’s databases) and convert it nigh-instantaneously into the language required for comprehension.

          So why do they still need people translators? Ignoring for a moment that a ship’s communications officer isn’t just for translating (that’s a different post entirely) think about google translate again. You ever put a sentence in, translate it into another language, and then translate it back? Machines mess up. They misinterpret certain grammar functions, or word order, and create a garbled mess. They don’t understand how to grasp intonation (which we see even in ST:B with the flat machine voice of the translator) or sarcasm. Word play is lost on them. 

          Physical translators are needed especially when coming across new languages. A linguist trained in analyzing something completely unknown in order to compile it into the database so that it may be put into a universal translator. But people allow for the more subtle nuances of language to be portrayed which is especially important in languages where body language is essential to make a point.

          Ex: In ST:ID when Uhura goes out to meet the Klingons. Obviously Klingon is a language in a database somewhere. So why did she go out to talk instead of using a translator or something? Because Klingon rely on body language for communication too. Her entire demeanor changes when she speaks Klingon, including her vocal intonation and that just wouldn’t carry over into a robotic voice well. At all.

          Anyway this is getting way too goddamn long so TL;DR: universal translators, while fantastic, are still a flawed system that require a sentient being’s input in order to properly convey messages required and we will never not need physical translators.

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How are brown and black stripes supposed to be anything more than virtue signaling? You've erased the Japanese American activists in California during the homophile movement and your stripes leave out my ethnic and racial background, so I don't know what the point of any of this is. It's beyond useless. You probably reblogged a post about commercialism and gaywashing products during pride month. This is stupid posturing like new vodka labels and french fry cartons.

 yall really b out here that mad huh? lol

God tier powers

*take any thing I say as meaning the gt’s at their best, in this post*

When asking about the god tier, homestucks like to ask about their classpect’s powers. I mean who wouldn’t want to know what awesome power they could have.

Now I don’t really know if anyone has said or suggested it but, at least in my opinion, there are two types of powers. They would be physical powers and influential powers. I’m talking in general btw.

Now when I say physical powers I mean any thing that ‘touches’ reality. Like how a prince or bard of space could easily break or decay a wall and/or mountain with ease.

The influencial powers would be, well, less physical and more affecting your brain or the essence of something. Like house a heir or witch might be able to tell their ‘bonds’ and 'connections’ what to do.

Right now, I’m not sure if I think certain classes and/or aspects would be better at one type of power then another or not. Some one like the creation/destruction classes could be more physical, where as, knowledge/manipulation classes could be more influential. It could also be that each class can have either type depending on the person.

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hey!!! i was wondering, how come you study in france? i'm fairly new to your blog and i love your posts, i would like to hear more about your experience regarding studying in france in your situation!! and if you have any anecdotes about that that you would like to share!!

hi! firstly, thank you so much! it really means a lot to me. (seriously, i have the biggest smile on my face). i’m so sorry for the late response, i was moving (: 

send me another ask if you’d like to know more! this is a little long - 

the how 

  • french has been in my life for a long time. i think i was first enrolled in an international program (where they taught it) when i was twelve - not even a couple months later, i left to visit france for the first time to visit my mom.
  • she went to france (in 2011) to get her master’s degree in linguistics. 
  • my brother (2013) and sister (2011) went with her. (i, however, didn’t join her until the the summer before what would have been my freshman year. was that something i regret? yes.) 
  • so for three years, i visited them (and when i wasn’t, i lived alone with my dad, who worked a lot to support an apartment in france and in the united states).
  •  when i fourteen, i visited paris for two weeks with my class as part of an exchange program. 
  • it was chic, it was this entirely new universe i’d never seen before. i’d never felt more different, and i think that was a good thing. the cafés, the music, the pathways where hemingway walked -  it’s this sort of unconquerable way of living that makes up Paris’s charm – something that cannot be calculated into a ranking. 
  • it’s truly beautiful. and when i was asked if i wanted to go to poitiers, three hours away from paris (my last chance) for freshman year, i took it. i made the mistake of staying for friends - i couldn’t go through life wondering what if. i didn’t want to regret anything, you know? i knew i wasn’t going to be at the top of the class, not at first. 

only, it didn’t end up being one year. i would end up staying there for my entire career as a lycéenne. 

the apartments 

the apartments my family stays in are very small, with exception to our last one 

  • our first one was the size of a shoebox. i’m not kidding when the kitchen and the bedroom were in the same space. (the bed was a fold out couch). 
  • i don’t remember our second apartment very well. i think it was next to an indian restaurant - it did have two bedrooms, making it easier to stay in when i visited my family. 
  • the third was located in a small complex with a small parking space. 
  • the fourth, i don’t remember at all (: 
  • the fifth apartment is located above a sephora, about two minutes from the central square. we spent about three-four years here (renting), and it even had a loft space on the third floor. an artist, an attorney, and many other people with different stories lived there with us. i remember when the police showed up, twice. another story for another time (: i’ve got so many memories here, which makes it even harder to leave. it means a lot to me. i love it here: it’s empty now, save for a computer (the one i’m writing on right now), a desk, wifi, and a printer. our lease is up by the end of the month (: 
  • the sixth, next to a park and a café, where the neighbors play their music just a little too loud (: it’s different for sure. we just moved here, the rooms are fill with boxes and nothing is unpacked yet - hopefully, it will feel like home soon.
  • i spend christmas and the summers in the united states, in the house where i grew up until i was fourteen. 

since i live in a small city, i walk by almost all the apartments i’ve visited / lived in everyday. it’s surreal for sure - i get to see where i’ve started and where i’m going to be. 


  • i live in a city where you know everyone, and everyone knows you. 
  • there’s music almost always playing in the street. 
  • some people will judge you because of your nationality: it’s okay and you learn to deal with it. 
  • a lot of people like to do manifestations (they like to protest) here.
  • shops are everywhere - all of them are small town french stores and they’re super chic and very inexpensive. 
  • the cafés are great, very lovely and the food is above average
  • breakfast isn’t a big deal. croissants, orange juice, little bread and cheese, coffee..
  • i don’t like croissants (: or i didn’t, i’ve started to like them after four years. 
  • bacon isn’t bacon. 
  • in central square, they’ll have parties / an event in correspondance with the season
  • at christmas, central square is transformed into santa’s village: skating, hot cocoa, waffles, churros, cute scarves and hats, hazelnut coffee, that type of thing (:
  • most restaurants close at 2pm and re-open around seven. 
  • the bagel shop knows me and my order because i go there everyday. 
  • the quiches are amazing, if you like quiches. 
  • cobblestone streets.
  • sundays are quiet, almost everything is closed. 
  • where i live, it’s true: the french dress to impress. 
  • smoking is a thing - it’s not unusual, and everyone does it (not me), teachers included. 
  • i once saw one of the social economics teachers smoking with his students and taking instagram photos.
  • he was one of the newer professors. he left to get some life experience 

the language: studying in french

  • freshman year, it was hard. i didn’t have many friends, i was just learning the language, and most of all: i was lonely. 
  • everyone spoke so fast. i was completely out of my depth. to make matters more difficult, i suffer from social anxiety: which made talking a struggle i have to live with. 
  • by the end of my first year, my comprehension of french was excellent. 
  • when studying in another language, it may get a little bit overwhelming, but you have to really acknowledge what you don’t understand: is it the concept, the idea, or vocabulary?
  • there is a trick to learning languages that can shorten the journey to fluency from decades to mere months. there’s also something most teachers won’t even tell students for fear they would never start, but in fact, is vital that you know. hint: complete linguistic immersion is everything (:
  • 4% of students embarking on language courses in schools achieve a basic level of fluency after three years. this is what happened to me, and i realized this as soon as i got here: basic was a generous way of describing my level back then. 
  • one of the biggest reasons cited for abandoning is that students don’t feel any sense of progression. a student with an A* will visit france and find they can’t even have a basic conversation. (me, my first year)
  • i felt like giving up becuase i had the wrong expectations set. 
  • it takes 600+ hours of study & practice to reach fluency in french
  • from february (which is way too late to start studying for the bac), i studied for a minimum of three - four hours every single day. 
  • be realistic about what you can achieve so you won’t get demotivated.
  • immersing yourself as deeply as possible in the subject allows you to rack up the hours as quickly as possible. 
  • memory fades unless it’s the language is used.
  • low-intensity studies (high school french) are ineffective because their intensity is so low that you end up forgetting a large percentage of what you learn. 
  • it’s not until B1/B2 that the light comes out and it starts to feel really good speaking French.
  • i took the B1 in tenth grade, my second year. i passed with like an 85 percent. it does get better. 
  • It’s really worth while registering to take DELF exams - tests that mesure  your linguistic ‘level’. 
  • i hadn’t heard of the DELF until i got to lycée. don’t be me!
  • i felt lost for the better part of a year. 
  • repetition is vital to learning
  • sleep is vital to memory. i still have problems with this, given the fact it still takes me a while to complete all my work. 

my lycée, or high school

  • is amazing. it’s made out of glass, shaped like a pyramid, and is relatively new compared to most of my city. 
  • we have french, spanish, russian, and chinese students (i’m the only american) who study here!
  • it’s right next to this mall, auchan, where everyone goes when they don’t have class.
  • a mini-café is managed by the MDL (student council) on the first floor.
  • you can get coffee, tea, cookies, chocolate, or crèpes there (on some days). it seriously helps with the long hours in the library
  • we have soundproof music rooms: pianos, music, drums.. 
  • on sunny days, groups of us will sit outside on the grass and just talk. we form circles and listen to people play music and sing. 
  • a lot of people smoke / hang out near the observatory (which is shaped like a flower). hasn’t been used in years. 
  • for the most part, the teachers are very good. 
  • for our last history class, we cried because the professor was leaving.
  • he baked us brownies and brought some drinks and it was one of the saddest moments of première (eleventh grade).
  • last year, we visited paris for two days. one night, the whole class united in a hotel room - we told ghost stories until 2am.
  • in spring, we host a festival: dancing, handball, singing contests, etc.
  • one day, my class dressed up as the x - men. 
  • french literature class is one of the hardest classes i’ve ever had to take. 
  • international week (where every student comes from around the globe to visit): i went to a party with some romanian students and drank beer for the very first time.
  • i can drink legally, now that i’m eighteen. 
  • drinking isn’t a big deal here, not where i live.
  • on tuesdays and wednesdays, my classes end at 12pm. 
  • three days out of a school week, i go to school at nine thirty in the morning.
  • mondays and fridays, i end at five thirty.
  • i have to take the bus for forty five minutes everyday.
  • ACFs on thursdays: classes created by students which are validated by a jury at the end of the year. i did fashion couture class this year and dance class last year.

if you guys have any more asks about my lycée, i’d love to answer them! 

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Darlin' I'm on mobile so I can't really see any links or anything, but do you have a post about commissions or is it just email and talk to you? And if so do you have a preferred email? :) Thank you kindly!!

Hello Hello! ;v; I have a post right here

You can also dm me on here and i can give you my email if you wish!

theholylight replied to your

post:[ I try to be really sensitive to people in this…

I don’t really hate her, not really, but I will tag it //meiko - exactly like that - if I talk about her character, even if it isn’t as much as hate as my disappointment, that’s all…

[ it’s alright! you’re absolutely justified in your feelings, and character discourse is important in any fandom. I think I’m just getting very tired of reading negativity and then having it ruin my tri. experience. So I’m really just urging people to tag things when they’re going to post negativity or hate, whether the negativity is justified or not. It’s not that I want to halt discourse or anything– I just want to make sure people who don’t want to see it don’t have to. ]

anonymous asked:

legitimate question; how come you're okay with folks using they/them pronouns, but not with nonbinary people?

My conceding to attempting to integrate singular They into my vocabulary is me trying to play along for the sake of civility. Sometimes I don’t feel like announcing my lack of support for “nb people” in every post, cause people complain and the topic gets stuck there for too long.. so w.e it’s a means to an end when nessecary.

Which, by the way, fuck all that shit. This pronoun shit is too much drama and I’m over it, someone who gets bent out of shape about “muh pronouns” wouldn’t like me much anyway so I don’t really care to try any longer. You’ll get bitched at either way so… Fuck it 🤗 It’s too goddamm difficult anyway and I’m not exerting extra energy on someone who’s just going through a phase.

Spent a lot of time going back and forth, don’t get me wrong. Trying to brainwash myself into being behind this, like you people seem to of done. But I don’t care to entertain that any longer.