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I'm still forever happy you drew my favorite page in homestuck to this day (Eridan, Aradia, Sollux and Fef all in one panel made my year)

ahh well glad that makes you happy! 8′)

Anon: have you posted any posts about merstuck sollux? sorry to bother you, but I can’t find it. If not, do you have any ideas for him? I really liked the design.

there was nothing in particular about him that I remember of, sorry ;v;

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Good evening! To celebrate my new job I'm going to scour the used bookstores of my city for some gothic novels like you sometimes post about. Any recommendations or things to look out for? Thanks!

  • If you find any of the Avon Satanic Gothic books, GRAB THEM. The quality of the stories ranges from meh to genuinely creepy, but they’re such great gothic romance artifacts!
  • Virginia Coffman wrote a LOT of gothics, and I have yet to run across one that wasn’t entertaining.

  • See if you can find an edition of Dracula or The Picture of Dorian Gray with entertaining cover art and/or illustrations.
Really, just grab any book you find with cover art and titles like these ones on my Gothic Romances to Track Down Pinterest page. They’ll be entertaining (or entertainingly awful) fluffy reading material. 

The root to all evil in the bleach fandom. The crosstaging, the lies, the desperation for validation, the hypocrisy.. and this is only the 6th day i’ve been on tumbler. In response to the post ☝🏻️☝🏻️☝🏻️ yes.. a man can be just friends with a woman. Ichigo and orihime is a great example 😀. Even after the (force) marriage and a child. He can’t even spare his wife any romantic gesture. He still treated her like a friend. My god friendzone his own wife no wonder Kazoo is the only child 😂 All of the ‘misinterpreted’ poem that kubo himself wrote were mostly for/about ichigo and/or rukia platonic or friendship whatever you see it. No poem (except for the one sided love/crush from orihime) were written about the 'romantic’ bond of ichigo and orihime. They don’t even have a special emotional bond other than being just friends even after they got married! That post is just a really really really REALLY sad way of saying we are actually really upset that kubo doesn’t give two pennies about ih relationship so to make ourself feel better we’re gonna FORCE our opinion on everyone and FORCE the ichiruki fandom to acknowledge our existence!!! Keep at it! Stupidity is the best entertainment.

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What is your take on the other characters negative traits if you don't mind me asking? I think it's also important for others to know that the other boys have their flaws and not just Jumin.

there are some i can speak to myself, while there are others i can’t, and i don’t want to cause any misunderstandings or spread misinformations. 

spoilers for everything

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The only positive thing in the midst of this Gillovny fallout is that I’ve never seen any ‘negative’, harassing or disrespectful comments on my dash so far, not even 1. I didn’t even know there was a fallout until late yesterday afternoon when I found the article myself. 

All the Gillovny posts on my dash are all so lovely, reasonable and describe perfectly how I feel and I’m so grateful for you guys for commiserating with me. It does feel better to know others, whom you respect, are feeling the same way. Especially when you feel weird or embarrassed at finding yourself too emotionally invested in something that isn’t your business. 

So, thank you for all your heart-felt and level-headed Gillovny posts. I’m so grateful for you guys - my little fandom bubble. I’m so happy to see us focusing on facing the truth together, expressing our feelings respectfully and trying to move on instead of shooting anger back and forth. That’s something? Here to happier days and may we recover together from this as calmly as we can.

PS: I still can’t believe there’s that much Gillovny feeling in me. Amazing.

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Hi~ i'd like to know the 'mun' of this blog~ can u tell us these ff things? ur name, what do u like, ur career (Student of Working), ur zodiac sign, do u have any pets and what are ur likes, dislikes and can u post a photo of yourself?! Ahh forgive me I really like you and your blog~~

oMG LOLOL why would you like to know more about me LOLOL

alright, i’ll answer a few of your questions!! ovo

Name: hi i’m alice!! i just put arisu on the desc so i sound a bit japanese-ish LOLOL

Career: i am a graduate of business management and i am currently employed altho id like to burn down my workplACE LOLOL SSSHHH

Zodiac: i have zen’s star sign and birth month!!

Pets: i have two cute pussies lolol and two adorbs doggies

Likes: umm i have too many!! first, i LOVE CATS OMG I HAVE CATS I OWN TWO OF THEM THEIR BREED IS OF THE FELINE LINE OF AMERICAN MAINECOONS. i name them shakira and skippy. lolol lame ikr

i have dogs!! i have a japanese spitz and a siberian husky namely smurf and summer c:

also also i love pizza!! and pasta!! aND FRIED CHICKEN AND CRISPY CHICKEN FILLET FROM MCDONALDS and i AM AN ALCOHOLIC LOLOL IM JK. i enjoy drinking just as much as zen does. legal age bitches ( u v u ) b

Dislikes: none!! oh wait i hate it whenever it rains when i do my laundry. it stinks so bad if i dry it inside i cry

why do u want a photo of me lolol r u gon use it as a rat trap LOLOLOLOLOL


A/N :  English isn’t my first language so sorry for any grammar or spelling errors.  I also don’t know Korean so any Korean used is from google translate which I know is not accurate but I wanted to make it seem more realistic.   Also, this imagine was inspired by the pic he tweeted that said “ HIM :(” and he seemed really upset and I was so upset that I couldn’t do anything about it so I wrote fan fiction XD p.s I originally posted this on wattpad and it my first time posting any of my imagines on tumblr

genre: Fluff , x reader 

word count : 1,061 words 

Summary : Hoseok was feeling stress and needed some inspiration… you

p.s It changes POVS from ( y/N) to Hoseok


      It was raining outside with thunder and lighting. It annoyed me but at least the sound of the rain surely would sooth me to sleep. While I was getting ready to be I receive a text from Hoseok.

J : 당신이 와서 수 ( can you come over?)

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do you still post art on here? if so, under which tag?

Hi cozin! Yeah… there hasn’t been much art from me for a while.  I’ve gone through a major burnout/career crisis the year before. And there won’t be anything new for quite some time – I’m not a part of any fandom right now… because I am creating my own! :D 

I’m working on something really really reeeeaaallly cool, but it’s way too early to talk about it. I’m always annoyed when people get me excited by talking about their project, but it’s like a year away, y'know? So… I’m not gonna do… exactly that. XD (Tho I am dying I want to talk about it so badly! LOL)

In the meantime, you can follow the “urdchama art” tag. Anything new I post will be there. :) Thanks!

in my tag for calvin theres pictures of snow and cities (his two favorite things) and then theres the occasional posts about downing energy drinks and adderall and getting into knife fights with anxiety and i really dont think that i can be any more accurate resembling him with that tag


Sundays on HBO.


35 Characters of 2015

17. The Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who)

On the outside, Twelve is a very gruff character, but he is one who attaches himself to a few people and loves them intensely. Friends (Missy and Clara) or enemies (Missy and Davros), this is a character who wants to save the people closest to him more than anything, but people will always take their own paths and choose their own destinies. Clara’s death and his desperate fight against it gave the Doctor a lesson in letting people go and letting them make their own choices. Then, the end of the series returned us to River Song, the woman he saved to the Library all those years ago because he could let go of her either. As he interacts with her, we see how far he has come from the beginning of series 8. He loves, he laughs, and he lives happily, even if not forever, because, as River says, “happy ever after doesn’t mean forever. It just means time.” So he seizes the time he has with her instead of fighting desperately for his impossible dream of having the people he loves alive and in his life forever.

holy. Collide was incredible, I love them all so much I can’t believe we’ve almost finished. 

I haven’t posted any homestuck in ages but it (still) means an awful lot to me. Shout out to any of my followers who were originally here for the hs if u exist u guys really stuck around and I appreciate it


so, ive seen this fic idea post go around about dirk getting a crush on karkat because hes just a really cool dude and looks like a great boyfriend? and i was like “ive never thought of drawing any dirkat in my entire” and here we are.

welcome to the fucking club pal, having a crush on karkat is pretty much a prerequisite for most characters in homestuck.

i recently started a new bullet journal in april and this time, i bought a squared notebook instead of a ruled notebook like my last one. with that, i ended up with a different type of layout that lots of you guys were asking about hehe. so here’s a post explaining my current 2016 set up!


my bullet journal is a brandless squared journal that i found in a store nearby. it’s similar to the moleskine journals, but the pages are thicker and i haven’t noticed any bleeding that i’ve seen with some moleskines. overall, i’m really quite happy with it because it’s slim and easy to carry around.


i drew a monthly calendar that fit the entire spread instead of the single page calendar that i had before. it’s just a simple calendar with boxes large enough to fit whatever i need. i put things like test dates, important events, appointments, etc. i don’t really have a color scheme or anything for events; i just highlight the important ones that i absolutely cannot forget.

i used a fine sharpie pen (not the permanent marker) to draw the calendar, a black frixion ball slim to write in events so that they were erasable and adjustable, and zebra mildliners to highlight important/must-not-forget stuff.


i found that it was really hard to schedule things in advance with a bullet journal, and that was one of the only things that really held my bullet journal back. this time, i divided the page up into thirds and pre-wrote the dates for the month. i write my tasks across and down to save space, and i haven’t had any problems with the space being too small. tbh it’s not really like a traditional bullet journal anymore, but i like the aspect of having spaces ahead of time that a planner has.

i also track the hours that i spend doing school assignments / studying to keep myself motivated every day (1 square = 1 hour). i like to keep my streak going and do at least something productive every day, even if it’s only for an hour. sometimes, i’ll forget to keep track though haha

color scheme

i pick one main color for every month. for example, march was green, april was purple, and may is blue. i use that color to write the title dates and write events on each day and mark off tasks with. it’s just easier to carry around one or two similar colors rather than having six different colors to color-code with. also, i have a tendency to forget color codes easily hahaha.


like i said, i have trouble remembering color codes and keys are no exception. i just simplified the entire key thing down to a few things. x means that the task is done, / means that the task is halfway complete, –> means that the task was moved to the next day, and ⦻ means that the task was cancelled. i don’t fill up the whole box in my bullet journal because it feels awkward to do so (i tend to write small). i just make the tiny mark next to the task.

to be completely honest, i don’t really follow my key. my bullet journal is mainly to help me remember the things that i have to do that day, and sometimes, i won’t even fill out the tasks. so even if a task is done, i’ll forget to cross it off hahahaha. i’m trying to fix that though lololol


i have a page for fitness hours and volunteer hours on the page right after my monthly calendar. i’ll also have general boxes off to the sides of my daily pages for whatever reason there might be. i might also have little doodles and inspirational quotes drawn in the margins as well. i usually don’t really stick washi tape in my bullet journal bc i usually don’t have the time ;; 

however, i have sticky tabs on each monthly spread so that i can flip easily to it. it also separates out the months. there’s also a little ribbon bookmark in my journal that i place on the current day.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

I Need Help Transitioning!

Hi, I’m Avan. I’m a twenty-year-old transgender man who has been out and presenting as a man since my senior year of high school. When I first came out, a lot of people, including family and friends, did not accept me. I’m a sophomore right now in college and I cannot say it’s any easier. I’m constantly discriminated against and am unable to do a lot of things I want to do like participate in sports. Though, I am lucky enough to have a few people in my life who accept and fully support me. I am very thankful for them. They’re the reason why I am here today.

My problem is that transitioning cost a lot of money and as a full-time college student who already works part-time to be able to afford food and rent, I have very little money to spare.

I am becoming discouraged about ever being able to transition and the dysphoria I feel becomes so bad at times that it is hard to bear. I just want to be able to use the bathroom in peace, look in the mirror and be content with the face that stares back at me, not have to deal with chest binders and most importantly, not worry about people using the wrong pronouns anymore.

The money donated will be used for doctor visits, hormone therapy and top surgery. It will be a long process but I will keep those interested updated.

If you decide to donate, I really appreciate it. Any amount – even just a little – would mean a lot to me. 

This is my GoFundMe page. 

If you can’t donate, please share this. 

Thank you.

domestic!Sterek headcanons
  • Derek sometimes always ends up as the little spoon
  • He’ll rip your throat out if you mention it though
  • In stores, Derek pushes the cart and Stiles puts in the groceries
  • ”Vegetables are healthy, Derek, stop being such a child.”
  • “But Dereeek, one pack of chips is, like, the same as no pack of chips!”
  • Stiles prefers toast, Derek likes Cheerios
  • Stiles meticulously cleans the kitchen but is messy anarchic everywhere else
  • Derek cleans the apartment once a week because he’s allergic to dust a very neat person, now shut up
  • They stopped showering together after the conditioner incident
  • Stiles still swears he can feel it in his joints whenever he smells Redken products
  • Derek purposely buys Redken shampoo every now and then because he’s a little shit it smells of mint
  • Stiles gets rid of spiders but screams at hates centipedes

@badcharacterdesign I don’t usually make posts like this, but I wanted your guy’s opinion on something, plus I didn’t see any posts about this on your blog. My question is what is your opinion on Funko pop vinyl figures? You know those things that you see all the time at Gamestop or at Barnes and noble.

I’m talking about these things. Personally, I really hate them, like really hate them, and this is coming from a person who likes and somewhat collects vinyl figures. Most of them either fall into “This is super ugly”, “This is unintentionally really scary”, or “Why would you pay 500$ for this?”. The only ones I like are the ones that keep the character’s original eyes and don’t have them with giant black eyes that look lifeless.


Scandal Season 4 Bloopers featuring Tony Goldwyn [x]