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I love how you always see the best in people. Like with some other youtube and internet icons you can tell that some of them are not exactly 100% genuine but with you you're always like a ray of sunshine. Just how you are with your friends and how interactive you are with your fans. You're so kind and warm and I just wish there were more people like that in the world.

Well, I mean, you all truly do help me to see the good parts of me! It’s incredibly symbiotic, what we got going on here haha, and I never want to take that for granted. I don’t wanna speak for all people in social media, but I’m sure many are quite busy or maybe going through personal things that, to other people on the other side of the screen, may make them seem distant, but is truly not what they’re intending. I just try to put myself in other people’s shoes as much as I can. I fail at that too sometimes! Haha I guess I just mean, if you look up to someone online for reasons and they seem unresponsive, maybe not give up on em too soon if you don’t know why that is. They’re only humans! Haha but I’m glad I am willing and able to talk with you all, because you make me very happy! So thank you for your kind words. <3

BTS Reaction | Public Sex

Request; bts reaction to you wanting to try having sex in public or they want to try it, whatever you want!

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would often find himself getting stressed in the studio while he was working on his music, having you there with him worked as the perfect benefit. He knew you had always wanted to try something adventurous.

“Why don’t you get down on your knees and give me a little help?”

“W-what?” “Right here? Right now? Someone could come in!”

“You’ve always wanted to try something outside of the bedroom, why not here?”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin wouldn’t be quite sure where would be the perfect place to do it. He didn’t want anyone catching the two of you but the thought of someone catching the two of you was even more arousing.

“Just wait until after my performance, I have an Idea”

“Tell me?”

“Let’s just say, the elevator may have a breakdown today”

Min Yoongi

He’d sit in silence for a few moments, thinking over what you had asked. Truthfully he didn’t really want to leave the hotel room but the idea of having sex with you in public was arousing him.

“We don’t have to leave this room for it to be ‘public’ right?”

“How is it public if we do it in here?”

“I’m sure if I fucked you against that window it’d be pretty public…”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be one of the first to bring it up, unable to control himself after watching you dance along in the studio with them. He loved watching the way you danced, the way your hips moved.

“After they go home, why don’t we stay back?”

“Why would we stay back?”

“I want you to give me a private dance”

Park Jimin

Joining Jimin on tour was always fun, apart from the long flights and lack of physical affection. The two of you would always be handsy on flights, but Jimin would be the first to suggest you both go to the restroom.

“You’ve always thought sex in public was hot, right Y/N?”


“Then why don’t we join the mile high club”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be the one to plan it out the moment you mentioned it. The idea had crossed his mind before but he’d never asked about it, but now he could let his mind run wild.

“Why don’t I rent a car and we can go on a drive?”

“Sex in the car is still a little boring though, and awkward”

“Who said I’d be fucking you in the car? I’d rather have you on the hood”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook wouldn’t put much thought into where he wanted to do it, settling for somewhere simple where the two of you were alone often together but would still be a thrill for the both of you.

“Why don’t we do it here?”

“In your dressing room? What if someone comes in?”

“That’s the part that makes it more arousing”


“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

Part 3 of edit sets for witchsona AU

**Please DO NOT edit, use, or repost any of these! Thank you!

[UPDATED and COMPLETE character profiles (codenames, outfit, awakening scene, dialogues) under the cut!]

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British Puns and Greasy Hair:Part 1




Cole and (Y/n) has reportedly broken up amid rumours Cole had been cheating on (Y/n) with co-star Lili Reinhart. Both Cole and (Y/n) play major roles in the hit CW series Riverdale. Sources have confirmed that neither Cole nor (Y/n), or even Lili for that matter, will be leaving the show despite the brutal tension, especially for (Y/n). The Riverdale cast will soon be shooting the third edition of the hit series with a new actor joining them this season- Tom Holland.


A/N : Hi everyone :) I hope you’re all doing well. Please do let me know what make of this Love Triangle I’m trying to create! I love hearing from you guys <3


It has been 2 months.Two months since you caught your two best friends making out in the Men changing room. You still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Since it was the last day of shooting, you and Cole had planned a small celebratory dinner. Everybody had already packed up and left. You had been waiting for Cole for over half an hour so you decided to look for him in the Changing room. What you saw next turned your world outside down. To say you had your heart crushed and broken would be an understatement. After all, what do you do when you find out that the first person to ever look into your eyes and tell you he loved you, never really did?

 You’ve kept a very low profile ever since then. There’s no denying you still miss your first love but you don’t, not even for a second, want him back. He ruined you.

The first two months were brutal. You felt out of your body. You were sad for a very long time. You missed him. Of course, you did. You missed the beautiful boy with the greasy blonde hair who’d never let anyone touch his hair, with the exception of you. You missed him everytime you woke up at 3am and realized you couldn’t call him to tell him about your bad dreams anymore. You missed him everytime you came across pictures of you photographed by the paparazzi alone because you’re so used to being photographed, and being protected, by Cole. But you missed him most when you roll over to the other side of bed and find an extra pillow instead of Cole’s warm body and his scent which you were so familiar with.

But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, your heart began to heal. Camila and KJ were your backbone. Camila dressed you up and took you out for meals while KJ took you girls shopping a lot of times. They made sure you were okay and that you weren’t alone. Soon you started to feel happy again, without Cole. There was no trace of Cole. Camila had blocked Cole from all your social media accounts and even from your phone because he called every single night for 1 month. “Never go back to what broke you,” Camila always reminded you. There was nothing you wanted more than to be with Cole again but the way he broke your heart was brutal and you knew you didn’t deserve any of it.

It has been 2 months. Today is your first day back at work since that dreadful incident. You haven’t seen Cole for two months straight. It would be weird to see him again, as someone who isn’t your boyfriend. To see him and Lili would be pretty sickening but hey, mama raised a strong bitch! You have no idea what’s going on between Cole and Lili. For all you know, they could be dating, you don’t know, no news emerged ever since. You’ve already forgiven the two of them though. Because hating them is just another way of holding on to them and they certainly do not belong in your life anymore. You don’t feel anything towards either of them. No bitterness, no happiness.

“Oh no, I have to be in set in 20 minutes,” you rush to get changed.

So after a 20 minutes ride to set, here’s what you’ve deliberated:

-       That you will be strong.

-       That you will remain professional towards both Cole and Lili.

-       That you will not let your emotions get to you.

-       That you will smile and continue to be the best version of yourself.

Okay, (Y/n), let’s do this.


Not surprisingly, you arrive 10 minutes late to the set. Ugh, LA traffic.

Around 3-4 paparazzi were quick enough to hurdle towards you as you parked your car.

Ok, the thing with paparazzi- you loathe them. You know they’re just doing their job but they can be pretty scary sometimes. Cole was  always the one to protect you from them but with him gone, you’re on your own.

Maybe that’s a good thing, you reassure yourself.

You quickly get out of the car as they proceed to take multiple shots of you.

“(Y/N), how are you feeling today?”

“Are we going to see any catfights today?”

“Are you still heart-broken?”

You roll your eyes at their questions as you make your way towards the set.

“Hey, leave her alone!” you hear an unfamiliar voice call out in a strong british accent.

You, in sync with the paparazzi, turn around to find a new face upfront.

The word Handsome would be an understatement.

There stood a guy you’re not sure you’ve seen before. He had dark brown hair and he looked pretty fit!

He makes his way towards you. The paparazzi quickly click him as well, yelling out “Ayee Spidy, what are you doing here?”


The Spidy guy gives you a warm smile as he approach towards you, “(Y/n), right?”

How does he know my name?

“Can we please get in first?” you squeak with a scared look. Gosh, you sure do hate the paparazzi.

So you and the Spidy guy make your way towards the set. Soon, the paparazzi  are out of sight.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I have a crippling phobia of photographers,” you blurt awkwardly, “Thank you for saving me though!”

He chuckles,”That’s my job, saving people”

You didn’t quite understand what he was trying to imply.

“It’s my first day here,” he exclaims

“You don’t say! Anyone who knows Mark knows not to be late,”

“Well then, I hope Mark doesn’t have a crippling fear of spiders if he wants to mess with me”

Okay, you have no idea where this guy gets his sense of humour from. You have no idea what he’s trying to imply.

British puns?

“Have we met before?” you question him. He does look familiar.

Lost in the conversation, you hadn’t realized that you’ve already reached the set.

You walk in to find everyone in a full circle. Camila, KJ, Lili, Casey, Madeline, Cole..

“Ah, (Y/n), you’re finally here!” Mark loudly exclaims.

Everybody turns around to find you and the Spidy guy walking in together. You try your very best not to look at Cole, or be affected by him. Onlookers could easily tell how his face changed when he saw you.

“I see you’ve already met your new co-star, Tom.” Mark exclaims,

Wait what.

“Tom Holland, everyone!”

You gawk at TOM HOLLAND happily waving at everybody as the crew and the cast cheers him on.

How could you have been so stupid? The handsome smile, the fit body, the british accent, SPIDY, the stupid spiderman puns! How could you have missed it?

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I couldn’t’-“ you shyly try to explain yourself.

“That’s alright love, it was fun while it lasted” he winks and disappears in the crowd of producers and crew members.

“(Y/n), make up room!” you hear one of the make-up artist call you.

“Be there!” you reply as you make your way towards the Hair&makeup room.

“(Y/n),” you’re paused by the sound of a familiar voice.

You turn around to find the last person you wanted to see on your first day back at work.

Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

Seeing him after so long feels so weird, espically because you were so used to seeing him every single day. This is your very first encounter with him ever since that incident and you have no idea what to feel. A part of you wants to run up to him and hug him tight like you always do while the other half wants to run as far as you can from him.

 Cole carried a melancholy expression.

“Hey,” you reply, avoiding his eyes.

“(Y/n),” he tries to walk closer towards you but you take a step back.

He pauses, “(Y/n), can we please talk?“

“Aye shy girl! I was wondering if you could show me around?” you hear Tom intervene from a distance. Poor guy looks so lost with his scripts! 

“Sure,” you reply back at Tom, making Cole widen his eyes.

“Later, Cole.” You quietly murmur and leave.

Cole quickly grabs your hand, “(Y/n), please”

You abruptly let yourself free from his grip as you reply, “There is nothing to talk about.”

 You hold your heart together as you walk away from ‘what broke you’. You don’t want to hear what he has to say. You don’t to hear any explanations. He knew what he was doing when he kissed Lili. He did what he did at the cost of your feelings. You’ve forgiven but you’ve definitely not forgotten.

 “Everything alright, love?” Ugh, Tom and his English ways. Any girl could easily be a sucker for this lad!

You nod at the innocent-lost british lad as Cole continues to look on. “Let’s start with the Hair&make up”.

It hasn’t even been 10 minutes since you’ve walked into set but you’re barely holding your heart together after having a short 30 second conversation with Cole. And to think you haven’t even talked to Lili yet!

For all you know, the third season of Riverdale is going to be one hell of a ride, considering you still have feelings for the guy who crushed your heart in two. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get past Cole and Lili in the long run but for now, you’re glad you have this cheeky british lad with terrible puns to pay heed to.


A/N : yay or nah?


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down to brass tacks

happy valentine’s day, everybody!! <3 canon verse, 3k+


They finally get a lead on Kelly Kline on a Saturday. Spurred on by guilt and probably a bit of cabin fever, Castiel turns right around from the hunt he just returned from with Mary to chase her down.

“Oh,” Castiel says, turning. He sticks a hand into his coat pocket. “I almost forgot.”

It isn’t like him to forget things, so the move has to be calculated. Then again, he loses his phone all over the place. Maybe he really did just forget whatever it is. Dean’s startled out of his musing by a shiny projectile hurtling towards his face, which he catches gracelessly in one hand. The metal, whatever it is, feels cool in his palm. He blinks up at Castiel.

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for the love of God i cannot write witty characters. all my dialogue comes off as SUPER cheesy. any advice?

Thanks for your question, darling!  That’s an issue I’m sure we’ve all faced, especially for those of us with different senses of humor (I’m much more a sarcastic/goofy person – not quite wit).  And what makes this worse: there really isn’t advice for us out there!  I always try to research other methods before answering these questions, but I just couldn’t find anything!

So obviously, I don’t have all the answers, but here are a few tips I’ve learned from experience:

  • Decide how they use their wit.  Every witty person does not use their wit in the same situations or for the same reasons.  For each “witty” character, ask yourself: do they use their wit for humor?  Do they use it as protection or a barrier between them and others?  Do they use it to ease social anxiety?  You should also decide if they’re extroverted or introverted – and therefore, do they make an effort to speak up and share their wit, or is it something that slips out?
  • Decide the tone of their wit.  This largely has to do with their personality, but also to do with the questions above.  Are they more sarcastic?  Flirtatious?  Argumentative?  Performative?  Is their tone comforting and open to interplay, or more private and final?  Are they mean-spirited, purposefully or accidentally?  How do others perceive their tone?

Once you’ve discerned what kind of wit your characters use, consider the following:

  • Witty people think quickly.  This doesn’t mean they jump on everything they hear with a quip – but speed is what sets conventionally “clever” people apart.  There are many of us who can think of hilarious, sharp things to say… hours after we’ve gone home.  This may be why you’re struggling.  It’s a lot of pressure to come up with quick, funny comments on the spot if that isn’t how you naturally work.  So try to work with your mind, at your speed.  If it takes you a couple hours to think of a response for your character, take a couple hours.  Type in the gist of what they’re saying and come back for it later.
  • Witty characters are a tool to be used sparingly.  A snarky/overeducated character can easily become annoying if they speak too much – and it’ll stall your writing, too.  So don’t try to make everything that comes out of their mouth a brilliant insight.  Let them speak normally (in their voice, of course), so that their shining moments don’t become glaring.
  • Learn from real-life examples.  My personal favorites: autobiographies of novelists, poets, and comedians.  Watching improv can also be a good resource; going out and meeting new people can expose you to new kinds of wit and humor.  Any method of getting into the mind of naturally witty people will be good research.
  • A witty character isn’t the key to your story.  Unless your plot literally revolves around the wit of a character, you don’t have to try to follow the trend of the funny, brilliant, philosophical/pop-culture-referencing protagonist (or comic relief character).  Every writer has their own strengths and weaknesses!  If it’s really causing you trouble and it’s not necessary to the plot, it may be better for your story to change the character.  There are plenty of other character traits – many of which are less overdone in modern literature, and that’s only a good thing.

That’s all I can really think of for you!  It’s really something to figure out on a scene-to-scene basis, and it varies between characters.  If you need help with certain scenes, feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you soon :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Kiss Me Not -Part 7-

Sorry last chapter was a bit confusing, this ought to clear things up. and thank you so very much for reading, I wasn’t sure serializing on tumblr would work out but the response has been quite lovely so far! Love you lots ♡♡♡

Find Part One Here!

“What do you suppose Malfoy meant?” Ron asked fighting back a yawn as they headed down to breakfast.

Harry shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Hermione pulled open her bag as they walked, fishing inside the unfathomable depths to retrieve a rather daunting medical text, “Did you try asking him?”

“Would have if he hadn’t avoided me like the plague,” Harry said grumpily, “I just-” he frowned.

“What?” Ron asked.

Harry nodded towards the doors to the great hall from which loud shouts and chatter spilled out. Harry started to hang back and Ron fell back with him so Hermione peered around the doorframe. She frowned and looked up, stepping further into the room. An owl that had been perched in the rafters swooped down and dropped a folded Prophet to her. With paper in hand, she stepped back into the hall.

“The Prophet?” Ron asked.

Hermione quickly unrolled it, “They’re all reading it.”

“Not the Prophet,” Harry bemoaned, already anticipating the worst.

The main headline was: Exclusive! A Real Life Fairy-Story?!, the header below that: Harry Potter Can’t Kiss! The Amazing Story of the Princess and the Priestess Come to Life! The story was full of interviews with people Harry had tried to kiss, along with the complete retelling of the fairytale and some light conjecture by the reporter P.P. In addition to two photos of Harry and an illustration from a children’s book, the whole thing took up the entire front page of the paper.

“Rough luck, mate,” Ron said grimly.

Hermione gave him a conciliatory look, “It’s amazing it took this long for someone to work it out really, with the number of people you’ve tried to kiss.”

“Thanks that really helps,” Harry said sarcastically.

Hermione made a face at him and went on pointedly, “And it wasn’t written by Skeeter, she would have blown it entirely out of proportion. This is fairly accurate and pretty well written really, for the Prophet anyway. I wonder if this P.P. is a new reporter.”

“Pansy Parkinson,” Harry said flatly.

“Her? Really?” Ron asked, leaning on Harry’s shoulder to get a better look.

Harry nodded, remembering the pointed look she had shared with Blaise after trying to kiss him and the two of them with their notebook in Charms yesterday, probably working out the article together.

As if summoned, Pansy’s excited giggle proceeded her through the doorway with Blaise by her side. It took the two of them a while to realize they were being stared at and by whom but once they did they froze.

“You wrote this?” Harry pointed to the newspaper.

Pansy tried to surreptitiously shift the paper she was holding slightly further back and behind her leg, “Where in the world would you get an idea like that?”

“The party,” Harry ticked off on his fingers, “The two of you working on it in Charms, the initials.”

Blaise smirked, leaning over Pansy’s shoulder in an almost exact mirror of Ron, “So?”

Harry wasn’t certain on that account.

Pansy shrugged Blaise off in annoyance, “Get off, you,” she turned back to Harry with a sniff and absentmindedly straightened her hair, “It’s not like I said anything that wasn’t true.”

“It’s much better than Skeeter’s work,” Hermione said.

Pansy positively beamed, “Isn’t though? It’s about time that gossipy shrew was kicked off the front page.”

Hermione glanced at Harry and Ron thoughtfully and then back to Pansy, “Are you going to keep writing for them? The Prophet?”

“Two more lead stories and they’ve promised me a permanent position,” Pansy said.

Hermione looked at Harry pointedly, raising her eyebrows, “She’s better than Skeeter.”

“Oh,” Harry said as he caught on and looked at Pansy.

Pansy looked at him and Hermione warily, “What?”

“Well…” Harry said carefully, “If you keep writing things, truthful things… I might be more willing to talk to you than other reporters.”

Pansy smiled excitedly, “Really?! Really really?!”

Harry nodded, wondering if he would come to regret this.

Pansy grabbed Blaise’s arm, bouncing excitedly on her toes, “Can you believe it!” she crowed, then turned to Harry, “When could I-? Not now, of course. Next week maybe? For an interview. Or whenever, but before we finish school or so help me I’ll-”

Blaise careful placed his hand over her mouth, “You’ll be very very grateful for this opportunity,” He pulled his hand away, “Now smile and wish the nice people a good day.”

Pansy smacked Blaise’s hand before he could pull it back. He clutched his hand to his chest with a wince.

Pansy smiled beatifically at Harry, “Thank you so much, Mr. Potter. I shall speak with you later!” She waved and they made their way down the hall.

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Maybe something set in telltale?

Well, I did it haha. I wanted to reimagine episode two, just a little :)

Bruce can see it. The furtive glances over the shoulder, the anxious smile that replaces the usual one. All from one question.

“Are…are you in love with me?”

John had said no. But that didn’t stop Bruce from noticing the slight hesitation, the shy smile that could have meant anything.

But there was Harley, who complemented Joker, red with green, both ready for crime at the drop of a pin. They were both dangerous, and Bruce was slowly getting dragged in with them. And when John saw Harley well, it was heart eyes everywhere. Absolute adoration, with Harley basking in the glow. And Bruce couldn’t help but feel a small twinge in his heart, not knowing exactly what for.  

So when Bruce walks into their base, entering John’s Ha-Hacienda, little more than a shack in the middle of the warehouse, he smiles at the way John greets him.

“Hey, buddy! It’s always so good to see you! Like, so good.” John watches him as he looks around the room, Bruce noticing an empty frame. He runs his fingers over the smooth glass, seeing his reflection.

“It’s for Batman,” John explains. “I’d love to see him again. The man sighs, Bruce fighting the impulse to tell him, You know, I know Batman, actually, he’s me. But he stays quiet, instead heading over to John and sitting close to him.

“How’s Harley?” he asks, trying to sound casual.

John leans forward, clasping his hands together. “She’s…great. Amazing, actually.” He frowns slightly. “But I don’t know if she’s that into me.”

Bruce tilts his head curiously. “What do you mean?”

John bites his lip, as though not quite sure what exactly he means either. “She’s been flirting with you, I’ve seen it. I’ve been trying to brush it off, maybe she’s just teasing. She’s perfect, but…” His eyes move around the room, trying to look anywhere but at Bruce. “I don’t know, maybe I’ve been reading it wrong. Could you help me?” His gaze is honest, catching Bruce off guard. The other man’s eyes narrow slightly. “I don’t know, maybe she’s like this because you’re here. You’re definitely good-looking, charming, strong…”

Bruce almost wants to laugh at the descriptions, would if John wasn’t being so honest.

In truth, he’d noticed Harley’s actions, it’d be hard not to, the way she was acting in the car, the way she’d acted before and during the ride to Wayne Tower. She’s taken John under her wing, but he isn’t so sure she feels anything more for him than friendship. She’d been bent on making him jealous earlier, that’s for certain.

But John was head-over-heels, and if he wanted Bruce’s help, who was he to deny him?

“John,” Bruce says quietly, the other man’s eyes finally meeting his. “We made a promise, remember? No secrets between us. I’m not into Harley, I swear, and I’ll help you, if you want me to.” John’s hand is close, and though he knows it’s awkward and childish, he links their pinkies. He brings their hands up to their face, a small smile on his lips. “Pinky promise.”

John’s gaze lands on their hands, widening slightly before meeting Bruce’s. His mouth is parted slightly, brow furrowed in confusion. He pulls away, gaze lowered, his smile a war between neutral and beaming. It’s an odd mix of emotions that leaves Bruce on the edge of his seat, bemused and wondering.

“Bruce?” Bruce raises his head, waiting patiently. John laughs in the funny way he does when something is tense, shaking his head. “Earlier, in the alley?”

Bruce’s heart catches in his throat. “Yeah?” A silence fills the room as conversation stops, both men focused on each other, studying the other’s expressions, waiting.

John breaks the quiet with a hum, smile tilting slyly. “I think I’m in love.”

“Buried” (Chapter Sixteen)

Things get crazy again! Also, the end scene of this chapter had me laughing out loud. This is supposed to be a fairly important chapter, but I couldnt resist an Indiana Jones comment lol 


Enjoy :)


Stark Tower– Several Weeks Later

“Tony Starks office.” Pepper answered the phone from where she sat on Tony’s couch, her legs folded primly, never stopping the furious typing on her computer. “Ms. Potts speaking.”

“Ms. Potts, this is Aaron Brown from Levy & Browns Mortuary. I am calling to ask about a request one of the family members made in regards to the—”

“The answer is yes!” Tony interrupted from across the room, hitting the conference button on his phone. “Mr. Levy, Tony Stark here. Anything at all those families want, you get them. I don’t care how much it costs. When I told them I would pay for the funerals of their loved ones, I meant it. Whatever they want, anything at all, do you understand?”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Stark. It’s just that—” the man on the other line hesitated and Tony dragged his fingers through his hair in agitation.

“What? What is it? Do you need a check before hand? Pepper write a check, have it delivered now.”

“Of course, Tony.” Pepper was already pulling out her checkbook. “Mr. Levy, how much do you need in advance? Give me an approximate amount and I’ll send the check over tonight.”

“We are already in excess of–”  Tony shut off the conference button so he couldn’t hear it anymore and leaned back in his chair, staring out the windows of his office, pulling Bucky’s card out and flipping it between his fingers.

Not because he wanted to talk to Bucky.

Because he missed Steve.

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Homecoming- Part 2

Part 1

Music blared from her speakers as Y/N started to get ready for the dance. Singing along to the lyrics she walked into her closet, coming to a stop in front of her dresses. She still hadn’t decided what dress she was going to wear and she sighed in frustration as she looked through her walk in closet. One side of the closet was dedicated to dresses and she looked at them, trying to decide what color she wanted. Black? White? Turquoise? Red?

Her eyes landed on a pink and silver dress, hiding among the rest. She had brought this dress for last year’s homecoming but had changed her mind at the last minute. Pulling it off the rack, she held it out in front of her. The strapless dress was sparkly silver at the top with a light pink ribbon around the waist. The light pink material below the waist fell just above her knees. Smiling she held it against her body, standing in front of the mirror. It was perfect.

Placing it down on her bed, she returned to her closet to find her sparkle silver heels. Grabbing them from the shelf, she placed them next to her dress. It was the perfect outfit for the evening. She smiled as she imagined Peter’s reaction to seeing her in the dress.

She glanced over at the clock on her bed stand. 2:00pm. She had four hours until Ned would be at her house. The two of them planned to ride together, meeting Peter and Liz at the dance. Y/N was still not happy about Peter bringing Liz to the dance and to be perfectly honest she was more than happy to stay home and have a movie night by herself. The only problem was Ned. He kept bugging her about it so she finally caved and agreed to go with the three of them.

It had been almost a week since Peter had told Y/N that he was bringing Liz to homecoming. Since then she had hardly talked to him. She did her best to avoid seeing them because now Liz was with him almost all the time at school. At lunch, Y/N made up excuses about having to finish a project and ate lunch in the library. In the hallways, she did her best to go the long way to her classes because it meant she wouldn’t have to see them together. Sure, Peter and Liz were still only friends but it hurt Y/N to see them hanging out.

“Ow!” Y/N groaned, clutching her stomach from the sudden pain.

She slowed her breathing, taking in deep breaths as her stomach continued to hurt. Sitting down on her bed, she felt herself become nausea and continued to take deep breaths hoping the feeling would pass. When another sharp pain emitted from her stomach, she laid down, and closed her eyes, willing the pain to go away.


“Y/N! Y/N! Wake up!”

Y/N opened her eyes to see Ned standing above her. She groaned as she rolled over onto her side, clutching her stomach.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“6:00! We were supposed to leave now,” Ned said. “Do you feel ok? You look pale.”

Y/N shook her head. “I feel awful.”

“But you have to feel better! You need to come to homecoming. Peter needs to realize that he needs to be with you and not her!”

“I-I don’t think I’m gonna go,” Y/N said, scrunching up her face in pain.

Ned’s face dropped but he nodded his head, understanding. “You’ll come if you feel better right?”

Y/N nodded. “Of course.”

He squeezed her hand before leaving the room. Y/N grabbed her phone from her nightstand to see three texts from Peter.

When are you and Ned getting to the dance?

Liz and I are on the way.

We’re here. Where are you?

The last message was from ten minutes ago but Y/N placed her phone next to her, ignoring the messages. He would find out soon enough that she wasn’t going to be there. Ned would probably be at the school any minute to tell him.

Her stomach felt a bit better, but she was still nausea. Turning on her tv, she put on Netflix resuming the last episode of the show she was currently watching. Luckily, it wasn’t anything that took a lot of brainpower and she laughed as the characters continued their crazy antics.

The next hour, Y/N drifted in and out of sleep, only getting up once to use the bathroom. Just as she was laying back down, the familiar sound of her window opening caught her ear. She glanced over to see Peter quietly climbing in, still in his tux from the dance, and land gracefully on the floor. He closed the window behind him before turning around to face her. She blushed, finding him quite attractive in his tux.

“H-hey,” he said, quietly.

“Peter! Hey! What are you doing here?” she asked, forgetting that she was trying to avoid him at the moment.

“Ned said you weren’t feeling good, so I thought I would make sure you were ok.”

“I’m fine. You didn’t have to come and leave Liz all by herself,” she said, laying down.

“But I wanted to,” Peter replied, confusion in his voice.

“Well now you see I’m fine you can go back.”

“Well I…I was thinking maybe I could stay over and we could watch a movie or something.”

“You would rather stay with me than be with Liz at the dance?”

Peter nodded, running his fingers through his brown hair. “Yea. I like her and all but I would rather hang out with you any day.”

Y/N laughed. “Even when I’m sick?”

“Even when you’re sick.”

Peter walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. “Please tell me my sweatpants are still in here? This tux is uncomfortable.”

“You have a pair of shorts in there….”

Peter turned around. “Y/N, where are my sweatpants?” His eyes widened as he took in her appearance. “Are wearing them and one of my t shirts?”

“They’re comfortable!” she said, holding her hands up in defense.

“I know,” Peter said, laughing. He grabbed the pair of yellow gym shorts from her drawer and one of his many t shirts that had accumulated in her drawer. “How do you have so many of my shirts?”

“I always forget to give them back to you,” she said, referring to when she would stay at his place and want to wear a comfortable shirt instead of one of her’s.

Peter smiled, walking into her bathroom and closing the door behind him. When he reemerged his tux was no where to be seen. He had on his yellow gym shorts with a blue Midway t shirt. Y/N blushed as she looked at him, finding him more attractive than when he was in his tux.

He layed down next to her, both of them rolling onto their sides to face each other.

“So how was the dance?” she asked.

“It was…ok,” he said. “It would have been better if you were there.”

Y/N smiled. “Was Ned having fun?”

“Yea. He was actually dancing with Michelle when I left.”

Y/N laughed as Peter’s hand moved to hers and intertwined with her fingers with his. They had held hands before but this time there was something different about it. Y/N’s heart beat faster and she was sure Peter could hear it with his superhuman senses however he was nice enough not to say anything.

As the two of them laid on Y/N’s bed watching a movie, they found themselves becoming tangled up. Y/N’s head was resting against Peter’s chest, while his hand was placed on her stomach. Throughout the movie, Y/N continued to doze off but each time she woke up, Peter was still there, his eyes glued to the television screen.

The next time she woke up, the sun was streaming through her windows. Her head was still on Peter’s chest and she could feel the rise and fall of his chest as he slept. Her stomach was feeling slightly better as she stood up to use the bathroom.

When she returned, Peter had woken up, his brown hair messy, as he looked over at her.

“Good Morning,” she said, leaning against the frame of the bathroom door.


He stood up and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a hug.

“I had fun last night. Thanks for letting me stay.”

“I’m glad you came.”

They took a step back from each other and Y/N watched as Peter walked over to the window, opening it quietly.

“Going to save the world?” she asked.

Peter nodded. “I’ll come by later and we can hang out again.”

“Sounds like a plan, Spiderman.”


Y/N sat at her desk, finishing her math homework that was due tomorrow. She was having a hard time focusing as her mind kept replaying everything that had happened last night with Peter.

“Y/N,” Peter said from behind her.

She turned around to see Peter closing the window. He was still dressed in his red and blue Spiderman suit and he pulled the mask off, tossing it to the floor.

“Save a lot of people today?” she asked, giving him a hug.

“Stopped a bike thief, gave an old lady directions. I’d say it was good day,” he said, smiling.

She laughed pulling away from him. As she took a step away his gloved fingers locked with hers. Before she could do anything his lips were pressed against hers. She smiled as he moved his head away, his brown eyes locked on hers.

“I-I forgot to do that earlier,” he said, an embarrassed smile on his face.

Standing on her tip toes, she pressed her lips against his. “It’s ok,” she replied, knowing that he had finally realized how he felt about her.

Authors Note: You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the positive feedback. ❤️ Lexi

@slythergirlimagines @eabha-no @thedumbestravenclaw

Our Kind of Love (Part 2/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  

(PART 1)

an “I love you” before we say bye kind of love.

Charlie looked over his cards at Steve who was clearly lost in his own thoughts, nudging Sam he motioned to the super solider.  Sam just shook his head and nudged the metal armed super soldier to his right.  Bucky made to glare at Sam, but broke into a smile when he saw his best friend looking miles away.  

“Yoo hoo, Steve?  I thought I was the brain-washed one not you.  Pay attention.”  Bucky chuckled and the reddening cheeks of his best friend.

“Shut up I’m payin’ attention.”

“Leave the man alone boys, he’s clearly in love.  We should all be so lucky.  Speakin’ of, have you told her yet Cap?”  Charlie smiled at Steve, he was happy for him.  Moreso happy for you, but still happy for Steve as well.

“No. I don’t want to ruin anything by opening my big mouth.”  Bucky and Sam sat snickering to each other over Steve’s whining tone.

“Will you two shut up?! At least I have a girl.” Steve grumbled looking back down at his cards and taking his turn. Both men tried and failed to contain their laughter.  

This was the fifth week in a row Steve had admitted he loved you to someone, but had yet to express it to you.  Bucky, Charlie, and Sam found it hilarious that practically everyone knew he loved you except for you.   The head nurse knew, she recommended telling you in the gazebo on the hospital grounds.   The head chef offered to make him a cake with “I love you” on it to give to you.  Even the teenage candy striper who volunteered after school had told him, “Dude grow a pair and just tell her.”

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Unstoppable (1)

Hi this is my first fanfic, i’m sorry if there are some gramatical mistakes since english isn't my first language but i hope you like it. Please request scenarios if you'd like. :)

Genre: Romance, angst, (future smut).

Length: 1,1k

Characters: Kim Jongin, (future appearance of Oh Sehun), OC

Part: 1/? 

Summary: “You thought your second anniversary with him was going to be memorable day in your life and oh it sure was”

“I’m really nervous, i can’t even think straight” you said to your best friend Ji Won while searching for another set. “C'mon y/n tomorrow is your big day no need to be nervous it’s completely normal, i’m even quite surprised you didn’t try it earlier” she said giving you another set that got her attention.

You were actually at a lingerie shop at the mall since tomorrow was going to be your two year anniversary with your boyfriend and you took the decision that it was time to finally take the next step with him so here you are with your best friend helping you prepare for the big surprise.

“I know, but i don’t have any experience in this, what if i do something wrong or i mess up?”  

“Don’t worry to  much about it, I’m sure he will guide you or something, he’s a nice guy” she said comforting you.  

“But i’ve read some horrible experiences in magazines…” You were about to finish but she interrupted you “Look y/n, a girl’s first time isn’t always going to be as planned or isn’t going to not hurt so just let it flow or if you're still kinda insecure you can always change your mind” She looked at you in a reassuring way while letting go of the cloth that she had in her hands.  

Yes, you were insecure about how it will happen.  

But going to change your mind? No.  

Virginity has always been a big deal for you, you always thought of it as something precious and special and yeah you knew a man had needs about it and more since Jongin had proposed it already sometimes but you always turned him down. If you wanted it to happen you surely didn’t want it to happen at a spur of a moment, you wanted to be sure to do it with the right guy and at the right moment.  

“No, i’m sure about my decision just well kinda nervous, but you’re right i’ll just let it flow like you say” You said laughing at her use of words, she just agreed and said “Okay well changing the conversation, do you like this set? i think it’s quite sexy” While showing you a black set of lingerie. 

“Well this one is on my top three but still lets search for more” You took the lingerie set in your hands and kept searching for more.

You spended the whole day with Ji Won helping you get the things that you needed for the big day tomorrow.  


You arrived at college the next morning excited to see Jongin, you were searching for him at the entrance since he always waited for you to arrive and get inside together but got no luck, instead you saw Ji Won with her classmates and hurridly went to her.  

“Good Morning Ji Won, have you seen Jongin around here?” You looked at her in curiosity waiting for her to answer “Good morning y/n, i actually saw him get inside 10 minutes ago he kinda looked in a hurry” You thanked her and went inside the arts building to look for him.

Jongin was majoring in dance, it was his passion since he was a little kid and enjoyed it quite much you had watched his performances before and you could only just think of him as pure art. While you were majoring in veterinary, you always loved animals and just thought that this was a perfect career for you.

You arrived at his classroom and searched for him, you saw his backpack but had no success in finding him but suddenly you saw his best friend Kyungsoo at the back of the room and went towards him.

“Good morning Kyungsoo have you seen Jongin?” he looked up from the book he was reading and stared at you, he opened his mouth to answer but closed it again and just pointed at door, you turned around and saw Jongin walking inside the classroom while talking with another guy.  

“Jongin” He stopped talking with the guy and looked toward your direction in suprise. “Hi baby, i’m sorry i didn’t wait for you i had to talk with a teacher about this performance i have in two weeks so i was in a rush” he said while walking towards you “By the way… happy second anniversary it’s been the best years with you” you smiled at his words and hugged him “Don’t worry about it and happy second anniversary Jongin” he gave you a small peck and you were about to say something but the ring sounded signaling it was time to start classes you turned around to leave but suddenly he grabbed your wrist and pulled you lightly making you face him again and said “I don’t think i can take you to your house after class today babe since i have to practice so don’t wait for me, but instead be ready at 8:00 i’ll pick you up so wear something nice i have a surprise” while putting a loose strand of your hair behind your ear you just agreed excitedly and said goodbye to him and Kyungsoo and went to your first class in a hurry.


It was 7:50 and you were just finishing the last touches of your makeup when you received a text message.

Jongin: “babe, I’m going to be a bit late… be there in 20”

y/n: “Sure, I’ll be waiting”

You pressed send and then looked at yourself again at the mirror satisfied with your appearance, you felt so confident and sexy making you look forward for the night at what was going to happen. You grabbed your purse went to the living room and sat at the couch waiting for him to arrive.





You started to feel worried since Jongin was supposed to be here a while ago so you decided to text him.

y/n: “Jongin are you okay? Did something happen?” 

You waited for a response but nothing, you didn’t want to call him having in thought that he might be driving but did it anyways.


“This number is not available to answer, leave your message”


Various calls and text messages from you later and still no response, you started to feel stupid this was supposed to be the big day and here you were stood up on your second anniversary sure a surprise he had for you. 

You stood up from the couch and went to your room to change and take your makeup off to go to bed, it was almost midnight when you got a call from Jongin, you were so ready to take out how furious you felt towards him but when you answered you heard a unknown female voice.

“You're not enough for him darling, stop being a nuisance and leave him alone”  and with that said she hung up. 

Maybe I say this every other week, but it’s true every other week (well, every week, really) that there is some really incredible fic in the STAR WARS fandom and this is a collection of fic that touched my feelings in all the best ways, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes joyful, but always, always with emotional intensity. Just as Star Wars fandom should be at its best!

Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 15.4k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & hondo & sifo-dyas & qui-gon & mace & cast, time travel, 81.9k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
The Last Jedi by fireflyfish, obi-wan & palpatine & cast, 2.2k
   Obi-Wan Kenobi was supposed to go to Mustafar and kill Anakin Skywalker.
Lost in the Galaxy by grimmjoy (icestorm), obi-wan/anakin, 6.8k wip
   Recently knighted Anakin Skywalker is assigned to transport a dangerous prisoner to Coruscant where he will be safely contained in the Jedi Detention Center. However, not all goes as planned, and as Anakin finds out, not everything is quite as it seems concerning the prisoner who calls himself Obi-Wan. Whispers of the Sith’s return do nothing to quell the situation, and somehow, Anakin finds himself falling not to the darkness, but for Obi-Wan.
Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & waxer & cast, 8.5k wip
   For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone. Anakin Skywalker has been unofficially tasked by the Order to find Obi-Wan and bring him home. Unfortunately for Anakin, it seems his former master is always ten steps ahead of him.
The Exchange by MissLearn, obi-wan & anakin & some anakin/padme & ahsoka & qui-gon & rex & cast, time travel, 47.9k wip
   ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
To Live Among Wolves by FireflyFish, obi-wan & luke & cast, 33.1k wip
   A father and his son are on the run from bounty hunters, five years after the creation of the Galactic Empire.
Beneath the Sand by LurkingCrow, obi-wan & beru & luke, 2.9k
   A change in Imperial policy leads to a small but significant change to matters on Tatooine. A short exploration of how a sad hermit may have ended up a little less lonely.
Stuck in the Middle with You by victoria_p (musesfool), obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka, 2.1k
   “These are the flattest, saddest pillows I’ve ever seen.” “They are sufficient,” Obi-Wan says. “You must have very particular pillow needs.”
where war is no more by silveronthetree, obi-wan/satine & luke, ~1k wip
   Obi-Wan needs a disguise and Satine just wishes he would smile again.
Failures of Rhetoric by Mithrigil, obi-wan/satine, 1.5k wip
   Diplomacy is an art that requires years of refinement. Satine doesn’t appreciate Ben’s many failures. Or, five times Obi-Wan Kenobi should’ve kept his trap shut. And once he should have said something, anything, anything at all.
Patient by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, fluff, h/c, 1.3k
   A gift for DreamingMoonlight based on her prompt: “Obi-Wan is injured and won’t go to the Halls of Healing and it’s driving Anakin NUTS.”
Old Man Luke by scarletjedi, luke & obi-wan & anakin & leia & dooku & qui-gon & cast, time travel, 18.7k wip
   Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?” He asked, hoping a direct question would yield answers. The old man seemed adept at side-stepping information when asked a bit more deftly. “I’ve never heard of a Master with your level of talent.”
Safe Harbor by avarand, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, light bondage, 9.3k
   Anakin needs to find a way to lose control. Obi-Wan volunteers to help him. Pure smut and light bondage.
untitled by glare-gryphon, obi-wan/anakin/padme, modern au, 1.4k wip
   Anonymous asked: Roomates AU + nightmares. Thanks! =3

full details + recs under the cut!

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Brown Cardboard Box

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam [mentioned], Lisa + Ben.

Words: 2400-ish.

[Previous character death.] - That’s the only warning I can think of really.

A/N: Hey guys! Guess who wrote a fic instead of studying for a Spanish test? Anyways, I started re-watching season 6, because I wanted watch a few souless!Sam episodes, and after 6x01 I got this idea. So the fic takes place in between season 5 and 6. 

Not my GIF

Your name: submit What is this?

Sometimes you imagined what it would be like if you didn’t live the life. Wondering. Making up your own little scenarios and such. How you would live in Lawrence, and how you would have actually grown up there, how you would maybe have a pet (probably a dog, satisfying Sam’s everlasting love for them), how you would have childhood friends, how you would do sports in school. How you would all graduate and then how you would go to college. Grow up. Meet a partner (hopefully). Maybe have a family of your own someday.

Now, in this very moment, you were standing here with a brown cardboard box in your embrace. A single brown cardboard box containing whatever sad excuse of a wardrobe you had, as well as the few things that actually were yours. Photos, diaries, a gun and so on. You were moving into your own place. You never thought the day would come.

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Kissing Tybalt - A birthday gift for @xerxia31

Today is the day, the big day of @xerxia31. You know her as an awesome writer, an impeccable beta ( the Queen of Red Pencil), but most importantly, I know her as a friend - and here I lack words and superlatives to describe what her friendship means.

With the help of @burkygirl for the betaing (and there was a lot, thank you so much for helping me) and the amazing art @akai-echo did for this story, here is my humble birthday gift.

Have the bestest of days, my friend !


“How do you feel about kissing Tybalt?”

How do I feel about kissing my friend on stage ? Last I checked, the script says nothing about exchanging saliva with Tybalt. Well, technically with Peeta. My friend, who’s playing Juliet’s cousin in this musical he dragged me into.

“Uh-” is all I manage to say. I’m so eloquent, right? But what can I say? Maybe something like: Shouldn’t we have discussed it  more than three days before the premiere of the show? But that’s how our director, Effie, is. Crazy. She has two thousand brilliant ideas just like this one on a bad day. Don’t get me started on how many she has on a good day.

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The Elf and the Dwarf

Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain.

Chapter Summary: Never ending sadness with the dwarves

Chapter Categories: Humor, Small Bit of Angst, I guess. Idk

Strike Through = Current Chapter

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8


Fili lets out a sigh of relief as he notices that both you and Thorin are still breathing as you walk into the council room. You two were always at each other’s throats over the corse of the quest and many had thought you’d kill each other at one point, but they were glad to be proven wrong.

Thorin sits at the other head of the table, across from Bard.

You take your place on Bard’s right with Tauriel on Bard’s left.

Although her banishment had been lifted by Thranduil, she had decided to stay in Dale much to the chagrin of Legolas. He knew what her choice would be and decided to let her go. She is currently Captain of the Guard and helps train the men alongside you. She’s also a part of the council and Bard found it funny that the council of men is filled with elves.

He had absolutely no idea what to do when the city had asked him to become King. While his anscetor was made for this position, he was not. Being thrust into this was not so easy and after dealing with you in the past, you seemed to be the best option to help him run the city. Being the daughter of a Lord probably helped a bit.

Bain joins you along with a young fellow by the name of Ingemar. He was about the age of 25, had long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. He was the second most wanted man in Dale after the King of course, but his eyes were set on another prize.

“Hello n/n,” he says, smiling at the elf. “How many times have I told you, human, you do not have permission to call me that. Only those I care about can do that. You can either call me by my first name or nothing at all,” you growl out.

It’s obvious to the dwarves that you have been flirted with by this guy multiple times and that he didn’t lay off.

“Come on. We’ve known each other for a week. I know you care for me,” he says, winking at her. “Guards. Remove him,” you command and there are two men that come to grab him. “Wait. Stop,” you command again. The guards put him down and step back. (I was trying to make it like the scene in Game of Thrones where Cersei tries to show Baelish exactly who has more power)

“You will do well to remember exactly who you are talking to. I have trained these men and I have trained them well. I will no longer tolerate your flirting. I hired you because you seemed to be good at your job, but you are as incompetent as the other men. Continue,” you announce and the guards take him out.

Tauriel smiles and Bard smirks, shaking his head.

“Who was he exactly?” Dwalin asks. “He was supposed to be our new treasurer but he obviously failed the test,” Bard explains, “it seems that no man is fit for any job on this council. We go through at least five potential candidates a week and no one makes it past the first three days.”

“It’s not my fault he’s a fool,” you reply and you turn to Bain. “When you become king do not let anyone like that on the board alright?” You ask and he nods smiling.

“Thanks for coming on such a short notice,” Bard says. “It’s quite alright. It’s not like my coronation is tonight or anything,” Thorin says sarcastically. Bard sighs and you smile.

“Actually I called you down here to talk about that. I feel that there is a need to have extra security tonight. With the threat on your life from your kin, what do you expect from men?” He asks Thorin.

Thorin narrows his eyes.

“Are you implying that men will try to kill me tonight?” He asks. “I’m not saying there will be but there is always the possiblity. You cannot be too sure. That’s why I’m asking you to let me add some of my guards to yours as well,” Bard says.

“I would not mind a few helping hands,” Thorin mumbles after having a short conversation with Dwalin. 

“Great. Tauriel and y/n will be leading my men-,”

“N/n? You can’t be serious?” Fili asks, outraged.

“I don’t see the problem Fee. I’m doing my duty to this city. It is only right,” she replies.

“Being by our side is what is right. You helped us reclaim Erebor. You belong celebrating with us,” Fili argues. “I belong protecting your king,” you reply.

“When has duty become more important than friendship? You were the one that remind us that you chose us over your kin and now you’re going to tell me your choosing a job over us? How much of a hypocrite can you be?” He asks and you can’t meet his eyes. 

You had never gotten into a fight with Fili. Never. Thorin, yes, Dwalin yes, Kili, sometimes, but never Fili. It broke your heart to be fighting with your best friend.

He stands up and leaves, not noticing the tears he had caused.

“Of course after one Durin stops being mad at me another one starts,” you say, bitterly. You excuse yourself and walk back to your quarters.

“This is the first time I’ve seen her shed a tear in a month. It is something about you dwarves that bring her sadness,” Bard tells Dwalin and Thorin as Tauriel takes her leave as well.

“It has never been my intention to do so and I explained this to her,” Thorin announces. “Well either way she still hurts. She is a very emotional elf. Which is surprising. All of the other elves I’ve seen are nearly emotionless. Nearly,” Bard tells him.

“Like I said. It was NEVER my intention. If you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a coronation to plan,” Thorin says, standing.


Stars, In Their Multitude (Kageyama x Reader) (Prom!AU)

Universe: Prom

Character: Kageyama Tobio

A belated birthday tribute to my favorite blueberry, and my Christmas gift to every single one of you. Merry Christmas, and I wish you all happy holidays!

Originally posted by kryoutas

“Kageyama, are you sure? There’s still plenty of time before it ends—“

“Sorry, Suga-san,” Kageyama apologized. “I can’t—I don’t—“

“Okay, I get it,” Sugawara said gently, holding up his hands in a placating gesture. He patted Kageyama’s shoulder. “Take care getting home.”

Kageyama nodded, and threw his suit jacket over his shoulder. He walked out of the gym, slightly shivering in the cold as he marched the empty school grounds.

He tried not to get miffed by the fact that he’d been dragged along by the team to the prom despite not securing a date, even though it wasn’t required. He remembered his embarrassment due to the fact that everyone—even salty Tsukishima—had gotten a date, but none of them held that fact against him. Kageyama was simply never good with people, much less women.

Nevertheless, he had gone with them to buy suits, helped make the necessary arrangements, and even went to Tanaka’s house before the event to dress up. But by halfway through the night, he’d already grown tired of the whole thing and decided to leave.

Karasuno at night was something he’d always experienced, having left the school quite late after practices. But this night seemed different—a lot quieter, and a lot more tranquil, in contrast to the sounds from the gym. He decided to take this opportunity to try and calm himself down, by taking the longest route around the school to the exit.

The moon was shining brightly in the sky, accompanied by thousands of stars. Kageyama stopped and stared, exhaling slowly and watching his breath escape his lips in the form of a white wisp.

A sudden movement caught the corner of his eye, and he tore his eyes away from the heavens. Hunched over on a park bench was a girl, and by the looks of it, she was in Kageyama’s year. Her arms were wrapped around herself in an attempt to warm herself up. As he approached, he heard soft sniffling from her, along with irregular breathing and small whimpers.

Immediately, he froze. How am I supposed to approach her without her crying even more at the sight of me? he thought, panicking at the thought of her bursting into tears as he tried to comfort her. Damn, I need to get Suga-san, or Daichi-san, or Asahi-san…no, Asahi-san would cry, too…what do I do?

Kageyama took a lot longer than expected in the same, awkward, reaching-for-her position as he debated on the best course to take so as not to startle her. He decided on clearing his throat first to announce his presence.

“Excuse me, miss,” he said, in the gentlest tone that he could muster. “Are you alright?”

The girl jumped, and immediately sprang to her feet. “Oh! I…yes, I’m alright.” She immediately began smoothing out her hair and brushing away the dirt from her dress.

From what he could see, he guessed that her hair was once pulled up in a simple bun. But now, it was completely messed up, with stray strands framing her face, possibly from when she constantly ran her hands through them in agitation. Her dress, though, was still immaculate and intact: a grey strapless bodice studded with silver crystals, and a skirt that started out black and melted into strands of ice down to her feet. She was the very embodiment of the night sky, a seemingly perfect replica of the current sky Kageyama had been looking at earlier.

The girl rubbed at her eyes gently, and seemed to squint at Kageyama. “I’m sorry, it’s too dark for me to recognize you.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Kageyama Tobio.”

“Ah, you’re the genius setter of the volleyball team! I’m L/N Y/N, class 1-5.”

She had him at “genius setter”, and lost him in the succeeding words. Kageyama’s throat had constricted at the compliment, and he had become embarrassingly silent, as he did when he was flustered. He thanked his lucky stars that it was dark, as he didn’t know how to live it down when Y/N caught a glimpse of his burning cheeks.

So, he was right. She was in his year, and in the advanced classes with Yachi.

“You know Yachi-san, then?” he managed to ask.

“Yeah, she’s my classmate,” Y/N replied. “She’s one of the volleyball team’s managers, right?”



The two stood there for a while, both unwilling and unsure whether to break the silence or not. Kageyama trained his eyes on the ground and began absentmindedly kicking at some pebbles, while Y/N tucked her hands behind her back.

“So, um…” Kageyama cleared his throat. “Why were you crying?”

When Y/N didn’t answer, he hastily began to explain. “N-not that—I mean, if that wasn’t a rude question—“

“No, no, it’s okay,” Y/N sighed, sitting back down on the bench. “No use lying to you if you’d already seen me.”

She patted the seat next to her, gesturing for Kageyama to sit. He obliged, maintaining a respectful distance from her.

Y/N sighed again, and Kageyama took that opportunity to glance at her in the pale moonlight. She wore make-up, like the rest of the girls did, but something else caught his attention.

Her eyes.

He couldn’t quite put a finger on what color they were. Perhaps it was the light, or the fact that they were a little glassy due to the fact that she’d been crying earlier, but they constantly flickered between colors. One minute they were blue; then green, then brown. Or he was concentrating a little too hard, and he was making a fool of himself right then and there.

“My date,” Y/N finally said, straightening her back. “Decided it would be fun to mess around and left with another girl unannounced. Thought it would be a good laugh to kiss her in front of me.

“He was drunk before we came here. I could smell the alcohol on his breath when he picked me up at my house. Thank goodness he managed to keep it together in front of my parents, but when we got here…”

She laughed humorlessly. “It wasn’t even 8 yet, and he was dead drunk. Somehow sneaked in a flask. That’s when he went and…” Y/N trailed off, either unwilling or too uncomfortable to speak of the matter.

Kageyama frowned, trying to take hold of the situation. “So, your date…went with some other girl?”


“And your date…was only your date?”

Y/N smiled dryly. “We started going out in July. I thought I was everything to him, until tonight.”

“Oh.” All the emotions Kageyama had been feeling towards the topic had been summed up in a single syllable.

“It’s just…” Y/N put her face in her hands, exhaling sharply. “I don’t get it. I’ve done everything that I can to make him happy. I did whatever he asked, I agreed to all his decisions, I apologized whenever I was at fault…even when it wasn’t.”

A long sniffle announced that she was ready to cry again.

“It was a reckless decision to date him, I know. People have been telling me that for so long—that I was too young, too inexperienced. But I was a fool. I took pride in the thought that I could take on anything. And I tried to stop him when he started drinking, but…”

Y/N stopped talking, trembling with the effort it took to even pull herself upright. Kageyama was noticeably shocked, confused by the fact that Y/N was able to say so much to someone she had just met thirty seconds ago. But the words were pouring out of her like water in a damaged dam—slowly building up.

“L/N-san,” Kageyama asked. “Is your boyfriend…a senior?”

Y/N mutely nodded, sighing heavily.

So that explains it, Kageyama thought. She said that it “had been a reckless decision”, and that she was “too young”. Maybe Daichi-san or any of the other third-years know…

“Sorry,” Y/N said, wiping her tears away hastily. “I’m being rude, aren’t I? Dumping all of my worries on someone I’ve just met.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Kageyama said quickly. “It’s just…”

He paused, searching for the right words to describe what he wanted to say.

“It’s just…” he began. “I don’t think what he did was acceptable. Boyfriend, date, or senior. You didn’t deserve to go through that.”

Kageyama hesitated, counting the breaths exchanged between the two of them, anxiously awaiting her response. To his horror, she stayed silent.

“I—well, I meant that—you know, he shouldn’t have—“ He was tripping over his tongue unravelling halfway across the ground at that moment, desperately trying to salvage the conversation. “You, I, he, uh—“

His ramblings were cut short when she suddenly laughed; a small giggle that made his breath hitched. He realized that it was the first time all night that he had heard her laugh.

“You’re not very good at expressing yourself, huh, Kageyama-san?” Y/N said, smiling.

Kageyama trained his eyes onto his shoes. Y/N had to smile at his awkwardness, as well as his attempt to comfort her. He tried, and the effort was what made it heartwarming.

“I’ll try my best,” she finally said, causing him to look at her. “I’ll try my best to understand that I deserve better.”

Kageyama watched her carefully, and saw her attempt to put herself back together. Here, he saw a girl trying so hard to work past her misery and put the past behind her. He knew then and there that from now on, she would refuse to be hurt by someone without her consent. And although he wasn’t sure what she was planning to do in order to fix herself, he had an urge to see it for himself.

They hadn’t noticed that they were still quite near the gym, and that the music from the prom was still ongoing. The voice of the DJ caught their attention, breaking them out of the atmosphere that had settled between them.

“And now ladies and gentlemen, to end this night, we’re going to play the last dance!”

A slow song began to play, one that Kageyama had never heard before. Nevertheless, he understood the lyrics: love, second chances, and overall sappy concepts.

“Ah, I’d forgotten about the last dance,” Y/N said, laughing half-heartedly. “I was supposed to save it for him. God, and here I was thinking I’d have the perfect prom…”

Kageyama turned his head to look at her, and was surprised to see her fidgeting with her dress and stealing glances at the gym. She was hesitating—and Kageyama knew exactly what she was pondering on.

Quickly, he threw his suit jacket to the side and stood up, moving in front of her. Y/N looked up, blinking in confusion.


“The night’s not over yet,” he said, a little too loudly. He cleared his throat before continuing. “I mean…prom’s not over yet. Truth be told, I was supposed to leave earlier, but…”

He extended his hand, offering it to her. “I wouldn’t want you going back to that guy, L/N-san.”

Y/N blinked owlishly, trying to make sense of the situation. If she wasn’t mistaken, Kageyama Tobio—someone she had literally just met—was offering her a dance. His slightly flushed cheeks were prominent, but he was training his eyes on her; almost as if she was a target he had pinpointed at the exact moment.

She smiled, placing her hand in his, letting him pull her up. He was very formal with her, placing her in the position that they had previously learned in a few classes: clasped hands, a hand on her waist, her hand on his shoulder. They swayed to the beat of the music, slow and steady.

Kageyama was sure that his heart was going to jump out of his throat. He was just praying to every deity that he knew of that he wouldn’t accidentally step on Y/N’s feet, as he had did with so many of his female classmates. Thankfully, Y/N seemed to know what she was doing.

She surprised him even more when she pulled away, only to place her arms around his shoulders and rest her head on his shoulder. Kageyama, unsure what to do, settled for placing his hands on her waist as they continued to dance.

“Thank you, Kageyama,” she whispered. “What you did for me just now…I just want you to know that I really appreciate it.”

“But what did I do?” he asked. “I was just…there.”


The sentiment behind that single word brought a small smile to Kageyama’s face, and he pulled her a little closer as the song played on.

Above them, the moon seemed to shine a little brighter, and the stars twinkled with the sudden increase in their numbers.

Lucky Man

Prompt: Alexander notices little drawings on your hands and writes on his hands to talk to you. Soon, you’re both covered in words and drawings from your conversations together. Months go by and your friendship grows to something more.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

A/N: This was a request from an anon. I changed up a few things from the original request but I hope that this is still good. I hope you guys like this! My requests are always open so don’t be afraid to send one in, no matter how weird.

Originally posted by hamiltonmemes

You grabbed your coffee order from the counter and found a table to sit towards the back wall. Your back was towards the corner but you faced the whole coffee shop and the window next to you. Carefully laying out all your notebooks and journals, you got comfy in your seat, ready for cramming for tests that were coming up. You wrap your hands around the warm mug and look out the window. The skies were clear and people filled the streets. 

Couples walked by hand in hand. 

Mothers pulling along their children. 

People rushing off to work. 

You look down at your table, dreading the work that’s ahead of you. You take a sip of your coffee and set it aside when a figure walks by your table and nearly knocks down all your books off the table. You slam your hands down, keeping them from falling while the man takes a sea two tables away, directly in front of you and sat facing you. 

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Zach Werenski / Auston Matthews - Mistakes Part Three

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

*Zach POV*


I was sitting at the bar checking my phone for the time. Y/N had been really nervous for tonight and it had rubbed off on me as well. I know how important it is for her to make a good first impression, so I felt guilty for stressing her out. I should have had her meet a couple at home before meeting the entire team at once.

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Mothers Love?

Being out of the hospital, didn’t mean that everything was fine and wonderful and perfect. It just meant that you were recovering enough to not need to be around doctors all the time, even though Amelia couldn’t think of a time when she wasn’t around doctors, since she was a doctor, her husband was a doctor and all of their friends were doctors. Things weren’t perfect, things weren’t 100%, but they would get there. They would definitely get there.

The doorbell rang all through the house, easily heard in every single room as the house wasn’t not that big and that doorbell was loud. It was always loud. They both hoped that no one would ever need to reach them enough to ring the doorbell in the middle of the night. That would be quite the awakening, even though it would definitely work if you had to wake someone up.

“I’ve got it.” Owen said, putting an arm out and stopping Amelia from getting up. She didn’t have to answer the door, she was barely 5 days into recovering from brain surgery, she didn’t have to do anything but take it easy and get better.

He headed to their front door and pulled it open, immediately filling with shock when he saw the person on the other side.

“My daughter, where is she?” Carolyn Shepherd said in a rather brash tone of voice. She wasn’t angry, or anything of the sort, she just seemed worried, mother level worried.

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