not really a sprite

“I know,” sighed Sprite. “But I think I love her.”

“Are there any difficulties?” asked Fuen.

“Not really,” replied Sprite. “There is one thing though…”

“What’s that?” grinned Fuen.

“Well she has an obsession with drinking tropical juice,” sighed Sprite.

“Erm,” pondered Fuen. “Why is that a problem?”

“Because she has cartons of it everywhere. I mean like over 300 cartons in the kitchen alone,” grumbled Sprite.

“Cripes,” said Fuen.

“I know,” mumbled Sprite. “It’s enough to make a mango crazy.”

Ahh, so this was a long tale when it was first written. It had an extra 4 lines joking about the size difference between Sprite and his new missus. Bugger would not fit into a book page though. So when I was creating the first book, January, I had to do some nifty editing. Still, works I reckon.

Lmao this American girl walked up to a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) register with her drink and really, really loudly (I was at the other side of the place) proclaimed:
“I asked for Lemonade, you gave me Sprite” in a really bitchy, entitled voice.

The cashier (and everyone within earshot) just looked at her like “the fuck is wrong with you”

In Australia, Sprite IS lemonade as far as we’re concerned.

Enjoy your 90c refund you cheap ass ho.

Wait, you guys didn’t think I wouldn’t make a Heroes sprite of the number one bae?