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Hi! How are you!? 😊 I wanted to get your input in this. There's a theory going around that Ciel may be a twin but the twin had died and that Ciel had taken up twins name to inherit the PH name and that's why when Madame Red was about to kill him she saw her sisters face & she knew that that wasn't the real Ciel and that she had hinted before that other twin had always beat her in chess. But the there's also the theory that there's was a first born and it died but what if he didn't? •1/2

•2/2 I just saw a random pic edit that was just that a picture of Ciel but the tag read: “Are you sure this kid is 13? That is not a 13-year-olds face.” So I thought to myself, What if it’s the older brother? But then why would the older brother need to take the younger’s name? Maybe he was the sick one? And since the younger was healthier everything would go to him? I have no idea where I’m going with this. I’m loving the whole Ciel is a twin or older brother & stolen identity theory. 🙃

Hi, it’s not the best day of my life but I’ll survive, thanks for asking. As for your questions, the theory you’re talking about is commonly known as the Two Ciel Theory or 2CT, and the version you mentioned is only one of the many ways this theory can apparently go.

Warning: Post not in favor of the 2CT, I intend to answer specifically this anon’s questions but if somehow you can’t stomach someone not agreeing with this theory, then please don’t read this post. 
(To specify clearly, the points I discuss are relating to what Anon pointed out only, this post isn’t about the 2CT in its integrity) 

Long story short, about the 2CT in general, I’m not a fan because… 

  • It sounds too cliché
  • It’s also way too “obvious” as a move considering all the things people take as “hints”, so I’ll be disappointed if Yana were to go down that road for Kuro
  • I don’t like how it transforms Ciel’s characterization (at least with how some fans make it sound) 

So Anon, as much as I’ll try to stay neutral towards the 2CT out of decency for you, here’s why the version you proposed doesn’t make much sense. I’m also tagging @dorkshadows right now because she might want to add a few things to what I’m about to say, since this is a mix between my thoughts and hers. 

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