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  1. you carry stars in your pockets like you have stretched the universe tight around your soul. when i fall, they spill out of your pockets as you try to help me up and i spend years in my head trying to make constellations until my eyes hurt. when i close them, you are still there.
  2. your touch is as soft as the feathers on my back; i sit on the bathroom counter and daydream even though it’s night. you tape the gaps in my wings, and i try to ignore the way your fingers burn. 
  3. you kiss me like you have forever and a day and i only have a few hours. i am a dripping candle and you the sun, so bright i can hardly bear to look at you, but you kiss me again and i forget every warning my father told me.  
  4. there is no happily ever after; there is only you, with fire in your veins and hands dusted with the ashes of what is left of me.


no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.


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is this dumb? idk but can you explain like what a zine is, its origins, who makes them, what usually goes in them, etc... i am not well versed in the zine arena

Zines are just independent publications that are usually a collection of photos, ideas, drawings–literally anything really. They’re usually pretty DIY or have an aspect of being self made. My zine is just five pages of poems that share a theme. They’re cool. 

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Main three react to an s/o who is a slam poet/ going to one of their poetry shows?

Damn, I’ve never been to a slam poetry show before; I had to watch a few performances on YouTube to write this. It’s actually really cool to watch. Anyway, I hope you like this! Thank you for requesting :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • As he’s the most supportive bf in the world, he will clear his schedule at the every mention of a poetry show that you will be performing at
  • honestly to him it’s the equivalent to you receiving an Academy Award like ???? he wouldn’t miss it for the world
  • Viktor is completely mesmerized by your performance, taking in the strong emotion you’re converting through the art that is your slam poetry; he appreciates it so much
  • He’s definitely the guy that sits in the front and claps louder than anyone else, whistling and whooping for you
  • “I know them! That’s the love of my life! (Y/N), I love you! you’re way better than any of the other performers but shhh don’t tell them i said that lmao love u baby!!
  • Being the King of Extra™, he takes a video of your entire performance and brings a huge bouquet of flowers to give you afterwards
  • He’ll ask you to perform for him at random moments after that, just so he can see you become passionate about your feelings

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Yuri technically isn’t invited to the slam poetry show; he finds out about it when he sees a flyer for the show in your bag by accident and decides to surprise you
  • He’s able to sneak into the show without you noticing, and damn, he’s captivated by the way you seem to pour your entire soul into the words you recite
  • he falls even more in love with you ???? like he doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell you about this sooner bc he wishes he could have seen all of your performances
  • Yuri gives you a standing ovation when you finish you piece, and your eyes are drawn to him
  • It’s a surprise to see him there, but he explains everything and congratulates you with a hug and compliments on your poem
  • and he’s such a supportive bf but like he figures it’s the least he can do since you support him so much in his skating
  • He makes you promise to at least tell him about your shows so he can be there in the audience to support you and your art

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Being as quiet and reserved as he is, he prefers to sit in the back and basically hide from everyone else, slightly embarrassed to be there
  • he’s embarrassed but idk man he would do anything you needed to support you lmao how cute
  • Yuri sits on his phone nearly the entire time, not really caring about the other poets and their poems that mean nothing to him
  • When you perform, though, he can’t take his eyes off of you, and he becomes completely immersed in the way your voice holds so much emotion
  • He doesn’t want your piece to end, but when it does, he claps for the first time since he’s arrived at the slam poetry show
  • he even tears up a little ??? likes he’s so proud of you and the way you made him feel through your poem was such an alien experience but he loved it
  • When you approach him afterward, he tells you that you did a good job and holds your hand while you walk home
  • He won’t admit it, but he wants to attend every show of yours from now on; he will do whatever it takes to see you perform as often as possible

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So in the tags of the Rhode island pic you reblogged you said a new nurseydex fic is coming 👀👀👀👀 what can you tell us about that and are there already chapters up or is it a singular chaptered fic like I'm so sorry but I'm also so thirsty 👅 for nurseydex feels man I'd literally cry over a crack fic in bullet point format so pls spill the secrets sweet sweet human 💕👌

omg sorry to disappoint BUT I already published the fic where Nursey and Dex go to Beaver Tail last summer! It’s called Love Is (Him) and it features some stereotypical poem writing, a terrible poem i wrote myself, and Dex’s grandma!

i also probably won’t have anything new for a little while, since I’m getting married in like a month and a half so my ability to focus is like nonexistent (unless i get really inspired or something idk)


  • more Castle AU?? like, there needs to be a prequel to what I wrote already about Dex and Nursey meeting for the first time, and all the back story, PLUS they need to eventually get together??? and there’s also some Holsom and Charmer side story lines I need to pursue there as well??????
  • i have plans for this fic where Nursey is a well known writer who’s car breaks down in backwoods Massachusetts AND his phone dies at the same time. 
    • along comes Dex in his jacked up truck, proceeds to be appalled that Nursey has never changed the oil in his fancy foreign car, and calls his cousin who owns the only tow shop/mechanic shop/equipment repair shop in a twenty mile radius
    • Nursey is… annoyed that he is even SLIGHTLY attracted to this god damn ginger redneck with a farmer’s tan and a giant truck that’s probably compensating for something
    • it’s going to take Dex’s cousin (Darryl? I feel like his name should be darryl lmao) like a few days to get the Fancy Parts for Nursey’s car, and another one of Dex’s family members (they are like ½ of the towns population) invited Nursey to stay with Dex on the family farm (because there’s no hotel in this town, obviously)
    • now we get to see Derek Nurse helping with farm chores, making friends with tiny roosters, and probably stepping in various kinds of manure
    • Poindexter gets to learn about you know, LIFE outside of the town he’s never left, and maybe probably definitely falls in love with his favorite author (though he will never admit that he’s read all of Nursey’s books, and he probably frantically hid them under his bed before letting Nursey enter his house)
    • Nursey ends up staying on the farm for much longer than necessary, because he’s ~inspired~ for that new book he promised his editor
    • But of course eventually he leaves and there’s ANgst and SHIT
    • And then they live happily ever after
  • The Bet from Sienfield AU - basically four friends make a bet about who can abstain from masturbating the longest, each of them putting in $100 (except elaine had to put in $150 bc she’s a woman, which, wtf honestly). ANYWAYS Chowder + Farmer + Dex + Nursey do this, and part of the terms of the bet are that you can’t get yourself off. Which means that Dex + Nursey make Chowder and Farmer put double in the pot, because they’re dating and that’s not fair. But like… do you see where this is going for D/N… do… you… see…..
i always forget how lovely it is-
and then i’m here, at the end of the school year,
and there is only the water, everywhere water.
pale cyan and quiet warmth and it makes
everything so effortless. i do flips and i
swim breaststroke, moving and turning,
feeling the water on my skin, soft and light
and so very clear. it’s like flying,
every time. i feel alone, and i do not wish
to be anything else. there is only my self,
the familiar white stone walls, the scent of chlorine.
it always calms me down. for a while,
i am perfect, and i am surrounded,
and all i can see is sky. none of the rules
are the same in the water. i do not have to
be beautiful, to be less, to think or talk or worry
about shutting up, worry about what to do. i
know exactly what’s next, know how to
turn around so the world flips and everything else
—  sun & stone//ast.

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dogblrpositivity check! happy dogblr days! Which dogblr dogs do you think your dog would get on with? Which do you think it would be frenemies with? Could you write a limerick about your dog?

Ohh, Heidi would absolutely be friends with @sidetongue‘s Miller. I mean, they’ve both chewed their collars off from around their own necks?? and it seems like Miller would be down to play Heidi’s favorite game (chase) all day long. Idk, though, they’d probably destroy absolutely everything everywhere so I’m not sure if we’d want that to happen. 

I just have this feeling that Balto and Blaine would be friendemies? Blaine would love Balto, Balto would hate Blaine, Blaine would get offended and get all huffy and petty. Blaine’s not really enemies with anyone though, he’s just petty hahaha 

Okay. I wrote this god awful poem like a week after we adopted Heidi. Not really a limerick but it’s finals week and i don’t have time to write anything else… 

muh name is heidi, im frum duh pound

i was a stray, till i was found.

i lik to eat, all but my food

but thats okay, cuz am still good!

i dont lik kibble, but when pants are soft,

on them i’ll nibble.

w my new bruder

now i play

i luv him lots

am here to stay.

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Did you see that Michael faudet applied to ur posr about him? Do you believe in the theory that Lang Leav invented him so her romantic poems would seem more plausible? Cause like his reply was almost exactly the same as the one she gave someone who said something about her poetry

Hahahhaha yes I did I posted his response. I’ve actually never heard that theory but it wouldn’t shock me if it was true?? Tbh tho I feel like his response was a very generic reply to negativity so idk if that really proves anything

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o fuck

sexual orientation headcanon

it’s ya bois panzama and acezama. pacezama. FITNESSGRAM PACER TEST
.. okay, fine, i’ll stop. pan/ace
gender headcanon
agender. life is meaningless and so is gender
mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon
uh fuck idk
3 random headcanons
blind most likely
2) idk if fates ever said anything really on his backstory but consider the fact that he raised himself
3) started writing poems/haikus as a pastime when he was younger and now does it every so often - he has a collection of them (maybe messily) stored somewhere

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hey dont feel any pressure to answer this at all if it's hard or draining or anything but im really struggling w sexuality and i have a generally ok relationship w my family but they're really homophobic and it's terrifying that smth like this really would literally ruin my relationship w them idk. i just feel so alone and also i love u and ur poems a Lot

hello! pls kno i love u a lot & i understand that it’s incredibly hard & also i think ur super amazing & courageous for dealing with such a situation. it is super scary but please kno that you are not alone at all & idk whether it’ll get better as such but one day things will b different. if u don’t wanna come out to them u don’t have to at all, ur safety & comfort are the most important things always!!! 

also if u wanna talk more abt ur sexuality i am here!! i kno i’ve been mia on tumblr lately but i am always here to talk abt sexuality or anythin u mayb going through so honest please feel free to message me on or off anon & just! i am here for u! and i love u so much

Potential “Ability List “ for Servamp BSD AU

Hello lovely people, wow first of all to be 100% honest I didn’t think bsd servamp au and servamp bsd au would get this much attention so quickly. The original ask post I made for it got OVER 100 notes in only a few hours and I was kinda only joking at first but then the idea became EXTREMELY appealing to me too and now its thing and I am happy about that. :D

But it seems bsd servamp au is more talked about so far, so I wanna talk about the Servamp bsd side right now. Here’s a potential ideas list of what the servamps/eves/subclasses abilities can possibly be. (NOT EVERYONE IS ON HERE YET CAUSE I LEGIT COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR SOME CHARACTERS) This post is in no particular order either,after all this au is still kinda a mess right now.

If you guys have any thoughts or opinions, please share cause that’s the point of this post. ^^;

*Kuro - His ability was easy to decide. It would be “Beast Beneath the Moonlight” like Atsushi. Because Atsushi is a weretiger in bsd, so that would make Kuro a werelion, doesn’t really have the same ring to it haha,but still fits him. 

That would also give Kuro the hyper regeneration that comes with it. Which works well for him, because both him and Atsushi get skewered CONSTANTLY in both series and Kuro is likely gonna be protecting a certain new subordinate a lot. *coughs* I’m talking about Mahiru. *cough**cough* 

*Tsubaki - @wonderfulchaos69 helped me with this one and I really liked this suggestion.

Tsubaki being modeled after Saigyo. (Bungou Stray Dogs is FULL OF literary references after all) “I’ll forget the trail I marked out on Mount Yoshino last year, go searching for blossoms in directions I’ve never been before.”  A deconstruction and reconstruction kinda thing maybe, able to tear things apart, but also put them back together again. I think that’s pretty cool and sounds like a badass ability for a mafia boss to have. (that’s Tsubaki’s role in this au by the way) “Sorrow for Change” would be his abilities name. 

*Tetsu - Another one that was easy to decide. He would have “ Undefeated by the Rain” which would give him the gift of super human strength, you know the same as Kenji. But in bsd the catch to his ability is that he is only able to use it on an empty stomach, and will fall asleep after eating. Should that also apply for Tetsu?? (sounds more like World End almost) so Tetsu can have a different catch to his ability? 

- Things are gonna get kinda vague from here on out cause of my own uncertainty.

*Hyde - Okay so you guys already know, Bungou has so many literary references to poems/books/and all that stuff. HYDE’S ABILITY SHOULD TOTALLY BE BASED OFF OF SHAKESPEARE. IT JUST HAS TO BE. I haven’t really thought this one out too much besides the possible names for it.

All The World’s A Stage”, “Fear No More” or even  “A Summer’s Day” anything that’s a Shakespeare poem works. For what it does maybe it can be like that Phantom of the Opera thingy he does in Servamp. 

Maybe that can be his ability? Kunikida’s character is based off a poet as well, maybe Hyde’s gift can also be something like “Doppo Poet”. Idk……

*Mikuni - I IMMEDIATELY thought his ability should be called “My Fair Lady”,  but do you guys remember that thingy he did with Abel in the manga from volume 2 chapter 10??? (I have my manga right here with me and checked lol)

Yeah, it should be like that. plus My Fair Lady is a perfect literary reference. haha yes. :3

*Snow Lily - When I thinking about Lily’s ability, I thought it should be like Junichirou’s. A ability that isn’t really suited for combat but is more illusion based. You know, allows him to project illusions in a certain range of area around him, covering the affected area with snowfall. It’s even called “Light Snow”. Which is perfect for SNOW Lily lol. (I need to be stopped omg) 

Ten Nights of Dreams” (another suggestion from wonderfulchaos69 ^^) is another possible name for his illusion ability. It can be like his “The Execution Block of the Red Queen” thing he does in the actual series. “My abilities don’t harm the body, but they do attack the mind.” Lily said. I mean I think that’s pretty awesome idea. *___*

*Misono - Alright don’t laugh you guys, but I was thinking of a Alice in Wonderland kind of reference for him maybe. I was thinking of calling it “Lonely Alice” also as reference to when Yuri and Mary called him the lonesome Alice. 

For what it does I was thinking of this being one of those abilities that are more of a curse rather than a blessing. It would be like Lucy’s “Anne of Abyssal Red” It would be a dimension he created with his ability. 

Lucy in bsd made her dimension to where if you are tagged by “Anne” (this giant creepy puppet/doll thing that chases you around) you lose and you will be trapped in Anne’s Chamber. (Alice’s Chamber maybe?) but if you get the key and unlock the door in Anne’s Chamber before she gets you, then you win. Also if you try to leave right away, you will only forget everything that happened in that room. The real world outside the dimension, time stands still. 

I think Misono’s take on it should be like when he challenged his own father to a chess game with one of his eve techniques. (that part in volume 4 with the whole Alicein arc remember? It was a giant chess board.) 

He said “It’s impossible to leave this place until one of us wins.” So I think in this au this would be an ability Misono doesn’t like to use since it can be pretty inconvenient.

Natsume Sōseki’s Botchan reference is also possible for Misono too  “No crime should be canceled before a man apologized.“ (chaos I love ya)

*Licht -  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference anyone? (by Robert Louis Stevenson I think) Servamp already made this reference though lol. Cause you know, Licht Jekylland Todoroki. Plus that combination move Licht and Lawless(Hyde) did was a total reference. “Jekyll and Hyde” (the name maybe???)

Again another idea I am kinda stumped on for what it does….. I wanted Licht’s gift to be music based still but??? HELP ME GUYS.  SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS. 

*Hugh - Hugh’s ability should be like Ranpo’s “Ultra-Deduction” where he can solve any case in under 60 seconds. But GET THIS Hugh isn’t actually gifted (like Ranpo) one of the very few un-gifted civilians at the agency. He believes he is using an ability but no HES JUST THAT GOOD and again like Ranpo he is a very respected  at for agency for it. 

You are a role model for the Agency, no, for all gifted people.” Yay or nay this people.

- I am gonna switch gears here a bit and talk about “Melancholy Mafia” a bit, even though I already mentioned Tsubaki above. I have only thought of two for now though….

*Otogiri - I think she should be ungifted as well and kinda be like Higuchi of the Port Mafia who specializes with firearms and is Akutagawa’s bodyguard(although he always going on about how he doesn’t need her help or anyone’s really) 

Otogiri can still use her wires/strings she uses in canon. :D 

*Sakuya - I was debating with myself on whether or not he should be gifted or ungifted. I was thinking he could also be a weapons kinda guy for the Mafia like Otogiri. Cause in Servamp we see him use knives, a chainsaw, and a blood sword(?) apparently (it was shown in the anime) etc. It’d be cool if he was a highly proficient with weapons. 

For a possible ability for Sakkun I was thinking kinda like Kyouka’s “Demon Snow” that makes her a ruthless assassin for the Port Mafia.  Allows her to materialize a sword-wielding phantom, known as Demon Snow, which only follows orders coming from a mobile phone she always carries on her person. It appears that it only listens to orders from another person on the other line and does not comply to Kyouka’s own wishes. 

I can change it up of course, it just an idea right now like everything else. :p Like that “phantom” could look like you know who….

I thought of this because I thought of Kyouka’s and Atsushi’s friendship and dynamic in the anime, Kyouka not being proud of what she’s done so far for the Port Mafia. Killing 35 people in one month saying she “doesn’t want to kill anyone else.” and then jumped off a freaking train with a bomb strapped to her chest(poor baby girl) but Atsushi saves her life anyway believing she deserves a second chance, (even though she injured him really badly)  and takes her in to leave the Mafia and join the Agency instead and learn better control of her dangerous ability. You know how the story goes.

Hear me out guys… how about that kinda thing for Mahiru and Sakuya??? Mahiru seeing the good in Sakuya despite all that he’s done. AND THEY HAVE THAT TRAGIC FRIENDSHIP TOO AHHHH. Okay I am off topic now. 

This last one is a real mere suggestion but:

*Wrath - She should have “Thou Shalt Not Die” like Yosano. Because also this is how members of the agency react to Yosano…. Despite her appearances, she has shown prominent sadistic and aggressive tendencies, which is more so magnified by her ability’s conditions. As a result, most members from the Agency flee when in her presence and as much as possible.

and some characters in Servamp are afraid of Wrath too, why not give her an ability that makes her to be feared as well? Being able to treat external wounds but however, to heal someone they must first be "half-dead”; meaning they must have fatally serious injuries before she can use her ability. 

I don’t know I only thought of this because of Wrath and Yosano had something in common. so again yay or nay??

Alright guys this is all I got so far guys, if anyone isn’t on this list. ITS BECAUSE COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR THEM YET. Like I need a Literature reference and stuff but ITS KINDA HARD TO FIND ONE THAT SUITS SOME CHARACTERS. So shoot any ideas so I can update this list. Thank you!!

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Hi Allec! Sorry to bug you again. I was wondering if you knew of an 'End Times' event eg the Apocalypse or Ragnarok in Gaelic or Irish polytheism? I haven't come across anything in my sources which I find odd as most other belief systems have one

Very good question! To my knowledge, there really wasn’t anything ever discussed… There is one poem that discusses how the Morrígan’s son Meche is going to destroy all of Ireland, which is the closest thing I can think of that is like what you are describing. But he’s killed so idk if that counts?

Anyone know anything else?

  • ok so Nursey is a kindergarten teacher and also a poet
  • Dex is a single dad and his son Chowder is starting kindergarten and can’t seem to stop talking about Mr. Nurse
  • Nursey, of course, does yoga with the kids and at the parent/teacher night, he invites all the parents to join them if they’re able to, and since Dex is off on Thursdays, he goes bc Chowder begs him to and he. just 
  • can't stop staring at Nursey bending over omg he looks so good

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im really sorry it’s an awful edit idk i tried to be creative ok i’ve never officially done one of these so why not \?


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I’ll be picking when this gets like notes soso

and yeah if this gets no notes then guess who’s crying: me if you have any questions or concerns or anything just ask 

I remember
The time you cried.
I held your head on my chest and
You were shaking so hard I
Swore it caused an earthquake
In my bones
And I kept saying,
“I’m sorry,
Baby, everything will be
Hushing you softly
As if you were a troubled child and
Now I’m laying in bed,
Holding my
Pillow to my chest
Shaking so hard
I swear its going to cause an
Nothing but
Silence and
Empty bottles for comfort
user aesthetics

so y’all i’m so very close to reaching 5k????? which is unbelievable???????? y’all are awesome???? so i’m finally making these user aethetics that i’ve wanted to try since forever

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  • i’m busy with uni so this may take me a lot of time??? but i wanna make all the ones that i get so just wait for it okay it’ll come
He went by many names and lived so many lives
And everybody loved him
He was quick and unsteady, standing on wobbly legs and dreaming so intensely it made my eyes burn just watching him exist like that
He was a chain smoker with the devil’s grin, and angel’s eyes
And everybody loved him
His soul was a library filled with books that had yellowing pages and novelties no one really understood
He was a gathering of storm clouds hanging low in the sky and I was waiting for something, anything
And then the lightning struck and pieces of him were left stuck in between people’s closed hands and in faded photographs
And everybody loved him
—  The death of a heartthrob and an American heartbreak //(sorryangels)