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AHOT6 Headcanon #1

This is also a bit of a homage to my own experience of having OCD.

Since Ray is such a clean freak and lives with OCD, living in a house with five other men is utter torture, so he puts everyone to work on the weekends.

Geoff is in charge of outdoors stuff. He mows the lawn, he cleans out the gutters, he organizes the shed. Don’t touch the garden, though, because it’s Ray’s and Geoff will face a very adorable yet somehow terrifying Puerto Rican whirlwind if those roses are messed with.

Michael is in charge of the kitchen. He empties and fills the dishwasher, wipes down the cabinets and counters, organizes the shelves for Ray (glass goes on the top shelf, plastic on the bottom).

Ryan is charge of sweeping and vacuuming, something that always takes forever because a certain British bird man keeps stepping on is floors.

Jack takes care of the living room. He organizes any games or controllers that were strewn about by an impromptu Team Nice Dynamite wrestling match. He makes sure the couch cushions face the correct ways, or else Ray would throw a fit.

Gavin does the laundry, and he makes sure to purposefully shrink Geoff’s pants. He’s careful to organize Ray’s by color, just how he likes it.

Finally, Ray takes care of the bedroom and bathrooms. He arranges each of their toothbrushes in order they always got up. Ryan’s ruby red toothbrush was first to the left and Michael’s bright yellow brush was all the way to the right. He arranges the bottles on the shelves by height, mouthwash in the back, toothpaste lying flat in the front. He rinsed out the cups, tapping each against the faucet exactly three times.

In the bedroom it’s always the biggest pillows in the back while the smaller lie in front. The blanket is folded back exactly six inches away from the pillows to allow them all to get in easily. Ray organizes Michael’s knick knacks and be centers Ryan’s laptop on the desk.

They all pitch in.

Because living in order is way more fun.