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bathtub sex with Mark

You let your bathrobe drop and slowly stepped into the tub. You wanted to relax after a long, exhausting day of work. “Ah it feels really good” having the warm water soothing your nerves. You heard the door open and smiled, your boyfriend was back home. 

“Babe I’m home!” Mark yelled while removing his shoes. 

He walked around the house, searching for you until he reached the bathroom. “Oh my– babe..” his voice deepened, that view was nearly driving him crazy.

You winked at him and he bit his lip while scanning your naked body. 

“Wanna join me?” you teasingly asked him. In a blink of an eye Mark removed his clothes and made his way into the bathtub. He placed a kiss on your lips while he was on top of you, his dick already hard and aching. “Baby, was that even a question?” he hugged you, resting his cheek on the crook of your neck, the water caressing his chin. 

His hands moved along your curves, stopping at your hips, he gave them a little squeeze and rubbed his head on your clit. “Oh~ Babe..” you moaned biting your lip once again. 

Mark smiled and you couldn’t help but crash your lips onto his, his smile was so bright and cute that he almost made him seem innocent. 


“I love your smile” you whispered, 

I love you”. He caressed your cheek, then placed a small kiss. His lips kissed your skin until he reached your neck. Mark knew too well your weak spots. And you cursed in your thoughts because fuck he was nibbling on it. His sharp teeth were making you moan so loud, and you moaned even louder when he bit you. 

“Ah!” you shouted, he kissed your neck and licked it trying to soothe the pain. He whispered a deep “Sorry baby” before slamming his dick into you. 

Your mouth opened and you threw your head aback; 

“Fuck!! Mark what-” you were interrupted by his hard thrusts, the water getting out the bathtub. 

“It’s.Your.Fault” he said between the thrusts, you couldn’t even understand because it felt so fucking good…

Mark never fucked you like this. He always made love to you; with cuddles and compliments (and warnings) . This time you turned him on that much…not that you were complaining…

The water and the smooth surface made you slip so he was keeping you still by holding your hips. That made it feel even better; your orgasm was about to hit you and Mark could tell; so he fucked you even faster, kissing you as he filled you up with his cum. He quickly flopped on you, heavy breathing.

Well that…was good…” you breathed. He hugged you and gave a peck on your peck. 

“I think we need to shower now, though” he giggled.

words-writ-in-starlight  asked:

I just got out of Star Trek Beyond and I am WEEPING, Star Trek is Star Trek again, the Federation is boldly going and getting into trouble and saving lives, Jim Kirk is putting his life on the line for his crew and they're doing the same for him, Uhura is kicking ass, there is rock music and Triumvirate shenanigans, I am bordering on incoherent tears because of this and I just needed to GET IT OFF MY CHEST. (I'm gonna be getting this off my chest for YEARS.)

YES YES YES. I was tearing up for like 85% of the movie, and my friend who went with me (who has only seen the 2009 one before) was like: “Why were you crying so much?”, and the only thing I could tell her was “BECAUSE IT WAS STAR TREK,” since

a) that is true,

and b) everything about the movie made me weepy, up to and including the slow joyful pan over Yorktown at the beginning. (IT WAS JUST SUCH A STAR TREK MOVE, like both genuinely like LOOK HOW COOL THE FUTURE IS but also like a visual callback to the slow joyful pans over the Enterprise we get in the original films, and also GENUINELY JUST SHOWING OFF THIS COOL THING THEY MADE, which is THE MOST STAR TREK THING EVER, AND THEREFORE I WAS MOVED. 

I was saying earlier that this isn’t a punch-you-in-the-heart kind of movie, or an adrenaline-filled-thrill ride, but it IS like a very good hug from a very good friend who you haven’t seen in a very long time. I FEEL HUGGED. 

anonymous asked:

while I'm HUGELY enjoying the birdcage liveblog (it's amazing), I'm trying to figure out where you are in terms or reading. Because I know we stopped like halfway through an xxxholic volume, so I suppose that is what you'll finish after the movie (sometime in a few years you know, because THIS MOVIE), but which volume of tsubasa are you on after that? (on phone which makes it a bit tricky to check :P)

Every day is a war when it comes to Tumblr mobile. 

The easiest way to find the answer is to check out the “Posts by Chapter” button at the top of the blog. It’s usually up to date with links to every chapter I’ve done so far, but who even knows with Tumblr mobile, oh my goodness. I feel your pain. 

Either way, we’re currently up to Chapter 73 for Tsubasa (the end of Volume 9) and Chapter 33 for xxxHolic - which I think was the first chapter in Volume 6? The numbering on xxxHolic trips me up all the time. I can never figure it out. But in terms of future plans you’re absolutely right. Once the movie is (eventually) over I’ll go back and finish Volume 6 of xxxHolic before finally moving onto Volume 10 of Tsubasa. 

And Piffle.