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Hi, I saw your ask saying you ship togakure and I was wondering if I could request a drawing of them if it's not too much trouble? Hagakure's my favorite character from the first game and I really like your art style so I'm interested to see how you draw him. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a nice day 😊

have fun!!

y’all can send me more requests btw 👌👀

Are you sick of my ocs yet? Well, here’s a ref sheet for another one!

Ria Claywood, the 13 year old only daughter of an apple farmer/ex-monster hunter who is dragged along on adventures to slay monsters because she needs the “experience”

top ten films

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This was a thinker and I’m still not sure about this list. I had to stop myself from making it into a favorite Anthony Hopkins list because I love that man and all he does.

1. The Silence of the Lambs. (I didn’t know what good acting was until I saw Tony play Hannibal Lecter)

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2. Labyrinth (I mean..David Bowie..and the music!)

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Ahhhh !!! I can’t mcfreakin’ believe it guys. I can’t believe so many of you are willing to put up with my meme loving ass. I’m still a relatively new blog too so let me just say thank you so much for following me and supporting this big ol’ idiot. I really appreciate you all from my close friends to new followers that just came across me. I could go on a sappy ramble but I’m just gonna keep it short and sweet and say thank you once more. I really love you guys ❤︎

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PAL-ADINS: My friendos and those very near and dear to my heart. 

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We gonna spread some positivity, okay? ^-^

This community REALLY needs some positive posts and people right now, So we’re gonna do a thing together, okay? (If you want to, of course. I’m not gonna force you!) Let’s all think of our favorite moment when the community really touched/inspired/surprised you in some way. Reblog or comment on this post with your favorite moment! I’ll start:

My favorite moment was during JSE Boss week! To see the community come together like that to kinda surprise Jack and show him what he really meant to us just had me in awe. I was SO happy to see the tag filled with everyone’s contribution for his birthday! It put a huge smile on my face when Jack acknowledged what everyone had done for him!!

Fanfic Recs!


Okay, so my good friend @redisunamused has some amazing Negan fics. The first one, Stigmatic, is what actually inspired me to write my first fic so I recommend it. 

You can find it onnnn




The second fic is “Beautiful Tragedy” and can also be founddddd on




She has a bunch of other fics on her page, (some damn good smut ;) so i really recommend checking them out. They’re some of my favorites. 

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What's your favorite liveshow? Or even just one to recommend to someone who's bored and has time to sit with those two dorks.?

Ahh I don’t really have a favorite because there’s literally so many to choose from. 
But I’ll give you a list I guess;

Dan’s Younow - July 17, 2012
(this is 2 hours long but so worth it, literally took me days to finish)
Dan’s Younow - October 28, 2014
(he was home alone and he finished editing Outlast, you can tell he’s lonely)
Dan’s Younow - December 5, 2013
(Cooking and Questions with Dan. I watch this one too many times)
Dan’s Younow - May 20, 2014
(He educates us all with hedgehog porn)

Phil’s Younow - May 30, 2014
(He grabs his old school tie, his mum calls, and he spins on the chair)
Phil’s Younow - October 5, 2014
(Dan steals his doritos and he gets sassy about it)
Phil’s Younow - January 19, 2013
(They had a bunch of people over and Phil just dips out and sits in the hall talking on younow what a dork)
Phil’s Younow - July 28, 2012
(When they first moved to London and he reads a book from his childhood)

Joint Liveshows:
June 23, 2012 
March 29, 2015
(after they announced the book)
October 12, 2012
(they sing Phantom of the Opera and Toxic what else do you need?)
May 13, 2016
(in a weird hotel that a prostitute would murder someone, in kentucky. even with the horrendous lag it’s still so special)

…I need a new hobby…

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We had Starco week, Jantom week, Tomco week, and even wholesome week. What about a Rangie (Rafael and Angie) week. For non-shipping, maybe the fandom should do a "Diazes in Orlando" week. For example, Star and Marco with Orlando sports mascots, them at Disney World. Rafael and Angie having a date at Epcot Mexican Pavillion and Boardwalk. Seriously, Orlando is one of the greatest cities in the world

I love how we, as a fandom, do special weeks were you get to celebrate your favorite ships or favorite moments, it really shows how much the show means to everyone.

It’s incredible to see how much the fandom has grown since the beginning, from all the fan art that has been made, to fans cosplaying as their favorite character, to the joy of overanalyzing every episode because it’s just what we do!

Of course there’s the occasional ship war but in the end, 

We’re all here for SVTFOE.

And I’m in for Rangie Week if there ever is one!

Honestly you guys, I think shipping yourself with people is awesome. Writing fan-fiction about you and your fave, even if it’s just for you, is awesome. Fantasizing about and creating worlds where you fit into the lives of your favorite characters is really, really awesome. There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to dream, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding comfort in your own imagination every now and then. Love yourself. Treat yo'self. You are a smart and valuable human being and you deserve to feel good.

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meme thing, 001: yoi of course

Favorite character: aaaa so hard to choose, all of them? Umm Yuuri?
Least Favorite character: I don’t really have one I guess maybe Chris but it’s more an uncomfortable thing rather than least favorite
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):
(Kidding it’s JJ and his Fiancé)
Character I find most attractive: (trying not to pick on of the main 3 sooo) Mila and Mickey?
Character I would marry: Otabek probably, I feel like he is some what put together in life compared to the others
Character I would be best friends with: um…Yuri? Idk really
a random thought: kinda wish there was more of Georgi, Sueng-gil Lee and Leo
An unpopular opinion: I guess it’s pretty popular now but from the beginning I always liked JJ
my canon OTP: Yuuri/Victor
Non-canon OTP: Otabek/Yuri
most badass character: Mila, she literally picked up Yuri over her head….
pairing I am not a fan of: I’m not a fan of Guang Hong and Leo
character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): The whole last 2 episodes felt rushed I know they had limited space for what they could show but not everything flowed nicely.
favourite friendship: I decided to go with a friendship I don’t also ship so Yuuko and Yuuri.
character I want to adopt or be adopted by: I would be fine being adopted by like Hiroko, she seems nice

i am currently on a night train for the first ever time in my life, im in the mid bunk the person who im slowly falling in love with is in the bunk above me and my best friend’s in the one across from them :-) i was super anxious getting on the train bc i havent been on one since i was 9 but it’s actually really nice. i can hear my favorite teachers laughing through the wall it’s 23.30 and i think i may actually fall asleep at a decent time for once

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Name: Abbie

Nicknames: literally just abbie lmao, that is my nickname, but I guess Abs or Ab sometimes, and when my friends are being annoying A Bee andkdjlf

Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Height: 5′2′’ or 5′3′’ ish

Orientation: bisexual (I think akad,dj)

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: strawberries and apples

Favorite Season: Winter!!

Favorite Book: PJO obviously, but like to be more exact I’d say Battle of the Labyrinth

Favorite Flower: sunflowers!

Favorite Scent: I don’t really know? Maybe like that rain smell you get just a storm?

Favorite Colour: purple (and pink and blue because I can’t pick)

Favorite Animal: cheetahs!!

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: can I cheat and say mochas? 

Average Sleep Hours: I try for 7 but only usually get like 5 at most

Cat or dog person? both but mostly cats

Favorite Fictional Character: annabeth chase and piper mclean

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 unless it’s freezing!

Dream Trip: New York tbh because I’m basic

Blog Created: like April last year :)

Number of Followers: I just reached 1k and am nearly at 1.1k!

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Name: Dakota. some people call my Kody or Kotes
Ancestry: german and Swedish (going back to scandinavia to return to my ancestral roots)
Zodiac: Cancer
Where do you live: United States, Colorado
How are you feeling today?: I’m feeling really sexy and gay
Favorite song right now: Clementine by Sarah Jaffe
Play any instruments?: guitar, a little. 
Are you craving anything? the touch of my dear girlfriend
Signature drink?: hot chocolate with cayenne pepper
What’s your signature scent?: sweet pea
Favorite color: teal, red
Sound you love: my girlfriend’s voice
Sounds you hate: monotone mumbly voices

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03 of 05 - Modern Compendium: Neutral - The Center Cannot Hold - Fairy Valiant Little Tailor

Another landmark event – the Tailor here is our very last Fairy! It’s pretty gratifying for me to see one of the largest families in the Compendium finally come to a close after all these years. Holy crap, this is really ending, isn’t it? @_@

Anyway! One of my favorite fairy tales, the Valiant Little Tailor is a story about a mild-mannered tailor who sits down to eat some jam, gets frustrated by the flies buzzing around his head, and manages to take seven of them out with one swat of the fly swatter. So impressed by this feat, he begins bragging to anyone who will listen that he, quote, “Took seven at one blow!” Which, naturally, everyone assumes means seven MEN. So stories of the Tailor spread far and wide, and eventually reach the ear of the king, who brings the Tailor to his court and assigns him a series of tasks – no problem, he assures the Tailor, for a man who can defeat seven men at a single stroke! Of course, at this point, the Tailor realizes he’s in deep shit. And for many fairy tales, this would easily and cleanly end with the Tailor being gobbled up by some hideous monster for his bravado, but this one takes the far more interesting path of having the Tailor survive. He goes on to actually complete the king’s request, and several others besides, not through brute strength, but by *thinking* his way out of the problem. The Tailor goes on to marry the princess and become a king in his own right, and all’s well in the world.

One reason I love this story is because, for all its fairy tale trimmings, it’s basically a Looney Tunes cartoon. The King sends the Tailor out to kill a pair of giants, and the Tailor goads them into fighting each other. The King sends him out to trap a Unicorn, and the Tailor tricks the beast into running headlong into a tree, at which point the Tailor might as well be Bugs Bunny in the bullring. Heck, the Tailor’s entire fight against a wild boar is just this side of a battle against the Tazmanian Devil. All of which is part of the reason the Valiant Little Tailor is so popular – everybody loves a story about the underdog winning, especially if they do so with their own innate brains and cunning.

The Valiant Little Tailor ends up near the top of the Fairy family, and gets some very useful skills – it’s one of the only demons in its family to get access to piercing damage. When designing the Tailor, I tried to keep things as simple as possible, so I kind of based it on the designs of some NES heroes, like Milon’s Secret Castle or even Link himself. Personally, I can totally see the Valiant Little Tailor as an NES-style platformer, with particularly nasty bosses. ^^

For more information on this and every other demon in the Modern Compendium, have a look at our extensive Data File, right over (here).

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Ahh. I want to draw something for dad (you) but idk what to draw. Lmao. Yikes.


draw me anything really 

You could draw me, my oc’s, or my favorite eddsworld character idc