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If Cole & Lili were a PR thing, there agents would have gone full throttle with magazine rags and the paparazzi.. Example Micheal Jackson and Lisa Marie.. These type of things happen when one of the 2 couples career is failing.. Cole & Lili's careers are fine, they seem happy were they are, they like to to tease but yet they are not ready to go public & I don't blame them at all.

Precisely….their careers are flourishing! And why would, in 2017, unless they’re a Scientologist or a very conservative Christian (and primarily interested in only appealing to that particular market), need a beard? Especially when they appear on a gay positive show and have talked about seeking more, not less representation?

Given how popular Bughead and LiliCole are purely on a low key level, if this WERE all scripted publicity, they’d be much better. I also love how she continues to fully ignore that they’re out in public (sometimes) because A) they have every right to be and B) they LOVE to troll….and, honestly, based on what we’ve seen, walking around, looking at retro, tourist-y shit is exactly the sort of thing both of them would be completely down with, ditto going to arcades, possibly theme parks, etc….because while they’re both into intellectual pursuits, they also clearly like vintage (a lot) and, you know, FUN

The “Bubble”

I hear a lot of bullshit about living in “bubbles” here in the United States. Specifically, I hear about how we live in liberal or conservative bubbles, where we only hear viewpoints similar to ours, and this is detrimental.

I really hate this bullshit.

I grew up in a predominantly white, predominantly Christian, very affluent suburb. The majority of minority students in my school system were East and South Asian. My extracurriculars kept me surrounded by a similar demographic.

Then I moved to the city. Through my academic and professional life, I began to interact with a shitload of people who were not originally from the United States, but came here to study, to teach, to practice medicine, to do research. I began to interact with people who were born here, but who were first generation Americans.

And just walking around and living in the city, I began to interact with people of all classes, ethnicities, countries of origin, religions, and so on and so forth. It is normal to me to be on the train and hear conversations in Spanish, in Chinese, in Arabic. It is normal for me to see signage in different languages. It is normal for me to pass by stores that sell Indian bridalwear, or a Russian pharmacy, or a Chinese specialty food shop.

Normal. Normal. Normal.

One day this past fall, I was sitting and waiting for the bus. An older woman sat beside me and began to talk to me (at me, to be honest; I don’t make conversation with strangers most of the time). She complained about how climate change meant that she had to drive out to another part of the state to see the leaves change, to experience a proper autumn. She said, despairingly, that you just couldn’t see the change in the city.

I commented that I’d grown up in a rural suburb, where I’d gotten to experience the spectacular leaf change she was talking about, but I preferred to live in the city.

“Why?” she’d asked.

“Well, public transit,” I explained. “I don’t have to have a car anymore. And there are stores everywhere and lots of great places to eat. And it’s much more diverse. I grew up in a mostly white suburb–not very diverse.”

As the bus pulled up, she asked me, “Why would diversity be important?”

I was a little stunned that anyone would even think to ask that question, so I didn’t have a ready response. Luckily, once we got on the bus, the conversation was over, so I could just curl up in a seat and relax till I got to my stop. But her question bothered me, and it wasn’t until the election that I could articulate an answer.

Diversity fosters empathy.

That’s not to say that you can’t be empathetic if you don’t grow up in a diverse area. I didn’t grow up in a diverse area, and I’d like to think I’m still empathetic. But diversity absolutely fosters empathy.

So when people talk about bubbles, I call bullshit. I’m a progressive liberal for a lot of reasons, and one major reason is that I live in a diverse city, and I work in a diverse field. That is not a bubble. That is not the same as being surrounded by like on a regular basis, and being afraid of the Other.

Sharing political ideals is not living in a bubble. Subscribing to factual news is not living in a bubble. Refusing to tolerate fascist bullshit and cutting people out of your life when they espouse it?

Not living in a bubble.

Life With G-Dragon

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/Yuyu ~

A/N ; “This is like.. very very long.. ;~;. Shows how things would progress! “

Being Friends ;

  • Your first meeting would be at a Fashion Show
  • Somehow you would sit next to him, your friend on the other side
  • During the show, he would comment with you the outfits and the styles
  • Not really talking much just from time to time because of the cameras
  • But in the dinner, something that was private and no cameras was allowed
  • Jiyong would start talking to you, complimenting your style and choice of clothing
  • Would also talk with your friend, introducing his own friends also
  • After that, he would ask your number to stay in touch
  • Your first meeting wouldn’t be often, but patience is key in the start
  • Having 2 meeting per month, it wasn’t too bad.
  • But it was a matter of time until he was asking you to meet him more and more
  • Because both of you were alike and enjoyed the same things
  • He would put effort to try meeting you with other friends too
  • Because he didn’t want people being over you too much, especially the cameras and the media
  • As the friendship grew, you would meet the other BigBang members, getting along pretty well with they
  • You suddenly would find yourself in the middle of celebrities
  • Not that you would mind it, of course
  • Jiyong would take a lot of pictures with you, but only publishing these where you two were with other friends, never tagging your account as well
  • He would post some pictures of you both on his private account
  • Of course, he invited you to follow his private account after about 8 months of friendship 
  • Knowing that he really considers you a close friend when he goes to you asking for advice
  • After a year of friendship, you both would be trying to set each other in dates
  • Let’s just say that it was a fail every time and you both had to comfort each other shortly after the relationship
  • Going shopping together would happen, but not so often
  • Because he’s a fashionista, if you needed advice about a clothing he would gladly point out what you should wear and what not
  • Min HyoRin would be your best friend, she was often around because of YoungBae and you two just started to do everything together
  • When you agreed to go out with her and YoungBae with Jiyong tagging along, it was kinda awkward
  • They both were a couple and you and Jiyong would be a bit awkward because of it
  • It didn’t last long, you both would talk about how it was so awkward and cringe together, laughing
  • Some people would ship you and Jiyong together, but you both didn’t pay much attention to it

Crush ;

  • Finding out you had a crush on Jiyong was a bit of a shock
  • Because just yesterday he was only a friend in your eyes but now it’s different?
  • Jiyong would also start liking you
  • The others members would realize he liked you before he himself realized
  • It would be a bit awkward because of this, everyone would notice that you two were a bit different towards each other
  • But after that phase, he would just be around you more
  • Going out more than normally and looking out for you more than normally
  • People would notice that his clubbing would stop
  • And that he was spending more time with you
  • It was pretty obvious that he liked you, but they didn’t know if you felt the same
  • So they were afraid of saying anything to you, what if it destroyed your guy’s friendship
  • Would support everything you wanted to do, and even help if he cans
  • He really wanted to confess
  • But there were so many things holding him back from doing it, such as cameras, the media, his fans
  • Mainly because he was afraid that you would reject him
  • In the end, he just asked you out, after 3 months of liking you he just decided to give it a shot
  • Was really surprised and blushy when you said ‘yes’
  • He planned the date carefully, he didn’t want to get caught neither hurt you because of his career as an idol
  • Jiyong couldn’t give you a normal date, but he tried his best to take you out
  • Your date would be in the middle of the night, around 3 in the morning.
  • It would go well, you both would enjoy it
  • In the date, you would see a new side of Jiyong, Shy smiles and genuine smiles
  • Teasing would be daily, mainly coming from Seungri and YoungBae
  • Your dates would mostly be inside the YG Building, entering the building with the trainees so no one would suspect of anything

Boyfriend ;

  • Getting him to settle down was a hard task
  • He loved you, that for sure
  • So for a long time, you just were kinda of… friends with benefits or something like that
  • Not saying you were both in a relationship, but not denying it either
  • Jiyong is very romantic, he would do little things that made your heart flutter
  • But it was just normal to him and he didn’t really pay attention to it
  • You two would be official when a paparazzi caught both of you on a date
  • He decided it was time to finally take act, he confirmed you guys relationship
  • Something he never did before to his other girlfriends
  • He just wanted to be with you, he really believed that you were the one and all that hate wouldn’t bother you, he wouldn’t let it
  • After a day of the relationship being confirmed, he would write a letter to his fans in his Instagram
  • Thanking the ones who supported his choice and telling the ones that weren’t so positive about it that he deserved to love, that he deserved to have someone in his life like everyone else
  • After the relationship was confirmed, he wouldn’t post pictures of you both on his public Instagram, only on his private one
  • You also would have an Instagram
  • Jiyong would like to make hidden messages in pictures of you both, wearing something that you wore and even something that were very easy to see
  • The hate would stop as time passed
  • Some fans were expecting you both to break up, but that wouldn’t be the case
  • Time passed and passed, and your relationship would hit 5 to 6 years
  • All that time, Jiyong treated you like a queen
  • He would go on dates at day, not really caring much about paparazzi anymore if they wanted to take pictures, let they take
  • It would just be confirming he didn’t plan to break up anytime soon
  • He would meet your parents at the 2 years of the relationship, not wanting to keep avoiding they anymore
  • Would also introduce you to his parents who would gladly accept you without hesitation
  • Because well… Jiyong never introduced his girlfriend to his parents
  • Also, writing you songs would be a thing, and he wouldn’t put these songs to the public, they are only for you to hear
  • Loves skinship or any affection, it’s like he craves they and never gets tired
  • Going with you to your friend’s parties even if they don’t know your friend because YOU’RE going
  • Death glares anyone that checks you out or stays more than 10 seconds looking
  • Gets easily jealous, but when he gets jealous over these little things, he just sulks to himself and just gets over it quickly
  • Fights wouldn’t happen often, they were really rare
  • But when you two fought it was really intense, something serious would have happened
  • Jiyong often knows what he did wrong and apologizes
  • So that’s why
  • These intense fights would lead to rough sex as apologies, marking your body possessively with his teeth marks and hickeys
  • He would be more into Lovemaking
  • But could get very kinky if you wanted to, he would put your pleasure before his, he always did this every since the first time you two had sex
  • If there were kids into your family, Jiyong would be all over they, he loves kids
  • Talks often about having kids but doesn’t push you if you’re not ready, also wants to create music for a little more before fully settling down with you
  • He thinks about marriage often but never tells you
  • When he first thought about it, he put a really long time thinking, would ask your parents that he wished to marry you, but not now, just to get their blessing so he could stay more relaxed
  • When he goes to variety shows, you always are brought up, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about you anymore
  • It’s public, it’s been long since you two are dating and people are already used to it
  • His fans grew up and accepted you, happy that you were making Jiyong shine more than he did already

Marriage ;

  • He was really excited and wanted to get married quickly
  • It was time, he was already at the age where he wanted to settle down completely and start a family before he got too old
  • He proposed in public, he wasn’t afraid of people seeing or hearing him declare his love for you
  • He would just show up with your whole family in a street of Seoul, get on his knees and ask for you hand
  • That would be the topic on the internet for days
  • YoungBae married first, and Jiyong wanted to quickly follow behind
  • He didn’t do it because he wanted to quickly follow YoungBae, he just wanted to finally claim you as his wife
  • It would be an expensive wedding, he wouldn’t save any money, he wanted to show your parents, his parents and you guys family that he would give his all in this relationship
  • It was no surprise that Jiyong wanted to have a baby quickly, he said that all the time
  • Your honeymoon would be in Japan, and of course, Jiyong would talk about having a baby now that you guys were married
  • If you accepted he would get right into it
  • Let’s just say that in less than 4 months you were already pregnant, he really didn’t give you a break when you accepted to carry one
  • While you were pregnant he would be a bit protective
  • Doing your chores for you, it would get a bit annoying how he would be all over you
  • But he only wanted you to not stress, because that could turn bad for the baby like the doctor said
  • He would be there for all the check-ups
  • Also, would take pictures of the baby bump and posting it on his child Instagram
  • When you guys discovered the gender, you two would quickly jump into thinking about names
  • Just after the moment the name was decided, Jiyong created an Instagram for his child, posting your baby bump
  • Till’ the day it was born
  • Would cry when he got to hold the tiny baby he and you created, he had been waiting and wanting for this to happen for so long and now
  • His baby was there in his arms, so small and fragile
  • After the nurses got the baby to weight and height him he would quickly move to your side
  • Kissing your forehead and wiping your sweat
  • He could imagine what you went trough to bear his child, you guys child and wanted to care about you
  • Let’s be honest, Jiyong would spoil his child
  • He practically would buy the whole clothe store for his child and all the toys they looked to
  • You would have to stop him from giving your child everything
  • If they cried in the middle of the night and he was there, he would be the one to quickly move to his kid side and try to calm they
  • Would love to take family pictures
  • Your mornings would be you preparing you guys food after you did the baby’s
  • And Jiyong feeding the baby, with a big smile on his face while he played around a bit with his kid
  • The kid was the most precious thing to him in his eyes
  • After he married, he stopped doing so much work and stayed with you more and more
  • You and he would get numerous invites to appear on ‘Return of Superman’
  • I think he would accept it so he could show that he was a great father and that he could take care of his kid alone
  • Would also be a form of him spending more time with his kid and making their first word ‘appa’ and not ‘eomma’
  • Matching outfits with your kid would be something he would do all the time
  • Jiyong would be a great father in general, always loving his kid
  • Wants more kids after his current one becomes 5 years old if you want, he wishes for a big family
  • But please, watch jiyong he can be a bit immature from time to time and fight playfully with his own kid

fluffy vmin things
  • finger hearts and air kisses 
  • playground dates during the day, noraebang dates at night 
  • endless heartfelt compliments
  • taehyung straddling jimin while he’s sleeping and demanding he wake up and give him attention
  • using over the top aegyo to make each other smile
  • derpy couple selcas as their phone wallpapers
  • singing to each other instead of talking
  • taehyung buying snacks he thinks jimin will like
  • jimin resting his head in taehyung’s lap while they talk about their day
  • always hugging, kissing, or touching in some way
  • matching snapbacks, sunglasses, and hoodies
  • jimin murmuring “tae-tae…” while they’re cuddling and tae knowing it means he wants a kiss
  • constantly flirting, esp in public
  • ready to show any willing person pics of each other
  • taehyung blowing on a heap of noodles before feeding them to jimin
  • jimin pulling out his phone and recording tae whenever he starts acting silly, only to join him a few minutes later
BTS Reacting To Their Girlfriend Being Sexually Harassed

“Can I get a reaction to the finding out that their secret girlfriend, who is from a group under the same company, is being sexualy harrashed by her manager?”

“Hey,I just started following you.your amazing! I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where they walk in on their clueless wife being sexually touched by her personal trainer whilst they are doing exercise ^.^”



Jin doesn’t get angry often, but finding out you have been sexually harassed will flip a switch inside of him. He would try not to hurt the guy, but would definitely get him fired. You had never seen him so mad, and probably won’t see him that mad ever again.

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Yoongi would be the most violent out of the boys in this situation. He would want to protect you at all costs and if he found out someone was sexually harassing you, he would be able to control his anger and would go off on him!

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be very angry, but he would want to comfort you before he shows the man his anger. He would handle the situation the most responsibly and would try to not make it a big deal. He would quietly say something about it to the authorities, but wanting it to get out to the media, and then be there to care for you and be there for you 24/7.

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Hoseok would be really upset that anyone would sexually harass you. When he first finds out, he would get really emotional and would constantly be asking if you were okay. He would make sure nothing like that ever happens to you again and will promise to protect you.

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Jimin would tell someone about the situation, in order to get the man in trouble, but he would probably make it a big deal in public. He would constantly glare at men who look at you or come close to you in public. In private, he would be very comforting and cuddly and ready to do anything for you.

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Taehyung would want to talk to you about it if you wanted to talk, but if you weren’t comfortable talking about it, he would cuddle with you and make you feel safe. He would reassure you that it will never happen again because he will get it taken care of so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Jungkook would react similarly to Suga. He would want to protect you at all costs and for him that would meaning giving the man, who did that to you, what he deserves. He would feel awkward talking about the situation with you and wouldn’t really know what to say, but would always give you nice words.

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What The Family Doesn’t Know

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader + Batfam

Words: 825+

Request:  Could you write a story where Jason and his S/O live together but the S/O hasn’t met the batfamily (they don’t know about the S/O) and one day the batboys come over to discuss something with Jason but he’s asleep and the S/O is up and Jason wakes up to all of them talking and having fun

Warnings: light cussing?

You and Jason had been together for a year and a half. You had been living together for around six months. Over that year and a half, you had yet to meet any of Jason’s family. This wasn’t because Jason didn’t want you to, but because you didn’t want to. The Wayne’s were pretty much royalty in Gotham, so you couldn’t help but feel like you didn’t live up to the picture everyone had of someone who would be dating a Wayne. Although you had never met the others, Jason has told you enough stories that you felt like you knew them quite well.

Jason had gotten back later than normal last night, meaning you were the only one up at the moment. You were reading one of your favorite books when there was a couple of rasps at your apartment door. Placing the book on the table, you went to open the door. Three boys, that you recognized as Jason’s brothers, were on the other side of the door. You could see them trying to figure out who you were, but before you could say anything, Damian spoke.

“You must be one of Jason’s many nighttime companions.”

Dick quickly nudged the youngest boy, signaling him to shut up. Damian just looked at him with an unamused look.

“I apologize on his behalf,” Dick spoke after he finished glaring at the boy.

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maybe i’m delusional, maybe all of us shippers are, but you’re lying if you say you don’t notice it, that spark in jungkooks eyes when he looks at jimin. and you’re lying if you say you don’t notice the way jimin absolutely enjoys it. it’s just crazy how just seeing them on a screen you can feel the tension (not even talking about sexual tension, but the tension that’s felt between two people who feel more) shit idk maybe i think about it too much, maybe i’ve ready too many fanfics lmao maybe i’ve lost my bananas. but i will never say that jimin doesn’t love jungkook, or that jungkook doesn’t love jimin, you gotta be some sort of not okay if you don’t see the love and adoration they hold for each other, no matter what anyone says i believe their soulmates, and maybe in another lifetime they can openly hold each other’s hand in public, go on cute dates etc.

ktensei  asked:

yo can you write some hcs about a mute MC with the RFA + minor trio pls? you can decide if the MC used a voice synthesizer in the calls and/or other things

Hope you enjoy these~


  • He wondered why you never seemed to pick up the phone at first
  • But you did respond to all his texts
  • He doesn’t think much of it since he just assumes you’re really shy
  • Then he notices how bold and talkative you are in your texts
  • He tries to confront you and ask if his voice makes you uncomfortable or something
  • That’s when you tell him that you’re mute, so you never pick up the phone
  • He’s sad that he can’t hear your voice, but he tries to be more accommodating
  • When you come to meet him person, he already has a notebook and pen ready for you
  • He’s really patient while waiting for you to respond
  • He always helps whenever you need help in public for ordering food or a ride or something
  • Although, sometimes it’s hard for you when he gets on his narcissistic trails because you can’t stop him


  • You two are talking and he says he wants you to tell him a bunch of stories about yourself when you meet
  • You break it to him that you’re mute and can’t speak
  • He’s pretty chill about it
  • Does his own research on communication methods
  • Learns some basic sign language before the party
  • When you finally meet, he signs a greeting and you can’t help but smile
  • You write on a piece of paper, “Yoosung….I don’t know sign language.”
  • It becomes something you take on together
  • He thinks it’s a good way for you two to communicate in public
  • He always wants you to feel as comfortable as possible


  • She was always too busy to call often
  • And she wasn’t a big phone person either
  • So, you two never talking on the phone wasn’t a big deal
  • When you meet at the party and she realizes the truth, she’s very shocked
  • She smiles and says, “Even though you can’t use your voice, you have such a way with words that encourage people.”
  • Surprisingly, you two don’t have much trouble communicating
  • She understands any gestures you make pretty well
  • But if anyone says anything against you or tries to pick a fight…
  • She jumps at your defense right away
  • Coffee isn’t the only thing Jaehee roasts


  • It doesn’t even come up until you get to his house
  • Lucky for you, he’s had experience working with mute people before
  • He’s super patient while you write down your answers to him on paper
  • As time goes on, he swears he can understand what you mean like he can understand Elizabeth’s meows
  • Many times he gets it right
  • Many times, he’s way off
  • Playing with Elizabeth is therapeutic for you since she doesn’t require being talked to
  • Jumin of course notices
  • If he’s being playful, he’ll say things like “Oh, Elizabeth the 3rd tells me you said you enjoyed the wine last night.”
  • He likes to be a bit teasing when you kiss him and says, “I didn’t quite get what you said? Can you repeat that?”


  • When you didn’t pick up his confirmation call on the first day, he realized something was up
  • You texted him right away and explained the issue
  • He was a bit suspicious at first, but after a double check, he knew it was true
  • Still asks you to pick up his calls
  • But he wants you to stand in front of the CCTV so he could see your expressions
  • You also like to leave him notes by the door so he can see it through the camera
  • When he ignores you at the apartment, you throw paper airplanes with notes inside of them
  • You two develop your own little communication techniques in public
  • He creates a text-to-speech app for you where you can choose different voices
  • When you two get into an argument, he’ll be like “So, you’re giving me the silent treatment, huh?”
  • And then he’ll realize what he just said “Oh….sorry.”


  • Originally, he chose her for his plan because you couldn’t speak
  • He thought it might be a disadvantage so you wouldn’t get close the RFA
  • Turns out he was wrong
  • After he was rescued, he found it very easy to talk to you
  • You listened and wrote down some thoughts for him here and there
  • He starts communicating with you on paper too
  • He feels like he can expressing himself better
  • You two grow very close through it


  • You thought it was going to be disastrous
  • He was blind
  • You can’t speak
  • Lots of awkward silence
  • For awhile, you had to communicate through morse code
  • This was okay, but he finally decided to get the surgery
  • It was so much easier to communicate after that


  • He’s very accommodating when he finds out you’re mute
  • He knows a lot of methods of communication from his time as an agent
  • So, he tries to teach you a bunch
  • He understands even when you get them mixed up
  • He’s very pampering as well
  • You have to remind him that you can’t speak
  • That doesn’t mean you can’t use your limbs 

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Have a set of supportive SVT. I kind of want to talk about the last frame though right before the awkward instance was resolved by laughter.

Overanalyzation incoming-

  • Hoshi: “It’s okay”
  • What was Vernon trying to do did he forget they were in public
  • Woozi, Joshua, and Mingyu were looking intently at him
  • Dino’s reaction, he was so ready to listen to everything Jun had (supposedly) bottled up
  • But in all seriousness, I believe most if not all of them actually had an idea of what these “challenges” were so they’re not nonexistent (even though Jun would like them and us to believe that)
  • Seungkwan and Hoshi were trying to get Jun to talk it out (it’s not the first time either, and I noticed how Hoshi and Seungkwan constantly talk about Jun’s [possible] past challenges in his stead, like Hoshi imagining himself in Jun’s shoes with “potential” problems and Seungkwan here)
  • Then there was Vernon’s action, was he trying to comfort Jun
  • Note the nervous glance Jun gave the camera
  • Jeonghan probably sensed Jun’s discomfort along with whoever resolved the atmosphere (I think it was Woozi who said “Why are you telling him he had many challenges?” but it was too noisy so I’m not sure, been studying all their mouths for a while lol)
Making Bruce Wayne blush

I felt inspired today, and so here’s for my second post on Tumblr…Some Bruce Wayne loving. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

WARNING : Mention of sex. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


Tonight, at yet another boring charity gala, you decided that your favorite game was DEFINITELY “Make Bruce Wayne blush”.
It wasn’t an easy game, and sometimes, when he was broodier than usual, it was like playing on “hard mode”…but it was so worth it when you succeeded.

Part one of your plan, was always to make him jealous. He was more receptive to your teasing when jealous. His mind was always somewhat slower when jealous, focused on the fact that it wasn’t him flirting with you, but some asshole he suddenly didn’t like at all. 

You rarely had the occasion to make him jealous though, as he rarely let go of you during one of those charity soirée. He knew you were uncomfortable at those, and he knew you found his arm around your waist comforting. Besides, he loved to show you off to anyone he’d talk to that night. And you absolutely loved that he liked it, it made you feel good about yourself, that billionaire ex-playboy Bruce Wayne was proud to date you. You were rarely alone…but sometimes, a particular guest would take up all his attention, and you’d slip away to the bar to get something to drink, and escape the boring conversation about trade and such. 

Tonight was one of those occasions, and to hell if you weren’t going to take advantage of it. 

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Best friend!Woozi

i had the feels

Photo credit: saythename_17

  • rarely asks you to hang out with him
  • he doesn’t really have to cause you always ask him first and he is actually more than ready to go out when you ask
  • but he’s always early and nags you when you’re late
  • like your phone won’t stop buzzing with every text asking where you are or why you’re so slow lol
  • very chill bff in general tho
  • also a cat-dog relationship tbqh
  • you’re more likely to be the hyperactive puppy
  • you’re not even trying but your hyper side just ups when with him
  • you try taking pictures of him? that’s cool. candid photos? that’s ok too. meme-worthy pics? that’s alright.
  • you’ll regret using them against him though with the amount of embarrassing stories he has of you
  • ofc he has his own stash of your derpy photos be warned
  • anyway, he’s the really chill but lowkey short tempered cat
  • he’s not the snap-at-you type when you’re being annoying but more like the you-see-this-unamused-face? kinda type
  • silent but deadly *nods*
  • but mostly lets it all pass cause too much energy usage is not good
  • and you rarely get on his nerves anyway
  • cause you try to be cute whenever you do something that annoys him
  • and he’s just like uGH why am i even friends with you
  • !!!! likes resting his arm on your shoulder
  • or using your shoulder as his head rest
  • doesn’t matter where or who you’re with. If he’s feeling tired or lazy he does it
  • is actually lowkey clingy and doesn’t realize it
  • also very protective
  • he’s very savage when it comes to you but hates it when others do it to you
  • sometimes he flicks your forehead when you do/say smthng dumb
  • but when others try that he stops them?? and kinda directs them in a different topic/situation or something
  • also that one time a friend joked about something you’re secretly insecure about in front of your group of friends but you just laugh it off
  • and later on while walking home with you he’s being quiet and he has this annoyed look on his face and you ask him why
  • and he tells you that it wasn’t funny and you shouldn’t let that slide
  • basically he gets angry for you when you don’t
  • and you’re like woozi chill that was hours ago i forgot about it already
  • and he just shakes his head and out of nowhere compliments you???
  • bruh you ok
  • and his protective mode is just so high up there it’s kinda cute??? He actually goes into a long speech about why you shouldn’t worry about those kinda stuff and that you’re perfectly fine the way you are??
  • and after that he’s just…silent…cause he said too much lol
  • the next day he texts you to meet him somewhere
  • and ofc he’s there earlier than you for the thousandth time
  • and you saw him talking to himself?? Like bruh don’t. You’re out in public (but in reality there’s like…1-2 people there)
  • so you try sneaking up on him with your phone on the ready cause woozi? talking to himself? this is great blackmail stuff!!
  • then you hear him rehearsing some type of speech??and you hear your name??
  • “You’re beautiful. You’re kind. You understand people and try your best to be the best you. And that’s the reason why I like you.”
  • and he hears you scoff behind him and turns really red once he saw you
  • and you’re like “ofc you like me. How else were you able to survive my weirdness for all these years if you didn’t. I told you already. I’m fine. I already forgot about what f/n said yesterday.”
  • and basically that’s how you thought he was just being nice to you
  • and how he thought you were friendzoning him for a sec
  • before he hangs his head low and laughs by himself
  • and you’re standing there confused cause first he was talking to himself and now he’s laughing by himself and you’re like bud you okay???
  • then he stands up and faces you
  • that freaking arrogant (but really handsome) smile on his face
  • and he shakes his head before taking your hand and leads you out of the shop
  • and basically you walk down the street holding his hand but you’re so confused why?????
  • “I like you more than a best friend, you know?”
  • then it cLICKS
  • finally
  • and you start to feel so warm and so conscious about everything like is your hand sweaty??? why did you wear overly comfy clothes they look like house clothes??? and he notices
  • “stop fussing. You’re perfectly fine.”
  • and you just kinda shyly try not to have this stupid smile on your face
  • cause you actually like him too
  • oh and you actually caught all that with your phone (just the audio though cause there was too much going on how are you supposed to take a video of all that)
  • and yeah. great blackmail stuff.

; w ;

Caught in the Flashes

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,062
Warnings: none
A/N: Here is my entry for @mysteriouslyme81‘s gif challenge! My prompt was the gif above. HUGE THANKS to @iwantthedean for brainstorming this and giving me a premise and @ellen-reincarnated1967 for the title. Italics are a flashback. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Reader x Johnny

“You want me to do what!” You asked Sue who flinched.

“You’ll be payed and you will have a room here… you can even sit in on some of our research.” She offered hopefully.

“I’m an intern not a babysitter.” You huffed which was when the cause of your foul mood swaggered into the room.

“Well look who it is.” Johnny hummed, coming to lean on the wall next to the two of you. “Can’t get enough of me huh?”

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Smells Like Teen Drama

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Language, bitch teenagers (like me).

Tags: @i-am-an-outcast @becaamm

Forever Tags: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate@fabulouslycassie@lizbeth-loves-bobear @nicolesyneah25 @lemonadegazeelle

A/n: Fun fact. The part with the itch teenager actually kind of happened to me. The last comeback the reader had I said to the girl who was being a bitch. Lets just say I out bitched her. The bullying thing were things I went through too as a kid.

Your entire life was spent looking up to people who you saw as prettier or of better human quality than you. Having issues with your physical and spiritual appearance was your forte.

There were the kids at school. Who picked and pulled at the little tightly wound curls resting on your head. Saying you were ugly and different because your hair wasn’t straight like there’s. To fix the issue, you asked your single parenting father to straighten your hair.

“I want to be like them daddy.” You’d say while looking in the mirror. Attempting to flat iron your 7 year old hair with a straightener that was off.

In middle school you were one of the few kids who didn’t wear any form of makeup. Uncle Sam and Cas had been building up your confidence over the summer between 5th and 6th grade. But no amount of love could’ve helped with the daily challenges you faced.

Teenagers and pre-teens alike would poke at your face. Making fun of the unruly amount of freckles it held on the surface. The nickname “polka dots” became how people remembered you. As though they need a small reminder of you and the mane of curls wasn’t enough.

It seemed as though everyday of your junior high days was spent with a hood on and a face hanging low. The second Dean noticed this he pulled you out.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me you were having problems?” Dean was crouched down to your level. Brushing away each crooked tear that fell from your green and brown eyes and simultaneously cleaning the fistful bruising that hugged your eye.

“I thought you would be mad at me.” You looked up into his eyes, watching as they released a tear at the sight of his bruised child. “It’s okay, Daddy.” Reaching up, you wiped his tear away and pulled yourself into his chest.

When high school came around you were far from ready to deal with people. Especially teenagers. They were royal dicks. So rather than sending you to a public school, you and Dean talked about straight homeschool. Which worked out well. You got to attend hunts more often. Of course you weren’t allowed to help too much, overprotective dad and such. Life had been dialing back to normal for you. Well- as normal as it could be for a Winchester. Up until now.

You, your dad, and Uncle Sam pulled up to a house. All of you were going to go inside and do the normal routine. Ask questions. Anything weird. Blah blah blah.

Three teenage girls sat on the porch. Glaring at you and then talking to one another before smiling happily.

“Dad, I think I’ll stay in the car.” You said, all the while never breaking eye contact with the small bundle of girls.

“What? W-” Sam nudged his brother mid sentence. Directing his attention to the girls who were too judgmental for their own good. “They’re not going to say anything to you.” Your dad sighed out with sympathy.

“They don’t have to…” you broke the eye contact you had with them before turning your head completely away from the window.

“You really think some petty teenage girl is going to say anything even remotely offensive when two big guys with guns are with you?” Your Uncle had his arm drooped over the black leather seat. Making it so he was looking right at your hanging face.

“Teenage girls are mean.” Taking your head, you dramatically laid it back onto the seat. Letting out a deep breath of air as it hit.

“So be mean.” Dean piped up, causing you to lift your head with a furrowed brow. “You’re a teenage girl. So if they want to bitches- just out bitch them.” He smiled at you just as you smiled at him.

“Really?” You took one final glance at the girls who were clearly pointing at you and laughing.

“Really.” They both say at the same time. It honestly freaked you out how they did that on occasion.

There was no need to say anything. The three of you reached for the door handle nearest to you and swung it open. The entire walk up to the front door, you never broke eye contact with one of the girls who seemed to be the culprit behind it all.

The two suited men beside you had no issue getting past the girls. It wasn’t until you tried that one of them stood up and stopped you dead in your tracks.

“Sorry. No trash dressed hoodlums allowed.” She snickered. Feeling proud of herself. Your dad and uncle instantly turned around with their eyebrows raised.

“Guess being a hoodlum would be better than being you.” You tried to push past her but her force drove you down the three steps with a stumble. Driving you to land straight on your ass.

Dean was about to snatch the bitch up by her hair no doubt, but Sam stopped him.

“Don’t talk to me like that lowlife. I had a concussion and can’t take your shit.” The girl spat out. Crossing her arms as though she won.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You pushed yourself upwards and onto your feet before walking over to her and getting right in her face. “Did you hit your head on the gear shifter?” The girl was more surprised you said that then you were.

Without a problem, you pushed right by the girl and made your way up the stairs for a second time. Stopping before landing in the deck.

“Anything to say lemmings?” You asked with confidence in your voice. Both of the girls shook their heads before moving off the steps completely.

“When I said be a bitch- I didn’t think you’d…you know.” There was a large hint of proud parenting on Dean’s face.

“I think these pigtail braids might be too tight.” You laughed out, causing you both to smile just as Sam knocked on the door.

I hope you don’t mind me combining these two asks because they’re similar.
P.S. Sorry if you don’t like these. I’m just starting to get back on my feet.

-Something about you felt familiar. Did he know you from somewhere..?
-He asks you if you’d met before and you admit to him that you had recognized him.
-It turns out you went to school together. You had a few of the same classes in middle school and high school.
-You’ve just never spoken before.
-Yoosung always thought you were intimidating because you were so quiet.
-Now, he feels a bit guilty for thinking you were intimidating when really you were just shy.
-He’s always cheery in the chatroom and tends to ask you about your day or your eating habits often. It’s obvious that he cares about you from day 1.
-He just wants to get close to you.
-Yoosung is so kind and gentle when he talks to you it makes it easier to become comfortable with him.
-Eventually, you start talking a lot in private messages. He opens up and, slowly, you do too.
-The other members even get jealous that Yoosung is the only one you’ll talk to.
-If they are ever pressuring you into talking, Yoosung becomes protective.
-He defends you and tells them that you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to.
-When you start dating, he’s very considerate. He’ll take things at whatever pace you’re most comfortable with.
-Even if you don’t talk much sometimes, he loves being around you. He loves your voice, but he’ll never even think about forcing you to talk. He’s perfectly fine with silently holding hands if that’s what makes you comfortable

-Zen recognized the name when you joined the chat for the first time, so he asked if he knew you.
-It turns out that you had lived in his neighborhood when he was growing up.
-He would see you playing alone outside your house, and even though he felt bad that you were all alone, he felt too intimidated to approach you. The only thing he knew about you was your name.
-He did wonder every now and then what your story was and why you were so quiet, but as he got older, he had forgotten.
-Now that you’re here though, you seem pretty harmless. Yeah, you’re still quiet as ever, but he’s not scared of you anymore.
-He’s pretty in-your-face at first because he’s a flirt and it turns out you used to know each other.. more or less.
-He asks if you remember him and then immediately starts talking to you constantly.
-He does notice that you don’t respond much as he rambles to you so he calms down and backs off. You’re obviously not comfortable.
-He’ll cut back on talking so excitedly to you. He realizes he was coming on too strong and apologizes for that.
-He treats you with more of a gentle approach and never pressures you into talking if you don’t want to. He will choose his words carefully and talk calmly so he can slowly gain your trust.
-Eventually, you grow more comfortable around him and open up to him. He does the same in return.
-In your relationship, he takes things very slow. He’ll ask permission for everything and doesn’t mind when you’re being quiet. He believes it makes you a good listener.
-Also, the public will never know about you. You’ll never be on the news or in magazines or anything. He’ll make sure of that.

-She is a bit reserved herself, but she picks up on the fact that you are very reserved from the first time she talks to you.
-You had known her when you were young, but you’ve only spoken to her once, if you could even call it speaking. All you did was say “excuse me” once when she was standing in the way. She politely apologized and moved. You knew each other’s names and what you looked like, but that’s it.
-Honestly, she found your silence a bit intimidating at the time. She wanted to get to know you, but you seemed unapproachable, and like you didn’t want to be approached in the first place.
-Now that she’s older and you appeared in the chatroom, she feels more comfortable.
-She’s less suspicious of you since she knows who you are and, looking back at her memories, you didn’t seem like a bad person when she had known you. You at least had the manners to say “excuse me” when you needed to get past her that one time.
-Being one of the calmest in the RFA, it was easy to talk to Jaehee. Your conversations at first were “robotic”, as Seven called it. It was mainly just small talk.
-As time went on, Jaehee started to talk to you on more of a personal level, but she wasn’t intrusive or forceful. She would begin talking about her interests and it would lead to you sharing some of yours. You start to show concern for her work habits, and you then quickly become friends.
-Once you get into a romantic relationship, she’s very patient. She won’t pry when you don’t want to talk. She’s a very good listener when you do, though.
-She’s understanding too. Never once will she do something you don’t want her to. If she ever did, she would apologize immediately and never do it again.
-She can take care of the talking while you run your cafe together if you’d like.

-He had seen you in passing when he was studying business in college. The only thing he knew about you was your name and the fact that you never spoke. He was surprisingly a bit intimidated, so he never made any effort to speak to you. Honestly, he didn’t make any effort to speak to anyone.
-Jumin is obviously also very reserved.
-Because of that, it takes a bit for the both of you to open up to each other. Whenever you did talk, it wasn’t a very riveting conversation. It takes the encouragement of the other RFA members to get you both to talk in a less mechanical way.
-Once you do, you actually appreciate Jumin’s sense of humor, which is a guaranteed way to get on Jumin’s good side.
-One of his favorite things about you is that you don’t accuse him of being an emotionless robot like everyone else does. It makes him like you a lot.
-Slowly, you both get more comfortable around each other. You typically spoke to each other in private message instead of in the chatroom because it made you both much more comfortable.
-You both opened up at the same pace, so it’s no wonder you became close.
-Once, Zen asked if you were a robot like “that trust fund kid” and Jumin became really defensive.
-He always ignores when Zen talks like that to him, but for some reason, when he picked on you, it bothered Jumin.
-Long story short, he roasts the hell out of Zen whenever he picks on you for being “like Jumin”.
-He’ll never put you in situations where you’d be the center of attention because you obviously wouldn’t like that. He also tries his absolute best to keep you out of the public eye with all the paparazzi and reporters trying to gossip about his personal life. If news companies ever mention your name, he’s ready to ruin them.
-He takes the relationship as slow as you want it to, no questions asked.

-He had seen you outside a few times when he was little. He would’ve talked to you if you hadn’t seemed so distant and cold.
-As a kid, he always wondered about you. Eventually, he had… other things to attend to, so he forgot about you.
-When you join in the chat, he checks the cameras to see you.
-You look very familiar. He recognizes you as that little boy/girl he saw when he was younger.
-He told you that and you were surprised. You only vaguely remembered seeing him a few times as a kid.
-He’s a very outgoing, loud person (in chat at least) but he tones it down when you’re there. He doesn’t want you to think he’s crazy.
-As time goes on, you talk to him the most of all the members. Somehow, it’s nice that you at least vaguely know one of the members instead of being surrounded by strangers.
-When he comes to the apartment and starts pushing you away, you let him. Your reserved personality only made it easier for him. It hurt that you didn’t even try to change his mind, but he knew that it was because you’re naturally very distant.
-He was glad. He could push you away without worrying he’ll break your heart.
-Or… he thought.
-You were just starting to trust him, so it hurt that he was pushing you away.
-It takes time, but you both make up. Because of what he did, he makes sure that nobody treats you like he did. Anytime someone treats you poorly, he is there to defend you.
-He will only do things you have told him you’re comfortable with. He’ll ask before doing things and will never force you to do something you don’t want.
-Also, he’s very proud and brags that you trust him the most out of the entire RFA.

-(I don’t think V would be intimidated by someone being reserved. I mean, he’s friends with Jumin after all…)
-When he was little, he wasn’t necessarily scared of you, but you definitely seemed like the kind of person that values personal space. So, he didn’t approach you. The last thing he wanted was to upset someone.
-He had forgotten about you until he was told by Seven that there was a mysterious person in the chatroom. V recognized the username as your name. He assumed it was the same person from when he was younger.
-He asked Seven to show him what you looked like and he could tell it was you. You confirmed it when he asked you about it. Apparently you vaguely remembered him too.
-He is easy to talk to, without a doubt. He is free of judgement and is very considerate. He starts coming in the chatroom more often after you join to make sure you’re comfortable because he remembers how you used to be around people you didn’t know.
-He would often text you in private messages and you would talk to each other all day. Even when he disappeared from the chatroom for days at a time, he still made sure to text you specifically.
-He makes it easy to open up. You don’t talk much in the chatroom to the other members. When you do, it’s typically serious, straightforward, or small talk.
-You definitely became good friends with V, much to the jealousy of the other members (besides Yoosung, who was just salty that he talks to you and no one else)
-As you ease into a romantic relationship with V much, much later, he is still as gentle as he was when he first met you.
-Always asks permission, always puts you before him, always okay with sitting in silence if it’s what you want, always patient with you, etc.
-There is no such thing as pressure in a relationship with V.

-Where has he seen you before?
-There was something about the person he was instructed to trick into the apartment that felt familiar.
-After he successfully got you in Rika’s apartment, he was left to search his memories for who you could possibly be.
-Although he stopped caring by the next day. He just treated you like another pawn like he was told to. There’s no point in trying to remember who you are.
-After he’s rescued from Mint Eye and all, he finally manages to remember who you are.
-He had known you previously because he had seen you outside his house. You never spoke and intimidated him, so he never tried to interact with you.
-Saeran is obviously the definition of reserved. It takes a while for you both to become comfortable enough with each other to speak.
-Once one of you does initiate conversation, you find it’s surprisingly easy to talk to him.
-He feels the same to you.
-So, you’re the only person he opens up to, and you to him.
-You grow close quickly, but you start off a relationship very slowly. You were just friends for probably a year before he was comfortable enough to move things to the next level.
-He’s so protective over you. If anyone is getting too much in your personal comfort zone, he will step in and help you.
-You often sit or lay together in comfortable silence since you’re both quiet people. It’s very peaceful, you’d both agree on that. It’s something Saeran has grown to appreciate.
-You both ask permission from the other person before initiating anything, so things run smoothly in your relationship.

BTS Reaction to another member revealing their secret relationship.

Ultimate Masterlist

BTS Masterlist


Immediately his eyes would been widened as looked in shock at what Jungkook said. His mind racing on the many things he could shout about the young man. Yet his thoughts also traced back to you and how you would react to this information being leaky by the youngest member. “Suga? A relationship? Whose the lucky lady?”the MC said which would snap him out of his thoughts. “That will come later because you weren’t even meant to find out” Yoongi states a direct glare aimed at Jungkook.

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Namjoon would pretend that it didn’t anger him and would put on a calm facade as he stared into the eyes of Jimin who had mentioned the fact that him and someone were in a relationship. Namjoon would sigh and know that you were both thinking of going public sooner. “Yeah, it’s true and I hope she forgives me after this because we were planning on waiting just a bit longer but Jimin had other ideas” Namjoon would state before staring dead in the eyes of Jimin before smiling.

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A smile would form on his face as he heard your name being mention not realising that his smile alone would give away the truth in Jin’s words. Hobi’s smile would fade as he clicked on what was said and stare at Jin in horror silently asking himself why Jin would say that knowing that you both weren’t ready to go public just yet. Hobi would sigh and know there was nothing to do about it now and would just have to apologise to you when you get home.

Originally posted by kths


Jin would be the most calm out of all the boys so when Yoongi had said something about his relationship during a show Jin would just smile making a mental note to talk to Yoongi after and to apologise to you about what has happened. After shooting a Yoongi a calm look he would address the fans and explain and talk about the relationship and ask them to be supportive.

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Jimin would immediately become flustered not knowing what to say when Namjoon unknowingly just made your relationship public. Jimin would look down worrying about what you will think of this whole thing and try not to make things properly official unless he kept getting hassled by whoever was interviewing them all.

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Jungkook would become extremely confused, upset and angry as to why Tae had just said what he did. Immediately he would hit the older man before thinking of what to say to explain what Tae meant. His mind  would drift back to you and would become uneasy the whole of the interview and for the rest of the day until you would assure him that it is okay.

Originally posted by dammithoshi


Tae would be more shocked than angry unaware as to why one of his members would do that to him. They would all know that he was shocked and upset because he would stay quiet the thought of you being angry and wanting to leave him being stuck in his head and no one would hear from him for the rest of the interview or even day if he couldn’t speak to you straight away.

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-Admin Kira

  • How to make an Aries friend: Give them their space, be enthusiastic and optimistic. Engage in friendly competitions with them and be generous.
  • How to make an Aries enemy: Compete with them over everything and BEAT them. Be aloof and shut them down. Boss them around and pressure them.
  • How to make a Taurus friend: Follow their advice and be a realist. Talk to them about their interests, be understanding. Don't cause drama.
  • How to make a Taurus enemy: Impose your will on them and restrict them. Turn their life into a roller coaster and constantly change your mind. Betray them deeply.
  • How to make a Gemini friend: Be intelligent and sociable. Prepare for friendly banter and talk about different things.
  • How to make a Gemini enemy: Make the assumption that their flexibility is fakeness. Expose their exterior confidence as a facade and let the world know how broken they are inside. It takes a lot to get under their skin - drop their biggest secret.
  • How to make a Cancer friend: You'll need to indulge in their sappy side and listen to them. Let them take care of you but understand when they need taking care of as well. Get along well with their friends and family.
  • How to make a Cancer enemy: Hurt one of their family members of closest friends. Destroy their ego and insist no one will ever love them because of their emotional instability.
  • How to make a Leo friend: Pay lots of attention to them - but know when to give space. Be very flattering - but only if you truly mean it. Show them that you listen to them and remember things they say.
  • How to make a Leo enemy: Crush their trust. They are extremely generous but when they found out they've been taken advantage of, that's the worst thing you can do to them. Constantly insult them regarding their insecurities.
  • How to make a Virgo friend: Don't be petty, you've got to be direct. Don't test their patience. Understand when they need to be alone.
  • How to make a Virgo enemy: Cause chaos in their life. Nitpick at their flaws and cause them to snap in public.
  • How to make a Libra friend: Be extremely friendly and optimistic. Being popular and attractive really helps. Have a good sense of humor and remind them of things they need to do - they often forget.
  • How to make a Libra enemy: Spread a rumor about them that can destroy their social life. They need to be around others, and cutting off their friendships will anger them to no end.
  • How to make a Scorpio friend: Don't be loud and obnoxious. Be honest and direct, be prepared to talk about things you don't normally discuss. Be somewhat of a mystery, they'll enjoy figuring you out.
  • How to make a Scorpio enemy: Humiliate them in public. Reveal their weaknesses. Fight them and prove them wrong.
  • How to make a Sagittarius friend: Have an honest heart and an open mind. Be ready for adventuring and doing the wildest things. Travel the world with them.
  • How to make a Sagittarius enemy: Cut their freedom off, control their actions and words. Lack of freedom is the only thing that truly angers Sagittarius.
  • How to make a Capricorn friend: Be hardworking but not competitive. Share similar values - they're usually conservative. Give them their space but don't make them chase you. Spend time really getting to know them.
  • How to make a Capricorn enemy: Sabotage their work, make them miss a very important opportunity. Or, beat them at something and destroy their dreams and continue to rub it in their face.
  • How to make an Aquarius friend: Be wild yet proper, friendly yet an enigma. They love talking, so always have discussions with them and explore the world with them.
  • How to make an Aquarius enemy: Prove them wrong. They're incredibly confident and cocky and this is the one thing they will remember and hold a grudge about forever.
  • How to make a Pisces friend: Listen to them, participate in their favorite activities. Don't judge them, let them take you in and overwhelm you, but don't run.
  • How to make a Pisces enemy: You wouldn't want to, their hearts are bigger than the ocean and their souls have the same depth and warmth as the seas. If you really must, force them to face reality. Bring up their past. Make them face the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Wake Up Part 4

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 2815

A/N: I know it’s a bit long, but a lot happens. I actually had to split it up again, so the next part will continue with this memory sequence. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warnings: hints at NSFW (nothing in detail), minor character injury

Tag List: @carryonmy-assbutt @thearkhamnedknight @red-hippos @stormcloud12 @laughingcherries @all-of-the-heros @laryssa-the-jedi @noe1ia @aestilinsky 

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anonymous asked:

what if mafia yuri is just really possesive? but like in a subtle way. Like he'll glare at everyone who thinks of touching his Beka, and he eill kill everyone who actually does touch him. But he never says something, always makes sure Beka doesn't notice. So we have possesive Otabek showing everyone Yuri is his by marking him, grabbing his ass and telling people off, and we have possesive Yuri, who glares at people and get in fights behind Otabek's back ~Kitten

Omg bless you, kitten. They’re both terribly possessive for sure… Although I think it’s actually the opposite – Beka is subtle about it, probably by necessity. He wants to threaten every person who gets near Yuri, he wants to grab Yuri’s ass in public but he really can’t (except in dark club corners, yuris room or when the bosses heads are turned.)Otabek knows if they realized how well he takes care of the kitten, how close he keeps him, he’d be replaced. So he tries to play it close to his chest.

Yuri is the wild card, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t think what harm could come of him flying off the handle – he’s ready to scream at anyone who gets close to Beka or touches him, whines about how everyone looks at Beka. He’s the one grabbing Otabek in public, sticking his tongue out at whoever thought they’d try to talk to him.

Dating Sehun

-cute bubble tea dates
-“can we go somewhere other than the bubble tea place?”
-“no i need my refill”
-he’ll complain if you take to long to get ready
-“you look good, all the time, stop taking so long jeez”
-im sorry but youll have to deal with his brattiness
- he’d talk about you to his hyungs ALL THE TIME
-he may be the maknae but that dont mean hes innocent
-butt grabbing 24/7
-he wont care if its in public
-you feeling left out because of vivi
-sehun trying to make things up to you is super awkward because hes a noodle
-but he tries
-if u compliment him, he’ll bring it up 24/7 because hes smug af
-“look how nice my abs are today, wow jagi you have really good taste in men”
-he may be smug on the outside but is lowkey insecure and loves when you compliment him
- hes lowkey whipped
- you wont even notice it until the members bring it up
- he’d do anything for you
- did i mention how sassy he would be?
-he doesnt like you meeting his hyungs because he wants you to himself
-“take a picture of me for instagram” (okay as i typed this i got a notification saying he posted on insta how fucking creepy)
-he doesnt actually say it outloud often but shit he loves youuuu

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