not really a queen witch or a warrior but also kind of all of them idk

Okay so I see the ending of TOG6 as this:

They are fighting Erawan and Maeve. Fenrys, Connell, Vaughan (however u spell his name lol) and Carin (fuckin dick) are all still bloodsworn to Maeve (I HATE HER), and they have been ordered to fight against the Terassen Squad, and Aelin has been shackled and is being guarded by Carin maybe?
So, Rowan is fucking slaughtering Valg demons and Maeve’s band of assholes to get to his wife, mate, consort, lover, carranam, FIREHEART, AND Aedion and Gavriel are working together along side Lorcan and Lysandra (bless) trying to buy Rowan time to be able to get to Aelin (who is bound in iron and looks like she gonna die) and then wyverns just roar and yes bitches the witches have arrived.
Also, Galan is there with his army, Ansel, the silent assassin’s, and the entirety of the army Aelin pulled together. They are all fighting for her and her country and her family and she’s just being held uselessly in iron so she can’t use her magic and she’s fucking sobbing. Carin is grinning his sadistic smile, waving a whip around.
Also, the Whitethorn cousins are slaughtering mofuckers too.
And then Aelin looks up just as the unthinkable happens.
Fenrys, whilst crying ugly tears, has stabbed Rowan through the shoulder. He’s apologizing and begging rowan to end him end him end him because he doesn’t want to belong to Maeve any longer. He doesn’t want to hurt his friend.
Aelin sees her mate fall to his knees, and Fenrys is holding a sword over his head, and there’s fucking blood everywhere. And she fucking erupts. The chains melt, Carin looks fucking terrified, and she melts him from the inside out and fucking roars, losing her goddamn mind at the sight of her mate wounded.
Maeve pauses, looking absolutely horrified, and shouts for Vaughan or someone to kill her.
Aelin has had enough. No more death, no more destruction, nothing. She is a living wildfire. She gets to Fenrys and just knocks him the fuck out, grabs rowan and heals him with half a thought and he is just like. Woah. She’s so badass.
Aelin turns to Dorian and the witches, asking silently for the wyrdkeys, and she gets them.
Maeve is bellowing for someone to stop her, but it’s too late.
Rowan is screaming, but Aelin’s fire is clouding her in a circle as she begins to forge the Lock (idk how that’s done) and her fire is actually burning him every time he’s trying to get to her.
Aedion, Lysandra,Gavriel, Elide everyone is screaming at her to stop. Don’t sacrifice yourself. Please.
But it’s too late.
It happens. She’s forged the Lock.
Erawan is dead. Banished. The Valg are dying.
Aelin dies.
Everyone’s a fuckin blubbering mess.
Rowan feels the bond snap.
He’s roaring
Aelin wakes up in a place full of light. Such bright blinding light that she has to blink a few times. Once she gets her bearings, she sees them.
Mala Light-Bringer
Rhoe and Evalin
Nehemia, Sam, Marion, her uncle Orlon.
Everyone she’s ever lost is there with Mala, welcoming her.
She gets to her feet and stares, and asks, “Why me? Why did it have to me to save everyone? I finally found something, people, a family, worth fighting for, and now…now there’s nothing,”
Mala cups Aelin’s face in her hands and gives her a soft, sympathetic smile, and give her a choice.
Stay with her dead family and friends, continue on in this world with no pain, no more death or destruction, or go home to her mate and her court…her country.
Aelin breaks down, and she looks at all the people she loves and has lost, begging them to understand. To understand why she cannot stay, why she must go home.
And they do.
Rowan is holding her broken, cold body, not crying…just feeling nothing.
Everyone has frozen. Aedion is hysterical, Gavriel is holding his son for the first time, soothing him. Gavriel is crying, Fenrys is crying, Lysandra, Galan, everyone is a mess. Ilias, Ansel.
Maeve is fucking burning mad. Her plan failed. She won’t get anymore power. She invokes the blood oath and tells Fenrys to kill Rowan.
Fenrys fights it, struggling against it. Dorian is holding him with his invisible hands. Manon is snarling a warning, the wyverns are growling.
Fenrys is fighting against them, and the command.
Rowan feels the bond go taut
Aelin opens her eyes, the gold in them like actual flames.
Rowan tenses, staring down at her in shock. She meets his eyes, and grins. He’s touching her face and muttering Aelin Aelin Aelin as if he’s in a trance.
Maeve roars her displeasure (really bitch no one cares about you. You’re soooo 500 years ago) and demands her still blood sworn warriors kill them.
Aelin gets to her feet, and Maeve gives her a nasty smile as Aelin stalks toward her. Maeve thinks she’s wasted all her power, and Aelin let’s her think that by not fighting against Maeve’s power for a moment.
Aelin comes face to face with Maeve and whispers, “Mala says she can’t wait to see you on the other side,”
Mave goes pale, and Aelin fries her goddamn bitch ass to hell.
Fenrys, Connell, and Vaughan all fall to their knees. Vaughan is silent, kind of shocked. Connell is pale, looking relieved, Fenrys grabs Aelin’s hand and repeats thank you thank you thank you over and over, and she pets his head, and begins to sway with exhaustion.
Lorcan - fucking Lorcan, who was just standing there kind of shocked - grabs her before she falls and walks her over to Rowan, who takes her from Lorcan.
Aedion dries his tears and steps away from his father, giving him a small smile, then addresses the small amount of Maeve’s soldiers still alive.
“If you don’t want to die, I suggest you leave. Now,”
Most of them do, the other small minority get ripped apart by the Lion and his son (some father son bonding time over a causal slaughter, how cute)
Skip to six months later.
Darrow and the other wealthy asshats that I do not care about whatsoever BC they doubted Aelin, begrudgingly hand over the crown to her, snd she is crowned queen. She cries, rowan cries, Aedion sobs with pride, and then he dramatically takes the blood oath, so does Ren Allsbrook, and GUESS WHO SHOWS UP AND PRETENDS TO STEAL HER CROWN?
Yes, you guessed it, Nox Owen. Aelin punches him and he goes to join the festivities with a merry laugh. Aelin laughs too, once getting her crown back.
Aelin takes a moment to look over her friends, family, her people. Her home, and she realizes, that even if all of her family aren’t there, she still made it…she made it and she survived and she’s happy and everything is okay.
And then Lysandra shocks the shit out of everyone by grabbing Aedion by the lapels of his coat and kissing him in front of everyone.
Aelin whoops, making rowan laugh, and evangeline and fleetfoot are getting all riled up and excited with giggles and barks, and Aedion is Shocked, and BLUSHING and then blinks at Lys and says, “so how bout that marriage?”
And that was most definitely the wrong thing to say BC 3 seconds later Lysandra is chasing a screaming Aedion as a ghost leopard.
As the night and the celebrations finally wind down to a close (at 4am because cmon this is Aelin were talkin bout) and she’s in the castle, staring from her balcony with rowan perched in hawk form beside her, and she’s absentmindesly stroking his feathers.
And then she feels kinda weird, and her magic stirs, and she involuntarily shifts a few times.
And rowan has shifted back, and is watching her curiously and worriedly. And it hits him, “You’re going through the settling”
She bursts into tears, but she’s very happy and very overwhelmed.
But she’s home. She’s happy. She made it through the bloodshed and war and death and she’s home.
And she has all the time in the world with her mate.

SKIP LIKE 30 YEARS aelin and rowan are happy, and even though they haven’t spoken of it, they want kids. Aedion and Lysandra are in Caraverre, ruling. Lysandra tied her life to Aedion’s immortal one, so she’s now immortal. Evangeline is not, but she’s very happily married with 2 human babies.
Gavriel resides with his son and daughter in law, never having mated and not totally over Aedion’s mama.
Lorcan and Elide are mated, she’s also immortal due to being tied to Lorcan’s life. They’re ruling Perranth as Lord and Lady. Shockingly, Fenrys mated with a demi-fae woman and resides somewhere in Terrasen. He’s loyal and sickeningly in love.
Connell tends to keep to himself with his own mate in their home near the staghorns. Anyway, back to Aelin and Rowan. They’ve been trying to produce heirs for ten years, no luck.
Rowan is out with Aedion one day, and Lysandra and she are having a girls day. Aelin and she gorge themselves on chocolates and sweeties and next minute Aelin is heaving into the sink with a worried lysandra rubbing her back.
Lys thinks she’s eaten too many candies. Aelin is bone white, (do fae females get periods? Oh well, they do now) trying to think when she last had her cycle. Lysandra figures it out and begins screeching with excitement and happiness. The males walk in, and the females pause. Lysandra not so subtly drags her husband out of there, leaving a very pale and very nauseous aelin and Rowan to talk.
He asks what’s wrong, snd she whirls to the sink and throws up again. He pulls her hair away, and then he scents it on her. He can smell it, and he goes ramrod straight.
Aelin washes her mouth out and faces him, her eyes wide and frightful.
He cups her face in his hands and kisses her so heartbreaking soft she bursts into tears, and he follows suit a flew seconds later.
“You’re pregnant?”
“Thank you thank you thank you,”
“What for?”
“Everything. I love you,”
“I love you,”
And they live happily ever after. The end.

I realize some of this might not seem realistic but I’m in emotional pain LET ME LIVE this is how I want it to end OK? OK.