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Just because I have a very hate-hate relationship with SNK and fake spoilers (lmao), I just wanted to let people know that those Marco “spoilers” for SNK CH 77 are most likely fake (ignoring the fact that they make no sense narratively nor do they entirely match Isayama’s style), seeing as the magazine serial containing said new chapter isn’t even published and available to the public until Saturday …

Image: from Bessatsu Magazine Official Twitter. Tweet:  Bessatsu shonen Magazine February issue this weekend, 1/9 (Saturday) is released.

EDIT: I am still currently searching Chinese/Japanese forums for evidence of the chapter being leaked before publishing, but am yet to find anything re: spoiler discussion. It doesn’t seem like the raws exist anywhere at this moment (but leaks have appeared in the past, so stay sceptical but don’t panic lmfao).

EDIT 2: Looked into the Reddit a little more, which offers opposing information. Moderator very reliable source, claims to have scanned images themselves.