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Fic: Misty (1/1)

Title: Misty
Summary: No, that sound hadn’t come from a squirrel at all. It seemed that a tiny, helpless kitten had indeed taken up residence beneath Emma and Killian’s porch.
Spoilers: Let’s say everything up to 6x03, “The Other Shoe.”
Rating/Warning: PG, for brief language. Fluff so fluffy that marshmallow is jealous.
Word Count: 2178, so sayeth OpenOffice.
Characters: Emma and Killian with a guest appearance by a tiny four-legged friend.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I don’t know what it is about their characters but I do so adore playing with them.
Author’s Note: @zannereid27 asked for a story about Emma and Killian getting a pet. Something about the thought of the two of them chasing after and snuggling with a tiny kitten gives me the happies, so here we be! Feedback is a writer’s ice cream sundae! Enjoy. :)


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It was only on days like this, when the savior hotline wasn’t ringing off the hook and Emma had a few spare moments to sit and relax, that it hit her how ridiculous her life had become. Because here it was, the first really nice day of spring, and she, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, was spending it on the wicker loveseat out on the front porch, cuddled up with Captain Hook.

The Emma Swan of a few years ago would never – never in a million years – have believed that one day she would be perfectly content working her way through a pitcher of spiked lemonade with Captain Hook. The Emma Swan of a few years ago would never have believed that she would find her parents, her loving, wonderful parents, and in so doing find that she was in fact the rightful princess of the Enchanted Forest.

It was a dream – fantasy, really – she remembered having as a little kid. She remembered pretending that her parents were a king and a queen from a far-off land and one day they’d come back for her. Pretty much every orphan she knew had similar fantasies. Long, brutal years in the system had quickly disabused them of those fantasies but, in her case, it hadn’t been at all far from the truth.

Which was, to be completely honest, still a little mind-boggling sometimes. Like now, when out of the blue it hit her that she was sitting on the front porch and splitting a pitcher of spiked lemonade with Captain Hook.

“We should do this more often,” Killian said, startling Emma out of her reverie.

She looked up at him, squinting in the spring sun. “Do what? Try to get a decent buzz going in the middle of the day?”

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Fencing in futsal shoes

I have been using a pair of these (Puma “classico”) things for about a year to train, mostly longsword but also a non-trivial amount of dagger and poleaxe.

I am naming the brand and model for the sake of accuracy, but from what I can see, most futsal shoes in the same price range have much the same features - so if you are thinking about futsal shoes for HEMA, this is probably going to give you at least some of the information you want.

First, Price mark. I think most people will want to know this first. Affordability is excellent. I can see some online right now in March 2017 for $60AU (45USD, 43EUR)

Second, suitability for the purpose. I took these with me in addition to regular shoes all the way through europe because I much prefer fencing in them to my regular (slightly heavier, traditional ‘sneaker’) shoes. My preferences for fencing are something quite light, with average grip and very little bulk. These and presumably other futsal shoes fit that purpose perfectly.
Being quite lightweight they are fairly closely fitted to the foot. This is a good thing, but it also means the laces are often under tension and they come un-done easily. My solution to this was to tuck the loose ends of the laces in underneath the lacing on the front of the shoe which mitigates the problem significantly, but not completely. My next pair have minimal lacing on them for this reason. The insole is quite flat, which I never found uncomfortable despite having prominently arched feet. The amount of material between your foot and the floor is minimal, which for w

Third, Durability. I can’t really complain about them on this front. They have seen use in tournaments, training several times a week for a year, as well as travel (which involved quite intensive training for 2 months) and a small amount of every day wear. The only wear and tear on mine is cosmetic, and can be remedied by cleaning with some alcohol solution. I didn’t have to repair or replace any part of them.

The vinyl shell of the shoe has experienced some wrinkling as is to be expected. A different material may hold up better cosmetically, but nothing on the shoe has broken or become otherwise unpleasant.

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