not really a fight scene as much as an action scene but eh

Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a chris evans imagine where your in a captain america movie with him. and so you have to do all kinds of stunts and stuff like that. and your the villian in the movie and he’s the superhero. and then you shoot one scene where it’s you two and the person shows how you two fight eachother. and so you two start to fight and you have to pretend to hit him but he actually punches you and you get hurt and he freaks out because he punched you. and your injury was like, super serious. thx!

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

‘’And.. Cut!’’ the director yelled, pressing the buzzer button.

 You let out a relieved sigh as the scene ended. It was the hardest scene for you because you had to do your own stunts. And you were afraid you were going to break something because of the danger of the stunt in that scene. But now that it was shot and over with, you were glad.

‘’Everybody! Take five!’’ the director called out, taking his headphones off.

 You lightly jog off the set, completely sore from the stunts. You went over to the snack table as your stomach growled for some food. You saw that there was one more doughnut on the table, and it was your favorite kind! You raced over there and reached for it, but a hand beat you to it. You could already tell who’s it was, it was your co-star’s hand, Chris Evans.

‘’Whoops. Looks like I got it.’’ chris smiles.

‘’Evans. You know how much I love those kinds of doughnuts.’’ you whine, stomping your foot.

 Chris ignored your whining and started bringing the doughnut towards his mouth. He took a gigantic bite out of it, some crumbs falling from his mouth as he chewed. You groaned in disgust and he chewed with his mouth open.

‘’You’re disgusting Evans. You know that right?’’ you say, trying to hold back your barf.

 Chris swallowed making that noise you absolutely hated. He looked at you and smiled, sprinkles spread out all over his teeth. You smiled and gave him a playful shove. He was adorable. Although he was your enemy in the movie, he was one of your best friends in real life.

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Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Live Action)

**Careful for SPOILERS below**

I will be the first to admit that I’m a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan. I had the book as a kid, wanted to be Belle, and have had a large fascination with the story and believe it spurned me into wanting to draw more.

So, the Live Action adaptation had HUGE shoes to fill for me before even going in. I tried to look at the film as a standalone and not judge it based on the predecessor…a VERY hard task when watching, I might add.

My best friend saw it with me and she loved it! What did I think? Well, putting ten thoughts alone would not do my favorite childhood movie justice. So instead, I am doing a Top Ten Likes and Top Ten Dislikes. Careful for spoilers!

My Top Ten Likes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

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10. The set and costumes: Everything has layers and detail and colors that pop but also makes sense for the time period. I LOVED the costumes and even the yellow gown, considering the wardrobe “makes it” in this, grew on me quickly. As for the sets? They are beautifully ornate and have a classic “other worldly” look to them. I could watch the movie over and over to gawk at the scenery and character designs.

9. The Opening Scene: Nothing will ever live up to the deep voice of the narrator and the stained glass…but there was something so fresh about how we started on the Prince, how the dance unfolded, and how the Enchantress appeared. She looked gorgeous and the classic French scene was a welcome addition (more so than others…but we’ll talk of that soon). In any case, it is a worthy contrast from the beginning, when he’s surrounded by beautiful girls, to late when there’s only Belle.

8. Kevin Kline as Maurice: Kevin Kline is a fine actor, and he brings such a charm and dignity to the formerly bumbling character. I still like Maurice in the animated movie, but it makes more sense for Belle’s father to be an artist and hopeless romantic than a “world famous inventor.” Kline’s performance was a highlight for me and definitely added to the movie as a whole.

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7. “Kill the Beast!” I’ll talk more about some other songs below, but this was by far my favorite number; this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for with this song in live action form. It does not disappoint. Speaking of “Kill the Beast…”

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6. We see Gaston and Lefou learning where the castle is: A big question I had as a kid was, “How did they know where to go to find the Beast?” In this, we get our answer. Lefou and Gaston actually follow Maurice to the woods, where he believes he can route them to the Beast’s castle. This backfires on him, but in any case we learn how Gaston and Lefou knew where to go in the first place.

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5. Belle is more an inventor….and a teacher: It makes sense for Belle to be as learned as she is to be more of the inventor. I loved the little scene where she does her own laundry with the contraption she made and is trying to teach a little girl to read. After having to sit through a preview for a CGI movie where the boy character is an inventor and the girl, lo and behold, wants to just be a dancer…it’s nice to see “ahead of their time” people represented in a modern movie’s version of a classic time period.

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4. Lefou paying off the people to dance and help during “Gaston:”

It was a little tidbit to note for the film, but Lefou pays off the people to help dance in the “Gaston” music number; and Belle does pay for the food in the market she gets. It’s little touches like that which help to cement this story in a more “realistic” world.

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3. The ensemble of side characters:

This entire cast was well-chosen. Josh Gad as Lefou? Perfection; he was born for the role! Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts?  She’s about as close to Angela Lansbury as you can get for this role, I feel. Ewan McGregor as Lumiere? I was on the fence about this casting, but it works so well. Luke Evans as Gaston? He fits the part great. Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth? Again, I had no clue what to think, but he may have been my favorite in the whole side cast. Even Stanley Tucci and the Wardrobe’s actress were great choices. They really did a perfect job casting the side characters…but as for the main characters…

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2. Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince:

This WAS perfect casting! I know they’ve altered the voice and distorted it to sound similar to the animated Beast. But seriously, the motion capture work on his face and his range of emotion are perfect here. It’s hard to believe, but I care more for his character as the Beast than the animated (for reasons below); plus, the main thing: He looks SO much better as the human Prince. From the opening to the end scene, he may be my favorite character, actor, and part of the film. Definitely a genius casting choice and excellent performance!

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1. All of the added scenes of Belle and The Beast learning about one another:

If I had one, minuscule complaint with the original Beauty and the Beast, it is that we don’t get many scenes of Belle and the Beast “falling in love” and getting to know one another. He saves her, gives her a library, and then they just sort of fall in love post-dance…obviously, it’s not a huge issue, since you’re pacing this out in movie format.

However, I feel this movie allowed more time for these two to connect. Also, they found common ground; first, with their love of literature, but second, with losing their mothers and how their father’s shaped who they were: The Prince’s with hate, and Belle’s with love. It was a beautiful duality and connection created between them and it helped to make the ending better and more satisfying.

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Of course, especially considering the movie is based on a staple of my childhood, it CERTAINLY has flaws, as noted below.

My Top 10 Dislikes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

10. The obvious Enchantress:

I do like the twist of The Enchantress being Agathe, a character we see throughout the story…perhaps she’s keeping the magic strong? However, there are a lot of problematic elements of her being in the movie so much. For one thing, she saves Maurice, which is good, but then when Maurice confronts Gaston, she doesn’t do anything. She could have stopped all of our conflict! Also, at the end, while she shows up and it does make sense in a technical sense…she just vanishes. Belle doesn’t even see her…what was the point? In the animated movie, the spell was broken without her having to be there. Having her there didn’t answer questions; it created more! It just seemed awkward at times.

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9. Gaston’s “post-war” blood rage?

While I appreciate them trying to flesh out Gaston’s character…this was their choice? He’s got post-war bursts of rage? I love how the animated movie treated Gaston just as the jerk-bro who becomes jealous and can’t stand that Belle chooses someone over him. Here, his villainous outbursts are “justified” by his post-war blood lust. It just seemed almost like a distraction and didn’t seem warranted for me. Gaston is a near-perfect villain. Let Luke Evans do a good job of playing him without trying to make him too complex. Gaston’s not smart enough for that.

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8. The unnecessary additional songs:

Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I wasn’t crazy about the new songs. The Soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast is nearly flawless. Even the special edition with “Human Again” is okay. The Broadway songs they add…are okay. “Evermore” is not a terrible song (we’ll talk more about it below), but the song about “Sunny skies” and “Evermore” are not necessary to make the story better. If you wanted to include them in a “Director’s Cut,” that would have sufficed for me…I just didn’t see the need for them here…again, I’ll touch back on this point twice below.

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7. Don’t bring an arrow to a gun fight:

In the original, Gaston was a hunter, so it made sense he had multiple weapons at his disposal. It also made sense for the time period. And he hunted a lot of deer-like animals, so it seemed fitting that he would shoot an arrow at the Beast and then stab him with a knife….hunting tools for the type of game he hunted.

In this? We just full blown (literally) gun the Beast down. Gaston shoots the Beast three times in the climax. At the very least, he still uses a club like the original. It just seemed like overkill and to me, didn’t make as much sense as keeping like the original would have.

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6. The rushed beginning and scenes out of place:

The opening, I loved; however, once that scene was over, the first thirty minutes seemed SO rushed! They rushed through “Belle,” then moved some scenes around, and quickly went through the reprise! There wasn’t the “wedding proposal” scene with Gaston and Belle! I did LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reaction of Maurice and Chip, but there were little scenes that were skimmed over and rearranged that just seemed to rush the opening and didn’t let us the audience “settle down” into the film. It’s not until we’re at the scene of Belle running away from the castle that the movie starts to slow down. The editing of the movie in those places was a little disappointing to me.

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5. Lefou and the lack of controversy:

Okay, so the last week has been filled with news stories about how Lefou is the first openly gay character in a Disney film. It was a huge source of controversy…but….in all seriousness……you wouldn’t really know that watching this film. It’s clear he cares for Gaston, but the animated picture portrayed that as well. He shares two seconds with a male character at the very end of the movie in a brief dance…but that’s it. All that press and controversy for a tiny scene that seems inconsequential. Eh. Come on, Disney. Commit or not; don’t try to play up something that’s halfway even developed.

4. The Enchantress’s book:

I loved the extra scenes with Belle and Beast developing their relationship over the course of a few scenes. However, one comes out of nowhere and does nothing to the plot as a whole. At one point, the Beast shows her a book the Enchantress gave him as a “joke.” It is able to take them anywhere you think of; and Belle chooses the room she was born in, where her mother dies of the plague. While I DO love a few things about this: the fact that it connects Belle and the Beast more, and it explains what happened to her…it’s never used again. The book is just a one-time only plot device. The scene it was used in was SO out of place! I would have rather Belle had known why her mother died and just talked it out with the Beast than having used this forced book that logically doesn’t fit in with the story.

3. The Beast’s Song, “Evermore:”

I don’t dislike “Evermore,” I don’t…but…in the animated movie, when Belle leaves Beast, he is so heartbroken. He lets out a howl of despair, knowing his only chance of happiness has left him, potentially forever. Here, he immediately bursts into a Phantom of the Opera style musical number. Maybe upon reviewing, I’ll appreciate it. But I loved how the original was so organic and raw…this seemed almost too Broadway and too theatrical.

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2. Emma Watson’s facial expressions vs. animated Belle:

I love the original because of the animation, mainly. The expressions and line work showed SO much emotion. Now, I like Emma Watson a lot as an actress. BUT, aside from the wolf scene on….her facial expressions are so subdued. This is most apparent in “Be Our Guest.” Belle in that musical number is in AWE! She is so excited, bewildered, and amazed…but here? She just smiles and watches the show. Granted, Emma Watson would have been watching a Green Screen throughout this; but STILL. She doesn’t even seem in shock or awe…and that I sorely missed in this film. Now, after the wolves attack Belle, Watson’s acting becomes more pronounced. I just wish she could have acted a little more in-character through some of the CGI numbers.

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1. The cut out comedy:

When I asked my brother if he was thinking of seeing the movie, he asked about the fight scene at the end:

Brother: “Do they have the part where Lumiere burns Lefou’s butt? Or Cogsworth with the scissors?”

Me: “No.”

Brother: “What?! How could they?”

There is so much physical comedy in the original that works; here, and yes, I understand that it is “physically” impossible some of the things they do, I still was hoping there would be more of the original comedy. For example, Cogsworth taking Belle on a tour of the castle isn’t even in the FILM! “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.” SERIOUSLY.

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The original is near-perfect for me. Still today, it is the better film. If you love the original and are expecting a closely faithful adaptation; they try, but it’s a miss there, because some of the best parts are either condensed or left out.

If you love Beauty and the Beast, but you’re comfortable with them altering parts and want to see new additions to the story? You’ll probably like this!

The original is still better though. If you don’t want to spend the $10 at the theatre, just wait until the DVD or Blu-Ray comes out and watch the original in the meantime.

If you’ve never seen the original Beauty and the Beast? PLEASE watch that one first; it’s better. If you’ve already seen the live action one? STILL go view the animated version; you’ll appreciate it more.

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Good news! It is an enjoyable movie. The dialogue’s good and genuinely funny. Diana is super awesome and charming as she should be, full of love and kindness while still being a badass. She’s not portrayed as hyperviolent or super angry or any of the pitfalls I’ve seen writers fall into with her. Steve was way more tolerable than the trailers made him look, Etta was great for the 5 seconds she was in it (WE’LL GET BACK TO THAT). The fight scenes really over relied on slow mo (we are talking 300 levels here) but eh, I at least prefer that to not being able to tell what the hell is going on and they were pretty awesome.

The movie had an overall optimistic tone which I think is really important for a Wonder Woman movie. You never felt depressed or monotonous watching it. They also actually gave a good explanation for the “I gave up on humanity” bullshit we saw in BVS. Turns out she didn’t and has been working to help us behind the scenes, but also decided to step back and let people decide for themselves about stuff cuz she can’t choose for them or whatever. IT DOESN’T REALLY MAKE SENSE BUT I’LL ROLL WITH IT. 

The movie also did not, thank god, pull any of the “Diana is SEXIST TOWARDS MEN omg and needs to learn they’re not ALL BAD after those nasty Amazons corrupted her” like in the animated movie or JLU or various bad comics. The focus was instead on Diana dealing with the atrocities humanity committed in general rather than doing some hackneyed battle of the sexes shit, so that was a good move. It also wasn’t quite as white as the trailers made it look and even discussed racism a little.

Honestly if it weren’t for the ending and one other BIG issue, I’d give it an A-. 

The main issue, without going into spoilers is how dude-heavy it is. The first bit is all about the Amazons, yeah, but then we get to the main plot and Diana will barely interacts with other women after that. The most she does is her little shopping trip with Etta. Etta, as I mentioned earlier, is barely in it. She’s completely removed from the action. Considering she’s Diana’s best friend and constant sidekick in the original comics, and as such should be as much an inspiration to Diana as Steve and the other pals. I really see no reason she couldn’t have come along with Steve’s gang.

In any other movie, sidelining female characters is expected, but for a Wonder Woman movie, it’s a kind of a huge thing to get wrong and pretty glaring. Diana doesn’t even really interact with Doctor Poison at all, which could have been really interesting, nor is Doctor Poison much of a character at all period, and is basically the lackey for dudes.

Then we have the ending and the general mythology they built, which is pretty different from the comics and there’s the way certain characters are treated that bothers me. BIG SPOILERS HERE.

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Behind The Scenes 3 (4/???)

Author’s note: I know there is going to be a continuation to this part again but I don’t if i will have time to post it soon, but i will try to post it within this week. Sorry for any errors and if i am inaccurate about the setting of the city.. I hope you all like this part because this city was one of my favorites to write. 

Genre: Fluff? but like not really??? (Suga; Jungkook)

Word count:1912

City: Shanghai

Summary: It is pretty boring being stuck in the hotel room

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series

It was the 3rd day in Shanghai and you were barely getting used to the tour schedule. It took a while to get used to life on tour. All the time spent traveling and the time change weren’t much help. So far, China involved many hours of driving to many cities. Ever since the last day at Beijing, the excitement of the tour no longer affected you. Every hotel seemed to just be the same type of room over and over again. The only thing that was easy to deal with was living out of a suitcase, it wasn’t too different from living out of trash bags. For you, the new schedule involved sleeping, waking up, traveling, then waiting backstage as the guys did meet and greets and the concerts, then repeating the process.

The extra day at each city was meant for Rap monster to do his deals, this 3rd day was no different. V tagged along with Rap monster on his deal as was expected. Jin and Jimin were off spending their hours at the gym. Suga and Jhope were occupied in their room either sleeping or drunk/high. The only thing that was different about this day was that you and Jungkook decided to stay cooped up in the hotel room. Over the past weeks from city to city, pretending to be a couple was just getting exhausting for the both of you. The second the both of you stepped out of the hotel room, you both went into character, always paranoid of who could be watching. When out in public, there were times where you were bombarded with fans or people would secretly take pictures of all of you. For this day, staying in was just a better option.

In the hotel room, neither of you talked to one another. You each were on opposite sides of the room most of the day. He stayed on your side of the room while you were on V and Jimin’s side. You were each enjoying the two TVs.

Even though this was one of the few chances you had to watch TV, it was all in Chinese. After a few hours of trying to figure out storylines of TV shows, you decided it would be more fun to read one of the books you brought.

You made your way to your bed to get to your suitcase. Jungkook looked relaxed laying down in the bed watching some action movie as he ate some of the left over candy you all bought back in Beijing. A fight scene came on and you were soon sucked into the movie. “Can I watch the movie with you?” you asked.

He patted the empty spot next to him, his attention was too stuck on the movie to speak.

You crawled in bed next to him and enjoyed the rest of the film.

“Even though I had no idea what they were saying, it was still a super good movie.” You commented when the ending credits appeared.

“Yeah… but now I’m bored.” He whined.

“Me too.”

Jungkook turned to you with that signature fuckboy look of his. “Well, there is something we can do…”

You gave him the benefit of the doubt and asked, “Like what?”

“We could have some fun if you know what I mean.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Fuck no!”

“Ha! I knew it!” he got up from the bed.  “It was worth a shot though. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to have some fun by myself in the shower.” He grabbed a towel from his suit case and locked himself in the bathroom.

You tried to give the next movie that came on a chance, but isn’t wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door. You went over and looked through the peephole. Suga was standing on the other side waiting for the door to open. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw it was him. It looked like he had barely woken up because parts of his hair were still sticking out. It only made him look cuter. You quickly opened the door to let him in.

“Hey.” He said as he walked past you.

“What’s up?”

He casually walked around the room, taking a look at everything. “Eh, nothing really, I was just bored.”

You went across the room and sat on the edge of the bed you and Jungkook shared. “Me too.”

From the bathroom, you could hear the shower being turned on.

“So that’s where he was.” Suga mumbled. He walked over to you and sat next to you on the bed. He sat really close to you, your shoulders were touching, but neither of you moved away from each other. “What have you done all day?” he asked.

“Nothing, just watch TV.”

“Cool, I barely woke up.” He smiled.

“So you woke up and thought “Oh, let me just go annoy y/n!”?” you asked jokingly.

“Yeah! That’s exactly what I thought!” He laughed.

“Well it’s good to know that I am the first thing on your mind.” You mumbled.

“Oddly enough, you are the last thing I think about before I go to sleep too!” He laughed some more.

Your heart skipped a beat. You wished he meant what he said, but as his laugh implied, he was just joking. Part of you wanted to finally confront him about the kiss, but the other half remembered Aiko, so you just kept your mouth shut. “Aiko is probably the last thing he thinks about at the end of the day.” You thought. You flopped back on the bed filled with despair and let out a long sigh.

Suga flopped down next to you, mimicking you with a loud dramatic sigh.

You stole a quick side glance at him, but didn’t say anything.

“So… You and Jungkook really share the bed?”


“Don’t you feel weird though?”

“Um, yeah, a bit, but we sleep with a sheet separating us so…”

“Still weird.”

“Well I guess… I don’t know. If I don’t think about it, I don’t get too weird about it. I try to see it like when you and I shared your bed a few times. You get me?”

He propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at you. “Yeah but that is different. We are actually friends, so that’s not weird.”

“Well, it’s kinda weird because we are friends…” you said looking away from him.


“Well, like, you and me… If you think about it, its weird cuz, like, that’s something that, um, that like friends don’t do… It’s something um, only people more than- ummm nevermind.”

“What are you getting at?”


“Oh c’mon! I know you want to tell me something!” He said leaning closer to you.

Every part of you wanted to pull him to you and just kiss him, you just wanted him to know how you felt. Instead, you pushed him off you. “I said its nothing! Now stop breathing my air!” you made sure to laugh so he wouldn’t think twice about how you were acting.

He laughed at your antics and lay back down. “… So… do you wanna get out of here? We can go to the beach that’s nearby.” He suggested in his usual lazy tone.

You sat up in disbelief. “You, Min Yoongi, want to go out?!?”

“Yeah sorta.”

“Who are you and what have you done to the real Min Yoongi?!?”

“Ha! I’m serious!”


He sat up too. “I don’t know, just cuz. It’s better than you moping around this hotel room. We’ve been to Xi’an, Chengdu, and Chongqing and you mostly been in the hotel, backstage or in the van! Now me, I’m tired as fuck… but you should try to get as much enjoyment as you can… considering the circumstances…”

“… Nu-uh, we all went out for the monster’s birthday back in Chengdu!”

“That doesn’t count! We were all forced to do that. I’m saying we go out for your enjoyment!”

               You looked up at him doubtfully. Rap monster’s words back at Beijing ran through your head.

“Now let’s go! You know me, this side of me only comes out once in a hundred years, so take this chance while you got it!”

“But what about the monster? He’ll be mad.”

“He left Jin here with us like some damn children, but fucking Jin is off doing his own shit! We can do our own shit too! Besides, you won’t be alone, you’ll be with me.”

Now that he said that, what Jungkook told you at the candy store popped into your head. “Fine… but Jungkook has to come too.”

Suga’s face cringed. “Why?”

“Cuz he’s my “boyfriend”. It’s just better if I’m seen out with him all the time.” you explained.

“Ah fine.” He whined. “You get ready. I’m going to get my camera.” He said as he let himself out of the room.

After Jungkook came out of the bathroom, you updated him on the new plans. It took a bit of convincing, but he eventually agreed. Then , you went to the bathroom to get ready.


Suga went back to his room, grabbing his camera and a pair of sunglasses. Before leaving back to y/n’s room, he did one last check on Jhope and took one last check on himself in the mirror. He decided to change into a nicer shirt and fixed his hair. He couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed that he looked so messy in front of y/n.

He knocked on her door expecting her to open it, but instead he was greeted by the maknae. By the looks of his outfit, y/n already told him about their plans. To avoid conversation, he swiftly walked in and went straight to the window.

Jungkook came up next to him and stared out on Shanghai as well. “So it was your idea to go to the beach?” He asked.


“Hm, very unlike you.”


“Nothing, just taking notice.” He said slyly

Suga looked over at the tall boy. “Get to the fucking point, I know there is something you are implying.”

“Ah, you know, I just find it a bit funny that you’re doing something so… out of character. Especially when it’s obvious you’re still hungover.”

“Well, it’s for y/n’s sake, not mine.” He said looking back out the window.

“You wanna fuck her, don’t you?” Jungkook teased.

“Now why would you ask a stupid question like that?” He maintained his monotone as to not raise any of Jungkook’s suspicions.

“Cuz it’s a stupidly smart question!”

Suga tried to ignore him, but it didn’t work. The damn maknae pulled out the annoying side of his personality. “You wanna fuck her, you wanna fuck her!” Jungkook sang as he danced around him

The maknae was really getting on his nerves “Ya! I don’t like her like that!” He said sternly.

“Damn bro! I see right through you.” Jungkook laughed as he forcefully patted his hyung’s back. “Too bad she’s taken.” He said jokingly. “Don’t worry I give you permission. You need pussy, I can tell.”

“How many times do I have to fucking tell-“  he heard the bathroom door open and quickly stopped talking.

Y/n looked really cute as she stepped out in a casual outfit and her hair pinned up. The only down side was that she was dressed almost identical to the piece of shit standing next to him.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry no spoiler review

Hey guys! I just came back from seeing Dragon Cry! It was with subtitles so I got the whole story and could form a better opinion on it. I will not include any story spoilers if you want those please DM me privately, I will not answer spoilery things to anons as those messages are public.

In case people don’t want to see a review I’m leaving things under ‘read more’ Alright?

Let’s begin

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503: Swamp Diamonds

Good God, What to do on a Date is one of the most painfully awkward things I have ever seen on a screen.  It’s actually difficult for me to watch because I get squirmingly embarrassed on behalf of both Nick and Kay and the unfortunate young actors trying to play them.  I have no idea what the two are supposed to see in each other, and then there’s the narrator, cheerfully insisting on everybody having wholesome fun and no couples ever being alone together. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the film was literally purpose-designed to kill the sex drive of anybody who watches it.  I mean, it was the fifties.

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Destiel and editing

@obsessionisaperfume here’s the Kuleshov Effect post I talked about. Hopefully it is sufficient.

TL;DR: Editing is probably the most powerful tool film has and how it’s used tells the story. Literally. In the case of SPN, there is a lot of instances that can be read as destiel riding in on a giant brick.

Ok, so preamble for those who don’t know what it is: The Kuleshov Effect was named for Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. It deals with a “mental phenomenon by which viewers derive more meaning from the interaction of two sequential shots than from a single shot in isolation.”

The original test that coined the name was a short series of clips showing an actor in a black and white film with a stoic expression, intercut with various images. It’s about 50 seconds, have a looksie.

The short was built to see what meaning people would give to the man’s expression and as Kuleshov expected, they reacted accordingly based on what shots were intercut. So the stoic face was read as hungry, lustful, sad, whatever by most people even though it was all the same expression.

You can invoke this effect without both pieces ever seeing each other. You can create a vast head space for a character that the actor may never see by intercutting the actor with something like… war stock footage. We can understand what the character is going through without it ever being spoken and without the actor saying or sometimes really doing anything in relation to it.

That isn’t to say that actors aren’t important, of course they are. But a lot of understanding a filmed work look to the editing. The same way books look at word choice, sentence structure, etc. Editing is the last stand of “authorial intent” (as a nebulous term. Not by a single person) between the production and the audience. It’s the syuzhet, the filter of bias that sets the tone and the pace and the narrative and almost no one is truly privy to it until all of production is over.

Now, directors, producers, various others depending on the work often help dictate the editing to an extent. They decide what version of shots to leave in and give an idea of what they’re going for. Some take a much more active role and are part of the editing process to a great extent. Sometimes it’s just the director helping, sometimes it’s like… 8 other people in production. Sometimes a film studio drops all their footage for their several million dollar property off at a trailer house and says “panic number’s on the fridge, I’ll be back in the morning.” and expects the final edit not to suck.

Editors exist for a reason and it’s not just to cut the film to an edible size, set pace and presentation. “When to cut” and “how to think like an editor” are important to the process on their own and they are their own people.

Authorial intent is honestly kind of hilarious. Especially in works with multiple “intenders”

But let’s poke the intent bear anyway, shall we? ‘Bunch of examples under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite garnet moment?

in general, my favourite moments are when she smiles or laughs, her interactions with steven and amethyst, most of the monotonous one word lines, any time when we see how much faith she has in steven and how much she loves and trusts him, any sort of hand action (one of the first things i notice when garnet is on the screen is what her hands are doing) and because i love angst, when she’s affected by something but won’t show it, but i do want the show to bring attention to garnet’s struggles soon. i love it whenever she’s there for the people she cares about and her encouraging speeches really help me, but again i want (need) someone to help her… let garnet rest for a bit (also the fact that garnet’s there for everyone but she apparently doesn’t need help with anything herself plays into some nasty racist tropes)

actual moment wise? i would just say all of them but that’s not a proper answer so im just gonna list a bunch and bold my favs (this is gonna end up being something from nearly every ep lmao)

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S1E9: The Reckoning, A Recap

And so it begins. Eight more episodes of the most wonderful, badass show in the world. If we all can think back six months ago, we had left off with Claire in a rather precarious position and then Jamie bursting through the door, gun at the ready and pointed at the redcoated bastard Black Jack Randall. “Get yer hands off my wife…” and then boom. A six month break of Jamie sitting in a window, Claire bunked over a table half naked and Black Jack Randall holding a knife to her nipple. So, now that we’re all caught up. Let’s start the recap for this wonderful new episode.

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Movie Challenge (Keanu Reeves edition) - Favorite Fight Scene
  • The Matrix (1999)

“You’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries; a world where anything is possible.”

5.08 Birth Commentary Transcript

W: Hi there, this is episode 508, entitled “Birth.” Um, I’m David H. Goodman; I’m an executive producer and writer.

W: I’m Jerome Schwartz. I’m a producer and writer on the show.

Colin O’Donoghue: I’m Colin O’Donoghue. I’m an actor who plays Captain Hook on the show.

COD: I don’t know why I sounded so formal there.

W: We appreciate a formal introduction. Thank you, Colin.

COD: Well, I thought it was important, you see.

W: I think we should say, I can’t imagine anyone who’s watching this for the first time listening to the commentary, but if you are: stop, because I think we have to start with a big spoiler, which is that Captain Hook is a Dark One. Which obviously is something everyone was going to find out very dramatically by the end of this episode here.

COD: I thought it was interesting that it seemed to be, uh, quite a big shock to people. For some reason. But to me, Hook was quite dark in the beginning when I first started on the show. You know, he always had that darkness within him. So it would have been easy for him to give into it.

W: Yeah, and I mean, I should say, I remember when we were just starting out talking about this season, there was an idea of Emma’s plan in the present being—turning Hook into a Dark One, and then the room had this kind of “aha!” moment, which was, well, what if she already—what if she’d already done it, and that was the secret she was keeping in the present. And so, just in case anyone was wondering, it was something that was planned pretty much from the get go—

W: In one form or another, yeah.

COD: Hm.

W: Liam Garrigan, who plays, um, King Arthur, who has just been a super pleasure to work with and brought so much to the Arthur role.

COD: Yeah, Liam’s amazing. I mean, and a great guy as well.

W: Yeah, great actor and great scene here directed by, uh, Eagle Egilsson, director of the episode, who did a fantastic job with—yeah, I love that. Love that look right there. [Arthur looking at Excalibur]. And now, Colin, just to ask the question, I mean, what’s the approach actor-wise to an episode like this in terms of knowing you’re the Dark One, and knowing your character doesn’t know he’s the Dark One.

COD: [laughter]

W: Is that hard to play and to hide and do you sometimes get confused even yourself?

COD: I just put on more eyeliner, to be honest. To dazzle people so that they don’t ask the question. No, eh, it’s an interesting thing to sort of know that that’s coming up. You know, for me, it was good because I got to play, you know, over these couple episodes—I got to play both sides of Hook, and it was fun for me to get to go back to sort of what the old version of Hook was like for me when I first came on. Well, I mean, it’s not that hard to do, I mean, you take the scenes as they come. You know the intention and the emotion and whatever that you want to bring across in the scenes and you just do it. I mean, it’s hard not to approach it that way when it’s, I think it was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning when we were shooting this scene, so it’s like late and cold and, you know, you have to try and bring as much energy and stuff to the scene at that time, so you kind of more deal with the elements at that stage than anything

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brief 5x05 meta

Okay, overall….eh? Like it wasn’t bad and I am sure there is a certain section of the ouat fandom that loved this episode (three guesses and the first two don’t count) but it wasn’t a magical one for me. 


It was a pretty obvious use of paralleling in this episode, both with Regina and Rumple. One I thought was interesting was Emma as Killian’s stand in; in the past, he wanted to make Rumple fight by picking up a sword. Granted, Merida is the one physically making a more direct parallel, but Emma is the one who wants him to wield the sword. Ironic. 

It was reinforced by previous allusions to that moment; Merida unknowingly made a jab at Rumple’s cowardice by pointing out Killian’s bravery in spite of his own disability. 

And who do we know will ACTUALLY pull the sword? A one handed hero. Foreshadowing.

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! One thing that irritated me in "The candidate" is how Oliver/GA was incapable of stopping Anarchy but Thea was able to do it. She was dipped in Lazarus pit which made her crazy but not mirakuru strong. I don't mind other characters having moments but it should not be at the expense of OQ/GA. How do you feel about this?

It’s funny, Anon, I actually had this thought during The Candidate, too.  It was when all four people came crashing (albeit looking impressive when they did it) down into the room to save Madison from Anarky (really? That’s how we’re spelling this? My autocorrect hates, you @marcguggenheim) and the fight began. 

Halfway through that fight scene, I realized it felt like people were too artificially pushed “off” because there were too many fighters going up against one guy.  then, right after, they have to contrive a reason for half the fighters to exit so it would be just Oliver and Thea taking on Anarky alone so Thea could wig out and flambe the guy.

Originally posted by noonecanknowmysecret

It was during all of that I thought, “Huh.  Remember when Oliver Queen could take on an entire private security force of some 1%, take them all down AND get to the bad guy all by himself?  What happened to that?”

Originally posted by the-oliverqueen

This is when, for me, Anon, I get frustrated with the idea of the ever widening team on a full-time basis. When everybody serves a function and brings something unique to it, it works.  Sort of like the Leverage team or A-Team: Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind.  Each was good alone but became even stronger together.  Arrow does not have this.  It has Mastermind, Hitter, Hacker.  Then hitter, hitter, hitter, another hitter, another hitter. Oh look!  More hitters.  Wrap them in whatever mask name you want to give them, give them whatever pretty super power you want, they’re still hitters.

So now, whenever there’s a large fight scene – and apparently every fight scene now has to be a “group” fight scene  – everybody needs to strike a pose, flip back their hair, look all “heroic” and awesome in their outfits & masks instead of, ya know, getting down to the function of the fight.  Really?!

Originally posted by voguenvybz

Yes.  Oliver gets 100% lost in this.  Yes, Oliver comes across “diminished” as Arrow crams more and more “other heroes” into the picture (and don’t get me started when they force the other shows into crossing over).  Yes, Oliver’s trials and tribulations and the things that formed him into the awesome hunter/fighter he is feel downplayed and “less special.” 

I mean, we went from a “grounded, gritty, real” type show to super powers.  Why?  To fit in other heroes?  To make them have function?  To make Oliver feel less capable to explain why there’s other people needed?  I’m not fond of that.  I think it’s a disservice to Oliver Queen and his story.

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Watching Anarky escape despite taking on FOUR people and besting Oliver was a bit much for me to swallow.  I get that they’re “creating” a villain out of this that will, undoubtedly return to wreck havoc (hello new New Not Really Count Vertigo But Really Close), but yeah…. Oliver Queen & his amazing skills seem common place now and I really dislike it.  Arrow’s story shouldn’t need to do that to Oliver in order to “sell” or make other people work.  We did not have this problem when the team was kept controlled (Oliver, Diggle, Felicity) and balanced while the other people were kept almost on a “visiting” theme.  Heck, they couldn’t even figure out how to put Roy in there half the time and that was one person added to the trio.  Now they’ve added two more and the seams are starting to strain for me.

Originally posted by wyzima

Also, is it just me or are the fight scenes kind of… “eh” lately?  Sort of same old, same old with too much “likeness” to them, like each is stamped with a signature?  I don’t know if Arrow has the same stunt person doing each and every episode or if they rotate that among various stunt coordinators, but if they’re not rotating?  They need to start shaking things up because, just like you can get to know the “voice” of a writer or a director & “hear them” in an episode, you can absolutely do the same with stunts & then they start to feel “stale” or too must “the same” and we get bored without consciously realizing why.

Originally posted by fiercegifs

I am, however, very happy to see Oliver Queen in civilian clothes getting back to doing more stunt work and action stuff.  It adds a fresher tone to the episodes and I have really, really missed Oliver Queen “unleashed and on the hunt.”  So bravo to Arrow for getting back to that.  I’ve missed you, Civilian Oliver Queen.  

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Oh, and some flipping joint Oliver/Felicity stunts.  I need those.

Bond, Q, and Gayness as Menace

First, I have obviously survived my first ever Bond movie, and I must say that I’m much more confused than I thought I’d be.  I feel like I should have taken Bond 101 first, which I suspect a number of the bloggers I’m now following could teach.  Maybe it’s just my habit of zoning out during action sequences.  The scene where Bond is fighting that guy underwater under the ice, and Silva kind of scoffs and shakes his head before walking off in pursuit of M, that was me in all the action scenes(except I was in pursuit of another cup of Earl Grey).  However, there were a lot of things I liked as well.

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'Captain America: Civil War': Emily VanCamp on her kiss with Chris Evans and her big fight scene

Fists, guns, brains and beauty – Sharon Carter might not have a fancy costume or super powers, but she’s just as much a badass as anyone else in Captain America: Civil War. Must be the Canadian in her, eh?

In the epic Marvel movie hitting theatres this week, Ontario native Emily VanCamp plays CIA agent Sharon Carter, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and the budding love interest of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a.k.a. Captain America. She’s also the great-niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Steve’s best girl before he was frozen in arctic ice for 67 years. Not that that’s weird or anything.

VanCamp recently stopped in Toronto – as well as her hometown of Port Perry, Ont. – at the end of a long worldwide press tour for Civil War. We caught up with her to ask her about liplocks, beatdowns and other shenanigans.

In Civil War, we finally see Sharon and Steve Rogers kiss. In Winter Soldier, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) makes a comment about how Steve hasn’t kissed a girl since 1945. Does Sharon think Steve Rogers is a good kisser?

“I wonder if she knows how inexperienced he is! I thought about it more on an emotional level, how sweet it is. She’s really helping him out a lot, and she’s really showing him where her loyalties lie. There’s a lot at stake for her, and she just fearlessly goes full steam ahead. I can’t imagine Sharon judging his abilities.”

And does Emily VanCamp think Chris Evans is a good kisser?

“(During the kiss scene) I was probably thinking about what I was going to be eating for lunch, or, ‘Oh shoot, am I hitting my light?’ or is my head angled in the right way. Those scenes are so technical, it’s certainly not romantic.”

Is it slightly creepy that Steve’s falling in love with the niece of his former flame?

“I always thought that was a bit strange, but I also get it. I understand it. It’s something that brings them together, this mutual love for this woman who influenced both of their lives in such a tremendous way.”

We get to see Sharon involved in some action in Civil War, particularly in a fight against the Winter Soldier. Do you like doing the more physical stuff?

“I love it, I did a lot of it on (the ABC drama) Revenge. We’re so in our heads as actors, it’s sometimes nice to bring it back to the physical and do a cool sequence like that.”

We hoped Sharon would be in the big airport battle scene. Why isn’t she?

“I did too, to be honest! I was bummed about that. But it didn’t really make sense. (The two sides) were all sort of evened out, and we don’t know her – and Steve doesn’t know her – enough for that to have made sense.”

Will Sharon be part of Avengers: Infinity War? Where will she show up next?

“They’re very secretive, for good reason. We’ll see. We only just scratched the surface of her relationship with Steve, which I always thought was really interesting in the comic books. She’s also a badass, and I feel like we’ve gotten glimpses of it in The Winter Soldier and Civil War, but I think there’s a lot more to explore with her in that department.”

The Marvel movies have introduced some smart, powerful female characters, but they’ve also been criticized for not giving these characters enough to do. How do you think female heroes are faring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

“I always feel there’s room for more, and I think people want to see more of the women in this universe. Marvel is really moving toward that, which I think is great.”

With fun-loving guys like Evans and Robert Downey Jr. around, that cast probably gets up to all kinds of mischief when the cameras aren’t rolling. Were there shenanigans?

“So many shenanigans, but it’s hilarious. It’s just a funny group, the energy is really positive on set. (Directors Anthony and Joe Russo) are really able to keep things light and exciting and fun, even on the long days.”

There are two kick-ass Canadian actresses in the Avengers family, you as Sharon Carter and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. In a cage match between Sharon and Maria, who wins?

“I’d like to think they’d have each other’s backs! But I have to go with me, I have to go with Sharon Carter. But I don’t want to! I love Maria Hill. (Smulders) is so good in that part. They’re both pretty badass.”

When you go home to Port Perry, is there a buzz about town? Are you the pride of Port Perry?

“I don’t think so! I just know that when I do go home I feel really safe and really happy, and it’s very nostalgic and comforting. I feel pretty at ease to just walk around town in my sweats and relax and no one’s really judging me.”

The Empty Hearse Review by Claudia Boleyn

Welcome one and all to my first Sherlock Series Three review! You probably know me more for my Doctor Who analysis, but I’m a hardcore Sherlockian too, so expect this to be the first of many such writings.

As a fan of the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, these reviews are going to combine a general appreciation of all things Sherlock, a piece by piece dissection of all things problematic (of which there are many) and my own personal take on the episodes.

So, here we go. The Empty Hearse by Mark Gatiss. Seatbelts on? We’re in for a bumpy ride.

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Film Review - Spy (2015)

Hey guys, it’s Will from Kindly Remove Your Hats following up my review for a kinds movie with a raunchy comedy from the writer and director of Bridesmaids, Paul Feig, about an office-working CIA agent, Susan, who goes undercover to prevent world destruction. It’s such a crazy concept from a guy that brought us probably the best chick-flick ever made. But my girlfriend loves Melissa McCarthy and really wanted to see this. The previews were hilarious and I had some pretty high hopes going in. But does Spy hold up in the end? Well, to put it short; absolutely. 

I normally do my “oh no, does Will like it?” spiel but for movies like this I just have to cut to the chase and say stop reading this and go see it. Spy is really, really funny. The trailers made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions and I was extremely worried that they spoiled all the best jokes. And while some of the jokes in there trailer were in the top ten jokes of the movie, there were still a lot of hidden laughs. And even when I wasn’t busting a gut, there were little moments that gave me a chuckle and I feel like that’s just as good. Some of the jokes were just bizarre and made no sense, and that kinda made them funnier. The movie isn’t pushing for a laugh-a-minute bad-joke-fest like most comedies now-a-days (sorry for all the hyphens). But rather they take time to build your laugh into the punchline. Smaller jokes turn into bigger ones, etc. 

Leading the laughs and the starter to an amazing cast is McCarthy who absolutely shines. I felt like she wasn’t given enough room to stretch her comedic legs in The Heat, and had too short an appearance in Bridesmaids. But in Spy she can truly take center stage and prove that she owns it. All her little rants and foul-mouth quips had me rolling. Jason Statham is awesome, as usual. It’s really funny that he’s not in the movie as much, and you usually see him as the starring role. There’s probably some gender-reversal undertones there but I’m too lazy to analyze that just yet. Jude Law’s American accent is so strange that it made me chuckle every time he  talked, and I think that was supposed to be the point. It was very jarring, I loved it. And speaking of love;  Rose Byrne played an excellent villain who was as much funny as she was ruthless. Also newcomer, to me at least, Miranda Hart was great as Susan’s best friend and co-worker. The chemistry between them, and the entire cast was great. I could tell they were all having a blast and that a bunch of scenes were heavily improved. I can’t wait to see a gag reel when this comes out on DVD. 

The action is pretty awesome, to my surprise. There are some fight scenes that actually made me go “damn.” I was not expecting that at all. There’s cool slo-mo and ass-whoppin’ everywhere in Spy. Big explosions are also a plus. But it never felt overdone. The car chases are shot with close angles and narrowly missing oncoming cars and the like. There’s tons of twists and turns, and that might be my one gripe. There were times where twists would happen in rapid succession I kinda lost track of what was going on. I figured it out later, but it was just jarring at the moment. However, that could’ve been intentional as the whole movie is very reminiscant of the spy movies of old. And a lot of that came from the great directing of Feig. He clearly knows his stuff and the source material that Spy borrows so heavily on. There’s even an opening credits with silhouetted girls running around shooting stuff that’s very 007-esque. It really feels like a classic espionage film but with dick jokes strewn in. I couldn’t ask for anything more. 

The music is good and totally fits the movie. There’s moments of orchestra spy music that will suddenly lead into a melody from today’s pop songs. It’s crazy. But works! The film also sported really good messages. There’s a heavy sense of the classic “chicks before dicks” going on, that Feig tends to put in his movies. It’s like a girl version of a James Franco/Seth Rogen movie. But also more surprising was that it was very body-positive. In a movie with a more heavy-set leading lady, it’s easy to make fat jokes left and right, but I saw absolutely no instance of that in Spy and I really liked that. Paul Feig brings proper action and proper comedy and some heart together for a movie I had no idea I wanted. His films are some of the best comedies today and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store. 

Was Spy as good as Bridesmaids, arguably an instant classic? Eh, probably not. But they’re hardly the same kinda movie. If you’re looking for a kick-ass comedy that will have you laughing from start to finish, than Spy is your movie for sure. It was well worth admission price and just about the best comedy on the silver screen right now. However, I will say this; if you’re looking for the best spy movie this year; wait for Spectre or check out the next movie I’m reviewing (dun dun duuuunnnn!).

 Until next time, keep watching movies and thanks for reading! 


(Poster from this Reddit post (it’s not official, but I love it so much) and the stills from the trailer on YouTube)