not reaching for sympathy

3 times simon flirts with jace in serious situations + 1 time jace gives it a try


“Sorry. I know it’s kind of messy.” Jace murmurs as he pushes the door to his room open and leads Simon inside. He normally doesn’t invite people inside his personal quarters, but if he has to see Simon covered in blood for another second he’s going to lose it.

Simon looks around with an arched brow. “Messy? Dude there’s like, two shirts on the ground and some empty water bottles. You should see my room, the floor is covered entirely by like eight feet of clothes.”

“I have seen your room.” Jace reminds him. “When you–”

It’s stupid that he can’t finish the sentence, but he can’t. The word “died” burns his throat and it just feels wrong to say for some reason, like when he was younger and he cursed to act tough around Alec even though guilt burned in his stomach.

Simon seems to pick up on his hesitance and, thankfully, doesn’t continue the conversation. Instead he points at the door to their left in question, and Jace nods.

“I’ll try not to use up your expensive shampoo and conditioner.” Simon promises as he heads into the bathroom.

Jace can’t muster up the strength to quip back. He lays back on his bed and stares up at the ceiling while the sound of the shower drowns out some of the noise from downstairs. He should probably be down there, but Magnus told him to take some time away from all the bodies and he’d quickly accepted that instruction. He feels like a sham, running away from the people he killed while the people most affected clean up his mess.

Jace just wants it to be over. He wants to be years away, or lives away. He wants to be reborn as a mundane whose problems don’t go beyond things like family drama and relationships. Boys his age are supposed to be in college, drinking and partying and flirting. Not killing people accidentally because their evil dad tricked them into touching a magical death sword.

The running water stops abruptly after ten minutes and Simon emerges again, now clean and free of blood. He has a towel wrapped around his waist and Jace realizes that he never gave the guy any clothes, so he rustles through his closet while Simon stands frozen near the door, probably wondering how he’s ended up naked in Jace’s room.

“Here.” Jace throws him grey sweatpants and a green shirt, which Simon appears puzzled over.

“Have you ever worn this?” He asks. “Have you ever worn any color at all?”

“I was saving that shirt for the event that you might need to wear my clothes. Black isn’t your color.” Jace responds and he’s supposed to be sulking, goddamn it, but he can’t help it. Teasing Simon is like blinking or breathing. An involuntary function.

Simon briefly enters the bathroom again to change and then pauses in front of the mirror that hangs over Jace’s dresser, staring at his own reflection solemnly.

Jace is about to make a joke about vampires and mirrors but Simon beats him with a quiet question.

“Is it ugly?”

Jace shakes his head immediately. “It’s badass. Really wicked. I’ll teach you how to use it to pick up girls.”

“Not really on my radar at the moment.” Simon dismisses. Jace watches him trace his finger over the long silver scar that stretches from one side of his neck to the other, which will probably be almost entirely invisible once he has enough time to recover and replenish his blood. According to Magnus.

“Did it hurt?” Jace asks, which is a stupid question. The smirk on Simon’s face is proof that it was a stupid question.

“When I fell from heaven?” Simon finishes, and Jace has to swallow the laugh that’s trying to surface. He knows it’s fucked up, because there’s so much death and misery downstairs. But upstairs it’s just him and Simon, who has the most amused grin on his face.

So everything’s okay upstairs.


Alec is genuinely about to murder someone, and Jace doesn’t blame him.

“I swear, we’ll find who’s doing this.” He declares with the blaze of righteous justice in his hazel eyes. Magnus is looking up at him from where he’s seated with a mix of admiration and sympathy. He reaches up and tugs weakly at Alec’s shirt to get his attention.

“Whoever’s doing this hired a warlock. And the warlock is probably long gone.” Magnus explains. “You won’t be able to find which Shadowhunter is doing this out of everyone in the Institute. It’s the needle in the haystack, darling.”

“But it’s terrible.” Alec insists. “Putting a ward up that makes Downworlders sick when we’re on lockdown? You guys can’t even leave to feel better! I’m going to find them–”

“Alec.” Luke says, putting up a placating hand. “It’ll wear off in a few hours. Until then we’ll just wait it out, alright? No need to kill anyone.”

Knowing his brother, Jace is surprised that Alec manages to actually calm himself down. Maybe it’s the effect of seeing Magnus and Luke, two seemingly invincible people, weak and sick from the effects of the ward that’s currently enclosing the Institute.

“Okay.” Alec finally agrees, crouching down beside his boyfriend, who leans into him immediately. It’s unsettling seeing Magnus look so pale and exhausted, and the smudged make-up on his cheek is so out of place that Jace feels the urge to wipe it off for him. “I’ll take you to bed.”

As soon as Magnus nods, Alec scoops him up entirely and starts off in the direction of the elevator, his boyfriend carried bridal style against his chest. Clary helps Luke to her room and then it’s just Jace and Isabelle, who share a look with each other.

“I’ll be valiant and get Simon.” Jace offers. “Because I don’t want to owe you.”

“You bet your ass you don’t want to owe me.”

He finds Simon looking miserable and exhausted in the library. He’s sitting in one of the overstuffed, comfortable-looking but not actually comfortable armchairs. He looks the same way Magnus and Luke looked: tired and sick.

“Time for bed.” Jace announces, swiftly grabbing Simon by his shirt sleeve and hauling him into an upright position. Simon looks up at Jace as if he’s seeing someone from a parallel universe, his eyes wide and astonished.


“Some asshole put a ward up. You’re feeling sick because of that, so are Magnus and Luke. There’s no point in suffering through it, might as well sleep it off.”

“But I don’t have a room here.”

Jace rolls his eyes. Does Simon think Jace came all the way down here just to tell him he has to sleep on the floor? “You’re lucky I live here, then.”

He drags Simon through the halls and into the elevator, where Simon slumps heavily into the wall and doesn’t even bother to make a snappy comment, which is further proof of how awful he feels. Jace guides him into his bedroom and peels back his blankets, watching Simon make himself comfortable.

“You’ve gotta stop inviting me up to your room.” Simon mumbles sleepily as Jace pulls his armchair up beside the bed and takes a seat, reaching for the book he’s halfway through. “What book is that?”

“The Song of Achilles.” Jace responds, showing Simon the cover. “I’ve read it before. I re-read the beginning, sometimes I skip the end. It’s too sad.”

“Then why do you keep reading it?” Simon asks, looking up at Jace with sleepy eyes. He looks kind of adorable, and Jace is glad that he took care of this rather than letting Isabelle do it.

“Because I guess…I guess I always think maybe it’ll be different this time. Like maybe he’ll save Patroclus. Just because he didn’t do it the first time doesn’t mean he can’t figure it out eventually.”

Simon sits up, supporting himself with his elbow. “Books don’t change.”

“Real life does.”

Simon stares at Jace for a few moments. He seems to be thinking it over, trying to figure out what Jace means. Jace doesn’t even know what he means, but it’s the only way he knows how to express the conundrum. The story of Achilles and Patroclus never stuck with Jace before, but recently he’s been thinking about it a lot.

He snaps out of his musings when he notices the light flush over Simon’s nose and cheeks. Jace leans forward to press a hand lightly to Simon’s forehead and he frowns.

“You’re hot.”

Simon’s smile is instantaneous and Jace immediately realizes his mistake, but it’s too late.

“You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Oh my God. Go to sleep.”


“Alright.” Isabelle runs her hands together and looks absolutely deadly. The shine in her eyes is like the reflection of light from a blade, beautiful but clearly lethal. Her wip is in her hands and her fingers carefully stroke it, delicate with the leather. “I’m taking Clary. Boys, you go everywhere below 14th street and we’ll meet up later.”

“I don’t understand why you get to choose pairs now that you and Clary are dating.” Alec complains, and it’s a little obvious to everyone that he’s more than a little jealous of Clary taking up his brother-sister bonding time.

“When Simon and Jace start dating, I’m sure they’ll do the same thing.” Clary offers in consolation. Jace looks over at Simon, who winks. Alec looks up at the sky, probably praying Magnus will make a sudden guest appearance.

They walk in the direction of their first target, Alec walking a few paces ahead while he chats on the phone with Magnus. It’s as if he’s taking a relaxed stroll through Central Park, not heading toward a demon infestation.

“So uh, what’s the plan?” Simon pipes up. “I know you guys don’t always do plans, but while we have this convenient extra time I figure it wouldn’t hurt. Not that I’m worried or anything, but you guys can still die so I’m just looking out for you–”

“Shush.” Alec says, but there’s no menace in his tone. He’s grown to like Simon, whether he’ll admit it or not. “Jace, make a plan.”

“Just wait for the right moment.” Jace says with a shrug. “And then attack. You’ll know it when you see it.”

“Right, right, cool.” Simon nods. “But what if I don’t?”

“You will.”

Simon does not. It’s fascinating, actually, how oblivious he is to dangerous situations. Jace supposes he can’t blame Simon, because Simon hasn’t been learning this his whole life like Jace has. He’s been playing D&D, sure, but it doesn’t count.

So when there’s a demon advancing rapidly toward Jace and Simon, who has a great vantage point from the top of the fire escape he’d scrambled up to avoid getting bitten, fails to realize what he has to do, Jace is forced to yell out instruction.

“Simon!” He hollers to get attention. “Go down on it!”

Without hesitation, Simon jumps over the railing and lands squarely on the demon that’s now only held away from Jace by a few inches on his blade. There’s a few seconds of struggle before the gnashing teeth near Jace’s face disintegrate into black ash, and Simon looks up from where he’s crouched in the middle of it.

There’s ash in his hair, ichor on his clothes, and a bright smile on his face.

“Want me to go down on you next?”

Jace has to physically force himself to look away and jump into the next attack. Goddamn it.


“Okay. Don’t panic. It’s fine.”

“I don’t think it’s fine. This is right out of The Walking Dead or some shit, Jace, oh my g–, do you think they can pry the door open?”

Jace hits the lock button on the driver’s side door, but nothing happens. Figures the car they chose to hide in during a demon horde passing was a lemon. It was just their luck.

“They can’t pry the doors open.” Jace announces. “They don’t know we’re in here. They can’t see us, so we’re not here.”

“Great. Great. This is just…”

“Great?” Jace finishes. He feels bad for Simon because he knows about his anxiety, about his panic attacks, about how both of those things are more likely to become a problem the longer the demons are outside the car. He looks around for something to distract Simon but comes up empty.

“Hey, I read a book I think you’d like.” Simon says abruptly. He sounds strange, like he’s reciting lines in a play. He’s forcing himself to calm down, Jace realizes. So he plays along and says his line.

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” Simon responds. “It’s sad, too, but it’s kinda about what you were saying the other day. About getting second chances and having different endings and stuff. It’s–it’s really good. You could have my copy.”

A thought forms in Jace’s head and his lips move before he can stop himself.

“You don’t have a copy from the library?”

Simon looks over, confused. “What? No. I wouldn’t lend it to you if it was from the library.”

“Well–well you should come to the library. With me. So that we–so that I could check you out.”

There’s a brief silence during which Jace considers opening the car door and letting the demons have him for dinner, but Simon’s sudden bursting laugh halts any and all thoughts.

“Dude.” Simon heaves between laughs, wiping at his eyes. “Oh, Jace, that was so bad. Oh man, oh Jace. Oh no.”

“It wasn’t that bad!”

“It was!” Simon wipes at his eyes again.

“Stop that! Your eyes aren’t even watering.”

“They are!” Simon snatches Jace’s hand and pulls it over to his face, forcing Jace to realize that okay, fine, his eyes are watering just a little. But they shouldn’t be, because it wasn’t that funny, and Jace slowly begins to realize that his hand is still resting on the side of Simon’s face and it’s not moving, and Simon isn’t making it move, and they’re staring at each other and leaning in and then,

“Oh.” Jace gasps after kissing for what had to be five minutes. “Wow.”

“Good thing you’re better at kissing than flirting.” Simon laughs, and Jace’s lips burn to be back where they just were.

“Hey. You’ve been flirting with me for weeks, but the very first time I flirt with you…” Jace presses a short kiss to Simon’s lips again. “This happens.”

“I just did it to shut you up.”

Ok but imagine the next time FP, jughead, archie, and fred eat together, FP is like “soo u never told me about this …..betty ;)” and jughead is just like “dad no-” and then archie gets all smirky + raises his eyebrows suggestively, and then starts making loud offhand comments like

“Well FP…… betty’s a cheerleader" “HOLY HELL-” “….and she’s one of riverdale high’s top academic student” “GET OUT” “aaaand she’s also a killer mechanic, since she helps out her dad with fixing cars” “IS SHE EVEN REAL OH MY GOD” “did I mention that she’ll also probably be one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in riverdale” “JUGGIE MARRY HER SHE’S THE ONE-”

meanwhile jughead just groans and slams his head on the table bc he knows that once archie starts talking, that guy won’t ever shut up, and then fred just reaches over to simply pat juggie’s shoulder in sympathy


Imagine finding out your friend has gone missing while working a case with the BAU.

You tapped your fingers nervously against your leg, checking your phone for the umpteenth time to see if you had received a text from your friend. Once more, there was nothing. No news, no sign of them. The lump in your throat grew and you raked a hand through your hair. It was all you could do not to run out of the room and scour the streets until you found them.

“Is everything alright, [f/n]?” Spencer’s voice broke through your spiralling thoughts. “You’ve been distracted since we got this case.”

You swallowed thickly. Maybe you were just overreacting. Maybe you had heard so many horror stories that you were starting to think that you were in one. You sighed, trying to compose yourself, “It’s just… a friend of mine, they haven’t been answering any of my texts. I’ve tried calling, I asked my brother to go around to their place, there’s been nothing. I’m scared for them. I mean, there’s been so many hate crimes in that area and I…” You trailed off and resumed tapping your fingers against your knee anxiously.

Emily’s expression turned to one of sympathy. She reached across the table to give your hand a squeeze. “I can call some people to look into it,” she promised.

You nodded, pressing your lips together, “Thanks, that means a lot. I mean, they’ve been targeted once before and got beat up pretty badly so I guess I’m just a bit freaked out that it might happen again. Or that something worse could happen.”

Spencer pursed his lips, “People often fear what they cannot understand. Sadly, we’re very slow to understand others. I hope your friend is alright, [f/n].”

“Me too.”

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Spin The Bottle

Prompt: Can you do a tom holland imagine where the cast and reader is playing spin the bottle and the reader accidentally keeps getting haz and tom gets really jealous the reader and haz are kissing too many times

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Warnings: None

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My Little Angel

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Request: Anonymous-May I have a Theo x reader in which he meets her for the first time when he comes back from hell and she is always sweet and kind with him, he also starts to call her “my little angel” because she’s the only person able to calm him down whenever he has nightmares about hell and waking up in her arms just makes him feel safe and happy like never before.

Word Count: 1.7K words

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader


I scrolled through the pictures on my phone.Looking through happier times when I wasn’t aware of supernatural thingy.But I’m grateful,if it wasn’t for Scott McCall’s bite I wouldn’t have been alive.He saved me,and I became a werewolf.I miss those days when I was a normal teen girl,who’s only concern was getting good grades and being selected in football team.Now,look at me thinking about ways to survive Ghost Riders.

My thought was interrupted by a text,I checked it was from Liam.

Pack meeting,Scott’s pissed because I brought Theo back.Come soon.Scott’s place.

I sighed,another pack meeting,great.Liam mentioned he was bringing someone back from hell,I didn’t know who Theo was,but I do know what he did to the pack before going to hell.But Corey and Mason once said me Theo’s side of the story,how he was under Dread Doctor’s control,and to be honest at some parts I felt sympathy for him.

Anyway I reached Scott’s place and rang the doorbell.

“Hi Malia,”I said.

“You won’t believe what Liam did,”she growled.

“Yeah he informed me.”I shrugged.

“His mere sight is making me frustrated.”Malia growled again.

“Calm down Malia,”Mason said coming in sight.

“Hey Mase,so where’s Scott?”I asked.

“He’s in his room talking with Liam,”he sighed.I nodded.

“Follow me,Theo’s in the other room,but please be careful.”I nodded and followed Mason.

I entered the living room,saw Hayden and Corey talking and saw a guy sitting on the floor with his hands tied up with a chain.

“That’s Theo,”Hayden said.

I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous he looked.How can someone this handsome be the bad guy?

Theo’s POV

This handcuff chain was making me annoyed.They won’t believe me when I said I won’t escape,but it’s my fault though.I was the one who broke their trust in the first place to go to hell.I sighed and suddenly felt pairs of eyes on me.I glanced up and saw a new girl entering the room.

I haven’t seen her before,is she new in the pack?She looked really pretty,and she somewhat looked scared to see me and immediately looked other way when our eyes met.I kept glancing her and I was mesmerized by her.There was something about her that made me want to know more about her.

“Y/N you’re here,”Liam said and walked towards her.

The name’s Y/N.Pretty girl with a pretty name.

“Guys,I don’t want to sound like I’m defending him,but don’t you think tying him up with chains is a bit too much?”She whispered to the pack.

But I heard it clearly.

“You have no idea what’s he capable of,no need to feel pity for him,”Malia said.

“I think she’s right he won’t escape from the house,”Lydia spoke.

“Okay,I am untying him,”Corey sighed.

“We’re untying you,but don’t you dare pull any stunt,”Liam threatened me.

“I won’t kid,”I sighed.He growled.

“My mom won’t be home tonight,you guys stay over?”Scott asked them.

I silently wished Y/N would stay,that way atleast I can just keep looking at her and might even get a chance to speak.

“Sure Scott,”They all said,including Y/N.

I sighed in relief,okay what the hell is happening to me?

After few hours everyone decided to go to sleep.They made me sleep in the guest room.Finally after months,I will be able to sleep on a bed.I felt relaxed laying down.I closed my eyes and almost after instantly drifted off.


We girls, we’re sleeping in Melissa’s room.

“Today’s been a long day,”Hayden yawned.

“Yeah,I’m so freaking tired.”Malia said exhausted. 

“Night guys.”Lydia said before drifting off to sleep.

“I want to drink water,I’ll be right back.”I said before exiting the room.

I poured myself a glass of water before drinking it.Everyone’s asleep,it was very peaceful until I heard soft noises from the guest room which was across the kitchen.

“Please…let…me go,stop,”I heard Theo sob,if I wasn’t a werewolf it would’ve been impossible for me to hear.

I took a deep breathe and proceeded towards the guest room.I gently knocked the door,when he didn’t open I slightly opened it.The lights were on and I saw Theo looking panicked in his sleep.I slowly walked towards the bed and knelt down beside the bed.I saw tears flowing down his face.

“No,please don’t do this..”Theo begged in his sleep.He was having one hell of a nightmare.”You don’t have to stop.”He said in his sleeping state.

I gently shook him awake,”hey,shh,it’s okay,you’re safe,”I whispered.

He opened his eyes slowly adjusting his eyes to the light and looked at me.

“What happened?”He asked slowly.

“You were having nightmare,”I answered him.

“Oh.”He said lowly.

“Hey Theo,look you don’t have to be afraid,okay?”I said.

“Hmm.”He said half-heartedly.

“Now try and get some sleep,okay?”

“I will try.”He mumbled.

“Night,”I smiled before getting up and as I turned around to go,I felt his hand holding mine.

“Thanks,”he said appreciatively.

“No problem at all.”

*few weeks later*

“We have to get a better plan to trap Douglas.”Theo spoke and began explaining his ideas.

In this past few weeks,Theo was able to gain the pack’s trust again.He also saved Scott and he proved that he genuinely changed,and now he doesn’t want power,he just wants to be alive.

“That’s brilliant,we should start working on it,what do you say Scott?”Lydia asked.

“I think it’s worth a shot,”Scott approved.”We should start planning details tomorrow.”

I couldn’t help but adore Theo,he’s really smart and mention not insanely gorgeous.These past few weeks I got to know him better and I really enjoyed his company.He became my really good friend.

“Guys,I’m really starving,let’s order pizza?”Liam said impatiently.

“Yeah,”Malia nodded,grabbed Scott’s phone and went to order pizza.

Lydia went to the kitchen and started chatting with Malia.Rest of the pack became busy chatting among themselves,which made me and Theo be alone in the room.

“Are you still having those nightmares?”I asked Theo.

“Yeah,it just doesn’t seem to go away you know.”He sighed.

“It will get better,I promise.”I said.

“You’re amazing you know that,you’re like my little angel,who’s always saying positive things and always supporting me.”He flashed a smile.

“Your little angel,huh?”I chuckled.

“Yup,”he said before hugging me.

The rest of the day passed by quickly,it was time to head towards home.

“Hey,uhm Y/N,can I like stay over at your place tonight?”Theo asked nervously.”I will sleep in the couch,I just really don’t feel comfortable at my home,because it’s so far away in the woods and I feel lonely.”

“Sure Theo,we’re basically best friends,remember?”I chuckled.

“Yeah,”he smiled.

He drove me to my place.

“Let’s watch a movie?”I suggested.

“Sure thing,whatccha wanna watch?”Theo asked.

“Anything is fine,”

He chose a movie,which happened to be one of my favourite one.”Nice choice,Raeken.”I nodded.

I changed into pajamas and Theo changed into more comfortable clothes,he already had those comfy clothes in his car.That weirdo.I grabbed a blanket and positioned myself on the couch tapping Theo to take a seat beside me.He obliged and cuddled me.

“Do you want some popcorns?”I asked him.

“No I’m fine,just cuddle.”He said smiling.

“Okay,”I smiled and paid attention back to the movie.

I caught him staring at me after some time.

“What is it?”I laughed.

“You’re so beautiful,my little angel,”he said slowly.

I stared back at him and before I knew it,I crashed my lips against him.The kiss was slow,gentle and loving.It was absolutely amazing.He broke the kiss and said,”you have no idea how long I’ve waited to do this.”

“Same here.”

Before we both knew it we fell asleep in each other’s arm,movie playing in the background.

“PLAESE STOP!”Theo yelled.

I woke up scared and saw him panicking,I tightened my grip around him and started pressing kisses in his forehead,”Theo,hey,it’s okay,you’re safe honey.”

He opened his eyes and held me tightly.

“I’m sorry,this nightmares just don’t seem to get away.”He mumbled sadly.

“Hey look at me,you have nothing to be sorry about,you understand.”I said caressing his face.Then he got back to sleep again.

*in the morning*

I woke up by the smell of freshly made pancakes.

“Good morning little angel,”Theo said and I saw him holding a plate of breakfast.

“Good morning Theo,”I smiled.

“Wait how did I end up in my bed?”I asked confused.

“Well I couldn’t sleep much last night so when I woke up,I saw you weren’t that comfortable in that couch so I carried you upstairs and decided to mak breakfast for you.”He chuckled.

“Aww,that’s so sweet of you Theo,thanks.”I said before taking a bite of the pancake.

“Delicious,”I moaned.

“Yeah I know I’m a great chef.”He winked.

“Did you eat anything?”I asked him,he shook his head.

“Well,let’s share then!”I said and fed him a forkful of pancake.

“Y/n?”Theo asked.


“Thank you for last night,”he said.

“Like i said,it’s no problem at all.”I shrugged.

“There’s something I was meaning to ask you for few days,now I think is the perfect timing.”He spoke nervously.

“You can ask me anything Theo.”I encouraged him to go on and placed my hand on top of him.

He took the tray and kept it on my bedside table.He came back beside me and held my hand.He took a deep breath and began.

“Please be my girlfriend,I want you to be there to hold me every night when I’m sleeping,”he began.”You make me happy,your support is amazing and you’re always kind to me,to me you’re the most perfect girl ever.””I want to see your face first thing in the morning,I want  to kiss you whenever and wherever I want,I want you to show how much I love you.”

“Theo,baby,yes I will be your girlfriend.I love you,”I said before pressing a kiss on his lips.

“I love you my little angel.”He said,and at that moment I felt the happiest I’ve felt in months.

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I laughed every time when anime created scenes like "Hinata being bullied by other kids, then Naruto the prince came to her rescue," like did they forgot how respected Hyuuga clan is in the village? No one in their right mind will go mess with a such influential clan. Or did they just admit that even though Hinata is in the main branch, but she is so useless that Hyuuga just give up on her and decide not to waste any resources on her?

I’m so tired of this trope generally…just make your characters stand up for themselves….

Not to mention it’s laughably nonsensical in Hinata’s case. She’s the hyuuga heir, to fuck with her is to fuck with the whole hyuuga clan, why would any bully be dumb enough to do that??? If someone from the cadet branch got bullied for their curse mark, maybe, cos it is a symbol that tells everyone they’re from the shitty branch. Hinata is from the main branch, the designated heir since the date of her birth, she’s like the most protected kid in the most powerful clan in Konoha…..The byakugan are object of envy, they’re so valuable they have to be sealed after death, Kumo were so desperate to get hold of them they went to Konoha just to kidnap a hyuuga. Why in the world would any bully pick on the eyes that’re famous for being powerful and coveted?? bullies pick on people for supposedly “undesirable” traits like “fat” “ugly”, not being famous and powerful -_-

We all know this is just more bullshit fillers to milk some sympathy for Hinata and NH. It’s reached the point I wish this bitch freaking drop dead so that we won’t have to see SP wanking her again. At this point, SS is way more tolerable than NH, at least you won’t have to endure SS fillers.

It Runs in the Family

I am so disappointed with this episode I waited so long to see katie mcgrath again and i did and she was so pretty but at what cost.

anger writing is surprisingly therapeutic. this is what should’ve been a part of the winding-down scenes in 2x08, written in a furor as soon as I finished watching- let’s all just collectively repress the mon-el kiss now.

pairing: Supergirl/Lena Luthor

“I didn’t believe it for a moment, you know.”

Lena laughs as she sets her wineglass down on her desk, brushing back her hair when the draft comes whooshing from the balcony.

“Still not an entrance, but I have a feeling you’re never really going to come through the front door, are you?”

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The harder they fall

A Drabble Games fic requested by @oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester, featuring Dwalin

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”
13: “It’s not OK.”

Based on “Imagine Dwalin being insulted because you took a hit for him” from ImaginexHobbit.


“A word with you.”

The phrase was gritted out irritably by the imposing figure that loomed above you, and Ori quickly looked to you with uncertainty in his eyes.

“It’s fine, Ori,” you said, giving the young dwarf a reassuring smile. “Thank you for keeping me company.”

“I’ll be nearby if you need anything at all, miss.” Ori made a vague attempt at an intimidating look, but hurriedly skittered away when Dwalin’s bushy eyebrows met in a scowl in response.

“Would you care to sit?” You gestured to the tree stump Ori had just vacated, but Dwalin only huffed disdainfully and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

“How’s the arm?” He asked curtly, nodding his head toward the makeshift sling Oin had created for you out of a torn tunic.

“Nothing broken, thankfully, just a bad sprain. It’s OK.”

“It’s not ‘OK!’” The words burst from him in frustration, his arms coming uncrossed in a convulsive movement. “That filth could have crushed you like a dry leaf. What were you thinking of?”

“Saving your life, I expect,” you said dryly.

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John 10:11
“I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
The value of a soul, who can estimate? If you want to know its worth, go to Gethsemane, and there watch Christ our Lord through those hours of anguish, when He sweated great drops of blood. Look upon the Saviour on the cross. Hear that despairing cry, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15: 34). Look upon the wounded head, the pierced side, the marred feet. Remember that Christ risked all- all for our redemption.
When you have a closer walk with Christ, you will place the same high estimate on every soul. You will feel for others the same deep love that Christ has felt for you. Then you will be able to win, not drive, to attract, not repulse, those for whom He died… . The greater their sin and the deeper their misery, the more earnest and tender will be your efforts for their recovery. You will discern the need of those who are suffering, who have been sinning against God, and who are oppressed with a burden of guilt. Your heart will go out in sympathy for them, and you will reach out to them a helping hand.
“If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it.”
— C.S. Lewis

Another thing, y'all didn’t hate it this much when Neal was constantly the only thing in Emma’s life. So we get it you’ll support that shit nugget but you hate Killian for either A) his past and things you’ve made up calling him a rapist even though there’s no proof. Or B) something you’ve taken out of an episode and turned it so “problematic” that it gives my arm sympathy pains from all that reaching.

As my ongoing separation from my love for s2/s3 Grace continues I would like to rant that what Grace did to Polly at the wedding when they were talking was actually unnecessarily bitchy and stupid??? Polly offered her information that Tommy’s business was starting that night and you could see in Polly’s face that some part of her actually felt strongly enough to reach out and tell her?? Out of some sort of sympathy?? POLLY had SYMPATHY for GRACE and tried to HELP HER which was a big fucking deal after the Hairpin Incident and Grace was a manipulative bitch about it yeah sue me. I’m just like um ok not saying death was appropriate karma but like maybe a flesh wound would’ve been

During the first part of Macbeth, or any play of that class, the hero monopolizes our interest. We see him boldly assert himself and reach out after some coveted prize; and our sympathy goes out to this challenging, aggressive leader. But at last he takes some fatal step, and we feel that his ruin has begun. The opposition to the hero, the counterplay, must now take the lead, since it is destined to destroy him. The slow defeat of the hero is an unpleasant  spectacle, and we have not yet reached the compensatinlg intensity of the tragic close. Because the opposition now claims our attention, the leading character is apt to be absent from the stage for a time. In Macbeth the play travels off to England for a disproportionlately long scene, and the hero is neglected; Hamlet is sent away to England (…)It is evident that tragedies of the type of Othello have an advantage at this stage of the action where tragedies of the Macbeth type are in danger. The action of Othello really begins with the plot of lago against Othello and Desdemona, at the close of the first act; and from this point on that villain manages everything, while the Moor is the unsuspecting victim of his wiles. In the great third scene of Act III, Iago convinces the hero of the guilt of Desdemona. Othello, roused to fury,  calls forth our most intense interest and compassion as he storms on toward the doom that
awaits him. We are deeply stirred with sympathy during just that stage of the action which in Macbeth and similar tragedies tends to be distracting and weak.
—  Albert H. Toleman, The Structure of Shakespearean Tragedies with special reference to Coriolanus
Either Way | Hoseok Smut

I’m so excited my first requested scenario is about the beautiful ball of sunshine that is Hoseok! I liked this request so much I sat down and finished it in one night. This is my first smut, so please go easy on this prude. XD Hope you enjoy <3

Part 2

Word Count: 3538 words

Genre: semi-angst, smut semi-fluff (so basically the big three) along with cursing and slight violence


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

           A sigh escapes your lips as you tap your pencil against your notebook, struggling to keep your eyes open. There were a multitude of books open in front of you, turned to random pages as you tried to get your thoughts together for your seven-page essay on the traditional rise of the west narrative you had been reading within your Modern History class the past four weeks. You were desperate to keep your perfect 4.0, because honestly, that’s all you had going for you. Too shy to join any clubs or sports, you spent your days in the library, concentrated on your studies. Too timid to take on a leadership role within a club? You remedied that with taking a business course. Too quiet to join the only sorority on campus that did volunteer work? You fixed that by volunteering at the library to restock books and read to the preschool class that came occasionally.

Groaning, you dropped the pencil onto the table, and rubbed your face tiredly. Whenever you closed your eyes, all you saw was him. Jung Hoseok. His smile could turn anyone’s day around, and that’s exactly what he did for you. Whenever you had stayed up too late studying and showed up to university ready to collapse from exhaustion, all you had to do was hear him laugh or see his bright smile and you would be wide awake, praying that you got to see or hear him again. His goofy antics and his loud, simply happy voice was the highlight of your day.

You remembered the first time you talked to the perfect junior. You had taken a few advanced courses this year, putting you one year ahead, which meant you were in his year. Though you shared History of Compositions with one another, you had never talked to him before. You had slowly fallen for the larger than life boy who sat four rows over, and two desks in front of you. No; the first time you talked to him was in the library, while you were trying to read to the preschoolers who had come for their monthly trip.

You had just finished asking the kids which story they wanted to hear. After you decided the majority wanted The Rainbow Fish, you saw him. He had a pink book in his hand, standing halfway down a row in the kid’s section, seeming to contemplate it. His dark brown hair that usually was left to flop over his forehead was pushed back under a backwards baseball cap. You swallowed nervously as you watched his perfectly pink lips mouth the title of the book, and you quickly looked back down at the kids in front of you, who were eagerly waiting for story time to start.

You quickly willed yourself to forget about his presence, reminding yourself that he probably wouldn’t even look over here, and if he did, it’s not like he knew who you were. The book went by slowly, the kids (for the most part) listening attentively unless you reached a part that caused the kids to make noises of sympathy or laughter. Once you finished, the teacher came over to collect them after they thanked you. One little girl came up and hugged you, and you smiled down at her and said you looked forward to seeing them next time. Once the kids dispersed, you looked up to see Hoseok leaning against one of ends of the rows of bookcases, the little kid’s book still in his hand. He was looking straight at you, a small smile gracing his blemish free visage. You quickly averted your gaze, feeling your skin heat up, and you decided to focus on straightening up what the kids had messed up.

“Hey.” His light voice came suddenly, startling you out of your thoughts. You straightened after rearranging a few books, turning to him with a small smile on your face.

“Can I help you with something?” You questioned, trying to keep your voice as light as his, thanking God you didn’t stutter. He looked surprised by your question, but smiled nonetheless.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He answered, shrugging slightly. “You’re in my composition class right?”

It was your turn to return his surprised expression. “Yeah, I am.”

“I’m Hoseok. What’s your name?” I know, you thought to yourself. His smile widened and he tilted his head to the side slightly. God, why does he have to be so cute?

“I’m Y/N.” You answered, bowing slightly in greeting. He returned it pleasantly.

“So do you volunteer here? To read to children?” You didn’t know why he wanted to talk to you, but there was no way you were going to pass up talking to the one person who could light up an entire room with just his dazzling smile.

“I do, every Friday and Saturday.” You looked down to avoid blushing when you noticed his smile made his eyes crinkle in the corners. You finally noticed the book in his hands was for Barbie. “Do you have a little sister?”

This time, his skin turned a bright pink, but he laughed it off. “No, it’s for my children’s art class. We’re supposed to write about a children’s author, but… I’m kind of lost on who to choose.”

“I would recommend Dr. Seuss.” You turned to pluck Green Eggs and Ham off of the “Favorites” section you were standing near. “You’ll probably find his life a lot more interesting than Barbie’s creator.”


You remember that day like it just happened. It had been three weeks since then. Ever since that day, he would enter the class you two had together, and sent you a smile and a wave. For the first few days, you were too embarrassed to acknowledge him, and ended up ducking your head whenever he walked in. After the first week, you started to return his smile with a shy one of your own, and you didn’t miss how his smile turned into a grin when you did so.

Beyond that, nothing had happened. You saw him in the library occasionally, but he never saw you. You told yourself you were fine with it, but deep inside you felt a tinge of disappointment. You had been really looking forward to talking to him again. Your best friend had told you that there was nothing stopping you from going up to talk to him-she reminded you constantly that everyone she’s ever talked to about you said you were the sweetest girl. She tried telling you Hoseok would think of you the same way, but your timidness got in the way of you approaching the boy you were hardcore crushing on.

Midnight rolled around, and you finally decided you should probably head home. Since you were a sophomore, you opted to get yourself a little apartment a few blocks outside of campus. You wanted to be far enough away from campus to be away from the kids who focused more on partying than studying, but close enough so you could walk since you didn’t have a car. After you packed up your things, you slung your heavy bag over your shoulder and made your way to the library entrance. The older woman who ran the night shift looked up and smiled.

“Good night, sleep well.” You told her, returning the smile.

“Good night sweetie, good luck on your essay.” She responded, and you waved as you exited the building. The cold air hits you hard, so you zip up the hoodie you were wearing and shove your hands into the pockets, setting a brisk pace for your cozy apartment. The university shuttles stopped running hours ago, and though you could take the public bus, walking from your home to classes and back was all the exercise you got during the day.

As you walked, your mind turned to random things. It was your friend’s birthday next week, so you noted you should stop by the market on your way home from volunteering tomorrow to buy things to make her favorite cupcakes. You could have groaned at realizing the exam you had at the end of the month in your pointless business class, if you didn’t hear one. You froze, hearing angry, low voices ahead. You slid along the wall, not really knowing what to expect. The place outside the university wasn’t the best of places, like many other universities. Despite this fact, you had never witnessed any crimes on your way home.

“Where the fuck is our money, huh?” As you got closer, the voices got clearer. This was the only way you knew you could take home, so you had to pass the entrance of the ally quickly to avoid being seen. Your morals told you you should call the police, but the fear gripping you was telling you just to duck your head and pass on as fast as possible. You did neither of these things.

Peaking your head around the corner, you saw three men standing around a crippled figure leaning against the wall for support. A dark haired boy you couldn’t fully make out was holding a metal bat, and the guy leaning against the wall was gripping his stomach and groaning in pain. He must have hit him. The dark haired boy was turned away from you, while another boy wore a baseball cap pulled down to conceal his features. The last one didn’t wear anything to conceal his face, but you didn’t recognize him.

“Please!” The man gasped out, collapsing onto the concrete floor. “I don’t have it; I just need a little more time!”

The man you could see clearly rolled his eyes, fed up with the man in front of him. “Unfortunately for you, boss wants it tonight. It’s either your money or you.”

The next few things seemed to happen in slow motion. He pulled a sleek black gun from the waistband of his pants, and before you could stop yourself, you gasped. They all turned to you, and what you saw had your blood freezing in your veins. The dark haired man was wearing a black face mask, but that didn’t stop you from recognizing him. Hoseok.

“Someone fucking grab her!” The man wearing the hat hissed, and those four words had you running in the direction of your apartment as fast as you could carry yourself. You heard metal hit the concrete, and knew Hoseok was the one in pursuit of you. You groaned, trying to shrug off your backpack as you ran, so you could lose the extra weight slowing you down. However, this idea was short lived as you felt a hand clamp around your arm, tugging you violently to a stop. You were pulled back into a chest, his hand letting go of your arm to wrap it around your waist firmly. You opened your mouth to scream, but his hand came up to cover your mouth tightly.

“Shh!” Hoseok hissed, his mask now hanging around his neck. There were faint lines where it had been before, but other than that his face was as perfect as always. You looked up at him with eyes wide in fear, but as his tongue darted out to wet his lips, you felt something stir inside of you. “Do you want those guys to come and help me? I can assure you you don’t. If they know I’m not going to hurt you they would come and do it themselves. If you stay quiet I’ll take my hand away, okay?”

“What the fudge Hoseok?” You whispered. Hoseok found himself smiling, amused by your cute way of avoiding cursing at him, even though he knew he deserved it.

“Just…” He sighed, shaking his head. “Let me walk you home. It’s not safe out.”

Despite the situation, you found yourself holding back a laugh. You had just found him and his friends beating the crap out of some guy, and yet you weren’t crying pleading for him to leave you alone. “You don’t say.”

He cracked a grin at your comment, before turning you back in the direction you were running. His hand rested on the small of your back as you led him in the direction of his apartment. Your felt your body heat up when his hand touched your back, and you groaned in your head. Even though your mind was telling you he was dangerous and you shouldn’t associate with someone like him, your body was telling you he was fine as hell and that you should definitely associate with him.

The walk to your apartment was oddly quiet. Hoseok was a naturally talkative person, so you were surprised that he didn’t try to talk to you about compositions or how his essay on Seuss went or even talk about the friends he had left back there. You were silent not only because you were at a loss on what to say, but also because you were fighting back your hormones. Though you were attracted to the cute, happy Hoseok you saw in class every day, the dangerous, dark Hoseok you saw tonight was somehow a major turn on.

Once you made it to your apartment you jabbed your key into the keyhole, trying to control the shaking of your hand. Hoseok wrapped his hand over your own and turned the key, unlocking the door. He pushed it in, his other hand not leaving your back. You looked up at him questioningly, but he just pushed you gently inside. You shuffled in, unzipping your hoodie and throwing it on the couch in the living room, not really knowing why Hoseok was following you in. Was he going to go back on what he said and threaten you? Would he actually try to hurt you-

You were pulled from your thoughts as the door behind you slammed shut, and Hoseok’s warm, wet lips were suddenly pressed firmly to your own, and he was pushing you up against a wall. You moaned out in surprise, every dirty little day dream you had dreamed up in class seeming to come true. He slipped his tongue into your mouth when you moaned. There was no fighting for dominance, because Hoseok immediately demanded it, his tongue massaging and rolling against your own as he took control of your mouth.

“God, I’ve wanted to do that since the first day of classes.” His lips brushed against yours once after he pulled away abruptly, before he was pulling away completely to lift your shirt off of your body. “You always looked so fucking innocent, your face shoved in a book and your cute little skirts… I had a hard-on every time I saw you for the first couple of weeks before I learned to control myself.”

Your shirt was gone, and next he was at the clasp of your bra. He pressed his lips to your jaw, murmuring, “I never made a move because I didn’t want to drag you into this shit. But fuck, if I knew you were going to walk into our business tonight I would have done this a long time ago.”

When his hands pulled away your bra and grasped roughly at your breasts, you finally stirred into action. One hand went to his hair, gripping it lightly as you pulling him in to kiss him desperately. He groaned against your lips, reveling in the feel of your soft skin. His fingers pinched at your now full erect nipples, and you gasped before he rubbed the pads of his thumbs over them. Pleasure was already spiking through your body, traveling down to your core. Suddenly you were pushing his hands away so you could pull of his shirt, and once it was gone his mouth was attached to your neck, sucking and nibbling at your skin. Your head tilted back, your eyes shutting as your hands ran up and down his chest, feeling the planes of his skin and the indentations that marked where his abs were. God, you had wanted this for so long.

You pushed him away, dropping to your knees in front of him. Your hands made quick work of his belt, and you popped the button in his pants before Hoseok was shoving both his pants and his boxers down. His cock sprung free from its confines, already more than halfway hard, a drop of pre-cum seeping from its tip. You wrapped one hand around its base, causing Hoseok to hiss. You looked up at him to see him looking down at you, his eyes half open, and you slowly licked his tip. His eyes closed and his head fell back, so you unhurriedly sucked the entire head into your mouth. You sucked more of him into your mouth, your lips covering your teeth as you slid his length farther into your mouth. You pulled back, starting to bob your head up and down his cock as he let out a groan. One hand went to fist your hair, helping guide you up and down his length at a pace that pleased him. He hips started to buck into your mouth, and once you felt him hit the back of your throat, you pressed your tongue firmly to the underside of his cock.

“Fuck.” Hoseok hissed, his hand tightening in your hair as he gently pulled you up from his length. You felt yourself drip onto your panties as you got back onto your feet, his wrecked expression doing terrible things to you. “I thought you were a good girl, baby.”

“I’ve only been with one man.” He was nothing compared to you.

“And I’ll be your last man.” He groaned, before bringing you in for a heated kiss. You moaned into it, not believing how fast you were turned on by just his words. His hands went down to pop open the button on your pants, before he just pushed them down. You kicked them away, wrapping your arms around Hoseok’s neck as he once again dominated the kiss. The palm of his hand was suddenly pressing against the apex of your legs, rubbing back and forth in a way that had you pulling from his lips to gasp. His fingers dug into your center, and you pressed your thighs together in need. Your hips started to rut against his hand and he smiled, ghosting his lips up and down your jaw.

“What do you want me to do to you, baby?” He asked, taking his hand away to push your panties down. You kicked the away like you did with your pants, this time a blush taking over your features. His hand returned to your center, rubbing over your clit with a finger slowly, but filled with pressure.

“I-” Your throat went dry and you looked away, trying to fight the moan that was threatening to tear through your throat. Hoseok grinned, placing a finger under your jaw, pushing up so you were looking up at him while his finger sunk deeper down.

“Come on, Y/N.” He coaxed, one finger suddenly pushing its way through your folds, entering your heat. He pumped his finger in and out lazily. “You’re so fucking wet for me. When you’re this wet, what do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me.” The words slipped their way through your lips, quiet and mumbled but he still heard. He pressed his lips to yours again, silently reveling in the fact he got his sweet little girl to say such a naughty thing, before pulling his hand from your heat, his hands gripping your hips as he lifted you up and pressed you against the wall. Your legs wrapped around his waist quickly, your body completely ready for him. One of his hands left your hip to grip his cock, rubbing it against your folds. You moaned loudly into his mouth, one hand going to grip his hair tightly again while the other dug into the back of his shoulder. He continued the torturous rubbing for a minute, letting it sink down to your entrance before he pulled himself back up to rub your wetness over his clit.

He sank into you suddenly, causing you to break away from his sinful mouth and let out a gasp that quickly turned into a high-pitched moan. Hoseok leaned forward to capture your lips with his once more, swallowing any further sounds you made as he thrust his hips into you. Every few seconds he gained in speed, his hips slapping into yours roughly, his grip on your hips bound to leave bruises. He felt so good, and your muscles clenched around him every time he pushed himself fully in. The sounds of wet skin hitting wet skin would be enough for a sailor to blush. You clenched around his length, making him hiss as his thrusts turned sloppy. Your orgasm hit you so suddenly your back arched to its limit, your head falling back as you chanted his name. His hit just a few thrusts after, him stilling inside of you as long ropes of cum spurt into your heat.

He held you against the wall for a minute, his head resting against your shoulder. His grip had lessened considerably, and though you knew where he had gripped you would hurt in the morning, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He pulled out of you after a minute, and before you could unwrap your legs from his waist, he was carrying away from the wall, his arms slipping around your back to support you. He found your room easily, and managed to pull back the blankets before he set you down on top of the bed. You laid back, your breathing still heavy. He squeezed in next to you and pulled the blankets over your bodies. He pulled you back into his body, wrapping one arm around your torso as he buried his face in your hair.

Happy Hobi or dangerous Hoseok, it didn’t matter. You would take him any way he came.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

11th April 2017. Tuesday

Some things one reads stays with you, hauntingly. One such sentence I read somewhere pops out in my thought process frequently and challenges me.

If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!

Many times, when caught in an unhappy situation, instead of putting our energy in changing it, we put it behind complaining about it.

Caught in the wrong soil, in wrong weather conditions, a tree can wither or worse die. It is helpless. Humans on the other hand can’t have sympathy when they don’t reach their potential. They have the power to change, to move to a different environment, one where more favorable winds blow and the one where a more supportive environment exists.

Yet, most don’t. They go through their life complaining and whining, instead of bringing about the change that is needed.

So we rationalize. Find blame outside ourselves. This country is hopeless. My parents took wrong decisions, I wish I had got that degree, this company policies are lousy, the work environment is political and not meritocratic,

We hope for change. We hope that someone will do something that will change our environment. That’s why political leaders like Obama win on “Change. Yes we can.” Modi on “ Achche din aane waale hein.” and Trump on “ Let’s bring the jobs back and let’s make America Great again.”

The one thing we assume constant is ourselves ! Are we willing to change ? Leaders like Gandhiji understood this and hence said “ be the change you wish to see”. Nothing changes till we change.

The reason is there is no world outside. Our world is in our interiority. What we experience within ourselves. The change we wish to see is either to be brought by us or our attitude to what is must change. Either we change our environment or we change our perspective on it. Pain is inevitable most suffering is optional.

Socrates says ,The secret of change is to focus all your energy not in fighting the old but on building the new.

Our energies are limited. Let’s choose to build over complaining.

alldolleduppink  asked:

How about Mulder celebrates Scully's birthday vs Scully celebrates Mulder's birthday :)

this is too fucking long for it’s own damn good. the timeline here on some of these is kind of me trying to make sense of these episodes so it’s kind of out of skew here shhh i like it. also headcanon that my struggle took place in october because i’m sorry but that mess of six episodes DID NOT take place over six weeks. no way.

also i wrote most of this mess on my phone rip.

(these mulder vs scully prompts are so fun feel free to send more!)




Being back in the office is kind of strange. It’s been a few months since she’s been in it, of course, and she didn’t really expect to be back after leaving. Mulder’s almost different, too. He’s less animated, stares at her like he thinks she might break.

(They’ve only talked on the phone since his visit to the hospital. She’d prop the receiver between her shoulder and ear, sitting on the couch under at least three blankets at her mother’s demand, with his videotape in her lap. She’s missed him.)

“I missed your birthday,” she says. She reaches into her bag, past the tape, to the snowglobe she’d picked up at the hospital gift shop. It had a mini version of the Lincoln Memorial in it, which is kind of stupid, but it works.

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anonymous asked:

How do I stop giving a fuck about other people's feelings? P.s I have anxiety

Good question! – I go about my life daily full of empathy / sympathy for others - eventually you reach a point of balance though where you can not allow another persons feelings effect you but rather relate & have control of your own mind. It took me time (as an anxious person as well) to gain that mental block but still be fully open. With time & studying feelings etc., you’ll get there - read some psychology articles or books, they help me grow more & more with this.

[DRABBLE] Boyfriend!Wonwoo: Taking Care of a Sick Wonwoo

Word Count: 3,329
Genre: So. Much. Fluff
Warnings: None

A/N: We got this done before Wonwoo fell ill with gastritis, so we pretty much wrecked ourselves once we found out that he actually fell sick :”( Please take good care of yourself, child!

Originally posted by ftwonwoo

An obnoxious, incessant beeping slices through your abyss of sleep, and you groan, struggling to awaken like a drowning child gasping for breath. You crack your eyes open to greet dawn with lesser enthusiasm, exhausted from the near-all nighter you’ve pulled yesterday. Your hand reaches out to slam the alarm clock with a tad too much force than you’ve intended, rolling around in your sheets until you’re lying on your back with a tired sigh.

Just another day of work.

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Sam & Rafe Story DLC

Full conversation & original post here [x]

Ya know what… I would love some DLC that featured that two year gap in time. Not just for them interacting together, but seeing each of them in a different element, and shedding more light on their characters then the main games story-line was able to (especially Rafe in that regard, whom we saw very little of).

Seeing things from Sam’s perspective. Seeing Sam away from Nate, working some on his own, as well as with Rafe, and Nadine and company. Seeing how Sam and Rafe operate as a team, and perhaps Sam having to do some shady stuff with Rafe on certain missions. Seeing the conflictions he has about everything, about wanting Nate with them, but knowing he wouldn’t approve. About wanting to tell Nate anyway, but thinking it’s better for everyone that he doesn’t know. About his relationship/partnership with Rafe, and about Rafe in general. About what they’re doing, and their motives behind it. Conflicting thoughts and feelings everywhere! Finally confronting Rafe about it and whatever conversation that might spark (ohman… I can just imagine how it might go).

I’d also love to see more flashbacks, like when Sam met Rafe, and more of young Nate and Sam, showing more past and present parallels. Also how much his stay in prison - and working with Rafe - changed him and his outlook on life. Changed how he views the world, how he views himself, or his view of people in general. Seeing him interacting with more unsavory characters, but somehow fitting in a little too well. Maybe, he actually enjoys it a little too much. Maybe that bothers him more then he cares to admit. Maybe besides wanting to fulfill a childhood dream and see his brother again, the fear of becoming just like these people also drove him to his final decision. Maybe, however, he was already too close for comfort. Maybe it was already too late. In fact, I’m sure it was. The damage had already been done.

Then there’s Rafe. Again, seeing things from his perspective too would be awesome, as would learning more about him in general. There’s so much we don’t know. I’d like to see some of his life outside the obsessive-treasure-hunting. Seeing where he came from and what shaped him. Why he is the way he is… why he’s so angry and insecure and just not quite right.

Personally, I think having been born into great wealth, people instantly labeled him as the Rich Little White Boy who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Which - in reality - isn’t untrue. So he must be nothing more then that, right? That’s what everyone thinks, and Rafe hates that. That much is painfully obvious. So he spends his life trying to prove he’s more then just what people see at first glance. However, no matter what he does on his own to try and escape that two dimensional stereotype, it is still all anyone ever sees. The effects that has on him are very clear even in his adult life. People still treat him like the little boy who never earned a single thing on his own. That, in fact, he probably couldn’t do anything on his own if he tried. I imagine it gets under Rafe’s skin all the more because somewhere deep down he thinks they’re actually right… so it’s not just about proving them wrong, it’s about proving to himself that he can do it, that’s he’s more, that he has agency and a will of his own (Sadly, and perhaps ironically, he goes about this by employing the help of others and using his families vast wealth to fund his endeavors. Which is not in and of itself a bad thing… but considering Rafe’s mental state and his reasons for doing it all, I imagine if he sat down and thought about that he’d probably hate it, and hate himself for it too). Some of this is made obvious in the main story, but I want more then just subtext and speculations! I also wanna know what exactly his families business is, and since he runs that whole operation now, does that mean his parents passed away? What was it they did exactly? Criminal enterprise? High class thieves? Probably something of the sort. Would make sense (right now all we can do is make educated guesses though).

((oops, kinda went off on a Rafe-tangent. lol))

Beyond learning about his past, I’d also really like to see Rafe interacting with his friends (I use that term loosely. lol) and allies more. Especially Sam, whom - perhaps even against his better judgment - he began to trust and feel more relaxed around during those couple of years… before it all went to hell and came back to bite him in the ass. You know that what Sam did, apart from being angry at the betrayal itself, just added more fuel to the fire of his bitterness and jealousy towards Nate! And his anger levels in general. He had to be angry at himself too for letting it happen. For letting himself trust Sam too much, for maybe getting too close. To both of them really. Perhaps vowing that would never happen again. He won’t let them take advantage of him, or get the drop on him again! If only he’d applied that sentiment to all his allies from then on… he might have succeeded.

Anyway. Just getting a taste for how he operates when shit isn’t hitting the fan 24/7 would be cool to see. I’m sure even in his down time Rafe is still, ya know… Rafe (#UnchartedsAngriestSmol). I think he’s probably always a bit of a loose canon, and despite the fact he could buy anything, and do anything he wants, I believe he has a difficult time finding true happiness or validation in life. He probably doesn’t enjoy “down time” like other people do. Honestly, I think Rafe probably has a difficult time being idle at all. Sam, if there, would totally be telling him to just chillax for once in his life. The treasure ain’t goin’ anywhere. So enjoy the calm moments while he can. This is a conversation I’d really love to see. For all the things they have in common, they are also so sharply contrasted personality wise, and seeing what they’d each draw out of the other would be fascinating. Perhaps even saddening and heartwarming all at once.

Although, I could very well be mistaken. Maybe Rafe totally loves sitting on some picture-perfect-beach sipping pina coladas out of a coconut. lol And maybe Sam would be the anxious one wanting to get back to work. *facepalms*  Frankly, I’m probably wrong. They’d probably both be hyper focused on the treasure, and Nadine would have to intervene and use her Mom Voice to get them both to take a break once in a blue moon. Because obviously they’re no good to the mission all strung out and pissy. lol  SIDE NOTE: omg I wanna read that fic! Nadine forcing them to go on a vacation for the greater good. And the boys both being super annoyed like -Rafe: *pouts*  “This… is so stupid”  -Sam: *sigh*  “Yep. Totally”, and them weirdly bonding over it. lol xD  Anyhow, yeah, it’s difficult to say anything for sure since we didn’t get to see enough of any of these characters, much less them interacting together. Which again, is a shame. Regardless, I still think they’d have an awesome dynamic.

Honestly, I think there’s a part of them deep down that would secretly enjoy working together more then either of them would openly express. Even in spite of Rafe being a bit scary and unhinged sometimes. Even though Sam likely annoys Rafe very often. Though perhaps in an endearing sort of way. Maybe Rafe acts annoyed but is secretly fond of Sam’s bad jokes and whatnot. lol  Hell, maybe Sam - too - kinda likes it when Rafe goes all Full Metal Jacket. xD Maybe they’d hate to admit it, but they both kinda enjoy the others company. Even whilst both plotting to stab the other in the back and take all the treasure and recognition for themselves. *facedesk*

Although, Rafe claimed that’s not his style, so I dunno. It’s true that Rafe never outright betrayed anyone first, and is - weirdly - overly trusting of his allies. To the point it keeps screwing him over. We see this happen even after what Sam did, which you’d think would have made Rafe less trusting of others. Admittedly, it’s also true he is the one usually driving them to make that choice, cuz ya know, he’s kind of a giant asshole and all, but it’s still really interesting, and not a trait we often see in villain characters. So maybe it was never Rafe’s intention to betray Sam. We only know that ditching Rafe and working against him was Sam’s plan (Was it his plan from the start? Maybe. Currently only Sam knows the answer to that). Although, we also know he had very personal motives for his betrayal that went deeper then just gold and glory, or even however he felt about Rafe, good or bad. In the end, it was always all about him and his brother, a childhood dream, to finish what their mother started. Finding Avery’s treasure was a chance to prove something, to himself as well as the world, a desire that became an obsession, one that ended up defining him for a long time.

Good God! He and Rafe share so much of that in common it’s kinda of ridiculous! Neither of them actually give a shit about the treasure itself (lord knows Rafe sure as hell don’t need it), yet they’ve dedicated their lives to finding it. Investing years of their lives, risking life and limb just for a chance at finding clues. Why go so far if the treasure itself doesn’t matter? Because for them it’s personal, so  very  personal, and directly linked to their sense of self worth. Just the details are somewhat different. That’s why neither of them could let it go, and why it almost destroyed them both, as well as the people around them. Seriously, just… I could go on, and on about these two for forever, tbh.

I picked up on this early on. Sam and Rafe, despite differing personalities, share a lot in common. If they ever looked close enough to figure that out I think it would probably bother them. Maybe they’d feel sympathy for each other, maybe they’d reach a deeper understanding of the other, maybe they’d be at risk of suddenly getting too close… and regardless of whatever they’re feeling deep down, they’d probably hate that, even resent the other for it, deny it means anything, and try to run from it. After all, they both have more important things to worry about, right? In the end, they both suffer from tunnel vision regarding their life goals, goals that have blinded them from seeing other opportunities, or seeing themselves (or even others) in an honest light. Which screws them over on so many levels. They’re both selfish and flawed human beings, who think they deserve the “treasure” more, think they’re better then the other. Yet they need each other (for now).

We’re not alike. I don’t care about you.
I’m using you. I’m better then you.

They’d both think to themselves, and think they mean it, believe it’s just fact… but is it really that simple? Maybe it is, but I doubt it. Nothing about these two characters is simple. I tell ya what, I sure as hell would like to find out! I mean, seriously! This is dripping with potential! I really believe it would be a very interesting and engaging story, full of conflicting emotions (both from Sam and Rafe, as well as the audience), angst and humor galore. Yes. good. All the shades of gray. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Seriously, I wanna understand their motives and emotional state more so. In regards to each other and as individuals. I wanna see the best and the worst of them. I wanna see them overcome their demons, only to later succumb to their darker natures. I wanna see them fail and succeed in grand and personal hardships alike. I wanna see them struggle together, get angry at each other, actually get along a little too well sometimes, and hating the fact they’re enjoying this adventure again, but for the first time in a long time, and enjoying it together (until it all falls apart of course…). I wanna see them being clever badasses, and sassy little shits, and breaking all the rules together. I wanna see all the different sides of both characters. The softer sides… and the darker ones. ♥

best laid plans (3/3)

It is done! In which Killian and Emma deal with the consequences of all their friends finding out and finally sort out what they are to each other. 

Rated T, ~3880 words. @gray-autumn-sky helped immensely looking this over, and I’m so grateful for it!

No warnings apply, though there is some jealousy and drinking in here. And meddling friends.

Also on Ao3.

loath to run and chase you // you are not alone

A hush fell over the entire bar. Liam and Tink walked into the scene.

“Who died?” Tink asked.

Leroy grunted, “Apparently your brother-in-law and Sheriff Swan are together.”

“Oh, I know.”

Attention shifted back to Killian and Emma. Killian continued preparing drinks, but Emma stood there, cocktail in hand, looking very deer-in-the-headlights.

Then she ran.

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