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please tell your fish I love them for me

They say thank you so much, and that they love you too! They also send a scaly and wet kiss, which I said was a little rude, but so far my quest to teach the sea creatures manners is a failure. 

The Enhancer


He’s been searching for two months… He couldn’t wait any longer, Suho looked down at his hands they were wet again, as if he had just washed them. He leaned against the rail of the balcony.

“I’ll find you” he muttered “tonight” he looked out into the city, the lights shone brightly as if taunting him telling him that she was out there waiting for him and that they were leading the way towards her. Was she? He didn’t know…

A drop of rain suddenly fell onto his head and he sighed slowly walking inside, what if she hated water? His thoughts traveled to the psychic he had been visited by back in Seoul.

He was never really the one to believe in those kinds of people but this one was so convincing… he remembered her unruly long black hair that reached her ankles, her deep set of wrinkles that matched her old style clothing. At first he thought she was just some crazy lady. He had been coming back home when the woman grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a nearby alleyway “enhancer” she muttered her dark eyes brightening. “What?” He responded wanting to run away, the old woman had looked down at his hands and grinned “you have a gift young boy, gift of water” he remembered freezing in place. How did she know? He thought he had been careful.

“I… I have to go” he muttered pulling away but her grip had tightened. “Find your enhancer.” She persuaded “the woman in your dreams” That’s when he had lost it, water had slowly started coming out of his palms dripping onto the concrete “how did you know I see a woman in my dreams?! Do you know who she is? Where is she? “ 
The woman had grinned at him as if saying ‘Yup I knew I was right’ "you know where she is she tells you every night” Suho had tried remembering where the girl said she was but all he could remember was his name being called by her frantic almost desperate voice.

“Find her and your gift will be more powerful, she’s your enhancer. she will give you the power” Suho had chuckled at that. How cheesy. “Yeah ok ma'am thank you” he had bowed politely ready to leave “Everyone with a gift must find their enhancer before it’s too late” she had muttered disappearing into the dark.

Now two months later and he was here by himself in a city he wasn’t completely familiar with. He had to find her. His dreams were getting worse last night he had dreamt of her dying, a girl he had grown to love and didn’t even know her name. It was pouring now and it gave him strength he needed. He always gained strength when he was near water. Suho left the building and walked onto the empty street using his powers to direct the raindrops away from his head and to fall around him.

Where should he look? She could be anywhere. He closed his eyes and concentrated, in his dream she was around water but it had been glowing, the room was dimly lit and the floor was marble. His brows furrowed as he thought harder. The walls. It’s was the walls that had water…. and.

Suho’s eyes opened “the aquarium.” Letting the rain fall on him he ran to the nearest taxi and got in.


“One ticket please” he said dropping money on the counter, the worker raised an eye “we close in twenty minutes”

“That’s ok.”

The man shrugged and handed him a ticket taking the money off the counter. Suho walked inside the aquarium and immediately felt at peace, soft music was playing from the sound system and there was hardly anyone considering the time. A couple was at the turtle exhibit while two kids and their parent were walking towards the coral reef exhibit. He wanted to be somewhere quiet he needed to concentrate more.

The jellyfish exhibit is exactly what he needed; the room was completely dark the tank of jellyfish being the only source of light, the room changed from pink to blue to yellow as the exhibit changed colors. Suho pressed his hand against the glass feeling the motion of the water through the glass he playfully sent a wave towards a jellyfish and grinned as it swam away.

“Excuse me…”

Suho turned around feeling his legs go weak. It was her, the one he had been looking for. “You’re actually here…” he smiled. The girl raised an eyebrow and looked at her phone “I didn’t know the exhibit was just for one person” she muttered bitterly. What? Didn’t she know who he was? She’s the one that kept invading his dreams. “I just want to take a pic…. but you’re in the way” the girl frowned.

“Oh…oh sorry.” He muttered moving out of the way. She thanked him and started taking pictures from her phone smiling the whole time. “Do you like jellyfish?” He asked awkwardly. “Huh? Yeah. I do, they’re so peaceful to look at. I like any sea animal really” she shrugged. “You don’t know who I am?”

The girl stopped taking photos and turned towards him “I’m sorry, I don’t. Are you famous or something?” Suho shook his head. Why was this happening? It wasn’t fair that he was the only one haunted by the thought of her. “I’m Suho you have to know who I am.”


It sounded different, the way she said his name. In his dreams there was love and hurt behind it now there’s was just confusion and a tone that said she didn’t care. He couldn’t take it. Suho went up to her and grabbed her hand “WHAT THE HELL ARE-” she stopped the purple lighted tank slowly started forming a small waterspout tornado bringing the jellyfish in with them. He was doing it. He didn’t mean to but when he made contact with her he had felt a rush of power come and now the jellyfish inside were suffering. The water in the tank was now whirling in circles as the animals inside flailed around helplessly. Suho let go of her hand and it suddenly stopped water rushing back to its original position.

He sighed and looked at the girl who was looking at her hands they were dripping wet with water.

The old woman was right…. she was the enhancer he needed to find.

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I know this is a strange request, but can you make a sea bass pattern? I have a whole house just filled with sea bass and I want to cover my walls and floor with something too...

That is by far the strangest thing I have ever had requested from me but for that reason I simply could not turn it down.

To be honest, I’d really love to sea see your sea bass house.


Did you know? Because they have so many arms, the octopus will often assist aquarists in siphoning and cleaning up their habitat 😝

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if i were a month, i’d be: May. Not hot, new leaves, the light touch of sun on your skin.
if i were a day of the week, i’d be: Thursday because I’m almost fun sometimes.
if i were a planet, i’d be: Mars. I just really love Mars.
if i were a sea animal, i’d be: One of those fish that cleans the other fish.
if i were a god/goddess, i’d be: like St. Anthony helping you find lost things
if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be: Man I’m the furniture polish. Lemon scented..
if I were a gemstone, i’d be: idk man topaz is my birthstone
if i were a flower, i’d be: grass because it represents homosexuality or so I’ve heard
if i were a kind of weather, i’d be: a warm, breezy day
if i were a color, i’d be: a bright yellow
if i were an emotion, i’d be: mild confusion with slight happiness
if i were a fruit, i’d be: Watermelon
if i were a sound, i’d be: the hiss of a soda bottle opening.
if i were an element, i’d be: Fire
if i were a place, i’d be: perhaps an abandoned gas station in a zombie flick
if i were a mythological creature, i’d be: an about to die phoenix
if i were a taste, i’d be: eel sushi (unagi)
if i were a scent, i’d be: lemon scented Pledge biiiitch
if i were an object, i’d be: A teapot
if i were a body part, i’d be: hair
if i were a song, i’d be: St Kilda to Fitzroy by Amanda Palmer
if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be: a reliable, worn-in pair of gym shoes

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if I were a month, I’d be: October (”I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~ Anne Shirley). I love autumn colours, I love thanksgiving, I love halloween, I love the first snowfall of the year. These all happen in October.

if I were a day of the week, I’d be: Thursday

if I were a planet, I’d be: Pluto. Which really is a planet, fuck you.

if I were a sea animal, I’d be: Narwhal. Jedi of the sea!

if I were a god/goddess, I’d be: Goddess of Healing. 

if I were a piece of furniture, I’d be: A squashy comfy ottoman

if I were a gemstone, I’d be: Emerald

if I were a flower, I’d be: A gerbera daisy probably.

if I were a kind of weather, I’d be: Sunny but not super hot.

if I were a color, I’d be: blue

if I were an emotion, I’d be: exhaustion

if I were a fruit, I’d be: blackberries

if I were a sound, I’d be: silence

if I were an element, I’d be: Curium, I guess.

if I were a place, I’d be: Boston in the fall.  

if I were a mythological creature, I’d be: a valkyrie

if I were a taste, I’d be: cinnamon vanilla 

if I were a scent, I’d be: cloves and ginger

if I were an object, I’d be: a warm quilt

if I were a body part, I’d be: Boobs

if I were a song, I’d be: the lazy song

if I were a pair of shoes, I’d be: Brooks runners

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if i were a Month, i’d be: October maybe. chilly and a little scary. unpredictable buy well-liked.

if i were a Day of the week, i’d be: Sunday. a holy day, (i’m spiritual, not religious) but it’s still a bit dreaded i think.

if i were a Planet, i’d be: Jupiter. really stormy, unpredictable.

if i were a Sea Animal, i’d be: some kind of Deep Sea creature, almost untouchable.

if i were a God/Goddess, i’d be: Cupid (or the greek equivalent, Eros). god of desire and affection, son of love.

if i were a piece of Furniture, i’d be: a Vanity.

if i were a Gemstone, i’d be: Drusy. gorgeous but, for the most part, in small pieces. rainbow - undecided in color.

if i were a Flower, i’d be: a Dandelion. pretty and sweet, technically a weed, disliked by gardeners and lawn mowers everywhere.

if i were a kind of Weather, i’d be: Autumn weather. chilly, but not freezing.

if i were a Color, i’d be: something soft. a pastel Pink maybe, i love the color pink.

if i were an Emotion, i’d be: either Hatred, loathing. or some kind of Numbness, serenity.

if i were a Fruit, i’d be: a Cherry maybe, everyone else seems to like cherries but me.

if i were a Sound, i’d be: harsh, crowded Whispers, or maybe a children’s Choir.

if i were an Element, i’d be: Gold. shiny and beautiful, but too easily moved.

if i were a Place, i’d be: a Mansion, abandoned.

if i were a Mythological Creature, i’d be: a Cherub.

if i were a Taste, i’d be: something sickeningly sweet. Cotton Candy, or maybe a Marshmallow. everybody loves them but nobody can stand to have too much.

if i were a Scent, i’d be: the smell of my dad’s work place (he works for a Chocolate Factory)

if i were an Object, i’d be: a Doll.

if i were a Body Part, i’d be: the Shoulders, i think. i don’t really know why.

if i were a Song, i’d be: “i’m tired and i hate this song (Don’t Go)” - Cyberbully Mom Club.

if i wete a pair of shoes, i’d be: some kind of Dress shoe.

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If i were a month, i’d be: October
if i were a day of the week, i’d be: Sunday
if i were a planet, i’d be: I really have no idea
if i were a sea animal, i’d be: Some small fish
if i were a god/goddess, i’d be: Persephone
if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be: Bed
if I were a gemstone, i’d be: Lapis Lazuli
if i were a flower, i’d be: Golden Poppy
if i were a kind of weather, i’d be: Autumn Rain
if i were a color, i’d be: Grey
if i were an emotion, i’d be: Ingenuousness
if i were a fruit, i’d be: Orange
if i were a sound, i’d be: Raindrops
if i were an element, i’d be: Water
if i were a place, i’d be: Forest
if i were a mythological creature, i’d be: Draugr
if i were a taste, i’d be: Red Wine
if i were a scent, i’d be: Mango
if i were an object, i’d be: Candle
if i were a body part, i’d be: Eye
if i were a song, i’d be: Alcest - Oiseaux de proire
if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be: Boots

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Yknow, I see a lot of stuff about sea world and how terrible it is, and I don’t think it’s good and all but I’ve been there and it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as our Canadian marineland! They don’t just have aquatic animals there but also deer in a terrible pen with little to no shade, the feed and water bins usually empty, the deer themselves obviously injured and no ones around to watch the visitors. Like if some kid decided he wanted to ride one or throw something at it, no one from the park would be around to stop it or even know what happened. I can’t even begin to talk about the Dolphins and belugas and such. They’ve had a lot of animal rights and law stuff happen but nothing ever really comes of it. They need to be stopped!!

Who was the first person to eat _____ and how did they know it would be tasty?

This is a humorous question that circulates endlessly with the blank filled in with foods like: beehives full of honey, maple syrup, various sea animals, animal milk, fermented juice (or really any fermented food), even eggs. Truly, if you stripped a modern human of their historical and scientific knowledge and dropped them into the wilderness, how indeed would they know any of this stuff is edible?

But that’s not how humans came to discover foods. We have a rich history of many millennia of passing knowledge to future generations; before writing we passed knowledge along with storytelling. Before that we were still very smart very resourceful omnivorous animals—anything is potentially edible to us.

Some of the above foods we ate before we were even human. Probably every omnivore and carnivore on earth eats the eggs of other animals. It’s not even a decision—that thing came out of something edible (an animal) and isn’t running away—I’d be a fool NOT to eat it. Sometimes there is a fetal animal inside; bonus!

Likewise our closest non-human relatives raid social insect nests to gather the food inside. Most of the time that means worker insects, helpless fatty larvae, and once again, eggs. But some species of insects collect and concentrate nectar into honey, a densely caloric food that is impossible to ignore. So of course over millions of years honey-making insects and honey-eating animals engaged in an arms race resulting in bees that sting and bears and honeybadgers with thick skin and fur. Humans lack sting-resistance but are keen and interested observers of other animals. Even today humans who don’t wear protective clothing are brave enough or clever enough to dare steal honey from the bees, for the rare taste of pure sweetness.

In northern forests, some trees store sugar energy in their sap. Deer and other plant-eaters are driven to eat difficult-to-digest bark to get through the winter. Sometimes they are rewarded with sweet running sap. Prehistoric humans made it to these forests and were not stupid, but they were very very hungry. They probably tasted everything they saw other animals eating, and what a happy day when they found that maple trees bleed sweet. A culture that uses fire to cook food doesn’t have to make a huge conceptual leap to know that the faintly sweet flow from a damaged tree can be boiled down into something spectacular.

As for the products of ferment, first there are wild-collected fermented fruits. They might taste funny, but the fermentation process preserves them with a fairly high calorie content (alcohol = 7 kcal per gram) that makes a little light-headedness worth the effort. Wild songbirds get themselves berry drunk on a regular basis, when such food is available. Once humans developed tools for storing food, occasional seasonal abundance could be carried into leaner times. Put all those grapes in a clay-lined basket now, and we can consume their calories when they are gone from the vine. The magic ingredient of wild yeasts turning fruit sugar into alcohol was not understood until modern times, but the fact that one microorganism was keeping others from destroying our food and extending its useful life was exploited hundreds of times across almost every culture.

Humans are mammals, meaning that for millions of years our ancestors have been consuming milk, from our mother’s bodies. The shift to drinking the milk from other animals only requires animals tame enough for us to take it from them. Before animal agriculture there were pregnant and lactating female mammals killed in the hunts—their milk would not have been wasted. Once there were sheep, goats, mares, and eventually cattle that would allow humans to milk them, milk surpluses were possible. Under the right conditions—and humans are smart enough to notice remember and record those conditions—the milk would change into something that could be eaten much later. Yogurt and then cheese were reasons enough to make humans settle down and raise livestock full time.

And as for sea life, I simply don’t know. I still can’t bear the smell of any water creature cooked as food, nor marine algae dried to be eaten. I’d sooner eat a hive full of bee larvae than crack into a lobster, but my personal preferences are those of a human with nearly limitless choices and superabundant food. The humans who first colonized North America did so along a very long and productive coastline. They traveled from one supercontinent to another, fed on mollusks (that they could observe walruses and otters eating), turtles, sea mammals, bird and turtle eggs, and whatever fish they could catch with their technology. Modern human tastes may be more selective than early humans, but that is a result of the ludicrous availability and variety of foods at our hands today. Somewhere on earth at this moment a human is eating a termite and wondering how hungry and crazy someone would have to be to prefer to eat a salad. ���