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I found this on Pinterest, and just had to say something about it.

Can I be the first to say; uh no. You’re wrong. Not in a rude way, but I just totally disagree with the fact that you think he’s squinting because he can’t see.

If this were true I’d be really concerned, these are both clips from his short skate performance (as utterly obvious by the outfit). Which means he’s on the ice, alone. If he was seriously squinting now because he can’t see I’d honestly be really concerned. Being on the ice by himself means that he really only has to be keeping an eye on where he is in the rink- most easily distinguished by the distance from any of the walls. Since the logos under the ice change from rink to rink.

This would mean Yuri’s vision is so bad that he can’t see the walls of the rink. Here’s where my concern comes in, yes, if you take off your glasses your depth perception can take a bit to line back up in your brain- which would account for why he takes his glasses off before he warms up.

Completely logical, but what boku wa goofy goober (and I wanted to murder myself for having to write that) is implying is that Yuri’s vision is utter shit. That his vision isn’t a minor correction, but rather a larger one. That being said, this is where my concern comes in. If he has to squint when he is on the ice BY HIMSELF just to see the walls and know where he is in the rink then I am sincerely worried about the safety of him and every other skater that is on the rink at the same time as him. Like in warm-ups, where there are up to five other skaters on the ice. If he has to squint to see the wall, that means he’s having serious problems when it comes to seeing the other skaters. Something that would be seriously bad for his reputation (and body) should he do so more than once.

This is the only time we see him squint off the ice, at the Cup of China. In episode 6, after his Eros performance. His 106.84, an extremely high number for a short performance. Which means he can’t read the numbers on the Jumbotron, so yes, his vision is absolute crap. There is denying it, but with vision that bad he would be a danger to not only the other skaters- whether that be for the 6 minute warm up or the fact that Phitchit was his rink-mate for the whole time he was in Detroit before the Sochi Grand Prix Finals- but also to himself.

If either of his coaches Celestino had any common sense, he would’ve picked up on this. Telling Yuri that he would either have to wear his glasses or get contacts to wear to practice.

In this shot from Episode 3, Yuri isn’t wearing his glasses, but anyone with common sense would know that SEEING the person you’re skating beside is important. Now, technically, the distance between the two of them very easily falls under the “intermediate” distance for Yuri’s eyesight. Which could easily mean that he can see Viktor far better than he can see the Jumbotron. However, according to my friend, who is 100% nearsighted. Meaning that he only needs his glasses for things that are further away. “It’s very disorienting to see something, then have it step over this line that suddenly causes it to go from being crystal clear to blurring. Only getting worse the farther away from you, whatever it is, goes.” To have this happen while you’re skating beside someone would unnerve anyone.

It would be easy to say that Yuri is farsighted, except for the Jumbotron screen AND this scene.  

Where he’s less than three feet from Viktor and not squinting at all. While one could argue that he has astigmatism, the most common reason someone has trouble seeing both far away and up close, there is this scene right here that denies it.

As someone who has astigmatism when someone gets close enough that I have trouble seeing them, through the portion of my glasses meant to help with my distance vision, my instinctual reaction is to look up. And I don’t mean like Yuri is, looking over his glasses. I mean tilt my head back and look through the bottom portion of my glasses so they continue to look clear to me. If I were Yuri, at this distance, I’d be able to tell that it was Viktor who was right in front of me purely because of the sound of his voice and the fact that his hair is silver. The rest of his face would look blurry. Yuri is very much aware of the fact that Viktor is in front of him, but he’s also aware of how Viktor is looking at him. Something someone with farsighted vision would have problems with.

So, Yuri is far-sighted but still squints while performing. The question is, why? Would he really put someone else in danger because he can’t see properly without his glasses on? Do I even need to answer that? This is Yuri Katsuki we’re talking about, of course, he wouldn’t! He is competitive when it comes to figure skating, sure, but he genuinely cares about the people he meets and competes with/against. His rink mate at the time that this was going down would’ve been Phichit. There is no way that Yuri would put Phichit in danger for the sole reason being that his vision sucks rocks. No, he would’ve toughed it out, gone to the eye doctor and gotten contacts. It’s just who he is. He might not have enjoyed wearing them in practice, or in competition, but he would’ve done what he was told.

Though, that still leaves why Yuri had to squint at the Jumbotron and why he squints while performing. That’s actually easy like I said before I have astigmatism, my vision is a mess. My doctor described my vision in four sectors, rather than the common three. Distance, being 20ft (about 6.1 meters) and greater. Near, is the distance that a person would normally hold a book or sew, about 18-25 inches (46-63.5 cm) or less. Intermediate being everything in between. Due to the fact that I competed in Martial Arts I couldn’t wear my glasses while I practiced or competed. At practice, I was usually pretty okay, but competitions could get dicey. Long story short, one of them did and I ended up hurting someone during sparring because I couldn’t fully tell where the headgear ended and their glove had started. I had felt bad, and had been told by my instructor that if I wanted to compete again I would need to get contacts.

My vision is absolute shit, I need my glasses on almost 100% of the time, meaning that the thing that would be hardest to do would be to get contacts that fit my prescription. My eye doctor had actually told me that it would be nearly impossible, but what he recommended was contacts that would solve my near-intermediate and short-distance sight problems. Meaning the distance from arm’s length to about 15 feet (about 4.5 meters) away. These couldn’t be used to drive and they wouldn’t begin to help with my reading vision, but they would do exactly what I needed them to for Martial Arts. And I only wore them during those times, however, like Yuri when they would post the scoring I still couldn’t see it quite as clearly and would have to squint slightly. What I also did, though was subconsciously squint when I was moving quickly. I think part of the reason was I was afraid my contacts were going to come out, even if that was “completely insane to think about” according to my mother. I still did it, and it’s entirely possible that’s what Yuri did too.

My little brother is looking over my shoulder and the first thing he brought up was the press. More specifically this scene right here in Episode 11. (technically he meant the one right before this, but I can’t find it for the life of me.)

I would like to think that they give people a bit of space, but it’s likely that they don’t. However, it could be entirely possible that Viktor could push the press away for a few minutes to let Yuri take out the contacts that he hates so much. Or (though I like the other idea better) if that wasn’t quite the case, Yuri could easily put his glasses on while his contacts were still in. It’d be entirely stupid and could give him a headache if he wasn’t careful, but it is possible. There would some slight overcorrection, the cause of the headache I mentioned before, but if since Yuri is nearsighted it wouldn’t affect his ability to see the interviewers. It would also give him a very valid reason to keep his time with the press short.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD that was a long post. Anyway, I felt like I had to say something, I’m not trying to be mean or rude or anything like that. I just thought I should point out that not everything is as cut and dry as it seems.

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