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Korean artist wanna be so into black culture and say shit like “I must experience black pain to have a soulful voice. ” or “I want to be reborn as a black person, ” They want the clothes, the hair styles and the swag. But they can’t take ten seconds to find out the history of things that are hella rasict. And as fast as they say that internet is over there, don’t tell me they can’t do their research.



Around 200 people in Beirut marched in silence from the Foreign Ministry in Achrafieh toward the Interior Ministry in Hamra Monday July 18, 2016 to denounce discrimination in light of the recent spate of attacks and measures against Syrians in the country. Protesters held banners reading: “Discrimination threatens civil peace” and “Curfews are forbidden."  Lebanon hosts around 1.1 million Syrians in camps across the country, since the Syrian crisis erupted in 2011.

Photo credit / Hasan Shaaban

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Can you please expand on why you think sense8 is rasict

Look at our search box or even google sense8 and racism. Explanations will pop up.


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Youve played chess? What a fucking nerd. It seems fitting that a homophobic asshole like you would okay that rasict game

1. I AM a nerd, and proud.

2. “You’ve”. 

3. Where’s the period?

4. At one point you were nothing but an a-hole, too. When the human embryo develops, the first opening to form is the anus.

5. Come on. Is checkers racist, too? Because red and black? Is that supposed to be derogatory toward Native Americans? Or maybe Russians? 

Seriously. Where did you come from? If you’re going to try and make me cry, you’ll have to do better than this. I LAUGHED.

sorry ive b33n gone but i’ll be active a bit more soon cuz tomorrow is the last day of school (yay!) and that’ll fr33 me up a Bunch cuz i wont be studying so much HOWEVER my grandparents are visiting for health reasons and thats gonna usurp my time a bit, and i n33d to catch up to a summer spanish class that ive b33n missing bc fukin school so thats fun but yeah ill come back and do some shit like figure out twitter and pride and stuff hopefully by saturday or something B:pp

ID #97657

Name: Mary🔥
Age: 14
Country: United Kingdom

Hello, new potential friend! I am Mary, I am 14 years old and am an awkward as hell person! I love the Weeknd, 5SOS, the 1975 and taking photos ect! 😆 I also love movies and I do not like people who are confrontational, rasict, doesn’t believe everybody should have equal rights ( I am very passionate about human rights)! Sorry for the eclimation marks, I hope to hear from you! ♡

Preferences: I would prefer if you were between the ages of 14 and 16, I don’t care what gender you are! Also, I would like someone who is awkward as me ( which is surprisingly alot) and believe in he good hinges in the world!

Racist girl, I can confidently say that I think you’re fucking nuts. And that you’re batshit crazy and that you are a racist little shit hole, alright? But with all that being said, you were still… *sniff* one of the best memes on this channel, and I appreciate you, okay? I fucking appreciate you. We enjoyed laughing at your videos and mostly at you, a little bit too much, in all honesty. And we’ll never forget you, okay? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we love you, racist girl. Good luck in the next life. Or, for you, good luck working at fucking Wal-mart. Rest in peace.
That racist little fuck.

I’m gonna start posting on here more w/ my opinions in my hope to get anon hate.

Also abt to start cutting ppl from my life whos opinions are Tumblr based.
You got your own mind sweaty.
Fucking use it.

99.9% of white ppl that use Tumblr think that all white ppl are bad. Your like 50% the reason why ever other race hates us cuz you get offended on others behalfs.

Stay in your place man. If they got a problem, holy shit look, a platform to vent and rant on.
You look shitty trying to defend things you don’t understand.

Back tf up babe and get a new mind set.

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Hey, wtf is going on this bullshit about Big bang being racist? I saw comments about it many times on Internet and I didn't get a memo.

Me neither to be honest. I’ve seen some people talking weird things about Taeyang and GDragon being racist because they had dreadlocks. Like how can it be offensive? Is it reserved only for black people? It’s fucked up. It’s also funny that some people think that GDragon’s black face in Coup d’etat mv means that he’s making fun of black people. But some maniacs who see every action as something rasict, didn‘t get meaning of it. Black face symbolizes dark character/dark part of personality behind those white masks. Like, seriously, some people need to learn how to interpret symbolizm before talking stupid things. This one is actually very easy to guess. Haters gonna hate.

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Ok Ima say it once, white lives matter is stupid BECAUSE everyone ALREADY KNOWS WHITES MATTER, they were literally on top of the race food chain FOR SO LONG, EVEN NOW. Now the one time black people ask for people to recognize them and say that they matter, all the whites have to go "BUT WE MATTER TOO!!!! FUCKING RASICT, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT WHITE LIVES AT ALL!!!" Maybe actually read up on BLM movement cuz I have never heard them be violent.

Black Lives Matter protest in San Diego turns violent

Black Lives Matter protest in St. Paul turns violent

Black Lives Matter protest blocks the Las Vegas Strip, also turns violent leading to ten arrests.

Black Lives Matter creates a spike in anti-cop violence.

An opinion piece, but still an interesting read. Includes video demonstrating difference between All Lives Matter protests and Black Lives Matter protests.

I think you get the idea, there are plenty more online that you can look into. But if you had actually read up on the BLM movement you would have seen all of this already. 

And honestly, I don’t think anyone would have any issue with the BLM movement if their protests were peaceful, but they’re not. They almost always end in violence and many people have been assaulted by members of BLM. 

There is nothing wrong with the initial concept of the Black Lives Matter movement, however, many people are using the movement as an excuse to be racist towards white people, so can you really blame people for being pissed off? 

My name is Lexie. Im 16 years old from the US

I’m looking for an internet bestfriend to talk and Snapchat to just like any other best friend bc currently my text messages are empty

I really love music, photography, slam poems, nature, animals, traveling, reading, COLOR GUARD, marching band. 

I’m not homophobic or rasicts or sexist, just want equality. (if you become my internet best friend I get kinda clingy so be prepared lmao) 

insagram , @/ lexiemarsh_
Snapchat, @/ lexiethatsme
lexiem101 @ yahoo . com

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I went to the fandomeshatewomen blog and skimmed a bit through it and one of the mood thinks that the way Stiles treats Scott is rasictic and I honestly can't

I saw that, and she’s speaking from a s1/2 perspective about the dog bowl and what not.  Which is why I’m not thrilled that nyxie is trying to leak fandom business because honestly these people just don’t watch enough to be invested past the surface. 


A friendly reminder that Russia was taking part in Eurovision 2003 with a lesbian group named Tatu, which is a shortening hint to the Russian phrase “Эта девочка любит ту девочку”, meaning “This girl loves that girl”. The group was very popular here and they acted freely kissing and hugging over their concerts and in the real life. The audience for years didn’t know it was made for the group’s stage image, so that they loved the singers just the way they were. 
Please, don’t claim Russia a country of homophobes, the government political course wasn’t always like that and I hope it will change soon. Still, the society hasn’t change. We can barely say what exactly is this new “gay propoganda”, because people do not pay attention to a stupid doubtful law and can’t forbid you to love someone. 
It’s just a pity to see so much hatred in the posts connected to Russia, meshing politics and people living here in one item to be hated, blamed as rasict and homophobic.              

Arrow Official Facebook : full with people who want more than half female characters on arrow to die 

The Flash Official Facebook : “I’m not rasict but …. “

OUAT Official Facebook : homophobic comments

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