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Bruce had heard music coming from the studio earlier in the day. They had converted what his mother had always called “The Music Room,” laying down marley flooring, lining the walls with mirrors and barres. All for Cass.

The sun was setting and the house was quiet now: Alfred hadn’t returned from his errands yet and the winter day was quickly coming to a close.

Heading to his study, Bruce passed the studio and was surprised to see Cassandra lying on the floor. The lights weren’t on and the weak remaining sunlight left the room dim. He could hear the white noise of the stereo system, on but not playing anything.

“Cassandra?” he asked, confused, stepping onto the springy floor.

She was lying on her back, her legs stretched out long, with her arms crossed over her eyes and forehead. Her long-sleeved leotard and legwarmers couldn’t be much protection against the chill if she’d been still for very long. Cassandra didn’t move or respond; he saw her throat work as she swallowed.

Bruce crossed the floor in a few strides, only to stop short at the sight of her feet.

He opened his mouth to ask one of many questions, but said instead:

“Cass, you’ve bled through your shoes.”

She went through pointe shoes fairly quickly, they lasted several months depending on how many classes in a week she could attend. But this pairs’ usual wear, grey scuffs on the washed-out peach satin, was eclipsed by the dull brown patches of blood that had appeared in different spots on the toe of each shoe.

Bruce sat by her feet and watched her face for any signs of distress as he gently picked up the leg nearest to him. When she didn’t react, he prodded the ends of the laces out from their bundle on the inside of her ankle and began picking at the knot beneath it. Unwinding the laces revealed deep indentations. She didn’t move or make a sound as he carefully pulled the fitted shoe from her foot and began peeling sticky gel pads, and lambswool, and finally her convertible tights, back from the raw and bloody flesh of her toes.

It made him think of Cinderella’s stepsisters, the old versions, mutilated by their mother in an attempt to fit the slipper and win a throne.

He held her foot in his lap, lightly chafing the angry red marks left on her clammy skin by the laces and elastic band. Not rubbing hard or touching the open wounds. He could feel the barest tremor of her muscles that meant she was exhausted.

“Last night was hard,”

With her arms still crossed over her eyes, she spoke in a whisper.

Bruce hummed an acknowledgement and started on her other foot. Of all his children, Cass was the one he trusted most to patrol alone, though he didn’t like it. It meant he didn’t know when she had to see or do things that he would rather have shielded her from.

Finishing, he piled the bloody detritus of her shoes and padding to one side. As he gathered her up and stood, he felt more than heard a soft “oh!” escape her. He was glad she didn’t protest, even though his back did.

Carrying her to the door, he brushed a knuckle to the switch that cut power to the sound system.

“It helped,” she said from his shoulder.


“Not being a weapon, for a while.”


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Esselley-senpai, I was wondering if you have any kagehina fic recommendations? But I'm not talking about all time classics, I mean ongoing fics that may go unnoticed. Do you have a fav author that I should check out? Mine is you, of course!!

Originally posted by penguinshipsvkook


Aside from my “fic rec” tag (which I add to fairly regularly), here are some series/writers I’ve been wanting to rec! (I don’t tend to read WIPs, sorry T.T) 

Countdown series by @byesweetheart [rating: G - E] 
A literal must read for KageHina characterization and UNLIMITED SWEETNESS! If you want KageHina cuteness and happiness and some of the best kisses ever, you should check these stories out. Ava also pays so much attention to their character quirks and motivations, and I love reading knowing a lot of thought has gone into the things they’re saying and doing, even in the more, shall we say, heated moments. All her fics are lovely, so in the eventuality that you manage to tear yourself away from Countdown, give the others a go!

Kageyama friendships series by aosav [rating: G - T]
Aosav is one of the most hilarious, wonderful storytellers I’ve had the pleasure to read in awhile. They write Kageyama (and really, everyone) in a way I only wish I could achieve! Their Kageyama friendships series is so delightful. It’s got a very gentle overarching story, but each work is mainly standalone, focusing on Tobio breaking through on communication with individual members of Karasuno. Each fic is heartfelt and deeply satisfying. I actually highly recommend checking out all of their fics, I’ve been devouring them all regardless of pairing/plot/subject matter. Their chapter works are also a lot of fun.

Parisienne Walkways series by @someone-stole-my-shoes [rating: M - E]
I know everyone knows Laura’s fic Routine, BUT, if you’ve read that, and haven’t read the Parisienne Walkways series, what are you doing with your life?! This fic is funny, sweet, warm… but also comes with a heaping helping of intense slow burn, bonding, and sexual discovery at its best, with a very eager, needy Hinata, and one of the hottest (but sweetest) Kageyamas I’ve ever read! Basically, Tobio is a quiet, reclusive figure skater and (surprise!) a sex god – Hinata is fucked. (Literally. Many times.) 

We keep living anyway by wrappedinrosegold

She had held on more tightly to Carl than she had to anything in a long, long time, including her viselike grip on her former lack of a life and her former self. Post 4x9 one-shot featuring Michonne, Rick and Carl. Title from Lin Manuel Miranda’s ‘Wait For It’.
Rated G

The Farmer’s Wife by tellyoscar

On the night of one of the deadliest snow storms in Virginia’s history Rick Grimes encountered an alluring woman stranded on the side of a rural Virginia road with a dead cell phone and broken down car. 
Rated M

Muddy Shoes by klockedin

Rick and Michonne meet at the dog park.
Rated T

Megan’s VegBul FanFic Recommendations

This list has been compiled over a long period of time, and features some of the best VegBul/Vegeta/Brief’s Centric fics I’ve read over the years. Hope you enjoy, and happy reading! If you like a story, please support the author by leaving a review! And, also check out their profiles, because many authors below have written other great fics that I haven’t listed!

Note: Most fics are completed, but not all of them! The (***) next to listings will indicate that they are at the top of my personal favorites, and are highly recommended. Fics with titles that are bolded contain what I personally have deemed excessively Mature content, ranging from violence, angst, hardships, dark scenarios, sexual themes, graphic scenes, etc. So read with caution!

Family Fics

VegBul AU’s/What If Scenarios

VegBul Romance with Canonical Approach

This may be added upon at my leisure. Contact me if you have any questions over possible triggering contents that may be in particular fics. And as I said, there are many other great fics that were written by some of the repeated author’s on this list, so check out their profiles for more! 

Bags where I collect shoes thrifted without mates. Zero percent success rate of finding matching shoes over time. The bags just get fuller. There are So Many different doll shoes out there. @_@

I kinda want to send this lot on a voyage around my doll friends to see if anyone gets a matching pair from it but I seriously doubt it would be worth the postage. :/


CasJimmy (twincest cw)




  • Loved [Dean x Jensen] – rating m

[ao3writing tagarchived writing tag]

haters: CS has ruined OUAT! Everyone hates it! Stop Once Upon A CS! Nobody wants that shit!

OUAT: brings on episode written by Jane Espenson, one of the best CS writers of all time, with Swan Jones Family bonding, a lot of CS goodness and Emma asking Killian to move in with her, highly promoted by Adam, Eddy and JMo at NYCC.

ratings: up up up up up


Fic: Misty (1/1)

Title: Misty
Summary: No, that sound hadn’t come from a squirrel at all. It seemed that a tiny, helpless kitten had indeed taken up residence beneath Emma and Killian’s porch.
Spoilers: Let’s say everything up to 6x03, “The Other Shoe.”
Rating/Warning: PG, for brief language. Fluff so fluffy that marshmallow is jealous.
Word Count: 2178, so sayeth OpenOffice.
Characters: Emma and Killian with a guest appearance by a tiny four-legged friend.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I don’t know what it is about their characters but I do so adore playing with them.
Author’s Note: @zannereid27 asked for a story about Emma and Killian getting a pet. Something about the thought of the two of them chasing after and snuggling with a tiny kitten gives me the happies, so here we be! Feedback is a writer’s ice cream sundae! Enjoy. :)


At and below.


It was only on days like this, when the savior hotline wasn’t ringing off the hook and Emma had a few spare moments to sit and relax, that it hit her how ridiculous her life had become. Because here it was, the first really nice day of spring, and she, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, was spending it on the wicker loveseat out on the front porch, cuddled up with Captain Hook.

The Emma Swan of a few years ago would never – never in a million years – have believed that one day she would be perfectly content working her way through a pitcher of spiked lemonade with Captain Hook. The Emma Swan of a few years ago would never have believed that she would find her parents, her loving, wonderful parents, and in so doing find that she was in fact the rightful princess of the Enchanted Forest.

It was a dream – fantasy, really – she remembered having as a little kid. She remembered pretending that her parents were a king and a queen from a far-off land and one day they’d come back for her. Pretty much every orphan she knew had similar fantasies. Long, brutal years in the system had quickly disabused them of those fantasies but, in her case, it hadn’t been at all far from the truth.

Which was, to be completely honest, still a little mind-boggling sometimes. Like now, when out of the blue it hit her that she was sitting on the front porch and splitting a pitcher of spiked lemonade with Captain Hook.

“We should do this more often,” Killian said, startling Emma out of her reverie.

She looked up at him, squinting in the spring sun. “Do what? Try to get a decent buzz going in the middle of the day?”

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You said you were better at AU's so how about Coffee shop AU? Someone had to do it, lol.

Barry looks forward to Tuesdays.  Iris doesn’t understand because Tuesdays to her are like Mondays’ shadow. Still to early in the week to be near the weekend and like all the work from Monday trickles down into a pool of despair. Iris has illustrated this concept numerous times with cronuts and sugar packets while on their shifts during customer lulls at Jitters. 

But what Iris doesn’t get is that Tuesday also have a silver lining. Tuesdays mean a glimpse of Len Snart. Or Mr. Venti-Iced-Coffee-With-Almond-Milk-No-Sugar-To-Go. Barry’s surprised Iris hasn’t noticed. It’s probably because she’s equally distracted by Joe’s new partner that seems to need coffee twice a day when Iris is working. Barry’s never seen Eddie Thawne in Jitters when Barry’s working solo. 


On the first Tuesday of the month, Barry is running late. So late. Too late. He’s going to be horrendously late. Iris will be giving him these disappointed sad eyes for the next week, Barry’s sure. 

It’s not his fault his phone died and his upper stairs neighbour flooded their bathroom causing water to seep into Barry’s apartment at an alarming rate. So Barry’s running shoes are wet and his hair looks like he’s been struck by lightning bad bedhead. 

Barry is going to have to agree that Tuesdays are the worst. He runs into Jitters only to see that Len is already in the queue waiting for his drink order from Iris. Cisco is at the cash charming a brunette in a gold trench coat.

This week’s going to be  was going to be a long week bereft of hot business men with ridiculous eyebrows and dangerous smiles.

“I hate my life,” he says, grabbing his apron. Cisco just gives him sympathetic finger guns because the brunette is leaving with Leonard despite winking at Cisco and Len’s perturbed frown when he sees Barry at the cash.


Wednesday begins like a bad hangover. He’s opening early for Cisco since he pulled a double yesterday to fill in for Barry. So Barry is tired and just morosely not thinking about his dead phone, wet apartment or lack of love life. So he’s more focused on rearranging the juice display that he doesn’t notice the customer until they’re right over him.

Iced-Coffee-With-Almond-Milk-No-Sugar-To-Go,” says a familiar drawl and Barry nearly hits his head on display case. Len Snart is standing over him as he’s crouched down at the cold case. 

“And your number,” Len continues with the same aplomb like Barry isn’t gaping at him.

“Er,” he manages. “I-is this happening? Did Cisco put up to this?“

“I don’t take dating advice from my sister’s boyfriend. Or anybody,” says Len, clearly amused. 

“Cisco’s dating your sister?” Barry says incredulously.

“Is that what you’re taking away from this exchange?”

“No! I mean, yes. My number!” he hastily uncaps his Sharpie used for orders and grabs a coffee cup. “My phone’s dead but the sim card is drying out so-hopefully it’ll be dry by tomorrow?”

“Or I could come by after your shift,” says Len, his lips drawing up to a smirk.

“You could do that,” agrees Barry, with a smile. 

“Then I’ll take my coffee to stay.”

Goodie Two Shoes?”

Rated: R

Pairing: Reader/ Punk Michael Clifford

hope you enjoy & photo is not mine

A giggle erupts from my mouth when a see that Michael sends me a photo of him with a Starbucks right next to his face and saying ‘I’m I a white girl yet?’ with a bunch of pink emojis. I smile but it’s soon cut off when I hear my dad clear his throat.

“Y/N please, no phone’s at the dinner table,” my dad orders. I roll my eyes and place my phone near my thighs and grip the fork in my hands before diving into the season chicken that my mom made. I begin to chew on my food and faintly listen to the conversation that my mom and dad are having about this advent that they should do at the church.

My dad is the head pastor and as you could say, I’m the goodie two shoes in this town, well because I have to be. Everybody sees me as the little miss perfect girl because I’m the pastors daughter and get straight A’s and has a perfect face and rich. I hate it, always wearing pink,white,purple shit. Skirts,dresses, high heels and flowery head bands. To make it even worse my whole room is filled with this stuff. But I’m nothing like that. Ever since I heard “American Idiot” by Green Day on the radio I fell in love with this punk pop music, but obviously I had to keep it from my parents that I was listening to this music and dying to dye my hair blue instead of sticking with my natural hair colour.

“Hey…Um mom can I sleep over Sandy’s house today?” I ask with the most sweetest and innocent voice that I can muster out. I watch my mom as she swallows some of her green beans before answering me. “You were just at her house this afternoon Y/N,” my mom specks, taking a sip of her red wine.

“I know but she has this really cute fluffy puppy that she just got and he is just so unbelievably cute!” I exclaim with fake excitement and a proud smile. My mother awe’s before nodding her head. I smile back before fishing the rest of my half eaten salmon.

“Bye mom, dad I love you!” I yell at the front hall. I hear an ‘I love you too’ before I see a light flicker off in the hallway. I smirk before texting Michael that I’m on my way. I slip on my newly bought white converse and step out of the house before making my way down my porch and onto the street.

“Hey Michael I’m by the stop sign? Where are you?” I speck into the phone. Before I know it I hear a heavy metal music blaring down the end of the street and an rusty old Volkswagen riding down the street. I smile when the car stops in front of me. I slip my phone into my back pocket before opening the passenger door and stepping inside.

“Hey baby” Michael states before gripping the back of my neck and smashing our lips on each other. I smile in the kiss before I’m released. “Michael I saw you today in the afternoon why are so excited?” I giggle and he just shrugs and begins to drive down the rest of the street before making a sharp left.

“So what are we going to do when we get to your place?” I ask Michael while he drums a SlipKnot tune on my thigh with his tattoo thumb. “Cuddle, watch movies, order pizza or I could eat you out and you can suck me off?” Michael snickers while I hit him playfully in the shoulder.

Yes who would have thought? Y/N Y/L/N would be dating the towns bad boy Michael Clifford. The first time you saw Michael you knew that he was different and definitely didn’t want to be like everybody in this boring town. With the various amount of piercings and tattoo’s that he has he made everybody leave him alone when he first walked into the local grocery store. Aside from his three best friends Calum,Luke and Ashton who were exactly like him. When they first met you they teased you since you were wearing a tight white crop top, pink high waisted skirt and white heels with your hair half up with a white bow when you went to one of there band practices to watch them play. But once they realized that you weren’t like all the other goodie two shoes girls since you tell them all the bands that you listened to and that you had a piercing in a naughty place that only Michael found out on the 6th date they toke a liking to you and you with them.

You are knocked out of your day dream when you stop in front of Michael’s house. You grap the white and cream colour chevron bag that your mom got you from Hollister into your hands and step out of the car and make your way up to the door and step inside not waiting for Michael since he is waiting for Wait and Bleed to end in his car. You kick off your converse and hurry up the stairs and walking into Michael’s bed room filled with various amount of band posters like you wished that your room would look like. You throw your bag on the bed before undressing and throwing on your lilic purple ‘Beaver Camp’ jogging pants on and your white v-neck t-shirt.

You hurry down the stairs when you see Michael sitting on the couch and ordering pizza. Your walk up to him and take the blanket that lays at the end of the brown couch and wrap it around yourself before laying down on the couch. “Hey save some room for me!” Michael whines and pulls the blanket off before settling down behind you and slinging his arms around your waist while you watch an old re run of Friends.

After about 20 minutes later the door bell rings and Michael stands to get the pizza while you walk into his small kitchen and grap two plates and cups. You walk back in and set them down and Michael begins to rip open the pizza box and tug three pizza slices out of the box. “Wow calm down there man,” I laugh and take a cheese slice out of the box and begin to munch on it. “Don’t man me,” Michael states with a full mouth of food. “Attractive,” I laugh while Michael smiles.

“I know it turns you on,” Michael gives me a smug grin before eating another slice of pizza. “Your already getting me wet” I laugh while Michael smiles. “Hey why don’t we play truth or dare?” Michael states and takes a sip of his beer instead of the pop that he ordered. I shrug, nodding my head.

“Okay I’ll go first, truth or dare Y/N?” Michael says and leans on his elbows looking at me. “Truth,” I state. “Was I the only man to ever see that naughty little piercing of yours?” Michael chuckles and winks, I roll my eyes before replying. “Okay TMI truth or dare more like it. But no, there was my two ex-boyfriends?” I state. Michael nods before I open my mouth and speck.

“Truth or dare?” “Dare” Michael states and wiggles his eyebrows. “Okay um… Send a dick pic to Ashton!” I exclaim laughing. Michael smirks before standing and tugging his way to the washroom with his phone and doing what I told him to do. After 2 minutes Michael walks back in with shame written all over his face. “What did he say?” I ask.

“You know you should probably check who you send messages too before you press send? Because my mom definitely did not like that picture,” Michael states while I begin to laugh. After I calmed down Michael asked me.

“Truth or dare Y/N?” “Truth like always?” I state rolling my eyes. I watch Michael as he is bitting down on his lower lip and his fingers are picking at the cracked leather of his couch. “Okay.. This has been eating me inside so I rather just say it now. Why haven’t we had sex yet Y/N?” Michael ask and looks at me with those dark green eyes. I bite down on my lower lip while I lower my head.

“Is it because I’m too fat? Not good looking? To controlling at times-” “No it’s not” I say cutting Michael profanities off. “Then why?” Michael asks. I huff before looking Michael in the eyes. “I’m still a virgin Michael,” I state and Michael eyes nearly pop out of his head. I fumble with my lip before looking Michael in the eyes.

“How are you a virgin. You let me eat you out and you have a hood piercing? I don’t understand?” Michael specks. I shrug my shoulders before opening my mouth and then closing it trying to find the right words.

“Both of my ex-boyfriends try to record me having sex with them since I am the pastor daughter and everybody looks up to me, so I dumped them if I heard them talking to there friend about it or still seeing the webcam red light on,” I state and drop my head. “Oh baby you know that I won’t do that?” Michael specks and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

“Just tell me when your ready, okay?” Michael says before releasing me and looking me in the eye, I nod my head smiling why he places a kiss on my cheek. I nod before leaning my head on his shoulder while I hear Michael hum before fluttering his eyes closed. I roll my eyes at his laziness and watch the rest of ‘The Big Band Theory’

But then my thoughts cut me off. Michael isn’t like the others, he’s different. We have been together longer then the two boyfriends that I had in the past. He also cares more then the other and doesn’t care about my families wealth or getting popular over something stupid. I hum before looking at Michael. His mouth slightly parted with snores lightly escape his mouth.

“Mikey,” I say and begin to tickle his neck a little. “Um yeah what?” Michael’s raspy morning voice specks while I already feel my panties getting wet. “I’m ready,” I speck while Michael rubs his eyes and hums again making me repeat my sentence.

“I’m ready, Michael” I say and Michael opens his mouth before closing it again. “I’m ready,” I say once more. Michael nods his head before getting the T.V. remote and turning off the T.V and standing before gripping the back of my legs and back and beginning to walk up the stairs.

I giggle as Michael lays me down on the bed gently like I’m a feather before standing and moving across the room to his CD player. “Really Michael,” I huff while I just hear his chuckle before I hear the starting of ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by the Arctic Monkeys playing in the background as Michael makes his way over to me.

I breath out a side of relief as he places both of his hands beside my head and leans down placing a quick peck on my lips before kissing me again and making it deeper. My arms wrap around his neck while his hands wander down and begin to play with the hem of my v-neck. I release from the kiss so Michael can tug it over my head revealing my pink bra with a small bow at the front. I look up at Michael as he licks his lips before coming closer to my neck and placing small soft kisses there.

I moan at the feeling of the way his finger moved down towards my heat and gently rubbed over it. I feel Michael smirk against my skin before telling me to arch my back so he can get my bra off. I obey and the bra is tugged off my body and onto the floor. I moan when I feel Michael immediately launch his lips onto my nipples. Sucking on and twirling them with his tongue and pinching the one without his mouth on it. He soon switches side, doing the same as before while I moan as he bites down lightly. Michael releases his mouth from my nipple before kissing down my body and tugging down my jogging pants. The matching pink underwear showing.

“God you look so fucking innocent like this,” Michael moans his mouth close to my heat. I moan when I feel him blow over my heat before gently sliding the panties slowly down my legs, teasing me. My back jolts up when I feel his tongue flick my hood piercing before running his tongue all over my slit before slipping it in between my folds. A gasp escapes my mouth while my hand slides down my stomach and gripping onto Michael’s newly dyed hair.

“Fuck Michael,” I moan and buck my hips up wanting more of his tongue. I feel Michaels mouth move away from my heat before I feel his finger running up and down my slit. “I’m just going to see how tight you are, okay?” Michael ask while I quickly nod trying to catch my breath. I let out a painful moan when I feel Michael’s finger enter me. “Holy shit babe you are tight,” Michael states with sad eyes while removing his finger out of me.I knot my eyebrows in confusion.

“What’s wrong with that?” I ask, “It will probably hurt more since you are this tight,” I roll my eyes at Michaels worrying and grip his arm in my hand. “I’ll be fine Michael,” I say. Michael gives me a faint smile before discarding his plaid tank top and black skinny jeans only leaving him in his tight black boxers which is showing his hard erection which looks very painful.

“Can we get under the covers?” I ask while Michael nods. I slip under the covers as Michael does the same. I watch as he pulls open the drawer next to his bed and graps a condum out, I watch as he rips it before rolling it onto his shaft. “Wouldn’t want little Mickey’s running around, that can wait,” Michael chuckles but my heart just flutters when he said ‘that can wait’ does that mean we will still be together in the future.

I’m knocked out of my daze when Michael places a kiss on my lips before moving away and looking me in the eye and pushing himself in. My eyes screw shut with the amount of pain coursing threw me. I let out a whimper while Michael places soft kiss on my forehead,neck,collar bones everywhere. I keep on feeling Michael push in. My eyes screw extremely shut when I feel him breaking my hymen. I begin to feel tears spring down my cheeks while Michael wipes them away.

“Okay I’m in all the way,” I nod my head. Before breathing in and out for a few seconds before telling Michael he can move. Michael slowly thrust his hips, making the pain leave and the pleasure coming in. I moan when I feel Michael brush against my g-spot. My back arching up as he continues to rock his hips in an agonizingly slow paste.

“Faster Michael,” I moan and dig my nails into his back while he hisses and nods his head, obeying and moving at a quicker pace.

I’m a moaning mess beneath Michael, I can feel my hair sticking to my forehead while sweats begin to tickle down Michael s forehead while little moans slips past his lips. I nearly scream when I feel my hood ring rub against Michaels pubic bone, sending a wave of uncontrolled pleasure to my body. “I’m close,” I moan when Michael is now rolling his hips so that my hood piercing can give me more pleasure, and it is. “Me too,” Michael grunts and digs his nails deeper into my hips that will probably leave marks tomorrow.

“Oh fuck!” I scream while my back arches up and I clench around Michael, releasing all over him while I feel Michael twitch before moaning out my name high pitched and coming into the condum. My body begins to shake from the rippling orgasm that I just had. Michael begins to place small kisses along my neck before pressing one to my lips and rolling off of me. I let out a sigh of exhaustion as Michael stands and walks to the garbage to throws out the condum.

I whimper when I feel my inner thighs sore when turning on my side. “Are you okay? Do you need me to get anything for you?” Michael ask sweetly while getting into bed. I smile sweetly. “Just cuddle with me you dork,” I laugh while Michael smiles and wraps his arms around my waist and burying his head in my neck.

‘I Want To Be Yours’ begins to play in the background while Michael sings and rubs small circles on my hip bones, knowing that,that makes me go to sleep faster. And it did.
Swan Queen FanFic | Actually Yours

Pairing: Swan Queen

Author: Barbie Shoes

Rating: K+

Words: 2,711

Spoliers: Nothing major, set indeterminate time after 3x11

Summary: "All attempts to make her way into the hardened woman’s good graces had so far been futile. She didn’t like Emma’s jokes, she didn’t approve of Emma’s parenting, and she certainly didn’t appreciate Emma’s company. She had no doubt Regina tried very hard, at the constant behest of their son, to be nice. She just didn’t seem capable of actually succeeding.“ — Love Actually inspired SQ

A/N: Based on the Mark/Juliet story from Love Actually, with hints of the Natalie/David storyline as well, but minus the holiday and love-triangle elements. This was all I could think about while watching the movie, so I simply couldn’t resist writing it! I may have stolen their general plot and a few lines, but it is still my writing, so reviews are still much appreciated :) Merry Belated Christmas or other seasonal holiday!