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I find it funny how the toxics keep changing their stance about Tom's comments in GQ. First it was that he is getting the public on his side/being nice to make sure she doesn't drag him in her music or whatever it was. Now its that she made him sign an NDA to talk positive about her. I'm ready for the next excuse. Keep it coming. Lol


Dating Sehun

-cute bubble tea dates
-“can we go somewhere other than the bubble tea place?”
-“no i need my refill”
-he’ll complain if you take to long to get ready
-“you look good, all the time, stop taking so long jeez”
-im sorry but youll have to deal with his brattiness
- he’d talk about you to his hyungs ALL THE TIME
-he may be the maknae but that dont mean hes innocent
-butt grabbing 24/7
-he wont care if its in public
-you feeling left out because of vivi
-sehun trying to make things up to you is super awkward because hes a noodle
-but he tries
-if u compliment him, he’ll bring it up 24/7 because hes smug af
-“look how nice my abs are today, wow jagi you have really good taste in men”
-he may be smug on the outside but is lowkey insecure and loves when you compliment him
- hes lowkey whipped
- you wont even notice it until the members bring it up
- he’d do anything for you
- did i mention how sassy he would be?
-he doesnt like you meeting his hyungs because he wants you to himself
-“take a picture of me for instagram” (okay as i typed this i got a notification saying he posted on insta how fucking creepy)
-he doesnt actually say it outloud often but shit he loves youuuu

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Bitty v Kent

I love Bitty. I also love Kent. I don’t think they should be friends.
Or, well, not exactly.
I want them to be the petty, passive aggressive little jerks I know they can be. Twitter feuds, public snubbing… but they still hang out sometimes.
Then, so newscaster says something about Jack and they just double team him.
Or someone attacks Bitty for the twitter feuds and Kent is just ready to fight this person.
They send things that color clash or that the other won’t like. Bitty bakes Kent a pie he’s allergic to. Kent spooks Bitty whenever possible and is chill about it.
They maintain they hate each other, but don’t you dare talk bad about one of them.
Just. Passive aggressive, petty, vitriolic pals.

Why I Relate to (and love) Mae Borowski So Much
  • in early 20s
  • have weird dreams
  • fucks small things up
  • fucks a lot of things up
  • fucks them up HARD
  • has like 3 friends
  • unemployed
  • trying their best
  • swears a lot
  • small and ready to brawl
  • rotund
  • adorable but does not think that of themselves
  • has infected computer with adware at least once
  • sleeps for up to 10 hours at a time yet still tired as fuck
  • talks to self a lot
  • is still basically a child
  • plays one (1) game on the computer
  • draws
  • loves their friends
  • lives with parents
  • school sucks
  • fucked up majorly at least once during childhood
  • everyone remembers what i did but we don’t talk about it
  • acts chill/funny but is actually terrified
  • can get really deep/questions existence a lot
  • should not drink or go out in public ever
  • believes they are ugly/unlikable
  • has a big poster in their room with someone’s face on it
  • wears basically the same outfit every day
  • eats like 6 donuts and is surprised when vomit happens
  • calls their creations their child/son/daughter
  • makes the :3 face a lot
  • thinks everything that goes wrong with them involved is their fault
  • just barely knows how to play an instrument

Enough (AO3)

Summary: Dean is a celebrity and Castiel is just plain, old Castiel.

December 2015

Castiel grins as he watches all of his tiny nieces and nephews rip into the Christmas presents that are - were - neatly stacked under the tree. He’s always enjoyed coming together with his family at Christmas but this year isn’t quite the same. Because this year Dean isn’t by his side, ready to whisk him away from the long and tiresome talks with his cousins and other extended family.

Not that it’s Dean’s fault. Castiel was the one who couldn’t handle the pressure of their relationship. It’s not Dean’s fault that he’s a handsome and kind celebrity loved by millions and Castiel is just…plain, boring, unattractive Castiel. He just wasn’t enough. And after everything Dean did for him. Like coming out to the entire world wasn’t enough to prove how much he cared about Castiel.

So, to show his thanks, within a month of their relationship going public Castiel breaks and runs out on Dean with no explanation. Castiel tries to forget it, to put it behind him, but how could he possibly do that when Dean’s absolutely everywhere. On posters, on television, on the radio and not to mention he when it first happened he had to put up with questions from his students as to why they broke up, who did it, are you going to get back together and to be honest it was driving him crazy.

But it’s been half a year now, so it’s old new really.

A small nudge on his arm finally grasps his attention and he turns his head to see his Grandma standing beside him.

“So, how have you been, Cassie darling?” she asks, quietly. Castiel sighs.

“Uh, pretty busy, actually,” he says, sliding a hand through his thick, dark hair, “my students have just finished some end of year exams so marking those is taking me a while.” Castiel watches as she nods along before her mouth curls into a small smile.

“And Dean? How’s he been?” Castiel’s mouth tastes sour all of a sudden. Great. Another reminder. “Didn’t see him tonight. Is he doing some important acting stuff?”

Castiel huffs. “Yes, probably. I don’t really know. I mean, we sort of broke up a quite a few months ago. Didn’t you know?” he finishes, watching the smile on his Grandma’s face turn into a frown.

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. And no, I didn’t know, I’m not really up with what’s going on in “pop culture” as all you kids are these days. You know, you should give your Gran a call every once in a while. I love hearing from you.” she says, making Castiel smile.

“I will, Gran.“ he replies, his smile falling at the thought of the last time Dean had called him. It was Castiel’s birthday. And Castiel didn’t pick up the phone. He just sat beside it and listened to Dean’s voice cracking and tried not to let his tears spill over. Suddenly there is a hand under his chin and he’s being lightly pulled around to see his Gran with a soft look on her face.

“Don’t worry about him, darling. He’s the one missing out on my perfect little Cassie. I promise.”

July 2015

Dean smiles. Today was a good day and he knows that tonight will be even better. It’s a Friday afternoon and Dean’s driving home after a good time on set and then a quick stop to get some good burgers from Cas’ favourite diner.

Dean can picture the whole evening. Eating out on the porch, then snuggling up on the couch to binge watch something on Netflix and then last but not least a little skin on skin action before they both doze off into the late hours of Saturday morning. Yeah, that’s enough to make this ordinary day perfect.

Everything is…well, good. Dean quickly pulls up to their gate, typing in a few digits and then making his way up the driveway to park his Baby safely in the garage. Cas’ car isn’t there. He must’ve gone out to get a few things from the shops.

Dean grabs the food and wanders into their house, placing the burgers on the kitchen bench. He flips through some of their mail before turning to get a beer when he sees a letter taped to the fridge. Maybe Cas had a family emergency and had to leave.

Dean peels it off and begins to read.


I’m sorry it has to be this way but I can’t be with you anymore. It just isn’t working out the way I thought it would.

Dean’s mind starts to race and his eyes start to blur. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. Cas is going to walk in through their door and kiss him on the cheek and tell him that Gabriel is just playing a big prank on him. Dean wipes at his eyes and continues to read, a mantra of ‘no, no, no’ playing over and over in his head.

Just know that you didn’t do anything wrong and you certainly didn’t do anything to force my hand in this decision. I am sorry that this letter doesn’t give you the answers you want but it’s not something a believe you would understand. Once again, I’m sorry for everything. I wish you the best for your future. I love you.


Dean sinks to his knees.

September 2015

It’s probably not a good idea. But Dean’s half way drunk so now it is. The phone rings and rings and rings. Dean waits, an empty bottle in his hand. No answer. Dean sighs, waits one minutes and tries again. No answer. He waits two minutes, his patience wearing thin. No answer. Fuck it.

“Hey Cas.” Dean breathes out, his voice already shaking. God, he’s so pathetic. “Happy birthday. Still haven’t aged since we first met.” Dean chuckles lightly to himself, his eyes starting to sting.

“Well, at least since I last saw you…” The first of many tears rolls slowly down his cheek. “Anyways…I just hope you get this message. I mean I’ve tried to call and text a million times but you…ya know, never seem to be on the other end.”

Dean takes another deep, shaky breath, more tears flowing down his cheeks. “I sorta just wanna know how you’re doing, but I guess you don’t really want me to know.” Dean pauses for a long moment, wandering whether he should say it or not. Maybe it’s because he’s nearly drunk or maybe it’s because he just wants Cas to call him back, he decides to say it.

“I love you.” Dean says, voice cracking in the middle. The voicemail ends.

The selfish part of him wants to keep trying to call Cas over and over until he finally picks up, until he finally gives Dean answers. But part of him knows that if he hasn’t picked up by now, then he may not pick up at all. Maybe Dean just isn’t good enough for Cas. Maybe he’s not worth the effort.

Dean doesn’t ring Cas again for a very long time.

January 2016

It’s the 24th. Dean’s birthday. Castiel nearly rang him up this morning and left him a message just like Dean did for him but he knows that if he did then it would be unfair for Dean. Castiel needs to erase every part of himself from Dean’s life. That’s the only way for Dean to forget about him and move on. Although Castiel can’t help thinking that he probably already has.

Castiel’s tried to stay distracted the whole day. Luckily for him it’s a Saturday so he was able to sleep in for as long as he wanted. He then decided to clean his entire house which proved to be very effective as it took up most of the day. It’s now 8pm and he’s finally finished, resigned to his couch to watch Netflix.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, which only reminds him that he has to fix the doorbell. Great. He sighs before pulling himself up and walking over to the door. He brushes a hair through his hair as he opens the door to greet whoever thought it was a good idea to show up on such an awful day.

Castiel’s stomach drops.


“Hey, Cas.” Dean replies quietly. He looks the nearly the exact same since Castiel last saw him in person. The only difference though is he looks…sadder. His eyes seem dull compared to the piercing green that Castiel remembers. His smile is soft but it doesn’t reach any other features on his face. It doesn’t sit well in Castiel’s stomach. Dean should be happy. It’s what he deserves to be.

“What are you doing here?” Cas asks, nervously shifting from foot to foot.

“Gee, Cas. No happy birthday? I didn’t think you were that cold hearted.” Dean replies, bitterly. Castiel doesn’t know how to respond. So he just ducks his head and tries not to feel too humiliated. 

“Why are you here?” Castiel mumbles softly, keeping his eyes trained on the ground. Dean huffs.

“Why do you think I’m here? I’m here for answers. Don’t you think I’ve waited long enough?” Dean says, throwing his arms out wide. Castiel finally glances back up only to see Dean’s jaw clenched tight and his eyes hard and desperate.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, Dean. It just wasn’t working out.” Castiel says, biting his lip to try and hold in all the things he wants to say.

“No fucking kidding, Cas! I’m not here for that bullshit, okay? I’m here so you can tell me where I went wrong because I don’t have a fucking clue. I mean, was I just not good enough for you, Cas?” 

Castiel’s breath stutters and his eyes go wide. 

“What? No, of course not! How could you possibly think that?” Castiel can feel his chest constricting beneath him. This was never supposed to happen. Dean was never supposed to think that. 

A short, hysterical laugh is punched out of Dean. “How could I not, Cas? You practically just bolted out on me without even saying a word. So, yeah, Cas. That’s all I’ve been thinking about.” 

The guilt that Castiel has tried so hard to bury, floods him all over again. “I tried to call and text you a thousand times but you never responded. So all I got is a piece of shit note and a one sided break up that has ‘I fucked up’ written all over it. But I stayed away from you too long and now I need the truth, Cas. Because I’m fucking tired of always thinking that there was something I could’ve done to make you stay. So, please.” 

A few moments pass in silence as Castiel’s mind races and it seems as though Dean is ready to give up but before he can turn and walk away, Castiel is speaking.

“You weren’t the one who wasn’t enough.” 

And then Castiel’s throat closes up. He squeezes his eyes shut because it hurts to say it. It hurts to say it out loud to the absolute love of your life. To the one person who he wasn’t enough for.

“What are you talking about?” Dean asks, as soft as a whisper, and suddenly there are fingers grazing over the side of his cheek. His eyes flick open to find that Dean has stepped closer, tilting his head down slightly so he can catch Castiel’s eyes.

“It’s just - it’s just that you’re an amazing, beautiful and talented guy whom literally millions of people would throw themselves at and then there’s me. A - a socially inept, awkward and a dorky looking guy who just somehow lucked my way into a relationship with you and it’s not fair to you.” Castiel’s rambling now, his eyes focused on the ground again and he misses the way Dean’s eyes go wide and his mouth slightly parts, looking at Castiel like he’s crazy.

“You deserve so much more than me because I’m - I’m - I’m nothing.” Castiel’s voice cracks over the word ‘nothing’. All those thoughts that he’d tried to leave behind him with Dean, resurfacing again and tearing through him. Tears slip down his cheeks over and over and he can’t make them stop. His whole body shakes and he feels like he’s going to fall.

But before his knees can give way, two solid arms are slipping around his waist, pulling him close so that he can’t fall.

Castiel gives in to the warmth, clinging onto the front of Dean’s jacket as hard as he can and nuzzling his face into the side of Dean’s neck. When Castiel starts to calm down he realises that Dean still hasn’t said anything. It makes him anxious. What if Dean does agree with him? 

But before his thoughts can get too far, the pulling in his chest is soothed by the hand that comes up to tangle in his hair. He immediately relaxes back into Dean’s chest but it also reminds him of how much he has missed this. The simple intimacy that he used to share with Dean was one of the many things about the man that Castiel craved the most. His touch was always so careful, so gentle.

Suddenly, he feels Dean’s lips brush against his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. 

“I want you to listen to me, Cas. Can you do that?” he whispers, softly and Castiel nods his head slightly against Dean’s chest. “Good, because what you just said to me - all of that was complete and utter bullshit. You are not nothing. You are - fuck - you are everything. You’re my everything and yeah, you might be socially inept and awkward and look like a friggin dork but that’s why I love you, Cas.”

Castiel’s eyes sting again and he somehow finds himself nuzzling impossibly closer to Dean. Castiel’s gone so long without those words. And for some reason this time it feels like the first time. Because Castiel is here, stripped bare for all to see and Dean still loves him.

“And it kills me inside to know that you feel like that but I swear if you give me another chance, I’ll let you know how much you mean to me because if anyone deserves better, it’s you. So, please, Cas. I need you.”

Castiel’s entire body is screaming at him to just let him go. That he’s wrong and Dean would be better off without him. 

But Dean’s breath is warm against the side of Castiel’s jaw, and his every touch feels more and more like home.

So, Castiel pulls away slightly, looking into Dean’s soft, pleading eyes just once before leaning forward to press their lips together. By the feel of Dean smiling against him, Castiel knows Dean understands his answer.

December 2016

“Oh and Alfie’s also started playing baseball. One day he just picked up a bat and the next day he was the star of the team and you know what else? Alfie is even doing…”

Castiel nods along and gives the occasional “hmm” as his aunt Naomi rambles on and on about how amazing her son is. He should try and pay more attention because it’s not like he has to listen to this every year - oh, wait.

“…and he’s just such a gentleman compared to other boys these days -”

A loud clearing of the throat cuts off his aunt mid sentence and Castiel immediately smiles in relief. 

“Excuse me? Can I just whisk him away for a sec?” Dean asks, slipping a hand around Castiel’s waist.

“Oh - ah - of course.” Naomi replies, with a large smile. Dean’s charm never ceases to fail and as quickly as possible Castiel’s being dragged away and pushed into a secluded, dark corner. 

Dean’s lips are on his in a second, their noses bumping together clumsily. 

“So, do you think I waited long enough?” 

“To be quite honest, I think you waited too long.” Castiel huffs, earning himself a chuckle from Dean.

“Well, to be quite honest, I think we should get out of here.” Dean says, biting his lip and letting his eyes roam over Castiel. 

“Oh sure, because that wouldn’t be suspicious.” Castiel retorts, rolling his eyes. 

“But you just look so irresistible in your stupid, ugly, Christmas sweater.” Dean whines. Castiel snorts. No one would ever peg Dean for being a whiner when he can’t get what he wants.

“How about this. One more hour and then we can go home and you can do what ever you want with my stupid, ugly Christmas sweater.” 

Dean huffs. “Fine. But it’s not my fault if my hand slips and I accidentally grope you in front of everyone.” 

Castiel chuckles, grabbing Dean’s hand and leading him back over to where the rest of his family is talking. 

It’s only when Castiel is emerged in another, frankly boring conversation that he notices someone looking at him out of the corner of his eye. He turns his head and there, with a great big smile on her face is his Gran. 

She nods down towards where Castiel and Dean’s hands are still tangled together and then raises her glass. 

Castiel can’t help but smile. He loves Christmas. 

The Signs in a Relationship

Aries: The one dragging you to do things or go places, even when you don’t want to.

Taurus: The one to suggest plans/places to go on interesting dates.

Gemini: The one who flakes/changes plans at the last minute.

Cancer: The one who listens to your problems, but rarely talks about their own.

Leo: The one who boldly proclaims their love to you in public.

Virgo: The one who spends 1000000 hours getting ready for a date.

Libra: The one who can never decide if they want to get Mexican or Japanese for your dinner date.

Scorpio: The one who whispers naughty things to you in public just to get a reaction.

Sagittarius: The one who seems distant but in reality they just have too much on their mind.

Capricorn: The one who plans all your dates way in advanced.

Aquarius: The one who comes up with the weirdest ideas for dates/outings.

Pisces: A fish

i’m working on a heavily researched scientific stan twins post, and while digging through countless medical journals and texts, I made a discovery:

all of ford’s problems were caused by Sonic the Hedgehog


i want them to hold hands and kiss and make out and miss each other when they are separated. i want them to talk to each other late at night and i want them to support each other and i want them to want to sleep cuddled together and send ‘come over’ and ‘i miss you’ texts at 3 am i want them to make people both jealous and uncomfortable with how much they are smitten with each other. i want them to not be able to stop talking about each other with other people. i want them singing to each other while they get ready for the day. i want them to not be able to smooch each other in public because they know they’ll always get carried away. i want them to think about each other almost constantly. i want them to give little gifts. i want them to help each other work on each other’s flaws. i want them to accept each others flaws. i want them to hug when they see each other after being separated for more than a day and never let go like its been years. i want them to be happy. i want their affection to be mutual and healthy and i want them to stay together forever and be comfortable with each other. i want them to be in love. pls come talk to me about this. 

Dating Derek Hale would include:

- Derek having difficulty admitting his feelings for you. Or really talking about them at all. Mostly, due to the trust issues he’d have because of past relationships.

- He just wouldn’t be romantic. But he would definitely do things like show you when a certain planet is visible or when you’ve had a rough day, he has chocolate ready…that would be his way of saying he loves you.

- You’d teach him how to trust again.

- Letting him come to you with displays of affection so that it is on his terms and he will feel more comfortable.

- He starts to become comfortable with more public displays.

- Asking him questions but when he starts to clam up, you back off and don’t push. Teaching him that it’s his choice to let you in.

- He does.

- Finding out you’ve become his Anchor.

- Derek being really territorial. Flashing his wolf eyes when people get a little too friendly with you.

- You doing the same for Derek.

- Having to deal with a jealous Braeden….but she doesn’t stand a chance because she’s an inexperienced and young mercenary, who doesn’t realise her shotgun is mostly used when you don’t have good aim. (Big spray of projectiles).

- Probably a few arguments about trying to make you stay out of the fight because Derek doesn’t want to lose you.

- Lots of growling and snarling at each other when that happens.

- You go along anyway.

- When you’re alone, there’d be a lot of physical attention from him. Holding your waist/hips, pulling you close to him/onto his lap. Most definitely trapping you against the kitchen bench to kiss you.

- Sex. Lots of it. Especially on full moons.
He’d be firm but gentle for the most part and you’d probably be the one in charge. But when the full moon peaks, it’s a whole new story. Because you can both heal quickly…there would be no holding back. Teeth, claws, pinning each other, probably being slammed into the wall once of twice.

- Dealing with the rest of the pack coming to the loft and immediately sensing exactly what went on the night before. You very rarely get out of being teased.

- The pack being shocked speechless when you tease Derek…and he laughs.

Give me Fandral and Loki friendship.

Give me pre-Thor Loki having a massive fallout with his brother and sulking outside on a bench in the gardens. And Fandral comes to sit beside him. He doesn’t bring it up, he just sits silently in Loki’s presence, because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it. 

Give me Fandral trying to mediate between them later when he can tell Loki’s ready.

Give me Fandral losing a duel to some asshole, and later Loki pulls some sort of revenge prank. Maybe humiliating the guy in public so Fandral can see, and winking at Fandral while it happens–because no one will ever know who did it except them.

Give me Fandral trying to hook up with some high class ladies. And Loki using his status as a prince to lure them in long enough for Fandral to get his charm working. Give me Fandral covering for Loki’s occasional moodiness so that neither end up on the receiving end of a (well-deserved) slap.

Give me gay!Loki wanting to come out to somebody, but not to his family, and definitely not to his brother. Give me bisexual!Fandral figuring it out and bringing up the subject authentically. Give me them experimenting? ;) (Pls.)

Give me stoner!Fandral always offering Loki his weed, and Loki always refuses–until that one time he doesn’t. Now they get high together and wreak havoc! (In their stoned-out minds, of course.)

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks together.

Give me Fandral and Loki pulling pranks on Thor.

Give me Fandral and Loki chilling out at the training grounds admiring Thor’s body, because Fandral is definitely not judgmental enough to call Loki on the incest. After all, Thor is way too damn hot to worry about shit like that.

Give me Thor asking Fandral if Loki’s doing okay because Loki won’t ever answer honestly.

Give me Loki asking Thor what gift to get Fandral for some celebration because he has no idea what the typical Asgardian blond swordsman would even want. (He’s terrible and grumpy about gifts, but Fandral’s too precious.)

Give me depressed!Loki disappearing into his room for ages on end, and the first one to come knocking is Fandral. Give me Fandral inviting him to some sort of gathering or whatever to get him up and moving, but in a natural, calculated way instead of the pushiness Thor might inflict (poor souls XD).

Give me banter lasting hours into the night that’s little more than a show of wit and cleverness, while the rest of their friends lie passed out, drunk, on the couches.

Give me Loki doubting their friendship every second of the day.

Give me Fandral doing these little, almost unnoticeable things that remind Loki everything is fine between them.

Give me Loki telling Fandral his deepest, darkest secrets.

Give me Fandral telling his own in return.

Give me Fandral being the only one besides Frigga to visit Loki in the dungeons. Give me Loki, angry and hostile, ready to unleash his bitterness, but then Fandral pulls up a chair and sits with him in amiable silence … because he knows Loki never likes to talk about it.

Those parodies - please boost

As you may or may not have seen in a previous post: I, not knowing it was fake nor having any idea how I should expect them to talk, fell for the fake Broadway Karkat comeback and, through a few emails, was convinced I was auditioning as a lyricist for them. I respect her decision to stop publishing as Broadway Karkat, and was shocked to see her return, but it turns out from what I can tell someone out there was willing to prey on my and others’ love for an old hero in order to gain some notes and, whether it was the initial intent or otherwise, steal some music.

I wasn’t ready to publish these yet, and I’m really steamed about having to post them, they were some of my best work and I wanted them to be a surprise.

That said, if you see ANY version of “Hamilton” parodied for Homestuck ancestors, “Ruins (With Strings)” with lyrics, or “Perfect Situation” for Karkat, please check here before reblogging or giving them any views/publicity, it’s entirely possible that’s my work. 

Songs themselves under the cut. Do not read unless necessary.

That said, I am BEGGING you to boost this for me.

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I think I'm finally ready to meet the boy I like. We've been talking since the end of December and he's been really sweet about my anxiety and now I think I'm ready to take that next step and meet him.

Then do it! I’d suggest talking to him about it and seeing where/when you want to meet. For your anxiety, I’d suggest meeting in a public place for lunch or whatever. I know that going to a guys house on the first time meeting them can be a bit daunting so just talk to him about it and where you want to meet :) x

i need someone to talk to about a specific thing that idk if im ready to talk about publically on here but idk whom to talk to about it also im only now using 2016s power of realizing things i need help to go through some of this hmmm 

Why everyone thinks Lovi is all innocent and shy in Bésame Mucho, I do not know? Did you see how he flirted back when Antonio bandaged his ankle? All teasing and smiling and rolling eyes, avoiding to meet his gaze. Or when Antonio helped him to get home? Antonio leaning into him, pressing his chest against his back and whispering against his hair. Lovino went along with Antonio’s flirtatious jokes. Or how he was perfectly comfortable dancing with Antonio and even let Antonio romance him? The only instances in which he gets real blushy and unsure are when Antonio starts something he isnt 100% ready to do yet. Like Antonio apparently loves to show public affection? But Lovi isnt ready and thats why he gets really flustered about it. He also isnt 100% ready to talk freely about his feelings. Such in chapter 6 when he reluctantly told Antonio he loved him? He is trying to change his ways, he is honestly trying. Or when Antonio pointed out he had accepted his ring? He immediately hid his hand because he is embarrassed to talk to Antonio about the obvious meaning of it. Lovino isnt merely flustered at all. He is also very seductive and playful and authentic in his flirting. He simply doesn’t flirt like others, he has his own way of flirting.

Holding Hands

for Mal @oxfordlunch


The first time Jo took Sherlock’s hand in public was two weeks after their first kiss. Jo was talking to the medical examiner about the probable cause of death when she noticed Sherlock shamming tears to try and get information out of a person Jo assumed was either a witness or an actual loved one of the victim.

Jo wandered over and took Sherlock’s hand gently in her own. Sherlock froze mid-word and then stammered awkwardly until Jo squeezed her hand reassuringly. “It’s been a long day,” she told the person Sherlock had been talking to, who just nodded, looking more than a little confused. “Ready to go, love?”

Sherlock just nodded, her expression nearly as confused as the witness’s, and let Jo lead her away by the hand.


The next time Jo held Sherlock’s hand in public was about a week later. They were at a farmer’s market, picking up groceries for Mrs Hudson, and Jo could see Sherlock’s shoulders creeping up around her ears as the crowd rushed around them.

She linked their fingers together and pulled Sherlock closer to her as they walked. “Alright, bee?”

“Mmm.” Sherlock had tensed up slightly and then relaxed at the contact, and her cheeks were flushed faintly pink.

“Okay. We’re almost done with Mrs Hudson’s list, and then we can go home.”


The third time Jo held Sherlock’s hand outside the safety of their flat was at Angelo’s, and happened purely because Jo loved the way her girlfriend blushed when she held her hand and had wanted to see it again.

They were lingering over dessert, sipping coffee and picking at tiramisu. Sherlock was telling a story, gesturing animatedly with her left hand and stirring sugar into her refilled coffee cup with her right, and Jo just reached out and captured her hand, setting it on the table between them with their fingers intertwined.

Sherlock blushed prettily and fumbled her spoon, which only made her blush darker.

Jo giggled and leaned across the table to kiss the irritated-embarrassed look off of her face. “You’re adorable.”


The first time Sherlock Holmes took Jo Watson’s hand in public was for her own comfort, not for Jo’s, although she would never admit it.

They had been on a stakeout, waiting for a thief-turned-murderer to pass by. They’d caught him, eventually, but only after a brief scuffle involving one more knife than Sherlock had been expecting.

Jo sat patiently in the back of the ambulance Lestrade had insisted on calling, allowing the paramedic to fuss over the bump on her forehead and stitch up the gash across her ribs.

Sherlock was smushed in next to her, and, when she was nearly certain that neither the paramedic nor anyone else was looking, slid her hand into Jo’s and squeezed it hard. It had shaken her more than she cared to admit to see Jo knocked off her feet and bleeding from an unidentified source.

“I’m alright, sweetheart,” Jo told her, rubbing her thumb over Sherlock’s knuckles soothingly, “it’s just a scratch.”

Sherlock frowned at her. “You almost weren’t, though,” she protested, her voice shaking slightly.

Jo lifted their joined hands to her mouth and pressed gentle kisses to the back of Sherlock’s hand, then to each of her knuckles and fingertips. “I know. But I am. Promise”

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