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Labyrinth Fanfiction Recs/Send me recs!!!!

I haven’t made a rec post in awhile (sorry!), but I recently read a long and really amazing fic and I wanted to share it. Also, as shocking as this may sound, there comes a point where you’ve read so much fic in a fandom, that you have trouble picking new things to read, so please send me recs, including your own work! I would love to read what you’re reading/writing. So, I’m going to recommend some fics here and I hope that I receive some recs in return. Also, these are all stories that I think deserve wayyyyy more love than they’re currently getting, so please thank me for these recs by leaving reviews for the authors!

The Once and Future Queen by Snm100

Status: Complete

Rating: T

Okay, this is the story that was the impetus for this post if I’m being completely honest. The premise is that on the day of each Fae’s birth, their name and their future titles appear in a magical, heavily guarded book, and when Jareth is born, the name Sarah appears next to his. The first few chapters function as a semi-prequel, but then the rest of the story is a continuation of the moive. I really, really loved this fic. I found the concept to be super original, the world-building was superb, and Jareth was the perfect blend of snarky, flirty, and kind (not a common trait for him, but it worked really well).  She’s writing a sequel right now, so I’m definitely really interested to see how she expands on the world from here on out.

Of Goblins and Kings by Storms in my Coffee

Status: In progress

Rating: M

This is a rare Labyrinth AU fic. The author placed the story in an ambiguous time/place period that feels vaguely industrial era to me, though I couldn’t for the life of me explain why, however it’s quite clearly not modern. So far, the story has been a re-telling of Labyrinth BUT at the same time, it’s kind of like a prequel because we learn how the Labyrinth was created and how different creatures came about through this story. Unlike the movie, this story takes a much darker take on Labyrinth, which says a lot. Also Sarah’s older, which means, you guessed it, far more explicit romance. It’s basically the Labyrinth everyone wanted when they grew up.

Impossible Key by PhantomBove

Status: In progress

Rating: M

This is actually another Labyrinth AU, which probably belies my earlier point of Labyrinth AU fics being rare, but whatever. We all know it’s true. Anyway, this story is a sequel but it takes place in late 1700s, England, which is a really fascinating decision that I have never seen before in this fandom. In this fic, Sarah is a lower class working woman, and due to her financial situation she is stuck in a economically beneficial yet romnatically unideal engagement to a wealthy man. Cue strange, somewhat sexual dreams about a pair of eyes belonging to a man she doesn’t quite recognize and some #confusion. Just… read it. You’ll thank me later. Content warnings: abusive fathers, alcoholism, and sexual assault (Jareth is not the assailant, just to be clear. I’m not into dubcon/rape fics)

anonymous asked:

I love ur zosan fic Deep. It's so beautiful. Can i ask? What are ur favorite fanfics? Can you recommend one or two for me? Thanks!

Aw, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it! 

I’ve answered this before with two of my faves, The Roronoa Fruit by StarkBlack and Mindshattered by Velkyn Karma.

But I also highly recommend Shackled Dissimulation by @auspizien. This fic is unlike any I’ve read before, and if you can handle darker themes, then definitely give it a go! The characterization is spot-on; the AU is modern, but unique, and it’s obvious a LOT of research and planning went into the plot. This is a fic you’ll want to re-read for details you may have missed. The writing and plotting shows so much patience and dedication over the time it took to write it, and I think it pays off. 

In addition, I will also recommend Aural Pleasure by New Neon. This fic has a super interesting premise, also with a lot of attention and care to research. Lots of lovely drama and angst, and it captures very well how Zoro and Sanji are able to communicate with each other against all odds, often better than with any other crew members. 

And for the last rec of the day, Engraved by @aevvium. It’s not often that I read fan-created devil fruits that seem well-thought-out and like they could fit in with the rest of the series. Devil fruits that aren’t entirely overpowered or unrealistic, with equally overpowered and unrealistic OCs to match. I think this fic defies that stereotype. Zoro’s characterization, in particular, is fantastic in my opinion, and this fic sets the stage for a completely believable deepening of Zoro and Sanji’s relationship in the canon universe.

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Apparently from their comment on their blog, they werent claiming the stories as their own, they just put them there to read o their phone, since they didnt like ao3?

They should’ve

1) ASKED FOR PERMISSION. I can’t believe that someone thinks it’s okay to just steal someone’s fic and post it elsewhere without consulting them first.

2) Actually…. linked back to the author. Or at least mentioned their name?? Just saying ‘I didn’t write this’ is no way near enough. 

If they’re too immature to realize this, they’re way too young to be reading my fic. I hope at the very least this was a learning experience for them, and that it’s taught them not to outright steal other people’s intellectual property in the future.

anonymous asked:

I'm reading that zukka fic you're reading, I'm only in the earlier chapters but all the interactions with Jet are making me kinda uncomfortable? But I like the story so I wanna read it. Can you tell me of it gets better?

It gets better don’t worry!

That first encounter with jet is the most severe it gets. Everything else is more or less bullying at most.

weekly recs: 10.9 - 10.16

Happy Monday! You all gave us a lot of really good fics to read, thank you! We’re also gonna start putting up the links to weekly recs and current prompts in our description so they’re easier to find ^_^  Happy reading!

Entries for weekly prompts, monthly prompts, and other bingo cards: 

What We’re Made Of parts 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (See also: parts ½, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) (Twelve x Rose) - @rishidiams and @caedmonfaith

Looking Glass part 5 (Nine x Rose) (See also: parts 1, 2, 3, 4) - @chiaroscuroverse​ and @fleurdeneuf

Down to Earth part 4 (Nine x Rose) (See also: prologue, parts 1, 2, 3) - @blueyesandleatherjacket

Ask Prompt Fulfillment:

The Beginning of Wisdom (Or How the Doctor Learned Not to Piss Off His Mother-In-Law) (Ten x Rose) - @goingtothetardis​ 

Keep Calm and Carry On (Ten x Rose) - @onthedriftinthetardis

Dressing Like Superheroes (Tentoo x Rose) - @blueboxesandtrafficcones

Not Sorry, You Knob (Hardy x Rose) - @gingergallifreyan 

Autumn Bingo and Autumn Prompts Entries:

Memories of Apple Grass (Tentoo x Rose) - @lizann5869

A Whole New World (Ten x Rose) - @blueboxesandtrafficcones

Tentoo Month:

If We Let Go parts 1, 2, 3 (See also: prologue), Give and Take - @megabadbunny

Teninch Fic Free-for-All: 

The Wooing of Fanny Price parts 4, 5, 6 (See also: parts 1, 2, and 3) (Casanova x Fanny), Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca (Casanova x Hannah) - @gingergallifreyan


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

miraculous fic recs: stories

are ya ready kids? again, my own quick summaries added here (and some commentary…)

oneshot recs here


A Spot of Tea by @gabriel-fucking-agreste

what do you do when your worst enemy is your best intern? you keep on being a fab villain // identity reveal // aged-up // tbh i don’t remember the first half all i know is that it’s fantastic

Bare Necessities by @reyxa

art school au where marinette gets to see her crush naked in a completely different context than what she probably imagined // identity reveal // aged-up

Bee-nevolent by TwinklingCupcake

a bee holder with no stinger can still be a hero, as sabrina learns // identity reveal // sequel, The Healing of Honey, now up (incomplete)

By Their Covers - The Scriptor by Ynnealay

you don’t need your miraculous to be heroes…but it would be nice if they could get them back, thanks // identity reveal

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink

she’s on project runway and her childhood crush is her model…yeah, you bet alya is recording and saving every single episode // identity reveal // aged-up

Cinderella, She Seems So Easy by abandoned_sock

cinderella au…that’s it. that’s all you need to know

Curiosity and Satisfaction by @imthepunchlord

he was a good son, wanting to help his father. he just wanted his family whole again. but is he really on the right side of things? // enemies au // identity reveal

Fooling the world (and maybe ourselves) by @fullmetalpotterhead

nothing can wrong with fake dating! especially when you’re fake dating your partner! and especially when you’re both in love with each other but you don’t know it!!! nothing!!! except what??? now they have to get fake married!! how can that go wrong??? // post reveal // fake dating // aged-up

It’s Complicated by @konekat

a love confession goes wrong, another goes right, and adrien learns moving on isn’t the easiest thing to do // identity reveal

Le Chabanais by makahadoma

brothel au in the 1920s where everything is not what it seems // nsfw // blood & violence // rape/sexual assault // identity reveal 

To Be a Hero by AmyEatsCake

thrust into the future, adrien, marinette, and alya come to realize the world is not all good and even heroes can rot in this new hell // identity reveal // time travel 


All The Time You Need by GrimRevolution

she passed off the earrings. ladybug and chat noir are doing so well together. but if you’re fated for a miraculous…well, you can’t escape fate //  alya is ladybug // threats of sexual assault // PTSD // partial identity reveal

Back To Us by @insanitysscribblings

hawkmoth is dead, years have passed, and not everything is what it used to be as victims protest, citizens lash out, new holders emerge, and relationships change // identity reveal // aged-up

#BonAnniversairePrincess by @my-insanity-is-an-artform

chloe would do anything to make marinette miserable…even hijack her birthday. but luckily chat noir is there to give the princess a royal day! // marichat // am bias because it was based off my post tbh

Guardians by @wintermoth

being a holder comes with a price…and it may end up being too heavy for these two teenagers // immortal au // identity reveal // this is painful in like twenty different ways

How not to propose - Agreste edition by @sweetprincessluck

adrien just wants to put the ring on her finger but his luck stinks more than plagg’s breath // post reveal // post relationship // aged-up

Lucky Fox Paradox by @imthepunchlord

she was sure alya would be a better ladybug. the miraculous was passed on. but she was wrong. there is a great imbalance, and now chat misses his ladybug, alya is determined to follow the comics, the guardian watches over, and some people realize you were chosen to be a hero for a reason // alya is ladybug // partial reveal 

Something in the Night by @konekat

everything went wrong that day from the moment the battle was over. misunderstandings occurred, relationships fractured…and seven years later, she reappears again // identity reveal // aged-up

to you, i thee wed by @miraculousturtle

some people go on blind dates. no, no. they went straight to the wedding. and everyone knew but them. // married at first sight au

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae

the story that makes the strongest of them all weep - no, really. ladybug is out of commission and adrien can’t survive much longer, physically or emotionally // partial reveal // akuma-poisoning // great, now i have to re-read it to remind myself of this angst

arrenemris  asked:

9 + Nessian 🙏🙏🙏

“one small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other”

AN: You know what this one seems perfect for? Undercover dating, aka a trope I live for xD

Thanks for the prompt, Madina <3

Nesta wasn’t prepared for this.

It’s barely a brush of Cassian’s firm lips against her own, accompanied by a hint of his scent hitting her nostrils and a calloused curve of his hand cupping her jaw.

It’s barely a brush but Nesta knows she’s in trouble, knows that she shouldn’t clutch at his jacket so tightly and her breath shouldn’t get caught in her throat like that, as if they’re kissing for the very first time and she’s slightly surprised by how good it feels, not when they’re supposed to have been dating for good few weeks now.

At least that’s the story.

Goddamn undercover work. Definitely not her thing. All that acting and subtlety and people skills it requires - not her cup of tea.

Nesta knows computers. Understands computers. Codes and algorithms and research that - bless the internet gods - don’t require actual human interaction.

That whole undercover business, on the other hand, is a freaking mess, that’s what it is - and worst of all, Nesta knew it would be and still went for it.

When, months after having gone completely AWOL, Feyre came back home with a new boyfriend at her side (and two suspicious-looking men at his side) and asked for her and Elain’s help, Nesta should’ve said no.

Alas, she was too pragmatic to refuse the promise of financial security for her sister as well as herself. Not after their useless father had gambled away the last of her mother’s inheritance money.

So naturally, when Feyre and Rhysand divulged details of their insane plan to steal away “Book of Breathings” - long-lost painting that had just found its way into the private collection of Kingston Hybern, Norwegian billionaire, Nesta could only sigh deeply and grit out her assent.

All while ignoring one of Rhysand’s oversized friends and his watchful gaze fixed on her at all times.

Cassian. Cassian was his name as she later learnt. Few days after that, she also found out exactly how hard his nose was when it collided with her fist (very hard and not at all good for her knuckles - you played yourself, Nesta).

And then, Feyre dropped the undercover bomb. As in her - Nesta - and him - Cassian - going undercover as a dating functioning couple of consenting adults to get access and do recon of Hybern’s Spanish villa where the painting was kept.

Her - a young spoiled heiress. Him - her current flavour of the month.

Did she mention they would have to pretend to - oh shocker! - like each other?


Feyre certainly hadn’t thought this through.

Although right about now - as they’re dancing at Hybern’s party, their mouths only inches away - Nesta realizes - with no small amount of chagrin - that’s it’s not that hard to pretend after all.

Her skin still tingles where his lips grazed hers, and she can’t help but pull away and look at his face, her eyes searching, inquiring.

What just happened?

Why did it feel so good?

Cassian seems as lost as she is but only for a slow excruciating moment. And then -

Something just clicks and they’re kissing again but this time…Oh, this time, it’s consuming and hungry and carnal - his tongue swirling along her teeth, her nails digging into his shirt, his thumbs pressing into her hipbones, drawing her closer.

They’re discovering, they’re exploring, they’re absorbing.

They’re devouring.

It seems like it ends as abruptly as it started, with a little noise she made swallowed by his mouth, and when they lean back and their eyes meet this time, they share the same bewildered look.

“Well, shit,” Cassian manages in a low raspy voice that sends a shiver down her spine.

Perhaps for the very first time, Nesta agrees with him.

“Well, shit” sums it up pretty nicely for her too.

okay, you know what i wanna talk about next? drunk jack zimmermann

3k, M, fluff!, alcohol use, basically happy fun sexy times with zimbits, fits in the dan erikson universe (but you don’t have to have read it to get it)

So, Drunk Jack Zimmermann:

I’m thinking that after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack is finally, finally able to take Bitty to a team fundraising event and they both dress up in nice suits and are more nervous than they are willing to admit because… it’s a hockey event for very wealthy people and, well, Bitty listens to his pre-game playlist and Jack goes in with a bit of a game face (and personally vows that he will cause a fucking scene if anyone says one wrong word to Bitty because he is done with being quiet. Bitty should not have to deal with anymore silence in his life.)

Of course, no one is more aware of Jack’s ‘ready to fucking throw down’ face then Eric R. Bittle because they’ve been dating for four years at this point and the last time he’s seen that face, Jack had gently but firmly taken the phone from Bitty’s hands and informed Mrs. Bittle that she was not to call again unless she planned on doing something other than crying.

So Bitty puts on his (slightly more mild) version of a ‘here to fight’ face and they head out.

And then it is very, very awkward because here they are, two gays boys ready to take on the establishment, and it seems no one even wants to fight them. Jack gets swarmed when he arrives (obviously, he is the Captain who led the Falconers to a Stanley Cup Victory in his third year in the league) but no one tries to separate them and no one rudely ignores Bitty in favor of talking to Jack and, really, many people seemed absolutely thrilled that Bitty is there.

So, when a server comes around and offers the group drinks, Jack feels confident enough to release his hold on Bitty and actually take one.

And it just keeps getting better and better. After the first hour or so, Jack has put in enough face time to keep the high-ups happy and they are free to hang out with his team and their wives and more servers come around and Bitty has switched to his left side so he can drink and let his arm dangle off his boyfriend and then when he sees one of his teammates sneak a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Jack realizes that he can do that too and does and–

This is fun.

They are out and no one is being a jerk and Bitty looks fantastic and Jack is allowed to put his hand on Bitty’s shoulders and his lower back and–

“Jack!” Bitty hisses, laughing and pushing at him. “We are at a formal event!”

Okay. Not there. He can’t quite put his hand there.

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jimon fic recs

(updated with descriptions) 

3 times simon flirts with jace in serious situations + 1 time jace gives it a try by hexicity 

‘“Well–well you should come to the library. With me. So that we–so that I could check you out.”There’s a brief silence during which Jace considers opening the car door and letting the demons have him for dinner, but Simon’s sudden bursting laugh halts any and all thoughts.“Dude.” Simon heaves between laughs, wiping at his eyes. “Oh, Jace, that was so bad. Oh man, oh Jace. Oh no.”’

worlds apart by banesexual 

‘highschool AU where Simon is the biggest nerd for space and the guys on the football team like to tease him, except for Jace Lightwood: captain and star quarterback who thinks it’s super cute.

slight misunderstandings by madzielightbane

‘jace and simon reflect on their feelings about why neither of them seemed affected by simon drinking jace’s blood as vampire’s usually have much more significant an effect on people.’

the obi-wan for me by the_magnificentbane

‘Jace never thought he’d be grateful to be forced to work on the day of the new Star Wars’ film’s release, all because Alec decided to cash in one of his favors so he could go on a date with that guy from last week, but turns out working instead of watching the movie wasn’t too bad.’

he’s got something special by rocketshiptospace

‘“I’m in love,” Simon declares, as he joins his friends at their table in the library.“Groundbreaking news,” Raphael deadpans, “Really, I’m shocked. This is too much. I can’t handle the pure surprise that comes with this revelation. I had never expected this. Next you’re going to tell me you’re in love with Jace, of all people. Then my mind will truly be blown.”Or, Simon is in love with Jace. He hates Christian Ozera, a famous singer. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.’

call it magic by rocketshiptospace

‘The cutting boards are at it again. Or, well, they are fine for most of the morning, until Jace comes in and they start circling around his middle like they’re trying to sacrifice him to the food gods. Or something. At least they aren’t chanting anything.“Just one normal day,” Jace says, “Just one day I want to come in here and be like ‘Hi Simon, here’s your delivery!’ and that’s it. Just once.”“You and me both,” Maia says, eyeing one of the cutting boards currently circling Jace. It’s holding a half chopped tomato she had been working on.“It’s charming,” Simon says, with the voice of someone who has had to repeat that exact phrase way too many times. “It adds character.”Or, Simon owns a sandwich shop with a haunted kitchen. Jace delivers his bread.’

only fools by rocketshiptospace

‘Jace looks conflicted now and Simon places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Simon Lewis, what does he know about dating?’ Well, from experience, very little. But I’ve been friends with Clary all my life, and on top of that I’ve watched enough rom-coms to be able to confidently call myself an expert. You’ll be successfully dating Clary before you can even say ‘Simon you’re an idiot’. Trust me.”or, Simon convinces himself Jace is into Clary, and like the Amazing Best Friend that he is, tries to teach Jace how to properly wine and dine her. It doesn’t really go as planned.’

a niall oneshot

The Sound of Your Love

this was originally posted on niall’s 23rd birthday

word count: 4764

warnings: sexually explicit content

Do you ever hear one of those sounds, a sound that trickles through your skin and pricks every nerve, every sensation that your body is able to capture and hold onto. A sound so intricate and particular that it sits in the deepest part of your chest, pumping through your veins and swirling around your beating heart, wrapping it in the memory of your senses so that every time you heard it, the emotions would all come crashing back. The goosebumps would rise over the tiny hairs of your arms and across the back of your neck, the air would cinch in your lungs as you struggled to maintain a steady breath and the pupils of your eyes would dilate, overpowering the bright ring of color and helping your mind picture the exact thing that was producing the inescapable sound that was slowly settling in your ears.

His voice was that sound for me.

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