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01. Evie

We’re always gonna be the kids from the Isle. I tried to forget it. I really tried, but those are our roots. And we all did what we had to do to survive. But it made us who we are. And we’re never gonna be like anybody else here. And that’s okay. That’s okay.

When the bullshit started, I’m not really sure.  But the tension…?The tension had always been there, although never in front of everyone. Only when we were alone with each other.

It fell like a blanket over us. Thick. Heavy. Strange. Now, I don’t really know about Keith but it wasn’t the kind of atmosphere that made me want to move away from him. Neither did it make me want to move closer. And for a long time, I was fine with us being like that.

Until Shiro disappeared.

I don’t know how the air between us shifted into something awkward and painful but it still didn’t make me want to go away.

Ah, wait, no.That’s not it.

The atmosphere made me want to move close. Closer. Oh, even closer. The silence called out to me and the gap between us was like empty pain. Whatever the hell that meant. Half of my vocabulary got sucked into a wormhole as soon as Keith leaned over and the rest of my sanity followed when I felt his lips on mine.

Clean lineart in my art is rare so here, have a Klance animated GIF. Blaming @shevoj1207 for showing me the Voltron Season 3 “teaser trailers”. I CAN’T EVEN

*flies back to working on commissions*

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“I baked you cookies.” 

Peter jumped slightly, not anticipating someone to walk up behind him at his locker. Turning around, a smile was almost instant when he saw her. Shifting his bag, he accepted the little tin of cookies [Y/N] was holding out to him. “Cookies? Why?” 

Her cheeks flushed again, something that he really was starting to enjoy. Ducking her head slightly, her hair fell to cover the rest of the color that covered her cheeks. “Because you spent three hours trying to teach me one thing.” Looking up, she groaned. “And the fact that I’m helpless and I felt really bad that we lost track of time and that you may or may not have gotten at least four hours of sleep.”

Peter chuckled, opening the tin, he placed a cookie in his mouth and placed the rest on the top shelf of his locker. Taking a bite, he had to resist the pleasurable moan that came from just that one bite. Pointing at the cookie, “This, this is really good. Thank you.” Shoving some more books into his bag, he smiled. “If you made these cookies, how many hours did you get?” 

Wincing, she pointed to her coffee tumbler, “Like maybe two, if that.” 

His brows knitted together, “Do you want to take a rain-check on tonight? I can study up on the history exam myself.” Peter felt bad that she was running on fumes. 

She shook her head, “We made a deal.” Sipping on her coffee, she smiled. “Although, instead of studying at the library, if you’re okay with it. I would much rather study at my house so I can drink all the free coffee I can, to get me through it.” 

“You-your house?” 

Nodding, “Yeah, I already asked my mom not that it would have mattered. Both my parents are doctors at the hospital so they’re never home.” Leaning her head to the side, she raised a brow, “I mean we can still study at the library if that’s more comfortable-”

“-no! I mean, no, yeah, that’s fine. We can go to your house.” Peter cleared his throat, mentally slapping himself for sounding like an idiot. Closing his locker, he slung his bag on his shoulder, “What time?” 

She shrugged, “I mean we can go right after school like yesterday.” Following him the direction of their Chemistry class, she sighed. “Something tells me you’re way better at history then I am with mechanical engineering.” 

Peter chuckled, “I don’t want to brag but I am pretty awesome at history and mechanical engineering but it doesn’t hurt to study up.” Looking down at her, he couldn’t help but feel at ease talking to her. Occasionally, he’d find himself tripping over his words but for the most part, he didn’t feel socially awkward or anxious. 

“Hey guys whats up!” Ned slung his arms around both Peter and [Y/N], scaring the daylights out of them.

[Y/N] yelped out loudly, almost dropping her coffee in the process. Desperately needing the caffeine to get her through the day, she opted to save her tumbler over her binders. They scattered the floor, “Well, shit.” She blurted. 

Peter gave Ned a look while he gave an apologetic shrug, “Seriously, dude.” Bending down to help pick up the scattered papers, his attention got drawn to a realistic sketch of Spiderman. Pausing, he looked at [Y/N] who was busily trying to rescue her neatly written notes and papers. “Did you draw this?” 

Scrambling all the papers together and shoving them into her binder, she finally looked over. Her breath getting caught in her throat. “Um, uh, um.” Standing up slowly with Peter, she gently took it from his hands, “Yes, I, um, I think he’s pretty cool….” 

Ned leaned over her shoulder, smirking, “Wicked.” 

[Y/N] narrowed her eyes at him as she quickly shoved it inside a notebook. Peter had a dumbstruck smile on his face, “Yeah, he is pretty cool.” 

Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she nodded. “I like the whole hero in New York City thing. And despite his not so legal methods of keeping the city safe, I like it.” Biting her lip, she avoided their gazes, “It’s for my art class by the way, I’m not just randomly drawing Spiderman.” 

Peter grinned, “It wouldn’t be weird even if you were just randomly drawing him.” 

Blushing again, [Y/N] nodded halfway. “Right, well, um, I’ll see you in class.” Before Peter could stop her, she weaved in and out of students and headed to Chemistry. 

Ned slapped Peter on the back, grinning, “Dude! You are so in!”

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I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”

no one will understand how happy it made me that he had the photo of River and how much he really loves her and reminded me that she is his wife and its just so cute

or how sad it made me to remember that she’s dead and he will never see her again and him loving her hurts so damn much that i don’t know how he can bear it

or how my heart dropped when i finally realised how unimportant rose had become, she was just a girlfriend, not even that, not officially and the doctor hasnt seen her for hundreds of years and has been married for alot of them and now she hasnt even made his desk…

stop saying stupid things.

Imagine thanking Tom during your award speech.

“Oh my gosh,” you breathed as you reached the podium. Shaking your head and holding your award, you couldn’t believe that you had just won Best Actress and beat out Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. “Am I dreaming?” You squealed out as the crowd laughed and cheered. 

“Wow, I’m so incredibly thankful for this award! I’m still in a bit of a daze, really. Um, wow.” Staring at the award again, you blinked a few times and started on your thank you’s to the people that voted, your amazing costars, the directors, and so forth. As you closed out the speech, you flashed a smile and made eye contact with Tom. 

“I also want to thank Tom for this beauty because without him I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to take on this role. I also wouldn’t have stuck to the incredibly difficult workout and eating plan without him. Thank you for that and I do apologize for being a brat about wanting that Twix bar and you telling me that I couldn’t.” The crowd laughed as well as Tom and his mother. “I love you and thank you for loving me through my bratty, hangry ways. I really, honestly couldn’t have won this without you.” Blowing him a kiss, you smiled again and exited the stage. 

Blurb Starter #36. “And you’re naked. Okay.”

Friends who couldn’t hold their liquor were the worst. Normally, you would get super frustrated having to take care of an inebriated friend.

This time however, you had to admit that it was rather amusing.

When Bucky Barnes arrived at the Avengers Tower, he had been mysterious and a tad closed off. Everyone sort of gave him his space and waited for him to warm up to what was going on. He did eventually which pleased you.

Now, he was drunk off his ass and it was the funniest thing ever.

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You already knew you were going to regret this decision from the start. But then again, you didn’t think it was right to let life move on without letting Harry know about the teensy-weensy, very little crush you had on him. You thought you had been subtle all these years, you thought you had your emotions all under control and that not even the FBI could figure out that you liked Harry. You didn’t know this, but you were very much wrong because everyone knew. Absolutely everyone knew about your feelings towards Harry, even Harry knew about your feelings towards him! Except you didn’t know that Harry and everyone else in the entire bloody world were aware of your more than little crush. (You had always been an oblivious person.) 

“You should buy dinner fo’ me first before dragging me into the bedroom, love.” You had thrown a house party mainly to celebrate the success of Harry’s new album, but also because you needed an excuse to get wasted so that confident Y/N would come out to play. 

“Hush. I just needed to talk to you about something. Something very, very important!” You smiled nervously, shutting the door behind you and trailing behind Harry to sit down on the edge of the bed. “I’ve kept this from you for a while now, and I don’t think it’s fair of me to not tell you. I don’t want this to make everything super weird between us because it’s a totally normal thing and it’s not even a big deal.” 

“I knew you were a secret agent. Who do yeh work for?” Harry joked, pointing a finger at you accusingly before squinting his eyes. Only Harry would crack a joke at a time like this. 

“I… I, uh…” Considering the fact that you couldn’t piece words together to form a proper sentence, you knew you weren’t nearly drunk enough to tell Harry this. But it was too late! You dragged him into the bedroom and made a huge deal about how you had been wanting to tell him something for a long time, so you didn’t have a choice left. Just say it! I like you more than a friend should. I like you more than a friend should. I like you more than a friend should. “I like you, but not in the best friend way, it’s more like the I-wanna-kiss-you-right-now kind of way.” Or you could say it like that. A+ for effort? 

“Oh, I know.” 

“And I’m sorry I didn’t let you know this, but I really wanted to, and-” You stopped midway through your little ramble, eyes widening as you looked up at Harry. “I’m sorry, you what?” 

“I know.” A shit-eating grin grew on Harry’s features before he was shrugging casually, reaching over to pick some lint off the duvet. He knew?? How did he know? You were sure you had been careful with the way you acted towards him but obviously, you hadn’t been a very good actor. Oh god. What if he didn’t like you back? Or what if he said he liked you back out of politeness? Harry was a polite person. He hated negativity so it made sense that he would lie to you about liking you. It was pretty obvious you had a million and one thoughts clambering around in your head, but you couldn’t help it! 

One thing you always hated about yourself was that you seemed to immediately shut off when someone expressed some form of affection towards you. You didn’t think it would happen in front of Harry, but it was definitely happening. You could practically feel your brain short-circuiting. Maybe if I tell him it’s just a prank he’ll back off. 

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it, because I don’t actually like you and this is just an elaborate scheme to-” 

“Y’know, I’m surprised it took you this long t’ tell me!” Harry clicked his tongue, pushing himself up off the mattress as he headed towards the door. “I figured you’d have to tell me sooner or later, but you really took your time, didn’t you?” 


“Because I’ve liked you for a long time, but everyone told me to wait for you to tell me, which was kind of torturous but thank bloody God you finally said something because I felt like I was going to explode!” Harry laughed lightly, twisting the doorknob with a click


“Anyways, I’m gonna head down and see what everyone else is up to. I know you’re probably still processing everything tha’s happening but if I don’ see yeh down there in five minutes I’ll give you a proper spank.” 

“Harry, I-” 

“And I’m allowed to say tha’ cos we’re practically dating.” 

Well, that was easy. 


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[SUMMARY: Edward Blake has sex with a virgin who happens to be the young niece of one of the men he works with.]

Consensual sex.

*Some blog names didn’t tag.

Note: In these imagines I portray Edward Blake as someone who did not sexually assault anyone.

Eddie and Liz.

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I remember how I hated them. Because they hated me. And I couldn’t understand why. I wondered why I even existed. That’s when I found out I had this demon inside me. It wasn’t my fault, but everyone acted as if it was. That just made it worse. But then… a few people came along who paid attention to me. That made it better. It was alright then, even though I had this monster inside me. Even though everyone else acted like I didn’t exist. Because I wasn’t alone anymore. For the first time in a long time, I was happy again. Really, really happy. They made me remember how good life could be. They made me glad to be alive. But when I think back to where I was before I met them, it’s scary. Nothing but pain and darkness. What would I be like if I stayed there? All alone. That’s how come I can understand him.” 

N a r u t o  U z u m a k i

Note: I don’t think we give enough credit to Naruto—or at least, not at this point in time. This was Naruto reflecting on his life after meeting Gaara, after seeing how similar their situations were yet how drastic their outcome. 

Naruto may not have a high cognitive intelligence, but his emotional intelligence goes above and beyond the norm. Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions. Research has found that individuals with strong leadership potential also tend to be more emotionally intelligent—which just supports even further why this unpredictable hyperactive ninja became Hokage. 

I know at this time we found it really amusing that he always stated, “I’m gonna be Hokage someday!” and assumed that obviously the show was going to end with that because of the efforts he put to get there, but I think it’s really important to note how Naruto was such a great candidate for that position because of this inherent quality. 

I read somewhere how when encountering a person who is extremely unstable mentally or otherwise, the first and foremost thing you should do is listen to what they have to say—to try and understand them. Why? Because most of the time, such people just need someone to just accept their emotions and their words as holding importance—to accept the fact that their emotions are real and worthy of attention. 

We have made Naruto’s ‘talk-no-jutsu” somewhat of a joke and just something more funny than serving a purpose—and yes, sometimes it does appear as if it is overdone—but just think about it for a second. This is the ninja world where these shinobi are constantly killing and such a life is traumatic at times. Think of all the people Naruto has met that have gone through so many traumatic experiences and are just not mentally stable and the very first thing he always does is listen. To try and relate. To understand them. To say, “Hey, I hear what you’re saying, and I understand your emotions are real.” 

This quality of his—THIS right here is why he TRULY became Hokage. Why he was so qualified for the position. He never believed any feeling or thought was below him and he always listened to each person he encountered. He brought people together this way. And when you’re sitting at such a high position as Hokage (or whatever position of leadership), it is SO important to be both perceptive and receptive of e v e r y person out there—no matter what their status/rank/race/age/personality/ideology/etc.

And on top of that all, Naruto was very self-aware. Do you see how he reflected on being the kyuubi container? He’s this thirteen-year-old kid who realized that the hate people had was targeted toward the kyuubi container, not him. But because they were one in the same thing, the hate was also targeted towards him. And because he was able to grasp this concept, he was able to use this to push forward to turn that hate around by reaching out to one person at a time until he was reaching out to the whole of the shinobi world. 

It’s honestly so beautiful. We could all learn so much from his character. And try to apply some of his methods to our daily lives. Imagine how much positive change that would bring into this world. 

“Why are you recording me?” You just laughed as you zoomed in on Harry as he made his way down the buffet line. “I’m jus getting my breakfast love, nothin exciting” He couldn’t help but shake his head as he spoke, still not sure why you had your camera focused on him.

“People love seeing you do everyday things Harry,” You explained and he just rolled his eyes. “And eating is something people really love to watch you do.” This statement made him stop walking towards the table and turn and look at you.

“I don’t know how I feel about that.” You just laughed at his response as you walked past him towards your table. “I mean why in the hell would people want to watch me eat?” He seemed genuinely confused as the two of you sat down at the table. He placed his cup of tea and bowl of cereal down as you reached over and grabbed the creamer for your coffee.

“They like to watch your mouth.” You stated calmly as he grabbed the creamer and handed it to you when he noticed you couldn’t reach it. You gave him a smile as you poured some into your cup. “I don’t blame them, your mouth is quite amazing.” You saw Harry freeze for a brief moment before he turned and looked at you, he gave you a small smirk as you shot him a playful wink.

“You better watch it love,” his tone was playful and when you felt his hand squeeze your knee under the table you just rolled your eyes. He gave your knee another squeeze as he leaned over and placed a quick kiss to your cheek before bringing his lips to your ear. “I can show you how amazing my mouth is later if you’d like love.” You felt your cheeks get hot as the words came out of his mouth in a low whisper, his hand crept a little further up your leg as he spoke.

You bit your lip trying to hold back the smile that was fighting to form on your face. Harry quickly removed his hand from your leg and leaned back into his seat and went back to fixing his tea before you could really react to what he said. It was his turn to shoot you a playful wink as he took a sip of his tea, you just shook your head and couldn’t help but laugh. Harry loved to turn any situation into one that had your cheeks blushing for a reason only he knew.

He loved seeing you flustered due to something he would whisper in your ear before walking away or going back to whatever it was he was doing before he decided to make you go red in the cheeks. It was something the two of you enjoyed doing to each other but this time it was his turn and by the smirk on his face you knew he was fully enjoying the moment.

“You’re horrible.” Was all you said before you got up and headed back to get more coffee and when you head him laugh you knew he caught your playful tone. Harry knew he was going to regret this later but he was enjoying the fact he had you all riled up with only one sentence whispered into your ear.

Never in your life had you been this smitten with a person. Harry Styles was literally the embodiment of the word ‘perfect’, and everything he did made you feel as giddy as a schoolgirl - he had you wrapped around his pinky finger and you two had only been out on six dates, which was a lot of dates in your book. You had never experienced anything like this before. To just have Harry casually walk into your life and whisk you away into the world of a fairytale-like romance. Your romantic life was nonexistent throughout high school, although you never really bothered with crushes and flirting because hello, you were focusing on your grades! Now that you were out of high school and fresh into your second year of college, your whole idea of ‘being in love is dumb and only exists in romantic comedies’ completely changed. There was just something about Harry that made you want to scream - in a positive manner, obviously.

Where’s he taking you tonight?” You were on the phone with Y/F/N, seeing as she always knew exactly what to say when you had pre-date jitters. You weren’t nervous to see Harry, you were just… Well, you didn’t know why exactly your palms were getting clammy. 

“I actually made dinner for us tonight!” Your phone was sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder as you spoke, lifting the lid up off the pot to check on the spaghetti sauce. It was bubbling away and it smelled pretty good - thank god for Buzzfeed recipes. 

“…He’s never going to want to see you again after he tastes your cooking.” 

“Wha- I’ll have you know my spaghetti is… well, it’s better than average!” You huffed, setting the lid down with a clatter before walking over to lean against the side of the counter. “Plus, Harry’s too sweet to tell me my if my cooking’s disgusting or not. Which, it’s not.” 

He’s almost too nice.” Y/F/N joked, “How’d you meet him again?” 

You remembered it almost as if it was yesterday, and you’d like to say the day you met Harry seemed like a page taking right out of a piece of fanfiction. Because you weren’t the most social of people, you spent most of your time working at the campus library. Organizing books and reading quietly behind the counter was very much soothing for you and was a way for you to escape reality temporarily. (You tried getting Y/F/N to sit down and read a book with you once but she ended up going to a nearby party instead.) 

Harry had come in one afternoon with his cozy looking cardigan, his too-skinny jeans, and his dorky little glasses, asking you with a polite smile if you had any books related to painting techniques floating around anywhere. (That explained the splotches of paint on his shirt. He sure did look like an art student.) You, being you, naturally got intimidated by him because wow, he was pretty, took nearly a minute to finally get a proper sentence out of your mouth and point him towards the shelves. After that encounter, you automatically assumed Harry thought you were the weirdo who was at the library 24/7. And then he came in the next day. And the next, and the next, and sometimes he wouldn’t even be looking for a book. Sometimes he’d come just to talk to you, for some unknown reason. You were terrible at conversations when you were nervous, and Harry made you nervous in a way where it felt like butterflies were in your tummy. It didn’t take long for you to open up a little and begin recommending books to him, even letting him check out a couple extra books without charging it on his student card. (Maybe he only stuck around because you were giving him free books.) He even lent you his cardigan - which remained in your closet to this day. 

“Yeah, a ‘we met at the library’ would’ve been good enough.” 

“You’re the one who asked!” You pouted, walking over to the window and looking down from your apartment. “I dunno, he’s just so nice, and funny, and awfully charming, and to top it all off he’s gorgeous. Did I mention he has tattoos?”

Just like the bad boy of your fan fiction dreams.” 

“He really is! He’s way out of my league so it’s a miracle he seems to like me.” 

But you haven’t kissed him yet?” Truth be told, you had been putting the first kiss off. Not because you didn’t want to kiss Harry, because you really, really did… You just didn’t want him to think you were a bad kisser because you had zero experience. You two had almost kissed once, after your… fourth date? Your phone going off in your pocket interrupted that, causing you to pull away from Harry with blushing cheeks and a sheepish smile. After that, you thought you had ruined your chances - which wasn’t the case because he was still talking to you! 

“I will, eventually. When the timing’s right, I’ll kiss him.” You sighed dreamily, already feeling woozy at the thought of Harry’s lips pressed against your own. You really were whipped for him. You glanced down from the window once again, your eyes widening slightly in excitement at the sight of Harry stepping out of his car. 

“I wonder what he’s like in bed.” 

“I- Y/F/N! Quit thinking about that, you creep!”

“All I’m saying is that you should lock him in as soon as you can!” You clicked the speaker button, setting your phone down on the coffee table as you worked to fluff up the pillows. This was Harry’s first time at your place and you wanted him to be somewhat impressed by the cleanliness of your apartment. 

“I’m just enjoying the time I have with him now. I’m not thinking about what he’s like in bed, unlike some people.” 

Oh, please. Everyone’s who seen Harry on campus thinks about what he’s like in bed. Look at his face! And his body! Plus, he has perfect biceps to bite into when he’s-” 

“He’s not a piece of meat, Y/F/N.” 

When the time comes, you have to call me immediately after you bang him.” You loved Y/F/N, but she could be a little extra at times. Now was definitely one of those times. 

“I will not be calling you after I have sex with Harry- Why are we even-”

Wait, do you even want to have sex with him?? Is that why you haven’t kissed him yet?” 

“No, that has nothing to do with- Of course I wanna have sex with- Look, Harry’s a very busy person so he probably doesn’t have time to bloody bang me in the first place!” You exasperated, picking your phone up and bringing it to your ear again. And then the doorbell rang. You whipped around to look at the door, feeling the heat rush up to your cheeks. There was a chance Harry just heard the entirety of that conversation. “I gotta go-” 

“Alright, have fun bangin-”

“Don’t even- I’m hanging up, bye.” You tossed your phone to the side and padded over to the door, fanning yourself quickly as if that was going to make your cheeks less red. Mustering the most friendly smile you could, you opened the door to see Harry standing there with a bouquet of gardenias and a bottle of wine. “Hey…” 

“Hey, stranger. Everything alright?” Harry smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek before handing you the bouquet. “You’re a little red.”

“I’m just… hot from the cooking.” You waved it off, shutting the door after he had come in. 

“Oh, and by the way?” Harry turned to look at you, his lips tugging up in a cheeky grin. “My schedule’s wide open, love.”


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