not quite ready for chopped but still darn good

Today was an exciting day - the construction guys arrived to start the repair/siding of my soffits/fascia today.  It is going from dark gray painted (and peeling) wood to nice white aluminum siding with built in venting. And then all new gutters will be installed over that.  They got the front of my house done today and will be back to work on the rest tomorrow.  Its really amazing how much it transforms and brightens up the house.

Now Annie is a very nice dog but she can be a bit protective when sitting in the house guarding things from her chair in front of the window in my living room.  This meant that with these guys working outside of basically all of the windows in my house I needed to keep her on a lease near me so she did not spend they day A) slobbering up every window in my house and B) randomly spooking the guys on ladders/scaffolding.

I went to grab lunch and brought her with me in the car.  Came back to the house and decided to sit on the couch and watch some tv for a bit - with all of the banging and work still in full force and what does she do?  Falls sound asleep!

After the crew left for the day I started to prep diner - put a pork tenderloin on the grill - after it cooked out there for about 30 min on indirect heat I sliced it added some bbq sauce and put it back on the grill on some foil to bake the sauce in a little.  I decided to get all creative out of nowhere it served it (to myself) on a bed or brown rice/quinoa that I sauteed with some garlic and onion with a healthy dash of oregano and then I surrounded all of it with some peas.  It looked as good as it tasted if you ask the chef!

At about 9100 steps for the day and suddenly far behind the likes of Pump  - not sure I have it in me today to try and catch him as he is 8,000 steps ahead of me this evening. But I will keep aiming for him!