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4th page done. Expected to finish in a week but didn’t quite work out for me.

I have these deleted pages that I worked on. Not sure if they are worth posting here. Let me know if you guys want those.

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GOTGvol2 Lines That Went From 0-100

Drax: You remind me of my daughter.

Mantis: Ugly?

Drax: Innocent.

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There was a meeting with GORA where members where asked if Fushimi knows that Munakata payed 30 million yen to Hirasaka for saving him. Orange said that Fushimi doesn't know the amount and Yellow said that if he knew he would say “Are you stupid or what?” How would it look like if Fushimi somehow found out? His reaction? What would Munakata tell him? *whispers*maybeaficifyou'renotbusyplease*whispers*

I imagine Fushimi maybe figures it out when he’s doing some kind of budget estimate and realizes that there is a rather substantial hole in Scepter 4’s budget. By this point with the destruction of the Slate Fushimi is well aware that Scepter 4’s budget has shrunk considerably but even so there is definitely something he’s missing. He’s probably already suspected that Munakata paid a fairly decent sum in order to get him back – Fushimi’s already well aware of Douhan’s prices, after all, and he probably took a decent chunk out of the budget himself to pay her to help him with the jungle mission – but he’s not aware of exactly how much. He does some research trying to find what exactly he’s missing and somewhere in there he finally discovers that one, it’s not just a ‘substantial’ hole in the budget it’s ‘who the fuck managed to lose 30 million yen’ which then turns into 'the Captain paid Hirasaka Douhan 30 million yen is he insane.’

Munakata probably shows up at some point while Fushimi’s looking at this and makes no attempt to hide that he did in fact pay 30 million yen for Fushimi’s safety. I can totally see Fushimi’s reply being 'are you an idiot’ because he doesn’t at all get why Munakata would throw away so much money on something like this. Munakata in turn is curious as to why Fushimi doesn’t consider saving Fushimi’s own life to be something worthy of such an expenditure and Fushimi just clicks his tongue, noting that he took the mission of his own accord knowing there was no extraction plan, spending so much money on saving someone who should have been capable of saving himself is a waste. Especially with their budget likely to be shrinking soon Fushimi doesn’t see the point in Munakata just throwing away money on saving a single person who got into trouble all on his own. Munakata meanwhile has totally picked up on the undercurrent of Fushimi’s complaining, that even now Fushimi doesn’t see how his life could be worth anything, let alone 30 million yen. I think Munakata would make it clear to Fushimi that Munakata does not in any see this as a 'waste’ of money, on the contrary Munakata feels that any amount he could spend to guarantee Fushimi’s safety would have been worth it. Munakata asked the impossible of Fushimi by requesting he infiltrate jungle, he sent Fushimi into the enemy’s lair knowing the odds of Fushimi coming back alive were slim, and with Munakata feeling that he himself was unlikely to survive the final battle he wanted at least this small bit of reassurance, that Fushimi would make it out alive even if Munakata wasn’t there to meet him. Fushimi just shakes his head, still not really able to grasp it, and Munakata just smiles at him and states that Scepter 4’s budget is of no consequence to Munakata, if there is a sum he could pay to guarantee the safety of his important subordinate Munakata would gladly pay it a hundred times over, if that’s what it took to be certain that Fushimi was able to return to the place he belongs once more.

guys! guys! quick question! is it September yet?!

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How Taemin (JuminxMC Son) and Jae Keun (Jaehee’s Son) first met!
Lots of you have been requesting more of these two :D ! Took a little break from commissions to color this in ^o^
((++ Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work-Day is a thing in C&R now))

Based on a chat from Common Route #2 (?)

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I had a few sketches of them lying around :))) Sorry, these two are almost always hanging out together HAHA //rolls

Small headcanon from my old IG post:
Taemin and Jae Keun always pairs up for their college projects ✨ Except, Taemin actually helps with the project despite being busy with his modelling job && he even refuses to let Jae Keun do all the work ((Jae Keun insists though ✨ Too pure omg but Taemin will never let him work alone)) Guess Taemin inherited empathy from MC :))))

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Stay safe for her

Based on an anon’s suggestion, it was supposed to be a simple 1 panel thing, but here’s some sort of a comic instead