not really a huge fan of the song

I would just like to say that a) I’m really proud of louis for everything he’s doing at the moment and the grace he’s doing it with and b) I’m really happy to get to know steve as a person and become his fan because he’s the type of person you should be a fan of, which leads me to c) I personally can’t wait for this promo season of JHO because together they are incredibly charming and the song has huge potential and I really hope everyone falls in love w them


“Lance isn’t a huge fan of dancing to anything K-pop… but this is Keith’s kingdom, his reign, and Lance has to obey”

because i can’t stop thinking about dean and this bonnie & clyde dance cover and the klance dance au and the possibility of them all going together

maybe it was one of the only k songs lance really knew and could jam to so LUCKY HIM got to woo the teach when it came on???

I am obsessed with [Ellie Goulding] and she was in the process of making her last record. This song I guess didn’t make the mix and they thought it would be a good fit for me. It was really important to me that I wrote most of these songs, or that these songs were personal to me, so we didn’t take a lot—they came from personal stories of mine. But, when we heard this song, we were like, ‘It’s so perfect for the record.’ It sounds like Ellie, but I feel like I’ve made it my own and I’m a huge fan of hers, so I can’t wait for everybody to hear it.

Hi everyone! 

I’m a huge fan of 8tracks so I decided to show you some of my fav study and writing playlists. There are different kinds of music from only instrumental to punk rock. I hope you’ll find something for yourself.

1. sleep, skeleton - slow/calm/relaxing/sad indie and folk rock mostly

2. homework mix pt. 2 - really calm songs by not so famous bands or singers

3. rainy day with harry - popular songs with rain in the background

4. let go - relaxing and calm not popular songs so you will not be singing and distracting yourself

5. dream of something that doesn’t exists - the mix of great songs you may not know but have to know

6. alone. - only instrumental music

7. just breathe. - the next calm mix

8. study time - … and the next calm/relaxing

9. study playlist - I think that this one is a little bit more energetic than the “calm and relaxing” ones

10. stay up late, wake up early - the next calm and relaxing but this one is like the saddest one

11. indie/punk rock (or whatever) - like in the title

12. Charile’s first mixtape - my fav! I love it so much. If you watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower then you know what I feel

Both Sides Now Intro
Years & Years
Both Sides Now Intro

“Hello, I’m Olly Alexander and my torch song I have chosen to cover is “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. I chose this because I’m a huge Joni Mitchell fan, I have been for a really really long time and this song always makes me cry. I think she’s an amazing lyrist and something about the way she writes about the world makes me feel bit better about being in it”.

Love Is Love

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Request-Hello! I was wondering if you could write a fic where something happens and John comes back from the dead. When he does he somehow finds out you’re a lesbian and have a girlfriend. Like he doesn’t really accept you so Sam and Dean instantly get defensive so that John can’t hurt you? Thanks, Love💕

Word count-1095

Warnings-Mild swearing,homohpobia and John gets violent

A/n-Okay so I changed the request a bit were the reader does get hurt. Please let me know if you would like me to rewrite it <3

Tag- @evyiione

Ever since you met Steph your entire life changed. Steph was nerdy like you and you would constantly fan girl together. You would both sing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs until one of your older brothers told you to shut up. At first you were both really close friends, but you had a huge crush on her. However you didn’t know if she was straight at the time and didn’t want to ruin your friendship if she didn’t like you in that way. You suffered in silence until you had your first kiss and you remember it like it was yesterday…

“So erm can I tell you something?” You asked nervously picking at your nails.

“Sure (Y/n) what’s wrong?” She asked putting down her Harry Potter book and moving to the foot of your bed so you were sat next to each other.

“I…I’m…” You stuttered on your words.

You were nervous as hell when you told Sam and Dean but they accepted you. “You’re not dying are you?” She laughed but fell silent when she saw how nervous you were. “(Y/n) I’m your best friend please tell me.” She says taking your hand and giving it a tight squeeze.

“I’m gay and I like you.” You say rapidly and covering your face. There was a few seconds of silence but it felt like hours until Steph removed your hands from your face and looked into your eyes.

“Thank God.” She whispered and pulled you in for a gentle yet passionate kiss.

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for your consideration:

  • drunk ferre slurring lyrics to really dirty pop songs in courf’s ear
  • drunk ferre being all about that pda like hands on courf’s hips, around his waist, in his back pockets (and you know courf just melts into it bc ferre usually isn’t a huge fan of any affection in front of strangers)
  • drunk ferre calling courf “babe” or “baby”
  • drunk ferre laughing way too hard at every joke courf makes 
  • drunk ferre full on doubling over at jokes courf has told him one hundred times before
  • drunk ferre requesting to hear the aforementioned jokes he’s heard one hundred times before

So anyway, good things:

-Emma Watson definitely suits the character of Belle even if I wish the rest of the cast could maybe get like…. at least acknowledged

-The Beast’s animation was pleasing and his voice was Good

-All the music was wonderful. Wasn’t a huge fan of Be Our Guest? But eh not that bad. All the new songs are lovely.

-Lumiere’s animation was also awesome. He was so energetic and fluid? How Good.

-Honestly LeFou just, as a character, was great. Much more expanded, nice little development, well played. If they hadn’t tried to brag about the whole “gay thing” that barely appears I would have nothing but praise for LeFou.

-Actually really funny? The humour of the film was (in general) really nice and the whole thing had a fairly light atmosphere except for… Scenes.

-Nice little backstory for Beast. Would have been nice to see that at least a little expanded on though.

-Belle and Beast’s bonding was actually really nice.

Do you know how nervous Tyler was to cover Cancer?

Do you know how much Tyler loves the original?

Do you know that Tyler just really really hopes he can do the song justice?

Listen.. I get that a lot of people like the original much better. But the fact that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun were asked to be a part of a 10 year anniversary album for one of (if not THE) most important albums of the early 2000s is HUGE. If you’re even the slightest bit of a fan of twenty one pilots and you’re hating on the cover… Just think about how hard these two guys have worked to get to where they are now… and they haven’t been artificial in getting there. Personally I feel that they did do the song justice. I am just so fucking proud of them and how far they’ve come. Your choice on if you like the cover… But personally I love it and I am seriously so proud.

Hands down! Tsubaki’s character song is by far my favorite among the newly released set. I’m sorry Ryohei Kimura (A,K.a Lawless babe), but I’ve been a huge fan of Oldcodex since 2013 so Tattsun’s voice and the way it just… quiets down to a painful feeling all the way to those powerful parts (<cant music. how do i describe music //cries)… Really amazing!
I wish someone would do the translation for it tho! I swear… I would feel lots for Tsubakyun!!

BP’s ‘2ne1 2.0’ marketing strategy might’ve ruined them for some pressed Blackjacks and YG stans but made them gain a huge international fanbase, almost every kpop fan likes BlackPink and don’t care although I honestly don’t understand how are they like 2ne1 but apparently pressed Blackjacks know what they are talking about and are shoving it down our throats. Again no one cares,Kpop is fun and shallow,it’s really not that deep, just listen to songs you like and relax smh. -YG stan tired of hate

5 Seconds Of Summer Exposed, NO, REALLY. SERIOUSLY.

I like how there’s people out there trying to expose 5 Seconds of Summer saying that they’re racists for saying stupid shit or doing stupid shit and also sexist for some song lyrics they wrote when they were much younger, yet I don’t see anyone making a master-post on a band like blink-182 who live off of offending people. I should know since I’m a huge fan of theirs. I can admit that some of their (blink-182) songs are immature and even sexist, but no one seems to mind because they’re not in the height of their career. They were popular back in late 90′s and early ‘00′s…

Somehow our generation can not overlook 5sos’s lyric, “I’m stuck in the friend-zone again…” and some other lyrical content, and equate it to sexism. But can overlook a blink lyric that states, “I need a girl that I can train.”

I love both bands, but honestly, our generations new found fetish in joining the band-wagon and pointing out every little flaw/thing someone does in the public eye is becoming so exhausting. Aren’t you guys tired of being extremists?

Let’s not point out one band/artist that probably has done something wrong in there past or present because they’re not popular enough to be hated on. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

5 Seconds of Summer is getting hate without any actual reasons just because they’re a very popular band right now. Some even hate them because they’re associated with 1D. Or because they simply don’t like their music and they think they’re pretty little boys who have no business in the rock/pop/punk genre. Those are all petty reasons but everyone has a right to their own opinion.

I am not saying everyone needs to love 5sos, but labeling them racists or sexist or calling them out for appropriating culture are accusations that are all ludicrous to me and it sounds like you guys are just looking for any excuse to justify your hatred towards them… but again, that’s just my opinion.

So the boys had a Mexican themed party… yeah, well I’m Mexican and I did not find it offensive or think for a second that they were appropriating my culture. BUT I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF. Some people like to think that one person can speak for every single person of that race/gender/identity. That is incorrect. They may have dressed in “funny costumes” that are stereotypical to the Mexican culture but they were just costumes. If that’s what was offensive about it then be mad at the manufacture, they were the one’s who created them and the boys were ignorant enough to believe it was okay to wear them. They weren’t trying to offend anyone, they weren’t trying to be malicious, they were simply having a Mexican themed party trying to have fun. And if the Mariachi Band was what offended you, and I am speaking to my fellow Mexican people only, I’m sure the band was not held against their will and I’m positive the band enjoyed playing for the boys, because that’s what they do for a living.   

So the boys wore traditional Japanese attire, well this has been explained already, but I’m happy to explain it again. The attire was given to them by the local people of Japan. I’m sure if the boys had decided NOT to wear the clothes, people would most definitely find a problem with that too and in our generations fashion to label everyone/thing racists nowadays, they would say, “the boys from 5sos are rude and hate Japaneses people because they refused to wear the clothes, so they’re racists…and blah, blah, blah”… Damn if you do, & damn if you don’t.

So Calum has a tribe tattoo that some people think is appropriating culture and racists and sexist, and homophobic, and blah, blah, blah. Well you get what I mean. On a serious note, you guys don’t know if somewhere down his family line he may have some native blood or whatever, I don’t know and you don’t know. So let’s move on.

So in conclusion, 5 Seconds Of Summer are not racists (in my opinion) they are not appropriating culture (in my opinion, plus they’re Aussies, they have a diff. culture from ours too) and they are not sexist (in my opinion)…

And I know there will be people reading this and think, “this girl is a hypocrite” simply because I can “defend” (not really, just acknowledging my truth) the boys, but shits on Hey Violet.”

Well no, not really. IGNORANCE does not match up to the word BULLY, in my book. A bully is someone who is fully aware of their malicious behavior while the ignorant fool is the opposite of that. They are unaware they are being stupid. So sit on that before any of you guys try to send me an anonymous message saying, I’m a “bitch” or just a “jealous fan-girl” or a “hypocrite.” ‘Cus I’ll most likely direct you to this post.

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Can I get Yosen and Hanamiya music headcanons like what they listen to, dislikes, guilty pleasures etc? It's ok I misread things often too and thank you!! :3

alrighty, i’m going to throw in mostly western musicians because that’s what I’m familiar with lol


  • He’s very flexible in term of music genres. He can listen to almost anything, from pop songs in the top 40 to rock to classical.
  • He doesn’t admit it to anyone but his guilty pleasure would be kpop bands, especially Girls’ Generation. He finds their tunes catchy and good to exercise to. Plus, they’re all hella cute.
  • Favorites: Girls’ Generation, Ed Sheeran,


  • Hanamiya doesn’t listen to music much because he doesn’t really care for it, but in the days that he does, he listens usually to classical or metal. He’s not a huge fan of pop or pure indie.
  • A guilty pleasure of his would be house music. Despite his bad boy persona, he’s not actually much of a partier and finds it tedious. However, house music something he listens to from time to time.
  • Favorites: Beethoven, AC/DC, Coldplay


  • Being in LA really influenced his music taste especially with his neighborhood. Now, he finds himself listening to a lot of rappers and hip hop. He doesn’t listen to many Japanese artists but he wouldn’t mind giving them a try.
  • The team knows how Himuro truly respects female vocalists with strong voices and he’s very into Nicki Minaj because, well, she’s Nick Minaj.
  • Favorites: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj


  • He goes by the phrase “oldies but goodies”. He really likes those old tunes with smooth jazz and soul. He finds these genres very soothing and comforting, plus his dad had a huge impact on his taste too since his dad kept playing old songs.
  • Céline Dion is his queen and no one can tell him otherwise.
  • Favorites: Frank Sinatra, The Temptations, Céline Dion


  • Music isn’t a huge priority in his life with food around. Thus, he doesn’t listen to specific tunes that often. His phone’s music app is practically nonexistent. However, he does listen to lots of anime songs whenever he’s watching those and finds himself humming to those tunes.
  • Food commercials have the catchiest songs and they will get stuck in his head for days.
  • Favorites: Any anime theme song, and he knows food commercial tunes


  • Okamura doesn’t have a specific favorite genre since he can listen to almost anything, but if he had to pick a favorite, it would probably be R&B or pop rock. He likes the songs that you can find on Billboard’s Top 100, not only in western countries but also in Japan.
  • Like Himuro, he adores female vocalists with crazy strong voices and also those with unique vocals.
  • Favorites: Rihanna, Maroon 5, OneRepublic

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Adam, I was reading the amazon reviews for So Sad Today and yours was the first one and that was very funny to me because I love your work, and I clicked on your profile to see if you reviewed other things I would like, and there was a review for a Michelle Branch album in like 2003! You're like a poster child for Dreams Come True, I love it.

i’m a big fan of melissa! i met her maybe a year before the book was announced and it was so exciting for there to be a #reveal and then of course the book is really great. her poetry also kills me it’s so dark and u kinda wanna die but also not

as for michelle, yeah dude i have legitimately been a huge fan of hers since i was 13 (and she was 17) and obviously i’m like, soooo chill now but i really do know all her songs and blah blah blah i have deleted some other super old amazon reviews in my adult life but i left that one because it’s hilarious to me that i have just been so consistently me for so long

also id like to point out it’s actually a michelle branch european import single with bonus tracks loooool

I’m a huge fan of musicals (as you might have noticed… my ‘musicals’ tag isn’t getting any shorter), and when I really get into one, this thing happens sometimes where I’ll listen to just one song and get hit with this overwhelming sense of the musical as a whole–the world, the characters, the real scope of the story. It’s hard to describe, but that feeling? That’s exactly what happens every time I listen to Running Home to You. Except in this case, it’s not just a musical, it’s two and a half seasons, almost two full days of content–every moment of Barry being the Flash, of his relationship with Iris, suddenly I can understand it as a whole, not just individual moments, and it’s breathtaking.

It’s true, for me anyway–everything’s better in song.


(Don´t Fear) The Reaper is a 1976 song by the american rock band Blue Öyster Cult and that HIM transformed in a heavy, dark, gothic 6:31 minute song for their first album, Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666.

I am a huge fan of the original, though I never really understood why the 70´s bands enjoyed making happy songs with dark lyrics (Hotel California, I am looking right at you. And funny enough, both came out in the same year).

So, yeah, I had tears of joy when I first listened to HIM´s version. It was everything I missed in the song: male and female vocals, the passion in the male voice - which Ville delivered spectacularly -, a matching female voice that transmitted the love and readiness the character showed her partner in the story -  Sanna-June Hyde is the name to be praised here -  and a  heavy atmosphere.

Enjoy the song!


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thoughts on PRISTIN's debut????

i wasnt really a huge fan of predebut Pristin so i didnt focus on their debut and all… but a lot of my friends were talking about them so i decided to join the bandwagon hahaha actually, i listened to the whole album before watching the mv and i must say… there were a lot of nice non-title tracks like Be My Star and Running. as for the mv… tbh i didnt really like the song BUT the mv was really good and they all look beautiful! i havent seen their showcase tho.. but i might do it later? we’ll see :)

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fuk ok so the all time low questions i have for the essay: how did they come up with their name? have they ever done music for a movie? have they won any awards? thanks lily u the bomb

their name came from a song by New Found Glory i’m pretty sure, which is rad because NFG are really cool

they haven’t done music for a film at all as far as i’m aware

they get nominated for a lot of kerrang, AP and MTV awards but they’ve only won a few Alternative Press awards for best song and best fans and stuff, so nothing huge like a grammy (which is bullshit as their albums are consistently so good) 

hope that helps! xx