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Youtubers. Are. People. Too.

This shouldn’t need to be said, but I really feel like I have to say something. People seem to forget that YouTubers are human. They seem to forget that they have feelings and that they have lives and that YouTube isn’t necessarily the only thing they ever worry about.
People seem to forget that YouTubers are not objects or toys that are designed to entertain us. People get selfish an don’t want to share them, they don’t want to see them move on to other things.
At the end of the day, they’re just people. They have lives. They have friends and significant others who they put before their careers (and rightfully so) and, most importantly, they have emotions.
They have emotions that can be shattered by harsh things people spew at them. They may not show these emotions in every video they make (or in any of them) but they’re still there. Depression can be so easily masked by a big smile and a loud laugh. It’s so easy to hide for some people.
The best way to get out your feelings is to talk about them. YouTubers are no different. If talking helps them, then they are going to turn to their biggest support group. You. They want your support. They want their voice to be heard by people who care because in that moment, that’s what they need.
When you mock them or make jokes about that, it’s going to hurt. They may never even see those jokes, but what if they did.
Instead of idolizing YouTubers and putting them on these pedestals, think of them as an adult or parent or just someone you know in your everyday life. Would you force those people into relationships (with yourself or others) because you believe that they belong with that person and no one else? Would you ruin their current relationship to do that? Would you purposefully be mean/hurtful to them after they spoke their feelings to you? Would you stop talking to them altogether and hate them because they said/did one thing wrong?
Probably not. You’d likely work things out, and you know what? It’s not that different in these fandoms. Sure, you may not be able to directly affect things like this when it comes to a YouTuber/community relationship, but you can sure as hell try. If you be nice, then maybe you can convince someone else to be nice.

PIE’s #1 following spree!

aghhhh okay, my dash has been kind of dead lately, so i really need some blogs to follow!!! i’ve never done this type of spree before so bear with me if i’m not doing this perfectly, but yeah! basically, if you post any content (mainly art/graphics/gifs/edits) about the following, please reblog this post and tag what you post in your tags so i know what to look out for on your blog! also, if i end up not following you — don’t feel discouraged, i’m sure your blog lovely!! i’m just very picky about what kind of stuff do i want to see on my dash.

now, for the content that i’m into/am looking looking for:

-  91 days
- akagami no shirayukihime
- bungou stray dogs
- danganronpa
- drakengard 3
- erased
- final fantasy (13 and 15 in specifically)
- hakuouki
- inuyasha
- k project
- kyoukai no kanata
- nagi no asukara
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- psycho pass
- scenery (anime scenery in particular ~)
- servamp
- shingeki no kyojin
- spiritpact (soul contract)
- sports anime (haikyuu!!, free!, prince of stride, yuri on ice, etc.)
- ten count
- zetsuen no tempest

bonus points if:

- you have a tagging system (i’d say this is a must, but i’ll consider your blog even if you don’t have it!)
- you’re willing to be friends/are already following me! 

i would kindly ask my dear mutuals to reblog this to spread the word, i love you guys so!!! <3

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Is it awkward that I'm a touken ship but completely agree with you about Touka's fixation even before I read your meta? Tbh I would like to add something to your post but I don't know if I should. It's a bother that at one side I see haters using the "touken is unhealthy you can't ship it" and in touken fandom is like "you ship touken you can't see it as unhealthy", I really hate the fandom.

I encourage you to add something to my post!

Even if they don’t agree with me, I always love to see other people’s opinions. Also, there’s no need to get angry at people who like Touken for disliking my post. I knew when I made that post I’d be making a dissenting opinion. People are passionate about the things they like, I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

For me though, I see that most of the characters within Tokyo Ghoul are some form of unhealthy. That’s why any romance between them is always going to be unhealthy. I definitely believe though that the theme of Tokyo Ghoul is despite all of this you should try connecting to other people regardless, and work out the problems in your relationship by facing the issue together.

Despite all the unhealthy characters present in it, and the bad things that happen ultimately Tokyo Ghoul has a pretty positive message about empathy, cooperation, communication and how those will always be more valuable than violence. 

Therefore I don’t think it’s awkward of you to still ship Touken even if you agree with my observation. As I said myself, it’s not an issue that permanently damns their relationship but definitely I think it’s an obstacle they should talk out and work out rather than just continuing to pretend they can go back to Anteiku days without changing and everything will be okay. Touken is one of my favorite ships too so I can totally understand you still wanting to see them together!

anonymous asked:

This isn't really relevant to anything you post, but idk who else to ask. Do you have any tips to De-stress? I have to start getting ready to apply to colleges and my classes are killing me, my job is taking up so much of my time, and my grandmother just decided to go off her chemo treatment and she's getting weaker every day. I have finals next week and I really need to focus but I'm freaking out about everything

I’ve had this in my inbox for a little while, thinking about how to answer this question. First of all, I’m sorry to hear that anon, though it’s only been a few days i hope it’s better for you!

I don’t really know if i have any solid advice on de-stressing, especially since i think it differs from person to person what works for them.

But I think it’s very important to first of all remind yourself that you’re allowed to take breaks for your own mental health. And remember to actually take some breaks for yourself where you can do something that you enjoy (for me it’s just getting to play games) 

Focus on one thing at a time if you can. Like if you’re studying for finals, try to focus on that only, instead of other things that you’re supposed to do AFTER, cause that always stresses me out. Make lists??? Of things you want to do in a day maybe, to maybe have it a bit organized? It may help.

I’m sorry I’m awful with advice on this topic, it’s probably why i just kinda suffer through my own stresstimes lol

Analyzing Bobby (1/?)

I’m going to prelude this with a very clear disclaimer - this is all strictly opinion.

I may very well be wrong about all of this, but I was asked for my opinions, not facts, so this is what I’ve observed of Bobby since I’ve been a fan. Don’t like it, too bad. I’ll apologize if any part comes across as messy - it’s really fangirl vomit. I’m spilling my purse, wadded up tissues and all. I also feel like this is something I’ll come back to, to edit.

Originally posted by hanbinsky

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Just correct me if I'm wrong, but in your last post about Amon, you basically said that Amon only cares about his old comrades because they are the closest he has to his humanity? And that this wouldn't be a true friendship, so they wouldn't really be "friends"?

That part wasn’t my meta dude, that observation should probably be given to @ UNDERGROUNDSKY  for their wonderful addition.  

To elaborate that though, you’re close but not necessarily there. You’re looking at these motivators as if they’re direct rather than subconscious. It’s not that Amon doesn’t care about his friends, or only cares about his friends at this point because he considers them a last vestige of his humanity. 

It’s more like, here is Amon’s stated conscious motivator “these people are my last sanctuary and I have to fight for them.” It sounds all well and good, but you have to question why Amon, much like Kaneki feels the need to fight for people constantly and want to protect them. Rather than just you know, hanging out with them and enjoying their presence.

For Amon and Kaneki it stems mostly from a fear of losing people, but there’s also a second unconscious motivator that’s more subtle. Amon and Kaneki are constantly afraid of losing people because they have no strong attachment to these people in the first place. While caring about others very deeply, but Amon and Kaneki are unable to perceive how much others care about them.

That’s in part what Touka’s speech to Amon was about. “Don’t you think Akira would want to see you too if you want to see her? That’s what I’d think in her place” - essentially.

I’ve talked about Kaneki a lot though, so to focus on Amon for a minute. Amon has another difficulty that Kaneki has when it comes to relating to others that keeps them at a distance, and that is he’s been raised most of his life within the framework of the CCG. You have the inciting incident of his trauma, Donato, which made him doubt every single relationship after that fact or whether he was even himself worthy of holding relationships with other people. (Another reason why the boys are constantly fighting, they have insecurities about whether they really deserve to be friends with other people. This is a lot more obvious in Haise which makes sense because as 1st class Haise was occupying Amon’s former position in the CCG). Then you have the CCG immediately afterwords, conforming Amon to this system of rank and file. Amon’s solution to his trauma then is to adhere to the system. 

Amon at that time never had friends, he had superiors like Mado and Shinohara, coworkers like Takizawa, Juniors like Akira, he himself never once called them his friends. Except since Amon had no life whatsoever outside of the CCG, they were basically his friends and his entire support network. Amon wants to fight for his friends, and take refuge in them, have them be his sanctuary and his home, I think if he’s developed at all in RE: he’s come to realize that. 

However, Amon at the same time does not feel comfortable letting himself be open to relationships. The trauma of Donato acts like a permanent stop gap on his psyche as long as it exists he’ll never be able to grow up and reap the benefits of being a mature adult with working relationships. Therefore in the mean time his compromise is to keep people close, but at a distance at the same time. They’re not his friends, they’re his comrades, his coworkers. He’s not seeing them directly but through a framekwork. When he becomes a ghoul, he practices the same behavior. To him Akria is not the Akira he knew, but rather a human being while he’s a ghoul. 

Amon obviously cares about these people but he needs to do so directly rather than indirectly, he needs to see them, not their species, or their title and rank in the CCG. 

martianmanhunter -> shaolinfantastiques

i know a lot of people have noticed how i haven’t been online as much and as present on tumblr and so i wanna say that ever since not having my laptop for a long time i’ve been thinking a lot about how i use the internet and now its been impacting me in ways that both i knew about and didn’t know about. i had a long talk with @kamalakhan last night and i think i’m gonna change up how i use my blogs and interact with people i only know online in general. 

i deleted most of my text posts on this blog & i changed to this url because i want this blog to be mostly fandom related and only to things i care about. my secondary blog @diamondsteel is gonna be for my life updates, aesthetic, things like that. i unfollowed some peoples sideblogs/personal blogs so i can disengage myself because i really need to make some changes on that front too. i don’t think i broke any mutuals but if you guys wanna do that yourselves just softblock me. i’m gonna be making all these changes across the board so … yeah. love y’all.

*** also don’t ask for the MM url. i already know who i’m going to give it to and i spoke to them and they accepted it. sorry. 😁

aelorellevallancourt  asked:

🕠: Astrological sign? (And if it holds any weight to you!)

I am a Scorpio! It doesn’t really hold any significance for me and I’m not big into astrology, but I think my symbol being a scorpion is pretty neat and all of the astrological sign posts I read says we’re hot and smart so I’ll take it. (And mean but we can just ignore that)

Thank you for the ask, beautiful! 💖💖💖

violettalette  asked:

Have you guys ever told the kids, about any of your past adventures from when you guys were kids? Maybe even as bed time stories?

Oh yeah, all the time, brah. Eva loves to listen to stories about Kyle and I having arguments or hearing about their uncle Kenny getting into shit. Abe did too when he was little. He loved hearing the story about Stan and his killer goldfish for some fucking reason.

Cartman would always tell them times that we really got into trouble, like when my mom sent the US to war with Canada, Cartman became fused with a trapper keeper, the adventures with Towelie, when Stan and him destroyed the Beaverton Dam. The list could go on. He always makes them huge, blown out of proportion stories just to make Eva’s eyes light up and call her daddy a superhero or a super villain. She doesn’t believe that we’ve met Jesus and Santa before, it’s pretty cute to see her argue with Cartman over it when she’s super sleepy.

To my followers...

I really wanted to do something special when I hit 1000 followers, but shit was all bad the last 7 days so I laid low to regroup. I am now at 1200+ followers and I do want to give all you awesome people something from me to you. If any of you have some suggestions on something I could do let me know. I will not post nudes or anything crazy like that but if maybe I could share a bit more about myself within limit or maybe a new cloud gif in an interesting way or something..I dunno.

Just want to show my appreciation of all you lovely spun out people who took the time to follow this ordinary girl on her crazy journey of chaos and a little self destruction.

❤❤ You all.

I’d been thinking of remaking for a while but what clinched it for me honestly was someone reblogging a post about my own experiences with abuse to argue with the person who said I was responsible for her trying to kill herself because I blocked her in an internet argument, and then proceeded to obsessively blog about me for months, picking apart anything I posted that related to my life in any way, and saying that I enjoyed being raped and masturbated to the memory of it, trying to get ahold of like, my real-life employers and publishers because she said I didn’t deserve to be a professional, and implying that she had heard from my abusers and believed their side of the story, while also saying that other victims of hers reaching out to me to say “hey, I see this person is going after you, I’m really sorry” was evidence that I was stalking her in an attempt to drive her to suicide. 

Obviously the person who reblogged my post had no idea of my history with this person. They were arguing with her because she has taken the line that withholding sex can NEVER be part of a pattern of abusive behavior. If I didn’t know that she still keeps tabs on me, it would be easy to assume that she’s just on the opposite “””side””” of this particular shitshow by coincidence, or because she is pretty enmeshed in *** politics on tumblr, but after over a year now of being under her constant surveillance, despite not having contact with her in months and not reading her blog and trying very very hard to avoid news of what she’s doing because I cannot mentally afford to get baited into another confrontation with this person, it is still obvious to me that she took this stance and is harassing people over it in direct response to the things I wrote about my experiences with this, in an attempt to get my attention or maybe just push her narrative that I was never raped because I liked it even further. And people who don’t know this just play right into her hands when they link her to my posts on the subject. It’s not their fault; she’s rigged the game, and she’s hiding behind OTHER people who have also decided for unrelated reasons that I’m the devil, and those people don’t realize and they don’t care.

I’m also tired of trying to make people understand and care? Like… there is one tumblr user who has been all over this whole thing with cm etc, EXCEPT when it comes to cm & co’s abusive behavior towards me specifically, because said tumblr user just doesn’t like me so I don’t count as a victim of all this. Other people who are targeted in the exact same way do, but not me. Which does not help my overall sense that this is happening in part because I’m just not a human being, or not a human being in the eyes of a lot of other people.

Anyway I hate walking away in a sense because it feels like I’m just saying, “okay, fuck justice, I don’t care anymore, do whatever you want.” But There Is No Such Thing As Justice so like, whatever. 

aphnoregs  asked:

[quietly whispers that I really love your analyses on Boueibu, particularly the ones on the first season, and that I hope you're having a great day! Sorryifthemessageisatadbitrandom]


There’s never any need to apologize for messaging me! I wholeheartedly accept messages with open arms! ;;w;; Actually, I wanted to thank you for your tags on my post about the chikuwabu, but I was too shy. >.< I really really appreciated them! They made me smile to know you liked and appreciated the work I put into writing that meta. XD

I do plan to write more analyses eventually when I have the energy and inspiration~ ^^ There is just. so. much. amazing stuff in this show to appreciate. So many details. >w<

If there’s anything you particularly are curious about or any details you think would be interesting to take a closer look at about a certain character/scene/episode/season, feel free to request something from me~ I love hearing what other people find interesting and poking at it to see what I can get out of it. nvn


I don’t know if it’s just me, but this line surprised me so much but in the good way?

He isn’t worried about the possibility that people see him in a situation like this with an other man.
He is just worried people think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. 

For any other anime with fanservice it would have been some teasing like “they’re gonna think I’m gay / dating a man” or else. 

So this is making me so much happy because it convinces me even more this ship is treated seriously, and not just like some queerbaiting since the question of gender hasn’t even been mentioned once in this anime!!!

askcaitlinthehedgehog  asked:

I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies


beyoncé: sufjan. thanks for taking my call. it’s been a rough night. is this a secure line?

sufjan: I Do Not Trust The Security Of Earthly Telecommunications Technologies So I Am Communicating With You Via Telepathy On Another Astral Plane

beyoncé: excellent. listen, sufjan. i assume you’ve heard the news? about that pretender to the throne seizing what is mine by right? 

sufjan: Actually The News Came To Me In A Dream As I Was Taking A Nap Earlier This Evening

beyoncé: oh really? what was the dream like? 

sufjan: I Was Wandering The Post Apocalyptic Streets Of London Under A Blood Red Sun And My Throat Was Parched But There Was Nary A Drop Of Water To Drink Any Where And Just When I Felt I Would Perish Of Thirst The Sea Rose Up And Flooded Britain With Sugar And Water And Lemon Juice Drowning Me Instantly And I Awoke With But One Objective In My Mind: To Avenge Beyoncé Giselle Knowles And Her Children And Future Children

beyoncé: so what’s the plan? by what means do you swear to avenge me?

sufjan: Once More Unto The Breach Dear Beyoncé Once More Or Close Up The Wall With Our English Dead

beyoncé: glad we’re on the same page. ready the siege towers and the hellburners, stevens. we ride at dawn.

sufjan: Okay I Will Set My Alarm Clock For An Hour Before Dawn Then

beyoncé: can you also drop by starbucks and pick me up one of those new molten chocolate lattes i need caffeine if i’m gonna invade the british isles

sufjan: Okay Do You Want Almond Milk Or Just Regular Type

beyoncé: just regular type

I keep seeing humans are weird posts going around and talking about things like our ability to domesticate animals and all that but I have yet to see a single post on human reactions to music Like our brains process songs so uniquely Music literally affects our emotions And we will turn anything into music given the chance so long as something in the sound is slightly rhythmic In my opinion it would be really interesting if our capabilities with sound and music were what made us strange to alien races

anonymous asked:

Dear Duke, I have noticed something about my writing: I do not know how to conduct a dialogue. I do not know how to add an emotional "burden" to the discussion. It does not sound believable what I write. To me, it seems more like a lecture than a simple conversation. I just wanted to write engaging more with the emotional side of my characters than with the intellectual. How can I do it?

Hi! You’re in the right place because dialogue is actually my favorite thing to write and any book of mine you pick up will probably be like at least 40% people talking. Idk if this is because I did so much theatre or because I just can’t shut up, but it’s high time I did a real post about it, so:

Advice for Aspiring Authors: On Dialogue

  1. You need it so don’t resist it. Books that are just huge chunks of prose are exhausting, and if you never use dialogue you’re either (1) summarizing or (2) writing a really boring book, and either way the the result is the same. Your reader is going to be bored. Choosing the right scenic mode is important and sooner or later people are going to have to speak in the moment. 
  2. Don’t stress about speaker tags. Putting this at the top because a lot of new writers seem to get hung up on it. But I’ve already addressed this, so read this post here. Pro-tip? If you’re writing a conversation between two people or even three, you often don’t need speaker tags at all. I recently wrote a conversation that takes place over the phone which consists of about 25 lines exchanged and didn’t use a single speaker tag because it was, in all instances, obvious who was doing the talking. Later in the same MS I have a really chaotic hospital scene where like twelve people are yelling at the same time and interrupting each other and there are no speaker tags because idgaf if anybody knows who’s saying what. It should feel like chaos. (If you want a really great example of this, pick up a copy of William Faulkner’s Sanctuary and read the funeral scene.) Readers are smart. They’ll figure it out.
  3. Different people speak in different ways. Who a character is will often determine how they speak. For instance, Theodore von Wammelspout, Crown Prince of Prosenstatz, is probably going to have a very different dialect than Paw Paw O’Halloran, Louisiana shrimp fisherman. (If you want a better example of what I’m talking about, watch the movie Kingsman and pay attention to how and when Eggsy switches dialects, or read the prologue to The Taming of the Shrew and pay attention to the immediate tonal shift in Christopher Sly’s dialogue when he wakes up from a drunken stupor thinking he’s a lord.) Think about a character’s origins and upbringing and backstory when deciding how they talk.
  4. But stay away from writing dialect unless you really know what you’re doing. Don’t try to phonetically write a character’s accent or dialect unless you’re a linguist, because a lot of dropped consonants and deliberate misspellings can be really difficult to read, come out like you’re trying too hard, or even end up looking vaguely racist. If a character has an accent, find a way to tell us they have an accent and then spell all their dialogue correctly. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule–i.e, if a phonic misunderstanding is crucial to the story. But basically, unless you’re writing Trainspotting, don’t do this. What’s much better and much more effective is to describe how a character says something or what their voice sounds like. What’s the texture? The color? The temperature? A warm, rough, slow voice belongs to a different character than a cold, high, slick voice does. Or maybe the same character can switch from one to the other. Give your character’s voice the same attention you would give their body or their habits or anything else.
  5. It’s a character speaking, not the narrator. Each character should have their own voice, in the same way that each story will have a slightly different narrator, even if it’s a neutral third person narrator. Writing is all about voice and style, and part of the challenge is that you as the writer have to be a mockingbird and be able to speak in as many different voices as you have characters. It will take practice. It will require a lot of questions asked, such as “Who never says a bad word? Who swears like a sailor? Who talks in a constant, uninterrupted stream and who hardly says a word?” For an exercise, write out a plain uninteresting sentence like, “He was on his way home from the store when he got a flat tire,” the way the narrator would say it, and then rewrite it in every character’s voice. Because one character might say it just like that–”I was on my way home from the store and I got a flat tire”–and another might say, “You’re not going to fucking believe this. Okay, so I’m on my way home from the store, because we’re out of beer again, because Steve was supposed to go get more and he didn’t, the dickhead–and what happens? Well, obviously, because this worthless excuse of a city can’t be bothered to keep the roads clear, I drive right through a patch of broken glass and BANG! Blow a tire. Swear to God, I thought it was a gunshot, I nearly ran my car into a telephone pole.” If all your characters sound alike or sound like the narrator or (worse) sound like you, it’s time to stop and reevaluate. 
  6. Characters don’t speak for you. Look, unless you’re writing a really boring story it’s going to have a bunch of people in it with a bunch of different ideas and some of them should believe things that you don’t agree with or speak in a way you find objectionable. Characters are sometimes going to have to say things you find morally deplorable and they have to say them with conviction. I recently wrote a scene where my FMC’s boyfriend and her dad argue about what they’re going to do about her, like she’s not a grown-ass woman who can take care of herself. And they both say things that are utterly atrocious and that if I heard a man say in real life, I would probably punch him in the face. But that’s important. In fiction, you gotta tell it all and tell it like it is. Fiction isn’t true but it should be honest. Not every character can agree with you or with each other. (This is a big part of the reason that authorial intent is a flawed concept. An author who depicts something isn’t necessarily condoning or endorsing it.) You should be writing about difficult shit and writing about it from every vantage point and using dialogue to do that. You don’t need to agree with angelic equality crusader Nancy and homophobic Uncle Jeff equally but they need to be equally convincing. Write disagreements. Write arguments. Let characters fight and get pissed and tell each other to fuck off. It’s honest, and it’s interesting. Conflict is good.
  7. Incomplete sentences are your best friend. So are run-ons. That scene I mentioned that was 25 lines with no speaker tags? There’s also not a complete sentence in that whole exchange. We rarely speak in full correct sentences, even if we know perfectly well that what we’re saying isn’t grammatically perfect. So something like this: 
            “Seen my keys?”
            “In the basket.”
    Totally acceptable. People are lazy. They talk in fragments. Dialogue doesn’t have to be correct, because it often isn’t. Stick commas and dashes wherever the fuck you want to mimic the pattern of speech. Worry about what’s natural, not what’s correct. Sometimes what goes unsaid is just as interesting as what does get said. For instance, if Joe turns to Carol and starts to say, “Have you ever thought about–” and then never finishes the sentence, that’s going to keep a reader wondering. Has she ever thought about what? In much the same way, you can have a character ramble for an entire paragraph in an epic run-on sentence if that’s the way they talk, or if they’re distressed or upset and trying to get the words out. The last book I finished has a chapter at the end where one character literally talks without interruption for nine pages. And as insane as that sounds it’s actually totally necessary because she’s telling a story that’s important for the readers and the other characters to hear but it’s a hundred times better to hear it in her own voice, grammatical correctness be damned.
  8. Don’t try too hard to be eloquent. How many people do you know in real life who spout off perfectly articulate declarations of their feelings? Probably none. They ramble and stall and repeat themselves. Real-life conversations are not movie conversations. They’re not smooth. They’re not perfectly timed. A character just saying “Fuck me” because they have no idea what else to say is perfectly plausible (and also a great opportunity for comedy). Here’s an exercise if you’re having trouble: Make two columns on a page, and on one side write out what this character is trying to say (i.e, “I love you.” “I’ve been trying to tell you for years.” “But I’m afraid you don’t want me to.”) and on the other write out what they actually say (i.e., “I really hope you’ll stay.” “You know you’re always welcome to stay.” “I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay. Just that you can. If you want to.”) Sometimes the juxtaposition between what we’re trying to say and what actually comes out is so important. So don’t worry about perfect articulation or doing justice to the “emotional burden.” Worry about the intent and the impact and how those two things align–or don’t.
  9. Read it out loud. This is one of the most important things teachers in playwriting workshops will tell you to do. Read it out loud. If it feels awkward or unnatural, it probably is. Thus also to dialogue in prose fiction. Even better option? Get a couple of friends to read it for you. This will work wonders for helping you figure out what feels awkward.
  10. HAVE FUN WITH IT. When I say dialogue is far and away my favorite thing to write, I’m not kidding at all. You can learn so much about a character or how two characters interact by how they talk to each other. Do they tease, do they nag, do they finish each other’s sentences? Do they use slang, do they slur, do they talk about celebrities they’ve never met as if they’ve known them for years and they’re the best of friends? Let their personalities shine through, because when characters speak is the only time they’re not getting filtered through a narrator, even if that narrator is themselves. Dialogue provides some of the most poignant moments of characterization you’ll ever get. So play with it. Try the same line fifty different ways until it feels right. Let your characters speak for themselves.

Good luck! Go forth and write great dialogue and have a blast doing it.



GUYS. This is a long post, but please read it if you are in the yoi fandom!

Anyway, a lot of us heard about the movie “Love on Ice” made by the Hallmark Channel, and noticed the ressemblance with “Yuri On Ice”
If you haven’t seen my post about it, a few days ago, I wrote to Hallmark on their facebook page about it (I was really salty when I wrote it so..)

This is the message I sent them:

Hello! If you’re not aware, there has been some controversy about a new movie you’re going to air on your channel soon. Im not trying to start anything here, but here’s a question I think a lot of people are asking themselves right now.
Can any of you guys explain the really supspicious ressemblance between your new movie “Love On Ice” and the japanese animated series “Yuri On Ice” (who was released before)? Im not necesserely saying that you (or the producers of said movie) copied this amazing show (and of course changing the beautiful gay romance for a straight one, but that’s not surprising), but if you did a little research, you have to admit that it’s weird. It could be a total coincidence, and im not trying to be rude, im just looking for answers about the situation. Thank you for your time.

They later answered by telling me that “They would pass along my comments”

Finally, today, they wrote to me again:

Hello again, (my name). I wanted to share with you a statement from the writer of “Love on Ice”:

“Love on Ice script was conceptualized, pitched and commissioned in March of 2015 and written and delivered in March of 2016 – 8 months before the anime project. Many sports films in history are about overcoming odds and triumph. Almost every romance film is about people connecting on an intimate level and falling in love. These are broad, universal themes none of us has a trademark on. I hope the audience will tune in to Love On Ice on Hallmark Channel, Saturday, January 7.” Writer, Matt Coppola

Yes, at first I was mad at them, but I don’t think that they deserve it anymore. They took the time to answer my questions and were polite about it. We need to acknowledge that this movie was just a coincidence. Yuri On Ice fandom, I think it’s time to stop the shit that we started. Thanks for reading.

no offense but i don’t trust anyone who says shit like “don’t force your headcanons on other people!!!!” cause 100% of the time the headcanons they’re referring to are diverse headcanons lmfao. i’m a bisexual trans latino man, if i want any fucking representation i have to fucking do it myself with headcanons and you bet i’m going to talk about them in my own personal space. no one says you have to fucking adopt my and other people’s diverse headcanons, but i’d just encourage people to really think about why they’re so upset about people talking about these headcanons