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Dear JK Rowling,

(**warning: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spoilers***)

When I was little I read Harry Potter for the first time. I can’t tell you what it meant to me on so many levels, but there was one particular thing that resonated. Harry was a boy who got locked in his room, who got shouted at, who was crushed down and made to feel unwelcome and even, sometimes, unsafe in his own home.

And he got to go to magic school. He survived those dreaded Dursleys. More than that, he triumphed. Reading about it was like having a hand to hold. 

It occurred to me, for the first time, that being shouted at and bullied at home as a kid didn’t have to mean you were doomed to be sad forever, because one day your life would be so full of other things - good and bad - that the past would barely feature in your life. The Dursleys were largely so, so irrelevant. It was great.

And now I come out of seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I am so hurt and confused. Because in Credence, you created a character that would resonate with so many people who are sad, people who are bullied, people who are forced to hide who they truly are even from those closest to them. You have undoubtedly touched some of the most emotionally vulnerable people in the world with an astoundingly good visual metaphor - a character whom the scared and the lost could easily connect to.

And then you let him die. No, in fact - you killed him.

He went without a word. He was sad and terrified, right til the end. Throughout the story, it would have taken so little to try to help him. Tina, knowing about his predicament, apparently only tracked his family following her demotion - was he not worth the risk of grabbing his wrist and disapparating with him to a safe place, an orphanage? Was he not even worth the attempt? And when the MACUSA wizards were firing their killing blows, was he not even worth an attempted protego? Useless it may have been, but God, if he had to die, show me that that abused and terrified kid was worth every gut-wrenching fruitless bloody try. 

Please, JK. I love your work. I love so much of it. But please, if you’re going to tell me a story about an abused kid, and if you really have to kill him off, please give him the slow-motion shots and the tears and the last words, give him the send-off, tell me why it has to happen, tell me how the main characters are hurt by it, tell me how they’re going to try to make it better. Please don’t give all those things instead to a man being obliviated by rain, whose amnesia is hinted to have been reversed anyway at the end.

If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right. Abused people are not your emotional fodder or your plot devices. They aren’t doomed to die. Their anger and their sadness won’t inevitably lead to their fatal self-destruction. They deserve to be given reasons to hope. And they deserve to see themselves being worth every single effort to help them.

So you want work experience at the vet clinic...

You and fifty other high school students. Quite a lot of clinics will say ‘no’ to your application because they’re either not busy enough for you, can’t take the liability, are already training a new nurse or vet, or have just had bad experiences in the past.

It can be difficult to gain a work experience placement at a clinic, so here are some things to keep in mind.


  • Get your parent to make the inquiry for you
  • Ask on Facebook or via social media
  • Use chatspeak
  • Argue about a decision
  • Refer to staff at the front desk as ‘the girls’.
  • Leave it to the last minute


  • Chose a clinic you bring your animals to regularly.
  • Apply in person or over the phone, and mention that you bring “Animal’s name” to the clinic. Honestly, we often remember animals better than people.
  • Have a professionally set out resume that is readable when printed.
  • Dress nicely when you’re in the clinic. A shirt is nice and always closed toed shoes.
  • Say something other than “I love animals.” Everybody who isn’t a psychopath loves animals. Rephrase it.
  • Know how to pronounce the veterinarians’ names correctly.
  • Show why you are seeking work experience at this clinic in particular instead of any other clinic out there.
  • Follow up with a phone call a week or fortnight later to find out about the clinic’s decision.

Work experience is like a dress rehearsal for entering the profession. Present yourself accordingly.

Jekyll: Quotes


• “a large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty”
↳ Dr Jekyll was quite at ease.


• “well known and highly considered”
• “wealthy, beloved”
↳ describing himself in his letter.
• “celebrated”


• “the very pink of proprieties”
↳ Enfield describing Jekyll at the start of the book.
• “every mark of capacity and kindness”
↳ Dr Jekyll was quite at ease.
• “bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end.”
↳ Last sentence of the book.


• “I became …a creature”
↳ Describing himself in his letter. Links to Hyde, who was called a “creature stealing like a thief to Harry’s bedside”
• “grew pale to the very lips, and there came a blackness about his eyes”
↳ Dr Jekyll was quite at ease.
• “I have lost confidence in myself”
↳ Incident of the letter, he’s lost his identity.


• “an expression of abject terror and despair”
↳ When Hyde takes over again.


• “unscientific balderdash”
↳ Lanyon about Jekyll’s ideas.
• “he cherished for Mr Utterson as sincere and warm affection”
↳ Dr Jekyll was quite at ease.
• “I swear to God” “O God”
↳ Incident of the letter, he’s desperate.
• "imperious desire to carry my head high”
↳ Henry Jekyll’s full statement if the case.
• “I had enjoyed the disguise of Hyde”

Making Sinnoh fangames can be tough since most of the tileset is made of those weird 2.5D models that don’t really work when ripped as sprites.
So today I’m having a go at fixing/revamping some furniture!
Ingame bed is on the far left, then we have my redrawn version, and then some Galactic Grunts being silly XD

Daenerys Targaryen: Wants to start a war for the crown she believes belongs to her by right, as the heir to her father, who was King, as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Doesn’t know for sure how the people of Westeros would feel about it.

Fandom: What an entitled, selfish bitch! 

Stannis Baratheon: Started a war to win the crown he believes belonged to him by right, as the heir to his brother, who was King, a as per the basic principle of hereditary monarchy. Knows for sure that he’s not particularly popular with the people of Westeros.

Fandom:  Yeah, go Stannis! Stannis is the one true king! #StannistheMannis

Daenerys Targaryen: Is 16. Has one chapter in one book where she is having sex for pleasure (not particularly graphic or described in detail) with her lover Daario, who she’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Booo, what is this book, Fifty Shades of Grey? She’s turned into a foolish hormonal girl and clearly cannot ever be a competent ruler.

Tyrion Lannister: Is in his mid-20s. Has multiple chapters across three books where he is having sex for pleasure (in some cases quite graphic and described in detail) with his lover/prostitute Shae, who he’s quite infatuated with.

Fandom: Shae is a bitch, but Tyrion is cool.

Daenerys Targaryen: Led by her idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including her inability to really understand and properly read her direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: She is clearly completely incompetent and can never be a good ruler.

Jon Snow: Led by his idealism, this teenage leader tries to implement huge reforms in a society that’s stuck in the past; fails, due to a number of reasons, including his inability to really understand and properly read his direct subordinates; as a result, suffers an assassination attempt.

Fandom: Jon is the man! He is the hero of the book, Azor Ahai, the Prince that Was Promised, all three heads of the dragon combined, future King of Westeros, future King in the North, and the Song of Ice and Fire.

Daenerys Targaryen: After violently conquering the cities in the (ancient and “civilized”) Slaver’s Bay, and deciding to stay and rule in Meereen, abolishes slavery, but then tries to conform to other local customs as much as possible, making compromises.

Fandom: How dare she interfere with other cultures and impose her cultural norms on the (rich) people of Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai, denying their rights and freedoms to enslave the people from other cultures! GRRM clearly meant her to represent white colonialism, George W. Bush, and Satan, rolled into one!

Stannis Baratheon: After violently defeating the wildling army, decides to settle the (”uncivilized” and “wild”) wildlings south of the Wall, but makes no effort to understand their culture, imposes another religion on them, and lets its priestess burn their sacred trees.

Fandom: Stannis is awesome. #StannistheMannis

Fandom: Clearly, hatred for Daenerys has absolutely nothing to do with sexism. 

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Half your weight? My goodness, Porrim, that's quite a binge.

Go+als! Imagine what a hundred and fifty po+unds o+f fo+o+d lo+o+ks like, befo+re and after it’s in a sto+mach.

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Mayday Epilogue: These Arms of Mine

The mission complete, the team tries to return to normal. 

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None really

Two weeks later

“I think I’m getting used to Tony’s parties. I might even start to like them soon.” Bucky said to me, wrapping his arms tighter as we danced on the open floor on top of the tower. The band was playing fifties songs this time; not quite Bucky’s kind of music, but close.

“That’s just because you have me here to protect you from the big, bad party guests.” I smiled into his neck.

“That’s true. I don’t think I’d be all right with this crowd otherwise. There are too many. I can’t watch all of them all the time.”

“No one is trying to kill you right now. You can relax.” I whispered, and he chuckled and pulled me in even closer.

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Fifty was.. Quite specific! But also quite impressive!

“Man, fifty! And I haven’t conquered any. I’m not sure, maybe it’s because I’m a reporter, and stuck on a planet.”

Nock’s humor was a little bitter, but she said it with a lighthearted snicker.

“But anyways, how do you plan on scoring 51? Conquering Earth, I mean.”


Our ranger tried to bring down a hippogriff by jumping on it. I don’t think it worked out quite how he envisioned– unless getting dropped fifty feet onto some rocks was always part of the plan, in which case it worked perfectly


        He groans when he sits on the furs, hand moving to his lower back, feet placed firmly on the ground. This wasn’t the best day — but any day where he has to yell at one of his kids rarely is. And the strain in his back that started a few weeks ago keeps aching, fingers pressing into the muscle, rubbing slightly. He’ll turn fifty this year — not quite sure how he feels about that. Years ago, he never thought he’d live this long. A sigh escapes his lips. I watched him follow her. I knew some shit like that was going to happen.

John wakes up alone on his 50th birthday. He huffs and rolls over, finding Sherlock’s spot cold and lonely. He would have loved to wake up next to his husband on a day that now he definitely feels old.

John knows Sherlock, knows that he can remember 243 types of tobacco ash or the trajectory of a bullet but that he can’t be fussed to remember John’s birthday.  In the first few years together, as boyfriends and then husbands it bothered John. Quite a bit. Sherlock would forget, not say anything, not do anything special, and then finally, late in the day he’d remember only because John had been quiet too long or acted cold and detached. Only then would he remember.

But this year John is not going to act any different. Who cares if Sherlock forgot? John would, quite frankly like to forget. Fifty. How did this happen?

As John thinks back on his fifty years, forty-five of them quite terrible, the door cracks open. Sherlock peeks in, checking if he’s awake. John shifts a bit and Sherlock walks in, shy and reserved. John rolls onto his back meeting Sherlock’s eyes, and they hold a sparkle.

Before John can inquire as to what is going on, Sherlock rushes in, saying “I know you feel old, John. You’re not old. You’re wonderful. Strong and fast and brave and happy. You are happier now than you’ve ever been. Happier than you were at twenty, or thirty or forty. I remembered. Happy birthday, my John. I want to take you to brunch and show you my bolt hole at Kew Gardens. It’s lovely this time of year. So get up! Get dressed! Because there is lots to be done!” And with that Sherlock rushes out again, without a good morning kiss, or a nuzzle or a response. John chuckles, pulling his legs out from under the blankets.

Sherlock has always been unpredictable, but in fifty years young, John would have never predicted this.