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Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
scanned by me - please do not repost


What was it I was going to do? Ah of course. Scans of LN3. But I still haven’t checked if someone already uploaded them, because I was pretty sure I saw some scans already. As you can see I’m quite unreliable, don’t trust me!! But for now, here are the scans of the illustrations for 55 Minutes. As usual, I‘d prefer these to not be reposted but if it cannot be helped, then go ahead as long as you don’t claim you did the scans. Enjoy~!

cherrybutspicy  asked:

are there new pt5 scans? because i have been seriously thinking about trying to rustle up a group of people to help me rescan and retranslate part 5 since the ones we're stuck with are so awful

Yes!  The Jojo’s Colored Adventure Team’s finished Vol 1-3 in color (ofc) so far but there’s also new black and white translations though about 85% of Vento Aureo (translations by Jojo Project, Daxing Dan and Nearzero I think).  They read really naturally.  For comparison:

I don’t even know what old scan Giorno’s talking about in this scene but new scan Giorno just straight up owned Cioccolata.

I think the new translations are up on through the Secco vs. Bruno battle.

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