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See I doubt Ursa would like the idea of having a Jedi/Mando as a granddaughter… 

That is. 

Until she meets the smol Bean and realises how much she reminds her of Sabine. 

Maybe she wasn’t a good mother. But she’s sure as heck going to try to be a good grandmother. 


There it is folks! Thanks to everyone that participated, I had a blast. Shout out to itsthetie fans, it’s been really great drawing comics for you guys, but I gave back the stylus to its proper owner. Now, back to making stupid comics.

You can see them in high quality here .

(Sorry for the long post)

PS. if anyone wants their drawing without their name and request just send me a message and I’ll send it to you

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yaranaika joke? what's that? I'm kinda scared to look it up...

Ohh gosh, it’s an ooold old internet joke based on a kinda… oddly-written yaoi that got infamous for the kinds of faces the characters make in it.  “Yaranaika” is Japanese slang for “shall we do it?” or “why don’t we do it?”  It has that kind of connotation, and one character, the “seme” of the yaoi couple in the manga, says it in a really creepy way in the comic.

Of course, both the faces in the comic and the quote (along with various others) got massively popular, so eventually (and inevitably) some folks wrote a parody song titled “Yaranaika” to the tune of the popular J-pop song “Balalaika,” complete with creepy voice acting and lyrics that reference the comic.  I’ve linked it here.

In addition, here’s an assortment of classic yaranaika faces.


After reading @oumakokichi ‘s meta yesterday, I couldn’t help think Pre-Killing Games Ouma to be the captain of the ChessClub  >_< The setting is Ouma’s school’s festival. (Bunkasai)

I’m no expert on chess so there are mistakes and I put in SaiOuSai for no particular reason. And DICE members are part of the chess club. I also kinda got lost while drawing this…I really need to practice drawing comics more…

Thank you for reading this. Haha, I love the idea of Ouma as a SHSL Chess Player.

so does the new show Riverdale actually pertain to Archie Comics at all? Or did they just take all the names and fuck everything up? Because the commercials I’ve been seeing and hearing make it seem really, really stupid for someone like me who read the comics as a kid

I realized my level of rebelcaptain denial today after watching the Rogue One Blu-Ray trailer and was like … damn, I forgot they died.

What a cold cell…

“A story centered around ideas ulterior at best to those who do not delve deeper for discovery”

This is one of many codes I have in store. Work together with anyone to decipher them.
If you really have interest and truly want to read my comic “Ulterior”, then you best start deciphering.


Here we go…

I got around to analyzing the Cross x Dream comic, and, well, let’s just say I found some stuff I kinda wanted to bring attention to… whoops… sorry in advance? (I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just being overly observant as usual.)

And no, this actually isn’t another rant about how Nightmare is unloved, thank goodness. This is supposed to be half comedy, so only take it half seriously. My strong reactions to things are for comedic effect, I mean. In fact, most of it is simply my reactions to the comic while I was reading it.

I don’t own any of the images used.

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I don't want to anger you. I know it's 2017 already but will there be any continuation of the comic? I really love the series but I also care about you, the artist. If you wouldn't like to continue please let us know. - A recent reader who have became your fan.

Hi there, I want to let you know I’m not angry. Messages like this do not anger me. Anyone who is upset when people are asking - are you alive? Is this a thing still? are missing the point of these messages. I get you. I am grateful for you. You still care, like I still care. I really want to continue. I keep half-ass hashing this out all over the place so I’ll post this most complete explanation (that I can manage) and see if it helps.

I’m not a young person. Like, I am not in high school. I’m not in college. I am an adjunct professor teaching at college at a time in my life when I should have a nest egg and not like… this horror. My students literally murder the small buoyant heart of joy in me. I’ve been pretty depressed since my Dad died in 2008, I immediately lost my career in video games right after that so I had to move home to a job teaching where I am paid literally poverty level. Be kind to your adjuncts they do more for less for god knows why. I don’t know why. Anyway, the comic was started because I started to feel so scared that I was going to die before I ever made anything good. Or complete. Or just… Good. That sick upset tension boiled up in me and out came a comic that I really love that is a lot of effort to make look the way it looks. I don’t keep myself to a PERSONAL STYLE instead I want to craft the style to best match the story. My process is atrocious but I can’t imagine it looking any other way than it looks. I want to be able to pare it down but when I think about it I just… can’t. So time. Time is a thing. 

By the time I am done having any joy in art literally murdered out of me by my students and the administration, I have no ability to get much done. When I fell off the wagon really bad was around an anniversary of my Dad’s death and I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting back to a good state of mind. I don’t send letters to friends anymore. I don’t do much but keep my head above the proverbial water anymore. I think about how I need to get going on something or I’m going to die before I get anything accomplished. I don’t communicate my issues because I am very much someone who has always dealt with their own problems, etc. themselves because I learned at a very young age that sharing your woes means people discard you. That’s not some candy-ass cry for help that is just my experiences and why I am how I am now and why I am always so cagey when it comes to explaining why I am not getting pages done.

I love what I do. I put a lot of time and thought and effort into it. I am positive there are people out there who could do it in 1/100th the time on a schedule and get a page out twice weekly. I don’t have that situation. Even if I was 100% I am currently living my low-paid ass at home rent free working it off helping out around the house. I run errands, drive around, keep up with chores, etc. etc. My mom keeps breaking bones in her body. It’s upsetting. But really my support structure is me and I am just tapped out right now.

Teaching is literally the worst. I’m so saturated in apathy and people who would rather do ANYTHING to get out of doing what they are asked to do that it boggles my mind. Why take an elective if you’re not interested? I’m not going to just hand you and A because you signed up. None of this is y’all’s problem. It’s all my problem. And I am working on trying to get things better handled so I can get back to making pages. Drawing replies. DRAWING. FOR ME. NOT AS A DEMO. I AM going to get back to work on the comic. I WILL. Nobody may still be around when I do. But… I started this for me. I will always share it with all y’all. It’s just taking me a lot more time than I could have thought. But it is what it is…

Sorry if this is a bit much. This is why I keep a lid on it. But legit - thank you for caring enough to drop a note. And that goes out to every single person who has who I may not have even replied to. I hear you (read you!) and I appreciate y’all so much.

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Things to think about::: eskild always walking in the room without knocking ever but then when ep5 happens he just Knows that theres someone else in there and respects isak in a way that he just asks from the hallway instead barging in like usual,,,

what a fucking respectful guy…….like i know we all like to write off eskild as this comic-relief, lighthearted character who doesn’t really get ‘boundaries’ but he’s honestly so aware and respectful and does his best to help his roommates (even if it may come across as a bit tonedeaf sometimes). truth is, eskild absolutely knew that something was going on that weekend. something important, and something new. and while he wanted to make sure isak was ok, and aware that he knew something was going on, he didn’t want to intrude or cross any lines. what a guy.

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about the ezra having a beard comic, jedi aren't celibate, theyre just not allowed to have relationships (also i really really love your ezra comics)

Hey thanks! I’m glad you like my silly comics!

As for the comment, celibacy didn’t even occur in my mind; it was more like what you said, jedis are not supposed to have romantic relationships (I would argue that now there’s a new era ahead that might will change - especially if Rey IS Luke’s daughter. But then again, did even Luke know about this rule?)

As far as I know they were jedis before (long ago) who followed a different path and had families or even stayed with them; (I suppose it was during the time when the jedi knights wasn’t as solid in terms of being an order) heck I knew that in the prequels there was this one master who was allowed to have family bc his race was at the brink of extinction; I don’t remember his name doe lmao)

I would argue further that if Ezra’s going to be a grey jedi (my ultimate headcanon wich I will defend till my deathbed, bc as much as turning dark is interesting, I don’t want him to be an Anakin 2.0) he might b like ‘eh fuck this rule’. Qui Gon said fuck the rules too several times haha :D

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Do you have any good book recommendations? I've read most of sarah waters stuff tho :)

it depends on what kind of books you prefer but if you like SW you’ve obviously got great taste so here’s some other stuff I enjoyed (’i enjoyed’ = not necessarily great literature but fun and enjoyable; i’m a lazy reader so those aren’t always synonymous):

lesbian themed adult fiction:
The World Unseen by Shamim Sarif
the Lindsay Gordon series by Val McDermid
Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

lesbian themed YA:
Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley
…that’s basically it?? I hear Malinda Lo’s series is meant to be really good though? Report back to me :D

comics/etc with lgbt characters:
The Secret Loves of Geek Girls by various authors
Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson/various authors
Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma

lgbt themed nonfiction (i said fun and enjoyable before but most of these aren’t but ARE really good):
The Red in the Rainbow: Sexuality, Socialism and LGBT Liberation by Hannah Dee
Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East by Brian Whitaker
The Secret Diaries of Miss Ann Lister ed. Helen Whitbread
Aimee and Jaguar by Aimee Fischer

other fiction:
The Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie (kinda gay)
anything by Terry Pratchett (I haven’t read all his stuff but I really loved what I have read)
The Bone Clocks/Ghostwritten by David Mitchell
His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman (he announced a new trilogy so if you never read the series, now’s the time!!)

other nonfiction:
anything by Bill Bryson
the Call the Midwife series by Jennifer Worth
Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast by Charlie Connolly :’)

Weekend Visit.

So I got really inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s Elsewhere University comic and subsequent Tumblr dedicated to the lore and customs of the school, and whipped up this little story about a girl bringing her girlfriend up to spend the weekend with her at EU, and all of the measures she takes to ensure that her girlfriend doesn’t get snatched away and replaced by a changeling or suffer some other unfortunate turn of fate.

This is the first short story I have written in literal years, and I didn’t really edit it much after writing, so sorry if it is a bit sloppy. And yes, the characters are based heavily around myself and my girlfriend. I hope you enjoy, and please be sure to check out the original comic before reading. You may also want to check out the other fan work on @elsewhereuniversity as well, as it is all very good.

Story below the cut.

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