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The weirdest lore-related Mass Effect peeve of mine:

And also, in my opinion, a huge missed opportunity:

If a species has a lifespan of 150 years, as both humans and turians are said in their own lore to have by the time the events of ME roll around, fifty or sixty IS NOT OLD. IT IS NOT RETIREMENT AGE. It’s the mathematical equivalent of being in your thirties. Even your late twenties! Yes, you’re probably mentally older and wiser having lived all those years already, but lifespan-wise? You’ve still got two-thirds of your life left. 

It’s so much more interesting to consider how a career, a family, etc are affected by a drastically longer lifespan. They touch on it sometimes with the very, very, very long-lived asari and krogan–and the short-lived salarians–but not with humans and turians. I mean, Hackett is 52 in 2186. FIFTY-TWO. Solid two-thirds left. Even with the harshness of military service, etc, is he really going to be “old”? No. (Not to mention Anderson, who is even younger.)

Consider: isn’t it kind of messed up that turians start their mandatory service only 10% into their lives? That’s like sending an 8-year-old off to bootcamp. And it’s not like humans are doing that much better, if adulthood still starts at 18. Also: where do the extra years come from? Presumably we’re not wizened and feeble the last third–or more–of our lives, so how have humans adapted? Is everything elongated? Longer adolescence (not the way they’ve written it!), longer middle-age? Longer period of fertility? More time for, say, women to be well-settled and established in their careers before they even have to think about children?

These are the things that keep me up at night, I swear to God.

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HELLO! i just wanted to say that i really really really like your art and your art style! you actually inspired me to buy a new notebook and just fill it with Haikyuu!! doodles. and youre so nice and friendly and i hope you have a good day!

thank you and take care!! stay creative ☆


HYUKOH — Leather Jacket / TOMBOY / Wanli万里

How strangely beauitful, the moon in front
The boats engulfed by the dark sea under
Yesterday’s regrets gone with the sky
All of today’s gone with the sea

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I love it when you get really into something and start writing down your feelings, it makes me want to get into it too or gets me thinking about it more/in a different way. ur a treasure erica

You know what?  Thank you!  I wish I could just respond to anons privately because I don’t wanna keep drawing attention to the whole thing, but I do want to respond to you, because honestly… HONESTLY…?  That’s why I do it.  That is why I do it.  Sure, yeah, I’m also doing it because I genuinely like talking about the things I’m talking about, but I very rarely even make posts like that completely out of the blue.  I do it every month or so I think, usually talking about the Simpsons, but if I posted every intense feeling I had about a cartoon every time I had one, I’d never shut the fuck up.  Y’all are lucky I’m sparing you, honestly, haha.  

When I DO make a really rambly post about a cartoon, or some really lengthy tags on a reblog, a part of why I’m doing it is because your blog is a platform for you to talk about shit that you’re into.  And if people are following your blog, there’s a chance they give a shit what you have to say, or are at least vicariously interested in your interests.  Maybe you can spread a little bit of info, or a helpful review, or pique someone’s curiosity about something new.  I know I’ve definitely gotten into stuff because someone I follow online mentioned it before.

Like I guess tumblr kinda took the idea of a blog and condensed it into this rapid-fire way to just spread dumb content as quickly as possible and a community developed around it where no one feels right commenting on posts or giving feedback/input, but FUCK that!  A blog is literally an online journal, you can post about whatever the fuck you want, that’s THE POINT!  Ahhhhhgggh.  

And then the one time you decide to actually use it like that, people feel compelled to discourage you from it?  Like, I don’t honestly give a shit, my feelings are not hurt because some stupid kid who can’t spellcheck made a mean comment in my inbox, I’m just bothered that anyone has the audacity to go out of their way to be a jerk to a stranger on the internet when it’s 1000 times easier and takes 0 energy at all to just  f u c k  o f f  i n t o   t h e   s u n.

If someone saw my post and thought “oh cool, I like Erica, and she likes Bob’s Burgers, maybe I’ll check out Bob’s Burgers”, and then they end up with a new show to watch, FUCKING GREAT!  That’s frankly all I might’ve been trying to accomplish in the first place.  

ANNNNYWAY, thank you.  Thanks everyone who’s sent me nice comments in the wake of this or any other stupid meaningless post.  I’m not like, actually upset or affected by it, which is why I don’t usually respond, but I do appreciate your guys’ concern, and I appreciate knowing that y’all appreciate my dumb blog.  Thanks.  And keep posting about shit you like and sharing it with people  you like!!  That’s what it’s all about man.


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