not real mexican food

The relation between americans and mexicans is really funny

In México, we have no problem with americans, you are studing in México? Dude, you are going to party with us, you are going to eat mexican food with our family and some REAL tacos. Oh, you are traveling? Perfect, more party oh… And we will try to sell you things, you know, dollars are a pretty thing.

But when a mexican go to the USA to WORK, oh, we are the problem, all the bad things on the USA, are because of the mexicans, like really, fuck México, is that guy working more than 12 hours a day, fuck him, why is he doing that?

Some people, and Im not saying that all americans, but a lot, are shit to us, when in México we will make you our ‘amigo’ instantly.

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freckled angel!!!

Send me a random character and I’ll tell you:

  • specific color: orange and black
  • real life nationality: Brazilian or Mexican
  • animal resemblance: Bull
  • flower: Skyrocket
  • favorite food: ALL KINDS OF MEAT
  • least favorite food: Curry maybe
  • typical hours of sleep: Ace sleeps all the time haha
  • real life profession: Firefighter maybe

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Hi SuperA. Since you are the only Mexican I know😀 I wanted your opinion on something. Americans who come to live here often complain about the quality of Mexican restaurants here. Really bad apparently. I have to say, it's not surprising, not a lot of Mexican's here, so....It's just Anglo's trying their best. So here is my question. Is there a substantial difference between Mexican and American-Mexican food? Better/worse or just different? Realise you won't be an impartial observer...

Well, I’ve never been abroad, but I have chatted with people from other countries that are surprised at how different real mexican food is from the one that most mexican restaurants serve. Maybe is about not getting the right ingredients, maybe they want to adapt the recipes to be more appealing to their customers. I guess it happens with food of every culture when it is served in other countries. I know italians cringe when they see what we mexicans put in our pizzas! Than you for this ask. It is my very first!

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idk if anyone has thought of this yet but please imagine that one day Gabriel wanted to do a nice thing for Jack so he made him lunch but Jack couldn’t handle it because it’s TOO SPICY FOR HIM

californian kimicanons

  • she lives somewhere outside of la but not too far. her dad and her live in a small but cosy apartment.
  • her dad’s office is in downtown la
  • kimiko has an old car she drives to most places but she doesn’t mind taking the bus or transit. 
  • she finds in and out overrated but she will weep whenever she sees taco bell or americanized mexican food. mexican fast food chains make the inner californian in her break into hives. she loves mexican food (real mexican food) so much.
  • alternatively, she fits the so cal stereotype of being iffy about rain. 
  • she doesn’t surf or swim in the ocean, really, but she does like walking on beaches and wading through the water. she has to wear big sunhats and like, spf 125 suntan lotion but she loves it
  • has been to disneyland so many times some of the cast know her by name
  • same with knotts berry
  • will get offended if you try and talk to her with surfer lingo or a typical surfer accent but… that’s literally how she talks. she has a valley girl accent and uses cali/surfer slang there’s no going around it
  • her grandparents and paternal family live in california in the main show verse, so she doesn’t see them as often then, but she definitely is closer to them in this verse. she visits her grandparents when her dad’s busy, so she sees them a lot (what a nerd)
  • knows a little bit of spanish, given that its a req in the states and la is home to a very large hispanic population. she knows enough to have a basic conversation and some mexican slang. note the terms ‘mexican slang’. she’d be able to have a decent conversation with someone from say, south america, but there’d be some differences in language and colloquialisms.
  • the xiaolin dragon of fire being from one of the hottest places in the world is a very very entertaining concept in general and to people who meet her sometimes.

Some snaps from earlier. One of snipes’s four kitties, Snipes driving me to food, one of the restaurants where we ate, and my first real Texan Mexican food.