not quite batman i know

“Every boy’s special lady is his mother.”

Lex says this line, and while he fixates on and talks a lot about his father – and while the movie focusses a lot on Clark and Bruce’s mothers – interestingly, Lex’s mother is never mentioned at all.

Did she leave Lex when he was young, and thus he has no particular memory of her? Lex calls himself an orphan, so she’s presumably dead by the time BvS happens – was she killed/left behind in East Germany? Was she a random fling that Lex Sr took him from because he needed an heir? Did she leave because of his father’s abuse? Was his father otherwise responsible? I just… have a lot of questions.


solikerez  asked:

Hey Jack, are you planning on doing the next Telltale Batman video today? I know it probably takes quite a while to record. I'm hyped as fuck for it though, no matter when the video comes out!

Im recording it today but the video wont be until tomorrow