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Hello, Gentle Reader. This is Fan Fiction.

Recently, I’ve seen some rumblings across my dashboard about fan fiction again.  

I don’t want to dive into a debate because all the information that I have to go on are second hand sources and there’s always going to be a bit of bias there, because one person can see it in one way and another person can perceive it in another way.  

I’d rather explain to you, New and Gentle Reader, what fan fiction is, if this is the first time you’ve heard about it.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you walk out of the theater, turn off the TV, the radio, close that book or whatnot for the first time and ask yourself  “What happens next?"  Or:  "What if it happened THIS way instead?"  Fan fiction is what happens when you are six or seven years old and you take your dolls, your action figures, your stuffed toys and various household items as props and send them all onto adventure.  Maybe Barbie rescues G.I. Joe from Cobra or Optimus Prime fights the Evil Transforming Kitchen Thingy that Mom uses for making meatloaf but should really be the Evil Transforming Dark Lord of the Sith.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you are ten and you’re discovering how to really write for the first time and you put words on the page, in your math and English notebooks, one sentence after another, style be damned, painstakingly bringing forth to life the images in your head of your cartoon and movie and book heroes.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your teens and you want to be the hero or the heroine of the story and you want to fight alongside Captain America and the Avengers and go on the Quest to Erebor or save Frodo from the effects of the Ring.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your twenties or your thirties or beyond that and you are still writing because you just enjoy and love telling stories.  There’s a new maturity to your writing and that happens because you’re a bit older, though maybe not wiser, but you still love telling the stories anyway.  People tell you that you should write for money and sometimes you think, hey I could try that and you dream.  And sometimes you just smile and say, "I just like telling stories” and that is more than enough for you.  

And sometimes people fall in love in your stories, regardless of sex or gender.  Sometimes they fight.  Sometimes they laugh.  They cry.  They hate.  They die.  Sometimes they kiss.  Sometimes they make love.  Sometime it’s just sex.  You keep writing.  You can’t help it.  You get that idea and you just need to write it down.  Word for word.  One sentence after another.  Just like when you were a kid and you’d wear your pencils to stubs and let your pens run out of ink as you shape the letters.  

That’s fan fiction.  Sometimes, the best stories in the world start because they were fan fiction.  Ask Shakespeare.  Ask Jules Verne.  Ask Neil Gaiman.  

Gentle Reader, if this is your first time in here, then I hope you might find the time to read my stories.  I humbly ask, because a fan fiction writer’s currency is in the feedback of his or her readers and we’re happy to hear from them when it’s good and devastated when we get hate from those who don’t even have the courage to sign their names.  If it’s not for you, then I understand.  It’s all right.  Move on, that’s okay.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.  Maybe there’s something else you’d like.  It’s fine.  

And this is what I hope for if you do decide to venture in.

I hope you smile.  I hope you laugh.  I hope that you ended up snorting coffee out your nose in the middle of Starbucks.  (Here’s a napkin.  Sorry that I’m not sorry?)  I hope that I made you giggle in the middle of the subway or the bus stop and you get weird looks from folks passing by.  

I hope you cry, because sometimes I write sad things and that makes me cry too.  Here’s a tissue.  It’s okay.  Sometimes there are no happy endings.

I hope you are frightened, but only in a way that a good, scary story can make you feel frightened.  Sometimes there are dark and terrible things out there and they’re part of the Story too.  Hold my hand.  It’s all right.  I’ve got you.

I hope you blush and maybe smile a little later when love and romance and sweet things are told.  Love is a gift and true love is meant to endure.  And sometimes there’s hurt and pain and grief in there too, but you already know that.  You’ve lived that.  Sometimes we do have happy endings after all.  There’s always hope.  

Are you ready?

It doesn’t always start with “once upon a time” or “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” but every story starts somewhere.  

Turn the page.  Click the button.

Here we go.    

Fondly remembers Tf animated and all its designs. -re-watches- 

AH yes just what I remembered

!!! Art Commissions Open !!!

Hello everyone! So something major happened recently with my family and we really need help financially, so I’m opening up art commissions! Message me if you’d like to request a commission, and please help me spread the word! 💙

Prices (USD)

Chibi: $10.00
Add another person: +$8.00

Bust: $15.00
Add another person: +$10.00

Half body: $20.00  
Add another person: +$15.00

Full body: $25.00
Add another person: +$20.00

Art Examples

These are some other art pieces/commissions I’ve done to show what kinds of styles I can do. Anime is the default style for these commissions. I can do styles like Diabolik Lovers, Sailor moon, Hetalia, and pretty much any other animation style if you request it!

However, I can also do semi-realism (Overwatch, LoL, etc) so if you’re more interested in those styles just include that in your message and based on the details of your request we can negotiate on a price adjustment together!

Things I will not do
-Hard NSFW (I really suck at anatomy sorry guys 😂)
-Furry related fan art
-Complex machinery (transformers stuff/things like’s meka suit)


Ok, so here’s how the payment process works! Like most other commission artists I will ask that the money please reaches my PayPal after we’ve talked about your commission (characters, style, posing, etc) and before the drawing is completed/sent. This helps prevent an artist working hard on a piece only to have a customer backing out of it last minute. Depending on how many people are in the drawing and the style of it, some commissions could take up to 12-24 hours of straight work, so please keep this in mind! I will send you the finished product ASAP after I receive the payment, and tada! We’re finished with business and I will thank you excessively! 😂 

Again, simply send me a message if you’re interested in a commission! I can draw you, you and your s.o./favorite characters, AUs, OCs, OTPs/ships- anything you want! Thank you all so much in advance, and if you can’t buy a commission a simple reblog to help me spread the word would be greatly appreciated! ☺️

★☆ Winx Transformation Challenge ☆★


If the answer of a question is YES to you - you have earned this Fairy Transformation! :D Each question is !inspired! by the series!


Have you ever believed in Magic?


Have you ever overcome any big fear of yours? (in process counts)

ENCHANTIX  ☆ (Finaly Fairy Form)

Have you ever did something you’d call sacrifice for somebody you don’t call friend/family?


Have you ever tried to make somebody believe in Magic/Wonder?

Only if you gained Believix: 


Is wisdom an important characteristic of you?

  • LOVIX 

Is courage an important characteristic of you? 


Do you watch yourself to never get your enviroment dirty/polluted?


Have you ever participated in a Nature conservation activity?


Have you ever shared something valuable with a friend?


Do you believe in creativity and imagination?


Have you ever participated in an Animal protection activity?

Extra: TYNIX  ☆

Do you have a pet? ^^ (lol)

I tag everyone who enjoys tumblr’s Winx tag! :D

Which Fairy Forms have you earned? Reblog with your answers or just send them here ! :D

So, I’m in the Transformers fandom and I’ve been lately into Steven Universe, I really love and enjoy the show and  I don’t know if some one else has ever thought about this, but in my opinion sometimes I think they’re alike in some aspects.

They are ancient aliens that begun a war between different sides and for some reason they ended up on Earth

Steven is half alien just as Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated, Sari is Cybertronian but her origins were on Earth

Just as gems can fus, Transformers can combine …

…and as Garnet said, when gems are a fusion, it’s like to be just one, as well Transformers think the same 

and what’s more beautiful, they can love <3 …

… and have a strong relationship

if  there’s any Transformers fan out there reading this, I really recomend you to watch Steven Universe <3 as well if you are a fan of Steven Universe, I invite you know about Transformers, they have comics, shows and other stuff <3 

anonymous asked:

I really love your theory about Keith possibly having a sort of glamour via druid magic to hide his galra appearance. It makes a lot of sense the more I think about it, and it also means that in the event that the glamour fails that Keith won't feel different. Maybe when he looks at his skin or in a mirror it'll take a while to get used to how different he looks, but if he doesn't feel like he's changed then that makes the situation a whole lot better. That's my take on it at least :)

I mean, I’m not really the biggest fan of all the transformation-focused narratives of Keith Being Purple mostly because I feel like there’d be some really interesting implications with- as you say, he doesn’t feel different.

From a psychological perspective, though, I think it’d be very unsettling if how he’s used to seeing himself- has seen himself, has understood as “me” for years- just plain isn’t real. How, there probably would be differences, but mostly in how he reacts to other things- like someone touches his arm and he can feel them interacting with the fur- but if anything it catches him off guard how normal this feels? And that’d probably freak him out much more than things feeling foreign because one maintains this sense that he’s a Normal Person being affected by this weird distant alien heritage that’s Not The Real Normal Him, and the other… well, this is the real Keith. 


Jordan Mains: Billy’s been my fighter for ten years. I know what’s best for him.

Maureen Hope: And I’ve been his wife for, like, a hundred. I know what’s better for him.

- Southpaw

I am honestly really tired of this

This tag war between Transformers fans and Sherlock fans has went from 0 to 1000 and it hasn’t even been a full day yet, now I see everyone becoming even more angry. This war has to stop. It’s more stressful for us who are already tired of it.

The TFP tag is our home. It’s where we share silly Transformers Prime memes, fanart, funny gifs, screenshots, and edits for six, going on seven, years. The series may not mean much to you Sherlock fans, but it means a lot to us. It brought us to tears, it made us happy, it even inspired us to make hundreds of OCs, AUs and art for it because we love it that much. We, the TFP fans, are a family and the tag is like our giant home. We wish to keep this tag as it is because it is our only place for TFP, a home we had for years. To have other people suddenly flood it with unrelated stuff, then tell us to make a new tag, grow up, and make irrelevant points about why they should have the tag made us feel threatened. If someone did that with one of your tags, a tag that felt like home to you, wouldn’t you feel threatened, too?

As for those who say “it’s just a show about stupid robots”, Transformers Prime was a series that brought us all together because it was the best animated Transformers series in years. It had great plots for each episode, plots that even made older fans sit at the edge of their seats. There were twists that did upset us, character deaths that shocked us, yet it would make up for it by giving us new characters and even more interesting ideas. To any non-Transformers fan, it would seem Transformers Prime is only about two factions of alien robots that always fight each other, but TFP was so much more than that.

You may think an animated series isn’t a big deal, but it is especially with it being a 3D animated show. We never had a show so well animated with 3D and if 2D was hard enough, imagine what the TFP animators had to go through for their fans. This show holds a special place in our hearts and that’s why we made the TFP tag.

All this disrespect being tossed our way isn’t right. Just like the Sherlock fandom, we are a fandom that is relevant and deserve respect just like any other fandom. Assuming that a fandom is lesser than yours, not important, and doesn’t deserve any respect is just wrong.

I just wish everyone would come to a peaceful conclusion, and hope the Sherlock fans will see how much this tag means to us. The only reason we don’t want you guys to use it is because this is our home, our beloved home. Please respect that.

To the Sherlock fans who are being reasonable by suggesting that your fandom should create a different tag, thank you for being mature, and understanding why we are so upset by this.

Gargoyles #10 (November, 1995) - autographed

What’s Inside:

As Goliath laments the previous month’s adventure, Detective Elisa Maza is in turmoil. Turns out a serial killer has appeared in the alleys of New York using the same M.O. as the killer that Elisa took down in the grand year of 1992, the very same bust that landed Elisa her detective’s badge and launched her career. The man she arrested at the time pleaded his innocence, but was found guilty. Did she arrest the wrong man? Is her career based on a lie?

Determined to find out, Elisa takes to the alleys to lure the current killer, hoping he is just a copycat. By issue’s end, she is confronted by the killer, a “shaggy” man, and will need to fight to survive.

Meanwhile, the trio of Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington has lost Bronx in the subway tunnels! To be continued, and Make Mine Disney, and stuff!

Writer: Mort Todd

Artist: Amanda Conner

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Publisher: Marvel

Why I Kept This Issue:

Well, I’ve already explained just how much Gargoyles means to me, so I won’t go into it again. I picked this issue up at a Kroger newsstand when I was a kid, and kept it safe and sound at my grandmother’s ever since.

This comic is way darker than the show was allowed to be. In this issue, we are exposed to a serial killer, two corpses, a (possible) wrongful conviction, and hookers. Yes, hookers.

Attached Memory:

Amanda Conner and her husband Jimmy Palmiotti are two of the greatest people I have ever met at a comic convention. And from what I hear from my friend in the industry, they are two of the most loved and pleasant people to work with.

At C2E2 last year, I brought this and a whole stack of other comics for Amanda and Jimmy to sign. They had a huge line, like, huge, one of the biggest lines of the entire weekend. I actually split up my pile and got in line four different times, so I wouldn’t hold anybody up.

 I probably should not have worried about that though. I noticed my first time through just how slow the line was going. Good lord, I thought, what is the delay here? Turns out the delay was the fact that Amanda and Jimmy are incredibly nice people who give one-on-one attention to their fans, and I was no exception.

When I finally made it up to their table, Ms. Conner took one look at this comic and beamed enthusiastically. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “Oh, this is from so long ago, I haven’t seen this in so ages!”

She then told me an interesting story about the comic; it was from early in her career, and she had drawn this cover with the intention of giving the criminal in the background bloody hands. She explained that when Disney (who was working with Marvel for this comic at the time, and now they own Marvel, which little-kid-me would have thought was nuts) saw the cover, they objected to the violence. So, the blood on the hands was colored blue to make the hands just…wet…I guess. I had always thought that was strange when I was a kid, and sort of figured that some form of censorship had taken place. (What I find interesting, however, is that Disney objected to the outside of the comic but not the inside since, like I said above, there are totally corpses and hookers).

“Do you want me to fix it?” Ms. Conner asked.

“Sure!” I agreed.

She then spent minutes of her time coloring in the blue ink, turning it back into the blood. And, yes, this held the line up a great deal, but I could tell that she was willing to do this for every one of her fans. And then Mr. Palmiotti, naturally, offered to sign it and conversed with me as well.

Experiences like that, where a creator really shows appreciation for their audience, can transform someone from a casual fan into a die hard one. I hope I get to see them again at C2E2 this year.

Condition of My Copy: This is (as far as I know) the one and only (I hope) bloody variant of Gargoyles #10 in existence!

Baby this is Russian roulette
And it ain’t my gun x

Planned to draw something different but this is what I ended up drawing… Rodimus bby :‘c

Taylor Swift Is Leaning on Her Friends and Family After Calvin Harris Split: 'She's Looking Forward,' Says Source

Trust Taylor Swift to shake off a breakup like the best of them.

After PEOPLE exclusively broke the news of the singer’s recent split from her DJ and producer boyfriend, Calvin Harris, 32, Swift put her focus elsewhere and lifted the spirits of some very special fans just days later.

After her surprise appearance over the weekend at Max Singer and Kenya Smith’s New Jersey wedding, Swift, 26, was photographed Tuesday leaving a gym in New York with a smile on her face.

“Of course she’s sad about the breakup, but she’s leaning on her family and friends and looking forward,” says a Swift source. “She’ll be just fine.”

A guest at Singer’s wedding opened up exclusively to PEOPLE about Swift’s sweet gesture. “There were lots of emotions entering [the wedding],” says the guest. “Of course there was sadness as well, and Taylor was able to really transform that sadness into a celebration.”

A longtime fan of the star, Singer and his late mother shared a mother-son dance to Swift’s hit “Blank Space” at his first wedding ceremony in the hospital before she died. Swift surprised the newlyweds at their second wedding celebration on June 4 with an acoustic version of the song after Singer’s sister Ali reached out via a fan letter in April.

Posing for selfies and goofing off with the bridal party and guests, “everyone at the wedding was blown away by the magic she was able to create,” says the guest. “We could never have dreamed that she would have responded to the letter in the way that she did. Taylor was unbelievably down-to-earth and normal.”