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we’ve known for a while that the real Fitz doesn’t like to be called “Leo,” and this episode implied proof for my theory as to why - it’s what his father called him.

I think that the parallels between Michael and Tommy are really interesting, especially in S3. For example, when Tommy and Pol are talking about Michael killing Hughes, Tommy explains that if Michael isn’t the one to pull the trigger a part of him will die with Hughes. This comment is interesting to me because Tommy missed out on wreaking vengeance against the man responsible for Grace’s death twice. Initially, the assasin is beaten to death by Finn, John, and Arthur and then later his attempts at hyperviolence and torture are cut short. Arthur steps in and essentially ‘saves’ Tommy from doing something extremely heinous in an attempt to preserve his humanity. However, in that conversation he has with Polly, we see that in saving one part of Tommy, Aruthur inadvertedly let another part of him parish. He can’t accept Grace’s death and has some intense residual emotional issues. This sets Michael and Tommy up in very similar, but oposing camps for S4. We see in S3 E6 that Michael looks pretty fucked up post-murder, but we don’t really know how he is coping. He seems fine at the final family meeting which interestingly mirrors Polly in S2 with Campbell.  

Anyway, TLDR, Michael and Tommy are interesting to compare and I hope they get their shit straight in S4. 

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So I'm rewatching Boy Meets World and I just finished the one where Cory and Topanga fight because Cory keeps pushing for sex. So it got me thinking about how Rucas would handle this situation. In SDLM Riley clearly wasn't anywhere near ready for sex and covered her ears when Smackle gave the class the talk. So how do you think it would play out between her and Lucas?

One of my favorite things about Rucas is that aside from a hand full of parallels/certain traits they are really nothing like Corpanga. Cory has always been extremely immature and impatient and also very vocal about his desire to get Topanga in the sack. That right there sounds nothing like Lucas Friar.

For one thing, Lucas has that southern charm thing going on and with that charm comes a southern gentlemen. I’m not saying Cory wasn’t a gentleman towards Topanga (albeit that wasn’t always the case) but the two of them have very different personalities and that shines through in their relationships with these women. 

It’s pretty evident in the show that Lucas thinks VERY highly of Riley and just the idea of losing her made him want to punch a tree so I don’t see him ever trying to pressure her into anything she’s not ready for.

Taking away the Disney aspect of it I still don’t think Rucas would be the ‘sex in high school’ kind of couple, not that there’s anything wrong with that.. But for one, their friends are ALWAYS AROUND and they are hardly ever alone w/ each other and two, something tells me Riley would want to wait. [Not necessarily for marriage but until she’s mentally ready.] Personally, I see it happening the summer after senior year of hs/before college.

Things I do see happening between them

  • accidental hickies
  • butt squeezing on both ends lol
  • make-out sessions that start getting a little too hot and heavy and Lucas reluctantly has to stop it because he knows she wants to wait
  • riley trying to do it for the wrong reasons (i.e she thinks thats what he wants) but he realizes somethings off and doesn’t go any further
  • and one thing I know for sure is that she would 100% be the one to initiate it 

Edward Nygma + ‘The Point’     |      (2x07 / 3x14)


         I suppose I owe you a ‘thank you’ for getting me out of the lab every now and then.
                                       Well now, we have husbands and kids.
                  But that doesn’t make our relationship any less important.